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  1. I just spoke to the Citizens Advice Bureau saying that I should perhaps email them saying that i dispute the debt and should put it on hold while i seek advice. However it's that time on a Friday where everything is closed and Monday is the 'ultimatum' I'm wondering if there are any active members on this forum who have gone through this themselves from start to finish?
  2. Oh this looks useful thank you, I wonder if it is inflammatory though?
  3. Thank you for all this help. Do I need to give reasoning in the letter for an address change or can I literally be lead with that opening line, request an address change and sign off? Perhaps it is better just to leave it as that would begin a channel of communication, even the letter suggests that I acknowledge what is happening.
  4. I don't want to set up a port of communication but wondering how easy it is to change the address so that my mum doesn't have to deal with the letters. The letter is below, thank you Doc2.pdf Doc3.pdf
  5. Ok thanks for the clarity. What is the protocol on their side - do they send a few more letters to chase up but eventually leave it?
  6. It was sent to my home address and my mum does open my mail for me. She's ultimately calm about it but was telling me to call and settle/pay it. I'll direct her to it and hopefully she'll agree
  7. Ok understood, I'm 21. This is also a first time offence.
  8. Is it worth engaging at all? My mum wants me to call them but i don't want them to think that they're getting through and therefore apply more heat on the situation.
  9. Got caught in Sainsbury's for goods that amounted to around £5, was made to return the goods (in completely resalable condition) and was banned from stores and thought that would be it. However, now received a letter from DWF stating that I need to pay £150 for security costs however this was not disclosed at the time. I panicked and showed them my real ID with my mum's address as opposed to a student one/credit card, but they completely butchered my surname which is different from my mum's anyway if that helps? Just looking for some advice as I've read up on the forums saying to ignore t
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