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  1. My Landlord, a housing association, is threatening legal action for access to examine a gas boiler in my rooms. I think that the application would go before a magistrates court. My question is do I get notice so I can defend the case? There is no gas boiler in my rooms. The landlord knows this. I have reminded them several times and they don't seem to believe me. It is a case of administrative chaos rather than deliberate harassment. Any ideas, please?
  2. Brief update. my solicitor emailed me a copy of the defence this morning and it is fine. He is attaching a copy of my defence and sending both to the Court and to the other side's solicitor. He assures me both will receive them. Now I can relax about this aspect of my life. So I shall concentrate on getting well again and getting my life back. Thank you everyone.
  3. Thanks for good advice and support. What has happened is that last Wednesday 3 May I had an order from the court saying that I had not filed a defence and that I must provide one by next week. They also appear not to have heard from my consultant. I had had enough and cancelled my cancer treatment and went to see a solicitor yesterday, Friday. He is excellent and expensive but I can now relax and get on with my treatment. The fact that I was stopping treatment to attend to the legal matters was a danger signal to me. In the discussion, I realised that I had gra
  4. Another update and I feel today the world has gone crazy. As the HA and I had not reached an agreement as to when I would move and how much they would pay me, I filed a defence at the court for the five minute hearing last Wednesday. I also arranged for my consultant to send a letter to the court saying that I was unable to attend. I am not sure she did. The HA emailed me to say that it would be a directions hearing which would have been nice to know. Directions arrive this morning and I have to file a defence. I don't trust the court administration an
  5. Thank you friends. After this I'm not sure when I shall be posting again as I want to focus on treatment. To answer questions and respond to advice. I have it in writing that they agreed to postpone the hearing date and more importantly their solicitor wrote to the Court who have writen to me and have now set a new date of 26 April. The HA offered compensation to take account of the increased expenses of living at the new flat. An accountant advised that this needed to be calculated as a reverse annuity i.e. what capital sum would give me a net income equivalent to the incr
  6. Thank you the truth is I don't know and in my emotional state at the moment I think I'll not post the link.
  7. Update on everything. On 4 December I became ill with what turned out to be cancer for which I have had an operation to remove a growth and for which I expect to start chemotherapy for a minimun of nine weeks followed by radiotherapy for some more weeks. They do not know if it will work. In addition I collapsed several times and spent time in hospital which they thought the cancer might have spread to my brain. It seems it had not but they want to do another advanced scan to make sure. I also have a bowel disorder which has quietened down for the moment. My PTS
  8. Update on 4 December I became ill which has turned out to be cancer and the doctors are not sure that the treatment will work. I've had an operation and start chemo later this week. The tenant is content with the new rent. I am inclined to leave matters. Thank you for your advice and guidance for which I am very grateful.
  9. Whatever you do don't resign. It is possible you might leave teaching with a disabilty pension which would be a much better bet. This needs to be negotiated while you are still employed.
  10. Generally the CAG information is correct and for that I'm grateful.
  11. Thank you Friends, now a week later life still seems different.
  12. No they can't nor have they been able to for a number of years since anti-dicrimination legistlation.
  13. No - mental health issues do not allow you to behave as you like.
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