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  1. thank you Martin. Does this mean that they can still take me to court for the money they are claiming I owe them, but that I can't complain to anyone if they are not acting professionally in the way they are debt collecting me?
  2. OK, thanks Dx Can you tell me what it means when the say 'unregulated account' when talking about some of the debts that I have?
  3. Thanks Dx, I have written and asked for the information but been ignored. I will do an official data request now. Is it right that both the OC and the debt collector can add information to my credit file? Surely this just makes my file twice as bad because it looks like I have 2 bad accounts?
  4. Hi, I have been getting some replies (finally!) from Lowell. One of them states: Following receipt of your complaint, logged on 9 February 2015, a query was submitted to Vanquis to request further documentation on the account. I note that to date we have not received the requested information. Therefore I have made the decision to close this account. For clarity, this does not mean that the debt is no longer due or valid or that the default should no longer be reported. A default will remain on your credit file for six years from the default da
  5. Thanks Dx. I will just leave them until they drop off my credit file.
  6. Hi, the O2 accounts are defaulted 10/2011, Vanquis defaulted 11/2011 JD Williams defaulted 11/2011 EE defaulted 12/2011 and Express Gifts defaulted 02/2012.
  7. Hi Dx, thanks for getting back to me. Lowell have three accounts for O2 (I dispute this as I would only ever have had one account), one for Vanquis, one for JD Williams, one for EE and one for Express gifts. I think that's all of them. I think the O2 accounts are the ones that are unregulated.
  8. Hi, I have been trying to get Lowell to send me copies of all the details they hold for the accounts they have in my name. They have tried a couple of times to get a CCJ so I am trying to get organised and work out what I actually owe so that I can be ready for any more tries etc. I have been using Reslover to contact them and despite this and the direct contact I have had with them they have not sent me any statements or understandable proofs of debt etc. I have now had the following email from them, but I don't understand what a non-regulated account is.
  9. Thanks Fko, I will ignore them then. It will hopefully fall of my credit file in 2 or 3 years.
  10. Hi Andy, I did submit my defence. I did it online. They discontinued it after reading my defence statement. Perhaps they had worked out I had gotten info from this site
  11. Hi Guys thanks. Yes Bazooka, I have bi-polar (I can admit that on here because no one knows me ) It does affect my finances because I go through 'spells' of being out of control spending wise. I have been doing OK for quite a while now and my family help with controlling my spending. It is also one of the reasons that I am out of work now and then.
  12. Hi, I am hoping for some advice. I took apparently (I don't remember but I have used payday loan companies so its probably true) took out two loans with minicredit both for £100, one in Feb 2011 and one in April 2011. On my credit file there is entries for Kapama, one for £866 and one for £793. These were not on my credit file a year ago. I have contacted them by email to question what they are and they replied giving me the dates etc. I know I was not working at the time and they did not search my credit file (I have old copies that I checked). Where should
  13. Hi, just to let you know, I have received a letter from Mortimer Clarke this morning they are discontinuing the claim. Thanks for your help
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