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  1. SAR for bank current account was useless, they provided no financial information just comp screen printouts of personal info (surprise surprise!). I am still waiting (over 4 weeks now for a copy of the 'evidence' they have regarding this settlement) So sent them this today and forwarded a copy to the FOS....next stop small claims? TC
  2. I have noticed that the original payments on the loan for PPI until the account was closed totalled £973.92 minus any interest. The amount we received in 2007 for bank charges was £885.95 so the figures don't even make sense! TC
  3. Yes, I requested information on the loan as this was a claim for PPI. It didn't cross my mind to request information on the current account. TC
  4. Hi Andy. Unfortunately not. That's the problem. All I have is a basic info on the account (minus a/c number) from an old credit report. I'll attempt the SAR with this info and keep fingers crossed! Thank you TC
  5. Hi Bankfodder. I sent a SAR for the loan. I have a copy of the agreement. Are you saying I should send a SAR for the current account? They have told the FOS that 'conveniently' that's the only information they have. I doubt they'll send me anything but I'll try. Thank you.
  6. Hiya, any advice will be gratefully received. I started a PPI claim against santander early 2014 for a loan which was taken out in 2001. They claimed to have settled a PPI claim on this account in 2007. In 2007 they settled a 'bank charges' claim for a closed current account not a PPI claim for the loan account. I have never claimed for PPI on any account until early 2014. But in 2007 I had taken on quite a number of banks for charges. I had a call from the FOS today. They said that santander had provided evidence of this settlement. I asked what the evi
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