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  1. Hi All Just a quick question. My partner is signed up for local authority gym on an annual contract . This month his wage was paid a little later than usual and he missed DD - but then when money came in this DD was taken fine. However all of a sudden we received a letter that they will be taking a £20 admin charge as well? I called them and sad its illegal and they cant justify such a charge however they said its part of the contract and thats it! I am about to write complaint to their customer services ? is there any other suggestions on what I can do as I am sure it
  2. police now wants a statement down at the police station!?!? is it normal?please anyone?
  3. not at all. motonovo reported vehicle stolen back in april because apparently they could not find it ( it didnt occur to them that they can just request to know about location of the vehicle ) forgery of the signature - they only became aware of this last week apparently ( even though it is in the original complaint to them in nov 2015 and raised via ombudsman). motonovo are arguing the signature is correct and belongs to the son.....but he has stolen the vehicle and not making any payments.
  4. police saying the reason they have taken the car is because it is reported stolen by motonovo. they are not interested in the signature
  5. yes. even thought we kept them uptodate with the negotiations with motonovo and tried to speak to police officer involved everyday - he just came and took the car away when noone was around
  6. police came and took vehicle away from private property ?! I have had conversations with motonovo last week and it became even more clearer that this whole thing stinks. they keep changing their story and seems like they are now just looking to cover up their wrongful acts. can police reposses on the basis its theft? thank you and I understand all of this. However... Default notice was never issued. When spoke to motonovo they started coming back with some random dates of the alleged letter was sent( conversation recorded ) and it didnt correspond with the dates t
  7. update: Spoke to motonovo yesterday ref trying to pay off the arrears and let son carry on with the payments as he has got the job now. They advised they are not interested and want to take the car back and make him bankrupt. Spoke to national debt help line and now tried to get appointment with CAB. Debt line advised that police should have never been involved and they cant make someone bankrupt. They are saying that if motonovo have not sent termination of the agreement notice - its still live and payments can still be made. When we have tried to make
  8. credit card werent helpful either - they asked for a final outcome letter from the airline and commented that there were no error. we have tried all routes. and werent even unreasonabe - we just asked for a credit note so we can perhaps use it for another holiday. they were having none of it.
  9. tried irresponsible lending and quoted all CONS FCA rules applicable incl consumer credit act. his credit file had defaults and previously he could only borrow from loan sharks. not sure how this one got through. they also sold him the car almost £5k over the CAP value. So his outstanding finance is over £18k and car is worth c£8k. do you know anything about police involvement? can they repossess and charge with theft. having spoken to the police they are so evasive ...first they are saying they are after the car as its stolen but when you remind them that
  10. apologies for such a long reply. we have tried to write to the MD and his secretariat office then responded that they cant help as there were no errors with their website etc. we have lost our money and now will never use them again
  11. yes he did but never should have had one. and wouldnt have if they id their job properly and followed fca rules. I am have asked adjudicator to escalate and was hopeful until I read all the decisions in similar cases - they were all rejected and seems like its not all about consumer and finance company can do no wrong
  12. it might be too late for this as adjudicator at the ombudsman didnt uphold our complaint even thought we supplied all the evidence. main finance document is signed with a signature that is similar to my sons but its not the same and when compared to the rest of the documentation. also dated 28th when he was in the garage on the 30th and rest of the forms are signed on the 30th. Its unlikely they call anything quits now as adjuicator is on their side and keep repeating same old story that signature is his. Having reviewed ombudsman decision file it seems that mo
  13. I wonder if any one can help please. My son wen to buy a car from Evans Halshaw garage just as he started his new job with not more than £100 in his pocket . was advised that this is enough for the deposit to secure a finance deal. Paid the deposit of £100 on a £12k car and was told to come back and collect it a few days later. When he came back to pick up the car a sales manager went through some basic person information with him and briefly advised that the monthly repayments would be circa £250 pm. tried selling the insurance to which he declined etc ( the usual
  14. Hi Rebel11 Thats a good suggestion. Thank you I will try it. Regards
  15. Hi There Wonder if anyone can help please. We were on holiday with the family in Mallorka and whilst in Mallorka tried to book our flights back home to East Mids Airport. Towards the end of the holiday we decided to start looking for various flight options with different airlines and used ryanair, jet2 and thompson websites to compare flight times and prices. Thompson has shown available flight in the day on the 24/08/2014 and we decided to book it and stay a bit longer. Bare in mind we have tried booking Thompson on a few occasions for a couple of days however they
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