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  1. Sorry, what do you mean by 'it adds lots?' Also, won't the numbers on the tickets be matched with the receipt of payment?
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, I have no intention of not paying my way, so I will pay the £20. The only problem with ignoring it is the only name I could come up with in my moment of panic was very similar to my old flat mates, 1 letter different in fact. Does the name have to be an exact match for them to chase him up at his old address also?
  3. Hi guys, Firstly I know I've done a ridiculous thing, but here's my story, hopefully you can help: When I was travelling from a station the ticket office was shut and the ticket machine was 'out of order' So I boarded the train. The train conductor went to sell me a ticket, when I opened my wallet i realised I had left my card and cash at home. He said I could get off at the next stop without a fine, however I stayed on as I had a really important meeting. He proceeded to give me £20 increased fare, however, out of pure desperation and panic I gave him my old
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