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  1. Indigo - not listening. Need your advice all. To cut a long story short: My wife drove in to Harlington station, picked me up and drove out 5 mins later. The next morning she drove back to the station and dropped me off and left 3 mins later. Indigo have taken the picture of her driving in in the evening, and out in the morning and claimed that the car was parked at the station without a ticket. They sent two tickets addressed to the owner of the car (not me or my wife) - both with the same date and time (the exit) We appealed, both tickets explaining what had happened and they rejected the appeals. We then sent in Google maps log showing my wife driving to and from the station in the evening and in the morning. They have said the appeal has been rejected and can't look at any more evidence. They also said we should complain to the BPA. I see from other posts that that is a waste of time. HELP. What should we do?
  2. Help, Please can anyone advise me where to turn to. I bought a 3 year old approved used Mercedes from a Mercedes dealership on Dec 22nd 2017. I was told verbally that the car was being MOTed the day prior to my picking it up and I was giving paperwork listing the MOT date as Dec 22nd 2017 - Dec 22nd 2018. I was overseas for a while in Sept / Oct and left the car in airport parking. Whilst I was away my car was damaged with some scratching to the bumper. I returned to the UK and amongst the admin I had was a reminder for taxing my car. When I tried to do this I realised my car had no MOT. After multiple enquires with the dealership I have only been able to establish that the MOT expired in April 2018 and no one is able to tell me how this happened. To make matters difficult the dealership I bought from has changed ownership and the car was actually supposed to be MOTed in a different dealership as the car was not located at my local branch when I enquired about it. I have written confirmation from the dealership I bought from that the MOT expired in April 2018 and an apology. I raised a complaint with Mercedes asking for an investigation and hoping to find out what had happened and ideally correct the issue if it was an admin issue. I have got nowhere, Mercedes customer service immediately sent me a final response saying there was no harm caused. I pointed out I could not claim for the damage in caused in airport parking as I had effectively been uninsured. I also pointed out that I was very worried about the fact i had unknowingly been driving uninsured for several months. I got another final response which was very rude and again closed the matter. I asked to speak to the person who was writing these emails and they have refused my calls. I have written again and got another response saying Mercedes maintain there position - I do not understand what this position is. I am bewildered by all of this. I have written to the ombudsman but I think this process takes a while. Can anyone help me, do I have any legal rights here. I have documents saying my car had an MOT until Dec 2018 when I purchased it but it only had an MOT until April 2018. If I had been in serious at fault accident I would have been uninsured, if this had involved a personal injury claim I could have lost my house and if I was prosecuted for driving without insurance I would have been suspended for a minimum of 6 months from my job. I have not yet managed to sort out the damage to my car as I haven't resolved this issue so my insurance is still invalid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!!
  3. My Friend has been on a 5 day driver training course. she was not to the required standard DSA level 5 so was not put forward for the test on day 5. This she understands. However the reason I query this for you wise comments are the following: The website does not explain at what level you need to be, or that if they cannot get you to DSA level 5 then you will not be put in for the test or return for the test. see 5day website On the website it states If you are unsuccessful on your Theory Test or Practical Test Get FREE, unlimited theory and practical correction lessons until you pass. The complete course is only £914.00. This not only includes all the driving tuition but also the fee for your theory test and practical test This is not true. Could I complain to trading standards or anyone about this? in T & C's which you get after you have paid, it does state that in the case of non achievement further lessons can be agreed between the pupil and the trainer. My query here is, it sate that it includes the hire of the car for the test and if you do not Pass there is a MENTORING RETEST PROGRAMME should the candidate fail on the first test or any successive retest the driver. blah Blah Blah. FREE remedial help will be offered from the training centre until you pass. the Question. Additional lesson required to bring her to the standard required is the reasonable for these to be charged Should they only be provided by the centre to validate the MENTORING RETEST PROGRAM You comment would be appreciated.
  4. Digital pregnancy tests recalled in new alert amid false positive results READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/digital-pregnancy-tests-recalled-in-new-alert-amid-false-positive-results
  5. This is an interesting one.... I have an outstanding default from MMF (now lantern – ROFL) for a payday loan last paid in feb 2012 (the loan was paid 10 fold over this was the point i said no more). The default was registered in May so its just due to be dropped off my credit file and statute barred, so I thought it prudent to down load a copy to keep on file. To be honest I haven’t really paid much attention to this one as i had bigger dragons to slay but on printing out the report I have noticed a discrepancy in the reporting with a payment of £1 showing , then disappearing, then showing in Jan , feb and march 2016 J F M A M J J A S O N D 2016 138 139 138 :-x138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 2015 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 I have learnt a lot of lessons along the way so I am a meticulous record keeper at NO POINT Have I contacted them about this debt, put in a cca request or made any payments. This is blatant false reporting and also means at first glance that i have paid towards the debt, thereby acknowledging it which means it is not statute barred. I know I should let sleeping dogs lie as they have yet to action this but part of me wants to take action as it is just WRONG - is there anything I can do such as reporting them to the ICO. They are bottom feeders and use tricks like this to make so many peoples lives so miserable - i want to fight back.
  6. I recently moved town nearly a year ago and joined a new doctors surgery. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease by my previous doctor. I attended my new doctor for a problem with my skin and I told him it must be connected to my celiac problem. He said he doesn't have that on record which was odd and he did another blood test Assuring me I have not got celiac and can eat anything. instead transferred me to a demonologist. So did eat anything and my skin condition also went worse. I was told that 100 percent I have celiac and had been to specialist in hospital and they agreed in the town I lived previously. have gone back to gluten free diet and that’s improved my health I’m still waiting for the skin appointment which is this year. My point is once you have celiac you have it all your life you just goto stay gluten free. I presume the blood test came clear because I have been on the gluten free diet over a year I guess it’s right it wouldn’t show on new blood test I went back to doctors and said that he just ignored me and said wait for skin appointment. I don’t know what to do with the doctor who I believe has not done his job properly which has made my health worse.
  7. Hello everyone I hope someone can give me some advice, I am a loss as to what I can do. In February I went to purchase my prescription and do a bit of shopping at a local Sainsbury's supermarket. Whilst at the pharmacy counter I noticed there were some avocados in a clear bag left by the side of the counter. I took this to mean someone had changed their mind and decided not to purchase them. I thought just what I had been looking for. I took the avocados (2) along with the rest of my shopping and proceeded to go to a cashier at the check out who scanned all my items and took payment. A short while later I was on the bus making my way home when an unknown number showed up on my phone. It was the pharmacist from Sainsbury's store asking if I was still in the store, for a minute I panicked thinking I had left my bank card or wallet instore. The cashier proceeded to ask me if I had taken the avocados that were by the counter, I informed her I had and had paid for them, only to be put through to the security officer who accused me of stealing even though I informed them I had the receipt with the name of the cashier who had scanned my shopping showing the 2 avocados. My initial reaction was anger because my personal information had been misused. I have since resolved this with the pharmacy, however Sainsbury's apologised and agreed their security officer had not followed store guidelines/policies when there is suspicion of theft. I was left humiliated on the bus as other passengers could hear me arguing that I had not stolen anything whilst the security officer informed me should this happen again the police will be called. Sainsbury's initially offered me a goodwill gesture for £30 vouchers which I thought was adding insult to injury, they then offered me £100 vouchers which I refused to accept. I feel the stress I went through on that day which raised my anxiety levels warrants more than a £100 voucher. I have not been able to return to that Sainsbury's supermarket because I feel my every move will be monitored. this incident affected my health for a while. I have sent them a LETTER BEFORE COURT but Sainsbury's responded by stating I did not have a case. I am sure the way I was treated was wrong as their own guidelines were not followed by the security guard?...Can someone help please...
  8. Hi guys, havnt posted on here for a long time but i am so angry about the way i was treated in my previous job i really need some advice: background in Feb i started a temp role in a call centre. the role was until the end of june but the company took on employees who had performed well etc. Because of this i worked 6 ten hour days for over 3 months with the hope of obtaining a full time job. the company also employed young adults aged 16 and 17. Having worked with young people before, i enjoyed sitting next to them and discussing their plans for the future etc. the company also employs staff aged 18 - 65, there is only a small percentage of under 18 staff. I was called into my managers office who informed me that she was concerned that i was being inappropriate with my comments to the young adults especially girls. when i asked for a further explanation, i was informed that she overheard me asking one of them what they had for dinner the night before. My manager stated that she considered this comment asking them out on a date. I explained that i believed that it was a harmless question which i asked all colleagues when i saw them. i also explained that i had worked with and mentored young people before in my previous role and i was simply making conversation with my colleagues. my manager did not believe me, informed me that i was a "grown man and i shouldnt be talking to young girls" This comment caused me a great deal of distress and anxiety as i could not believe someone in a management position could jump to a conclusion without obtaining all the facts. i felt that my reputation had been damaged by her comments. I was frequently ostracised and forced to sit on my own for weeks as well as being ignored and subjected to bullying my team leaders. this caused me to go to the doctors as i was starting to develop symptoms of depression. several of my coworkers would still talk to me and come to me for advice with personal issues. i tried once more to speak to my manager and discuss that treatment i had recieved. I was told would have to make up the time if i wished to ave a meeting with her. during this time another male worker who is the same age as me (30) began a relationship with a 17 year old girl who was also in care. the male cowokers ex wife was also a team leader in the call centre and would frequently arrange the seating plan so he would be sat next to young girls. nothing was done and no actio was taken agianst the male coworker. The coworkers ex wife would freqently speak to me about her ex husband and how she still loves him etc i would offer advise and we became close. We would leave notes on each other desk which we found funny. i found another job and handed my notice in. on the morning of the beggining of my last shift i recieved a phone call from work to say i am not requred to come in this week as i had sexually harrased a "senior member of staff" (co workers ex wife) i was told that the note i had left her was sexual harrasment and would not be required to work and therefore loose a weeks pay. I asked to speak to the head of HR and explained the following on the phone: the senior member of staff had left similar notes for me which i found amusing. she had added me on facebook shortly after i put the first note on her desk several weeks previous the head of HR had repeatedly stated "senior member of staff" which implied that if this had happened to a tem, no action would have been taken she was aware of the grooming of a 17 year old girl in care by the ex husband of the complainant and no action was taken i had been victimised and made to feel like a sexual predator despite no evidence, complainants of investigation the head of HR raised her voice on the phone and stated "Its none of your business" which i replied she was aware of the grooming and she should have been ashamed of herself. i ended the call. I then sent and email to her outlining all of the above. 2 hours later, i received an email stating i would be paid for the rest of the week. I considered this the end of the matter but i am concerned that if i have to use this company for a reference, they will include the false allegations. I am considering 2 options at the moment: 1) do nothing unless they provide and inaccurate reference to any potential future employers. 2) sent a letter to the CEO with copies of all emails and notes explaining the situation and asking him to investigate the grooming and not to put anything detrimental on any reference. I really cant get ovet the way i was treated there, the coworker has been given a full time job and effectively a license to groom who he wants (he never goes for women his own age) i beleive they paid me for my last week without me attending as a form of hush money??? i have been made to feel like a criminal for an allegation that could have been proven false if a proper investigation was held. I do not want any form of compensation and i know an apology will never happen, i am trying to cover my ass and hopefully make life very uncomfortable for the managers and senior staff who chose to make my life hell. I am now in a better job with more money and less hours. i make more money than the seniors staff in the call centre. im really after some advice on what other would do in my situation??? sorry for the rushed post, now off to start my shift in a lovely country school where they do things properly!! regards
  9. Hi All, this is a commercial rent issue. I have an action against the landlord being processed by CCMCC for a sunstantial amount after the landlord installed solar panels without any notice (my lease is for the entire building) during this process carried out whilst I was away on my honeymoon scaffolders erected scaffolding on the roof of my £75,000 race lorry and smashed the roof Landlord refused to supply insurance details, this then led on to it being discovered the building actually doesn't have planning permission it has a "agricultral storage" covernant on it, it can not be used for commercial purposes. My lease has the permitted use as "light industrial and machinary repairs" I have had to cease trading as the council have said they will not change permission of use. in response to the CCMCC the landlord it would appear have instructed High Court Solutions to take control of the building and eject all my goods, change the locks etc. The notice of attendance was served (well posted through my letter box I wasn't in) at my house after they did this (no former notice has been received at all) the top of the notice states queens bench division but district registry and county court claim number are blank, as case reference number starts HCS so I assume it is there internal one. below this it states "I have received a high court writ against you in respect of the above matter made up as follows" then it lists judgement debt with an amount in it, but no judgement costs or execution costs only enforcement fee and vat have amounts in them. I have not had any correspondence from the landlord accept a reply to my pre action notice, he has had a notice of action and also a duty of care notice and the HC EA was aware of the CCMCC claim but claimed it was bogus. I have requested the writ and quoted the CCMCC ref to the company but had no replies I think what has been done is a CRAR, again this is without any notice so I can set aside. could anyone advise on the need to supply the writ, or how I can obtain a copy given I have no ref number or district registry? and can a high court writ be gained without a court hearing at a lower court? Many thanks James
  10. My Landlords gave false information to the Rent Officer in support of an application to register a new rent. This was in respect to a fellow tenant who is vulnerable. I informed the landlords of their inaccuracies several times and they took no action to correct them. The Rent Officer made an inspection and heard evidence. The landlords sent a representative who did not give evidence. The Rent Officer accepted all of the tenant's evidence and fixed a fair rent. Is there any action that can be taken against the landlords who were either attempting fraud or at the very least being grossely negligent? The tenant has suffered no financial loss but several months of worry. The landlords is a Housing Association and has refused to deal with the matter under their complaints procedure so it is now being referred to the Housing Ombudsman's Service. I am wondering if anything else might be done to stop this abuse of a vulnerable person.
  11. Parkingeye gave false photographic evidence on signs to POPLA Wright Hassell. My appeal to them was rejected.. I did not find this out until after the rejection letter having looked at PEs evidence in detail. I complained to BPA and ISPA but I don't think they want to get between the dog and his bone. I have now had the letter before county court claim and expect court claim to follow. I have written to PE informing them of the false evidence with copies of the photographic facts but nothing from them to date. What are my chances of defending and winning on confusing and nonexistent signage and false evidence to POPLA.
  12. Hi, recently I was applying for a job and got turned down due to failing checks. I then proceeded to check my credit file and found out that I have a default from Vodafone. The problem is that they did not notify me about my account going into default and that I had a specific amount of time to repay the balance, I would have understood. I tried to speak with Vodafone for days, but almost a month later I am still nowhere. I have repaid the amount on the account, but I think it is unfair and they should get rid of the default status. The problem is that they are telling me to contact TDX Group as that is where my account should be. I have contacted the agency and was told that my account does not exist nor does my name. [removed] Vodafone did not do what they should have. If the agency does not have my file therefore no one sent to anywhere and no notification of anything. I am now trying to get Vodafone to change the default status and clear it off my credit file because it is preventing me from getting a job and I need one :/ What do you think I should do? I am going to contact Citizens Advice Bureau tomorrow and see what they say, because Vodafone is lying and just no cooperating. I have a friend who had a similar problem. They promised to get rid of the default, but it just says that it was settled ..they lie all the time to their customers and do not help
  13. Hi, I was recently convicted of benefit fraud, during my case my prosecutor kept making personal attacks against me. I made the mistake of letting the court know that I suffer from sever social anxiety and can't handle confrontation. it made me suspicious as to why he would do this when a piece of evidence that he told the judge of how much I had illegitimacy received over the time period of my claim I calculated there was an error in the numbers. When I applied for benefits I let the job center know that I had over the £6000 limit in savings, so if my national insurance contributions had run out there was no way I could have received £70 a week. I tried to tell my solicitor, but because the prosecutor heard me try to tell my solicitor of the error, the prosecutors abuse escalated causing me to turn in ward and not be able to think. I was only latter that I realised that my solicitor had not been provided with this information when I looked through the evidence that was supplied by the investigators. I believe that this infringes on my human rights to a fair trial. This was also not the only problem with my case. When the DWP decided to pass my case on to the crown prosecution service, it took another 10 months before I was called into court to answer charges and have a court date set. It took another 3 months for my trial to happen, but my trial was canceled because the prosecutor had scheduled another trial on that same day that over ran and my trial date was pushed forward another 3 months, when I heard of the error in court my time limit of 13 months to appeal the DWP decision had run out. I have tried to appeal through the tribunals but the judges are not interested in hearing what I have to say and just tell me my time to appeal has run out. Does Social Security Administration Act 1992 s116 (2) apply to my case and could you tell me of any other laws or decision that could help as there as been gross abuse of process. I can no longer find work in the area I am educated in, can you help, my situation has become very desperate. Thanks, suffy
  14. Hi all I purchased a Hot and cold sandwich van on a well known auction site for £5000. During the auction, before I made any bids, I asked the seller if the fridge and oven onboard the van had been serviced. He replied to my message and said they has been serviced very recently and all new parts had been fitted. I bid on the van and won. I then travelled to London to pay for and collect the van. The seller showed me the oven and fridge working and stated that the oven operated at a temperature of 70 degrees to keep the food warm. The oven reached this temperature, the fridge was nice and cold, after checking everything else with the vehicle I was happy with it and paid the money. On the way home the oven temperature dropped to 33 degrees and struggled to kick in again. I rang a specialist who stated that the burner in the oven heater along with other parts were probably worn. I explained the seller had told me of the service but he advised me to let him have a look. When he stripped the heater it was apparent it had not been serviced for a long period of time as it was seized into place. The oven burner had a date stamp on which was 4 years old. It cost me £580 to have the parts replaced and the oven reached a temperature of 90 degrees very fast after this which is the mean operating temperature of the oven. So in summary I asked the seller if it had been serviced before committing to buy, he said it had, it obviously had not. Do I have any comeback on this being a private sale and the seller falsely claiming work had been done when it hadn't. I have asked for the seller to provide me with details of where it was serviced but he has refused. Thanks
  15. Hi Everyone, OH made two protected disclosures re poor care to the line manager about 1 month apart. Nothing was done no one followed the whistleblowing policy..in effect ignored. a couple of months later an incident flared up, an argument over a break. 3 weeks later OH was requested to have a meeting under the minor breach policy..no agenda given and no notice of the meeting in fact, straight after a 12 hour shift. At the meeting OH asked what is the meeting about? The sister said your conduct, wife said I'm the injured party..sister said..you might lose your job wife asked why what have I done..sister said I am going to write this you will answer questions and we will both sign it..wife said no sorry..you are part of my problem and this is not fair.. requested another manager lead the meeting then walked out. Wife then called HR who sent her back to the sister, she then went to the matron who again sent her back to the sister..wife came home and sent a senior HR manager all the paperwork i.e. copies of complaints she sent re bullying, the disclosures and a chronology. Later that day and after HR had all the documents the sister again called wife saying you must have the meeting with me and again this is serious you might lose your job. It looks on the face of it that the matron did not pass the whistle blowing to HR, decided she needed to get wife fired, we found out later they were all conspiring to this end. Wife had a meeting with her union but no help. A meeting took place with a senior HR manager, wife took a colleague for support, not an official meeting as such just to give her sick note, colleague told HR that the people involved in the incident had been bullying wife..again HR said this is serious..took no notes then produced 4 pages later..again, the manager never mentioned what the minor breach was about.. The HR then said there will be an investigation under WB & BH policies, this will take 3 to 4 months, wife could stay at home on sick with pay, then come back to work etc..( re affirm the contract..too late for a claim). We then wrote saying the situation was untenable as gossip had spread all around the wards, wife resigned due to inaction and breach of contract etc.. We then filed a claim with the ET..Detriment following whistleblowing, breach of trust and confidence.. There has been a huge cover up and still is..also the HR were helping to sack wife.. So far two case management meetings, and hearing set for next year. Anyone care to comment would be appreciated.. Nev.
  16. Hi guys, Firstly I know I've done a ridiculous thing, but here's my story, hopefully you can help: When I was travelling from a station the ticket office was shut and the ticket machine was 'out of order' So I boarded the train. The train conductor went to sell me a ticket, when I opened my wallet i realised I had left my card and cash at home. He said I could get off at the next stop without a fine, however I stayed on as I had a really important meeting. He proceeded to give me £20 increased fare, however, out of pure desperation and panic I gave him my old address and a false name. He did not say the details wernt validated so shall I proceed to pay the fine at the station and not mention the details were false or should I confess in an attempt to settle with no criminal conviction? As I said before, I know this was stupid but we all do crazy things when we panic. Hope someone can help, Adam
  17. Hiya Looking for some advice please. 3 years ago I had a pay as you go meter with NPOWER. I moved out of the house and 2 years later they sent a debt collection agency after me to collect £110 for a final bill. When I left the property there was about £3 in credit on the meter. I refused to pay the agency, called NPOWER who told me that the bill was in error and I would receive a letter confirming this, which never came. The agency continued to contact me, I continued to refuse to pay, I've called NPOWER several times but they are now saying I do owe the money - not sure how I can because it was pay as you go so I can't use it if there's no credit on the meter. They sent me the final bill that they told me was issued in October 2011 but when it came it was only issued in May 2015. I've emailed them 3/4 times but had no response at all. The original debt collection agency decided not to continue pursuing me (after about 5 months) and passed it back to NPOWER. I've just had a call from another agency, I refused to confirm personal details without knowing what they wanted and they wouldn't tell me, just said it was regarding NPOWER so I told them to send me a letter, which they said they can't do without confirming my personal details and that it would be noted i refused to co-operate. Where do I stand regarding this please. The final bill didn't break down any details of how I could owe them money. When I lived at the property I had nothing from them to say there was a debt and I don't see how I could owe them money on a pay as you go meter as they take all o/s daily charges etc from credit top ups. They won't respond to me on email. Who can I complain to about this as please??
  18. Hi there, Today, I have received an answer back from the Furniture Ombudsman and my claim against Sofaworks was not upheld, which obviously is very disappointing. I am now left with a 2-seater sofa and a footstool which I hardly use as such. I have taken up to have one cushion on the floor (as then it doesn't sag as much as when it is on the sofa springs - the floor providing a harder and more supportive base) and leave the other cushion to provide lower back support. Imagine!!!! Hence, don't really have any use for the footstool. Anyway, I am uncertain as to how the Ombudsman came to their decision. Supposedly they have written to not only the retailer, but also to the manufacturer, and surprise, surprise both would have defended their products, saying that there is nothing wrong with them. I am left rather confused, upset and downright unfairly treated. The 1st letter from the Ombudsman says that ""a conciliation officer will take a detailed look into your [my] complaint and contact you with our initial opinion": this did not happen. They also say "We aim to come to a fair conclusion so it is necessary for us to gather evidence from both parties to the dispute". All the evidence they have "gathered" from me was the application form I have sent at the beginning of October. I have not been visited by anyone to check the furniture for themselves before they"come to a fair conclusion". I had physio sessions for my back and using that sofa (even for short periods) only seemed to have made things worse. I am unsure as to what to do next. Any idea? At I am at my wits end.
  19. I wonder if any one can help please. My son wen to buy a car from Evans Halshaw garage just as he started his new job with not more than £100 in his pocket . was advised that this is enough for the deposit to secure a finance deal. Paid the deposit of £100 on a £12k car and was told to come back and collect it a few days later. When he came back to pick up the car a sales manager went through some basic person information with him and briefly advised that the monthly repayments would be circa £250 pm. tried selling the insurance to which he declined etc ( the usual sales tactics to get you to buy all sorts of warranties and protection). The manager then went away to make a phone call and came back to say he got all approved and once all the documentation is signed he can collect the car today. At this point he then passed the file to an admin person in the garage and asked my son to complete the paper work. At no point any of the figures and charges were discussed with my son. Admin just went through some basic information again and had my son to sign a load of papers. After all was completed he was given the car and drove off with a complimentary 7 days insurance. As it happened my son lost his driving licence to drink driving 4 months later , lost his job and couldnt make any repayments. As I got involved he didnt have copies of the finance agreement. So after missing couple of payments we finally received notices of arrears and managed to speak to Motonovo ( this is when he realised he has taken finance with them). They kept dragging their feet with providing copies of the documents requested and kept sending unsigned copies. Then a few days later when the documents were finally received it was clear that the signature on the finance agreement wasnt my sons and also dated 2 days prior him even being in the garage. Complimentary insurance turns out to be with his wrong age ( they have indicated his 68 which I presume was to reduce their premium and i think this meant he was driving the vehicle uninsured?!). We have raised 2 complaints originally 1) to Evans Halshaw for mis selling the finance and not following FCA rules , falsifying signatures, selling insurance products my son declined ( they still put them on the finance agreement) etc. 2) complaint was made to motonova - paying out on antiimpersonated documents, not following fca rules ref provding documentation, not assessing affordability etc. Needless to say Evans Halshaw never bothered to respond. Motonovo finance played on the fact that they have done nothing wrong. We have gone to the ombudsman and so far it has been rejected twice and they support MOtonovo an we are looking to appeal further. The problem we have now is that the police has been after the vehicle as it was reported stolen by the finance company. They have been rude and threatening with obstruction to justice. Ombudsman are not interested about anything else apart from playing the broken record of he signed the agreement and obviously bought the vehicle and the only reason he doesnt pay now because he lost his licence and his job which is not their problem. My questions are: * Can police reposes the vehicle? or even get involved * can we report motonovo to the police for falsifying signatures? Any one got experience or had similar situation? any advice will be appreciated
  20. I got a judgement against a debtor. He is a conman and not paying me anything. Instead went on benefits hiding all of his assets. I tried to enforce order through different ways but did not get single penny. 4 years passed in the struggle. When I sent bailiffs he put an application to set judgement aside on very illogical reasons. After hearing his application was dismissed. I did not recover anything from him though. Now I sent him Statutory Demand Notice. He made exactly same application in the court to set Statutory Demand Notice Aside, as he did previously. What he is doing here: 1) Presenting same arguments which he presented previously to set judgement aside. He is not telling court that his same arguments were heard and dismissed previously. 2) He is lying that he is in process of setting judgement aside, as his application was dismissed a while back. 3) Also he is negating some facts in his statement, in contrary to what judgement order says. Now my question is, is he not interfering the course of justice by making false statement? What is way to make application for committal of contempt of court? Which application form should I use? Hearing is in near future on his application. He is just wasting free public money available to him, as he is not paying any court fees being on benefits. That is the main reason I think that on every step he put an application to drag me in the court on and on. Any expert advice please?
  21. Hiya, any advice will be gratefully received. I started a PPI claim against santander early 2014 for a loan which was taken out in 2001. They claimed to have settled a PPI claim on this account in 2007. In 2007 they settled a 'bank charges' claim for a closed current account not a PPI claim for the loan account. I have never claimed for PPI on any account until early 2014. But in 2007 I had taken on quite a number of banks for charges. I had a call from the FOS today. They said that santander had provided evidence of this settlement. I asked what the evidence was and he said it had the loan agreement number on it, the amount, date and that it was for PPI. Non of this information is true. It's totally fabricated. I expressed my concern to the FOS and he said he'd contact them again to ask for further details. I called santander straight after to request this information and told them it's totally untrue and fraudulent! I'm hopping mad. I don't want to let them get away with this. But what do I do? The FOS have to make a decision on the information they have. I haven't kept anything from my charges claim, as far as I was concerned the matter was closed so I destroyed everything. If they FOS rule in their favour, how do I complain without any evidence? Thornyangel
  22. Hi, I have gotten copies of my credit files and I agree with most of what is on there. However, there is a debt which is currently owned by Lowell for a telecoms bill. The bill was for 02. I ordered a phone several years back and there was a problem with the delivery, it ended up going back to 02 and I cancelled the order as I thought the service was rubbish. I got a phone from tmobile instead. So I have just found a Lowell debt for nearly £1200 on my credit files. Can I complain to Equifax etc? As I never had the phone it would not have been used and there is no way I would have run up a phone bill that high anyway. I have tried emailing Lowell but they are fobbing me off with "the creditor has given them permission to collect the payment from me". Thanks in advance.
  23. Motormile Finance Uk Limited £ 390 01/01/2015 Default Name Mr xxxx xxx Address Date of birth xx/xx/xxxx4 Account type Student Loan Account number ***xxx Account start date 16/06/2009 Opening balance £ 390 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 01/12/2012 Default balance £ 390 Now i know this was an old payday loan from 2009. Notice they have defaulted it from when Motor Mile purchased the account 1/12/2012. This should be off my credit file in a few months but for that default date. They also have it down as a "Student Loan" Suggestions please people as this is the only nasty left on my credit file now
  24. My friend and I were traveling to Crete Rethymon on the 21st of June 2015 with Jet2 from Glasgow airport. We were meant to return with them on the 28th of June 2015 to Glasgow airport. We bought 4 miniature bottles of vodka at duty free. When we were on our flight, my friend opened one of the miniature, one of the cabin crew said that we were not allowed to consume it on the flight. We apologised and handed the miniatures to the cabin crew to be locked away until we departed our flight. We were then asked if we would like drinks from the trolly, we ordered food and some alcoholic beverages. Another air stewardess came over to us with a bad attitude and handed us a rather threatening letter. She asked for our passport details. We then asked why we were asked for our details as we did not want to be put on some sort of data base. The air stewardess began to raise her voice, threatening us, that if we did not hand over our details she was going to get the pilot and that the police would be waiting for as when we land. We did not refuse to give our details, we simply asked what they were going to be used for. My friend asked her to lower her voice as it was drawing attention to us. We gave our details to another air stewardess who apologised for her colleagues behaviour, she also told us that we would be able to fly with Jet2 on our return flight and not to worry. (I have a voice recording of this conversation). Half way through our holiday on the 24th of June 2015, we received a phone call informing us that we were being refused to flu home with Jet2 due to a report which had been filed by cabin crew that we continued to drink our own alcohol and displayed aggressive behaviour. These allegations are untrue and frankly quite frightening that Jet2 staff can make up such lies leaving their customers stranded in a foreign country. I have sent numerous emails to Jet2 asking for the situation to be fully investigated and I have sent the voice recording as evidence that no aggressive behaviour was displayed by my friend and I. Jet2 just said that it has been fully investigated which we know that it has not. We feel that our voice has not been heard. We had to cut our holiday short by returning home on 27th June 2015 with EasyJet flying from Heraklion airport to Edinburgh which caused us further expense. We paid approx £400 for alternative flight, thats not including the expensive phone bill of £50 for phoning Jet2, bus and taxi expenses to travel to the airport, or having to cut our holiday short which also ruined our holiday. Lastly we both experienced much stress in regards to how we would get home. This has put me off flying again, as it appears that customers do not have any rights, and how easy it is for staff to make up lies leaving passengers in foreign countries. (I have a copy of all email correspondence, voice recording aboard the flight with a member of cabin crew, we also have a photo of the threatening letter which we received on board. Help would be much appreciated as we are looking for compensation, an apology, and for cabin crew to be dealt with appropriately in order for this to not happen to anyone else.
  25. The letter said he has a lodger(he has never had one) he uses the house for immoral purposes which is really wrong as only we, his family visit him. The council has also been looking through his windows snooping. He is 64 and has heart problems. He goes to court in January but he's done nothing wrong. This is not the first time someome has reported him, last year someone reported him for his hedge. As soon as he came out of hospital after his operation he was reported for the hedge and the grass being too long. Well he couldn't walk without losing his breath, he has COPD and arthritius. He's being reported for *His house being untidy *His garden being untidy(he doesn't have the money for a lawnmower, yet the council will mow the lawn for someone with a family in the same street. *Using his house for immoral purposes *Having a lodger *A washing machine in the front garden which was gone in January *And dog mess near his front garden, he hasn't had a dog since about November when his dog died. Would CAB help him?
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