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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, Today, I have received an answer back from the Furniture Ombudsman and my claim against Sofaworks was not upheld, which obviously is very disappointing. I am now left with a 2-seater sofa and a footstool which I hardly use as such. I have taken up to have one cushion on the floor (as then it doesn't sag as much as when it is on the sofa springs - the floor providing a harder and more supportive base) and leave the other cushion to provide lower back support. Imagine!!!! Hence, don't really have any use for the footstool. Anyway, I am uncertain as to how the Ombudsman came to their decision. Supposedly they have written to not only the retailer, but also to the manufacturer, and surprise, surprise both would have defended their products, saying that there is nothing wrong with them. I am left rather confused, upset and downright unfairly treated. The 1st letter from the Ombudsman says that ""a conciliation officer will take a detailed look into your [my] complaint and contact you with our initial opinion": this did not happen. They also say "We aim to come to a fair conclusion so it is necessary for us to gather evidence from both parties to the dispute". All the evidence they have "gathered" from me was the application form I have sent at the beginning of October. I have not been visited by anyone to check the furniture for themselves before they"come to a fair conclusion". I had physio sessions for my back and using that sofa (even for short periods) only seemed to have made things worse. I am unsure as to what to do next. Any idea? At I am at my wits end.
  2. I ordered a Three Piece Suite from Sofaworks Thurrock Essex on 29/12/2013 to be delivered in approx 16 weeks from the date. I paid the first Deposit of £100.00 on 29/12/2013 + another £200.00 on this same day. On the 28/12/2014 I paid the Full Remaining Payment of £1.641.95. The suite was delivered on 11/03/2014. Within 2 weeks there was a problem with a cushion on the 3 seater Settee and I attempted to contact the Company and eventually got through to express my concern after such a short space of time! On 16/04/2014 a man came and looked at the problem stating that he would "pack" the faulty cushion, but realised in the end that this was not going to work and decided to order 1 Inch foam for under the LHF 3 seat. 8 Weeks later he returned with the replacement cushion. We were told not to "Sit" so long in one particular place and that "We" *must Rotate and change seating every 2 hours because continually sitting in one place will make the cushions collapse* ,which beggars belief really as a Suite is for sitting on and not just for show surely. This time the newly replaced Cushion lasted less than 2 weeks and after attempting to make contact again and awaited their response from Head Office about this issue! By 01/08/14 still no word from them and I decided to go to the Store personally and visited them on 07/01/2015 voiced my concerns and once again I waited with nothing forthcoming at all from this company. I returned to the Store again on 21/01/2015 & was told that I would hear from them before the end of the month which didn't happen. While I was sat in a Hospital waiting room I received a phone call on 09/02/2015 to say that they would send someone on 23/02/2015 not giving a time. The man came and sat on the "Bad" seat and decided there was nothing structurally wrong with the suite ,it's *simply* the fact that it's sat on too long once again. The end result is this Suite is Not Fit for Purpose at less than 1 year old and the only thing the company will do is replace the cushion at my own cost. I have told them I will take this further which I am doing now. We have been told again not to "Sit" in one place too long as this will "degrade" the suite and we have to rotate cushions which we can't rotate because of the suites design. They will replace the Cushion at a fee to me but I am not willing to pay anything more to this company. The Suite is "Not Fit for Purpose" and as you can imagine we are at the end of our tether. The goods are shoddy rubbish.
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