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Found 17 results

  1. Hello i require help advice with a housing related issue i was domestically abused by the tenancy holder kn the property we cohabited for over 10 years (21/22 in total) i requested to take over the tenancy after the safeguardimg team got involved for which I have a crime ref number i contacted the housing assc to explain i am agoraphobic unable to leave due to ill health and was beimg domestically abused by rhe tenamcy holder (my father) who had to leave due to safeguarding issue thos was 8th sep 17 i have since made several requests to pay rent and be granted a tenancy here to set up rent payment etc. I had no choice in abuse and was unable to leave due to ill health some related to abuse of 30 years and ahoraphobia 10+ years ive been unab.e to escape i sought help when my GP discovered signs of abuse during home visit first responders told me a sjpport worker and councillimg and assesments for my known violent father were not in budget and tjat i should cope wirh abuse a little longer until my dad died this lack of help lead to safeguardimg then housing issues. I waish to stay as any dom abuse victim (non tenant) in same situation are granted tenamcy in these situations i payed my rent up to termination amd made every effort to continue to do so while i sought help for dom abuse its effects and my existing mental and physical health issues and get help to locate and identify a suitable property to move to in a structured safe way rather than in a crisis and incurrrimg court costs etc adding tonmy mental health issues and suicidal feelings. I can provide any info needed to assist, crime ref evidence of lack of help prrof of payment and requests for tenancy dated etc. I hope u can help as im very desperate court hearing in weeks.
  2. Residents had a parking scheme inflicted on them by managing agents VCS were contracted and issued tickets to residents like confetti The managing Agents have capitulated and kicked VCS off the site and are cancelling all the tickets according to an article in the Daily Mail. surely the Residents supremacy of contract would have prevailed? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5139189/Firm-fines-people-20-000-parking-spaces.html
  3. The letter said he has a lodger(he has never had one) he uses the house for immoral purposes which is really wrong as only we, his family visit him. The council has also been looking through his windows snooping. He is 64 and has heart problems. He goes to court in January but he's done nothing wrong. This is not the first time someome has reported him, last year someone reported him for his hedge. As soon as he came out of hospital after his operation he was reported for the hedge and the grass being too long. Well he couldn't walk without losing his breath, he has COPD and arthritius. He's being reported for *His house being untidy *His garden being untidy(he doesn't have the money for a lawnmower, yet the council will mow the lawn for someone with a family in the same street. *Using his house for immoral purposes *Having a lodger *A washing machine in the front garden which was gone in January *And dog mess near his front garden, he hasn't had a dog since about November when his dog died. Would CAB help him?
  4. Hi I posted on here about 12 months ago as my family were evicted (s21 no fault) from a house we were renting. Of my deposit of £1600 I had £300 deducted for 'sham' cleaning. Because we struggled to get another place the landlord took us to court to get the house back. Corporate landlord who didn't want pets in the house. We managed to find another home eventually. It's much scruffier than the last one but we painted it and made it nice etc, but things keep breaking, dodgy plumbing and so on. the owner now wants to sell (she's not a professional landlord). She uses an agent who probably take a large chunk of the rent each month. Agent has sent a s21 and given us a bit longer than the statutory minimum of two months. We paid £1575 deposit and £400 check-in fees to the agent. I have a job after being unemployed for nearly two years, and still catching up with lots of bills each month so I have no savings whatsoever. I have no idea how I'm going to find the agent fees and the deposit for the next house. We have to pay these amounts up front. The rent is going to cost us around £1300/month (Surrey area) and so deposit will be about £2000 plus fees between £400 and £500. My current deposit is not returnable until 10 days after I vacate. Even then I'm still going to be £1k short. My daughter is on HB and income support. She has a very young baby and is expecting another - boyfriend is an ex boyfriend. What a mess! Daughter is suffering post-natal depression so we need to move nearer to family and friends and the rents are not cheap. They aren't cheap anyway, but it is what it is I guess. £1300/month is on the lower end of the scale, with many being more like £1500. Will the council that we plan on moving to help with a deposit? How can we determine which council it will be because we can't put an offer in without the fees available. I'm so lost at the moment and can't see a way round this. I've maxed on credit and don't know anyone with £2.5k sitting in their bank account. Any advice? thanks
  5. Hi all. I have a court hearing this Thursday 10 April 2014, I have received a Order for possession (accelerated procedure) (assured shorthold tenancy) So I believe the court hearing is so that I may request more time to find a new home. My main question is "Why do I have to Pay to be Evicted?" I have already submitted a defence form asking for more time to pay this cost, but the Order says I must pay it on or before the 10th. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  6. I got my court letter for posseion today on our property, the date is march 13th although eviction will probably be a few weeks after so we'll be here through march I think. We have been told we will be put in temp/emergency accomidation, which was expected, we cant afford to move out and as we work we are not entiltled to much housing benefit. I just want to know if anyone else has been through this as I dont know anyone who has before, I already have storage sorted for my furnature, but I really have no idea what to bring with me. Please dont judge me, just because we work we can still not afford to move out, we have been down this road with our local council who also agree. Please advice anyone? And also anyone else going through the same please feel free to chat!
  7. I am enquiring here on behalf of my neighbour who is unwell and unable to use a computer. She is 58 yrs old and one of her daughters has been evicted by the council, she has a 7 yr old daughter of her own. Having the knowledge of how private renting is for many people, temporary and moving time and again, and really not wanting her daughter and granddaughter to go into the homeless facility, has let her daughter and granddaughter move in with her, but the property is only one bedroom flat. My neighbour has vacated her bedroom to let the child have it and she and her adult daughter are using the lounge as a lounge by day and sleep in there at night. She is wondering if she can herself as the tenant apply for a larger property for all of them? and what the chances of acceptance are? The adult daughter is unwell herself with depression/anxiety/isolation issues that go back to her childhood and has been referred for psychiatric assessment which she is expecting to hear about any day now as she was given a 6 week average wait and its now been 8. The circumstances of the eviction are in my opinion related to the adult daughters health and the fact that the council were not fully aware of it, she was unable to handle the whole thing and felt she couldn't lay the problems onto my neighbour who is ill herself. I wish she had even told me as I would have come here for her way before this, but she feared I would tell and disrupt her mothers health further. Which has now happened anyway as the whole thing is now out in the open. I think she just totally misjudged how much support her mother had around her and how we could all have maybe helped. The adult daughter isn't well enough to live alone at this time and both her and my neighbour feel living together as a family would be best now its come to this situation. It seems the adult daughter has been treated by the GP for the past year for depression which has worsened and as the other issues became known to GP the referral was made. Any advice I can pass on or look into for them please?
  8. I signed a 12 month AST which was due to expire 19th December 2014. Once I had given my notice to the letting agent that I was not going to renew (I have bought a house) then agent asked if they could begin viewings for a potential new tenant, so we allowed this. They found a new tenant quickly and asked (via telephone) if the new tenant could move in at the end of November. We completed on the house in October and so the keys were handed back on 25th November 2014 on the basis that this was a joint and voluntary surrendering of the tenancy agreement. This was all done via telephone and nothing received in writing. I wrote a letter, which I took with me when I went to the letting agent to handover the keys (see attachment). The letting agent wrote 'return of keys only' underneath and signed it. I have received no other communication from the letting agent to say that the tenancy agreement has ended and I presume I am still bound by it. The deposit has not yet been returned, despite me asking for it. I have cancelled the standing order for the rent and am worried that I am still liable for the last month of rent. Have I been evicted? Where do I stand legally?
  9. hi everyone im new to this site so apologies now if i make a mistake i will try and keep it short. basically we took our mortgage out 15 years ago all has been fine until last oct just before then my husbands work of 21 years suddenly closed he found a new job but half the salary and we had to buy an old banger for him to commute ( used to have company car ) i also stopped work due to severe artheritis we fell behind with payments and also are in trouble with payday loans. i have written to accord many times with offer of payment but they never reply we had a letter asking for(yet!) another income an expenditure an offer of payment before june15 an they would only go for sus repo i did this sent recorded delivery but we couldnt attend court and they were granted repossession had a letter today we are being evicted tues please help? sorry for rambling !!have five years left to run if that helps
  10. The lender obtained a suspended possession order in Jan 2011 for my mortgage being in arrears due to unemployment. This continued for a couple more months but they were understanding and let me make reduced payments for a while. Then i got a job and have been employed ever since. For the last 27 months ive made 27 payments of more than my contractual monthly amount. Jan 2014 the lender wrote to me and said i hadnt been paying off the arrears quick enough (despite them agreeing to the payments id been making) and they were applying to get me evicted, court has sent eviction date of 13/2/14. I've submitted a N244 form and got a hearing before a judge on 4/2/14. Does anyone have any idea what my chances are of keeping the house? or any other hints and tips? Thanks Gary
  11. hi my situations bleak and have need help. I have been suffereing domestic(mental) abuse at home and had no idea that we ere going to be eviticted until a field agent working for g.e money knocked on my door. i received a bailiff eviction order on thursday and its due to go hed on 30th january. i went straight into my local council whom said they had a property for me but it wont be ready until until end of feb and the housing lady put this in writing and told me to fill in an n244 to ask for more time as i have a disabled son who wouldnt cope with moving twice I have three dependant children. i have no idea how to fill in an n244 and feel i am running out of time...i have no where to store my belongings and am going to lose everything. the g.p has put me on antidepressants and sleeping pills and has offered to write a letter supporting me but he says he has no idea what info he would need to put in it so wants me to supply some bullet points for him and i dont have a clue.
  12. Hi All Really need your help with my situation please guys! On the 7th February my family and i were evicted after 5 years of fighting. We had 10+ court appearances and although we should have maybe seen it coming it has come as a great shock especially to our kids. Details: Lender: Webb Resolutions administrated by Lapithus servicing Mortgage Amount (nett): £204815.00 Arrears Balance: £3062.45 Closing Fees & Cost balance: £8953.63 Additional Interest: £886.07 Total Balance Outstanding: £217717.15 Property valued at £275000 by 2 local agents Mortgage is interest only. I have 2 children aged 15 & 17 in full time education Questions? They have given us 14 days to remove our goods but are making it hard as possible, do they need to be like this? What can i claim back in regards to the charges? At the hearing the solicitor painted the picture that we were in negative equity, this is clearly untrue. We have been told that the house must be sold for a reasonable amount, how is this set? We are being charged £20 an hour for a house sitter while we remove our goods, is this fair? The locksmith damaged several items during the repossesion, i have recorded the damage We kept the lender informed at all times, I was working as a self employed builder so income had been erratic. We had put the property on the market to try and protect our equity but the market is very slow in our area. Our local council were unable to offer anything suitable, only a single room in a bedsit 50 miles away from our kids school. They advised us to find a local private rent and contact crisis loans for a rent in advance. The guy I am working for has kindly let us stay in a 1 bedroom flat that he owns but so far I have had no joy with any help from the government or any department. I am currently working as a self employed taxi driver so with all the moving and chasing financials i have not been able to earn much which doesnt help the situation at all!. I have never claimed anything off the government and feel let down by the system and very angry. I emailed my local MP but, you guessed, he has not even replied! I would like to thank everyone in advance for any guidance you may be able to give and I will make a contribution to the forum in respect of this Regards Neil
  13. Can anybody offer me advice on how to handle this. I am being evicted on 13 Jan 2013. I am likely to struggle to find another place because a) fewer letting opportunities over Christmas and b) Leaders the letting agents will probably not provide a good reference. I am also worried about my deposit. Having waited for months for a completion date on the sale of my home I had to move quickly when it was finally agreed or risk losing the sale. A family member was seriously ill with a heart attack and we were very stressed. We found a property with Leaders - it was expensive but we had less than a week and so had to take it. We signed the rental agreement five minutes before they were due to close the branch on a Saturday evening. There was an error in the amount of rent - £1295/month instead of £1275/month - but I didn't query it at the time because I wasn't fully aware of the discrepancy; it was a niggling doubt. It was only when I got home and checked it to the advert etc that I noticed. The agreement stated that Leaders would notify in advance of a visit to inspect. It also agreed that no pets without permission from the Landlord, and no smoking in the property. The day we moved in we noticed that the shower attachment in the bathroom wasn't working, the alarm kept 'beeping' and the blind in the bathroom fell down. We also noticed a pipe protruding from the centre of the small garden. We notified Leaders about the pipe and the alarm, but nothing was done. A week later the front door starting getting stuck, but they did not send anyone round. Recently a friend of ours had to go and visit her sick mother up north (we are in the south) and she asked if we would look after her cats for a few weeks - it was urgent, so we said we would. She had given us the cat food and the Frontline flea treatment etc. One day, Leaders let themselves into the property without any prior notice. I was asleep in bed and didn't even realise they had visited until I was sent the visit report (I had been up all the previous night, by the way). Their report mentioned the cats and evidence of smoking. I had friends round the previous night and they were smoking, but on the patio not in the house, and I brought the ashtrays in afterwards. The report also said the property was clean and in good order and there was no damage from the cats. Two days later I received a letter from Leaders inviting us to renew for another six months. A day after that I received a notice to quit because of cats and smoking! I have not been sleeping and still trying to find a house to buy with the little money I have, and find work since being made redundant, and now I have to move a week or so after Christmas. I should also add that I had no TV signal in the area (now using Freesat) and no phone/internet for six weeks. Leaders must have known this and did nothing to warn us before we moved in. I don't think there's much point fighting the eviction notice, but I feel violated knowing that they walked around my home while I was asleep - what if I'd been naked for crying out loud (which I wasn't, but what if.....). This is causing me a lot of distress. The cats aren't a big deal but Leaders are using them as an excuse to remove us. The fact that all the three documents were written and signed by the same person makes me think that she wasn't too bothered by the moggies but someone above her has pushed this. The lady over the road is also being evicted because she wouldn't agree to a large rent increase. All the houses are owned by a local housebuilder who I believe is trying to sell them. Any thoughts anyone? I know I breached my tenancy agreement and probably don't have a leg to stand on, but I'm a nice tenant and look after their property, and I pay my rent six months in advance because I have a poor credit rating. This could make it very difficult for me to get another rental. I've only been here three months. The landlord did not make right any of the damage (stains on carpet, marks on walls) caused by the previous tenants, but we have to have all the carpets professionally cleaned and the house 'de-flea'd' and have certificates to confirm this. They haven't given me the option to do this myself - not that there are any fleas or stains left by us, but I was going to clean the carpets myself and I could always spray a cat flea killer as a precaution. I'm so scared that I and my daughter will end up homeless. Letting agents have to look out for the landlords, I understand, but I think they lose sight of the people paying the rents - ridiculously high rents in some cases, and they force the rents up all the time. Eve
  14. Hi, I have rented my property for the last 18 months. Although there is a no pet rule I didn't think it would be a problem because a lot of residents in the flats have them (including 2 directors of the management company.) Said company have just posted a notice on the board outside saying any person renting have to get rid of any pets by 31st December 2012 of face eviction. Anyone who owns their flat can keep their pets. My landlord is fine with the one cat that I own. As I have mentioned 2 members of the board have dogs. My neighbour (who also rents) has just been served a notice to quit because she has a dog. She is in her 70s and registered disabled. Can they do this? I don't understand how they can distinguish between renters and owners in this respect? Can anyone help please? Cakey
  15. Given my circumstances I am not even sure if this can be considered an eviction but I'll try anyway. I share a room with three other gents in a guest house (please don't laugh). I have paid weekly for over a year. All was fine until a couple of months ago when some of the staff took the liberty of spreading rumours about me and being disrespectful and I had a couple of minor issues, which weren't my fault (see my prev posts). To cut the story short last month the landlord put a guy in our room that looked a bit worse for wear. We got very suspicious and we discovered that he suffered from a major communicable disease in the past. I and another roommate confronted the chap and he admitted that he had the illness but the was ok now and would be ready to get tested to prove that to us. We waited some reasonable time but he came up with evident lies. The other roommate freaked out and decided to speak to the manager (I was against it, I would have involved the HPA or the NHS instead) and asked him to force the sick man to get tested or otherwise to have him evicted. At first the manager of the guest house was sympathetic with us and told us he would get rid of the guy in 24 hours. Then he changed his mind and granted the sick man another week but has now evicted my roommate with the motivation that by complaining he has brought the guest house into disrepute. I was unofficially told that I am also on the list of the unwanted and I would have to go. Let me make it clear that I myself have never asked for the eviction of the sick man without having more details in hand and have behaved in a humane and respectful way. I think the intention of the manager is to get rid of us and cover his mismanagement of the issue. I am pretty resigned to the idea that I'll have to go and I am angry because I feel that I and my roommate are victims: we could well be infected as a result of negligence and we will be evicted. I just would like to have your opinion on this issue, if there is anything I can do to avoid my eviction: failing that how can I prove I have acted in good faith and the landlord has inflicted us a hard punishment. Thank you
  16. Good evening, Currently I live with my 5 flatmates in London and the last week we received a letter by a mortgage company to inform us the house is going to be repossessed. (In fact the landlord doesn't pay the bank anymore.) So it seems we need to wait the confirmation from the court to know when we are going to be evicted exactly. Then we should receive the confirmation before the end of June to confirm the exact date when all of them will have to leave the house. We pay the rent to an agency every month but our deposits are not protected. Moreover the agency is refusing to protect our deposit. So we're afraid to lose the money. In this context I have some questions so if you could help me that would be very great. 1. Can we stop paying the rent to be sure to get back our deposits from the next month ? 2. Do we need to give 1 month notice to leave the house after the eviction is confirmed by the court ? 3. Do we need to continue for paying the rent after the eviction is confirmed by the court ? 4. It seems we can request an extra time before leaving the house. (2 months) So do we need to request that now or do we need to wait the exact date of the eviction ? Let me know if you need more information and if you could help me that would be great! PS: I'm French so apologies for my English which is not perfect.
  17. Hi all, new to the forum so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. I lived in a council home with my two younger brothers, it's our family home. My brother was made redundant Sept last year. I was temping and unable to afford the rent but my brother was applying for job seekers allowance and help with the rent. I called the council and informed them of this. My brother is now working (on a much lower wage), I'm also working but we did have rent arrears, I was paying the rent April and May with an extra £30 each week, my brother made sure I didn't see any of the letters from the council until we received the eviction notice. I didn't know what to do and so spent the two days trying to get the arrears money so I could pay the council. Too little too late. I was evicted last Thursday. I made an application to my local county court (N244) for a judge to hear my case and the situation of why we had the arrears. Due to mis communication from the court I was not informed of the court date and it went ahead with out me today and the judge upheld the council's request for evicition. I have been informed by the court, that due to the mis communication, I can make another application for my case to be heard by the judge (without notice) and so am going down there tomorrow to make the application, I was told that I need to have LEGAL REASONS as to why the court should rule in my favour. Search for this has been a nightmare, I cannot get free legal advice (I earn too much) and cannot find anything online. What I want to know is how do I word the above in legal speak for question 10 on the N244 form. Any help you guys can give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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