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  1. Hi all!, my property was repossessed last month and I am asking for advice on what happens now. I've had no contact from the mortgage company and other than noticing the property on rightmove I do not know what's going on. I have equity in the property and approx £6k of unlawful charges to reclaim Many thanks
  2. Hi, could really do with some more help on this. Many Thanks Neil
  3. Hi, Thanks for your time in reply. Ill start at the top and answer the best I can. Most of our paperwork has been quickly packed for storage! Basically the history of court appearances goes back 5+ years. I owned my own business that ceased trading and we had used our own "mortgage" money to keep the business alive, stupidly!. The court dates were a series of eviction dates/suspend warrants and us paying large chunks off the arrears and agreeing to pay back the rest in payments alongside the regular mortgage. The net payments were £790.83 plus £100 pcm off the arrears. We had
  4. Hi All Really need your help with my situation please guys! On the 7th February my family and i were evicted after 5 years of fighting. We had 10+ court appearances and although we should have maybe seen it coming it has come as a great shock especially to our kids. Details: Lender: Webb Resolutions administrated by Lapithus servicing Mortgage Amount (nett): £204815.00 Arrears Balance: £3062.45 Closing Fees & Cost balance: £8953.63 Additional Interest: £886.07 Total Balance Outstanding: £217717.15 Property valued at £275000 by 2 local agents Mortgage is interest
  5. Hi everyone, as expected Webb/Lapithus have ignored my final letter so I am now preparing for court action. Can anyone help me with the intrest part of the claim?. My charges exceed £7500 so I need to get it spot on. Also any pointers in the correct forms etc would be helpful Many Thanks Bayman
  6. Hi Guys, I got my reply from the mortgage company and as predicted they have just stated that they told me they would charge me silly amounts as per there terms and conditions!. What is my next move as of course they havent offered to pay back the charges? Many Thanks
  7. Hi guys Went to court today re:eviction. got a suspended order but the judge wouldnt consider or enter into conversation about the claim for the fee's balance. Best I get started in claiming theese fee's then!!, thanks for all the help so far guys
  8. Thanks for that, we have had absolute murders with Webb. From the start they have only been interested in repossesing the property failing to understand its our family home, times have been tough work wise but we have been trying. How did it end up being thrown out if you dont mind me asking?, message me if you prefer Many Thanks again
  9. Hi, yes the date for the court is the 21st May, possesion order. Can i claim the solicitors costs back from the previous court appearances? Thanks Neil
  10. HI Guys, yes el-een they have added the charges balance to my arrears and are going for possesion off the back of this. I will read that article and keep you all posted. May need some more help guys but many thanks already!!
  11. Many Thanks, I thought i could reclaim the charges. They are charging me £50 a month to pay by debit card!
  12. Hi Guys, can anyone advise me please I have a mortgage account that was originally with GMac, then transferred to Webb resolutions and now managed by Lapithus Servicing LLP. We have a had a long battle trying to keep our home with 8 eviction hearings. Each time we have either made payment arrangements or cleared the arrears. We are currently just under 3 months in arrears and they have again applied for a possesion order of our home but this time they have added £10k of charges including direct debit fee's, court costs and account management fee's. What I am asking is can they claim t
  13. Hi, Thanks for your reply. There was a mortgage in place when the loan was taken out so you would assume that as a second charge that it could stay as it was. But the new mortgage comapny explained that they had to lift the second charge to put the new charge in place, then re-apply the second charge. The loan company(SPML) would not allow this to be done so I had to pay the loan off in full.
  14. Hi all, firstly may I apologise if this appears in the wrong area. In 2005 I took out an Intrest only/Secured Loan for £30k secured on my property. In 2006 I re-mortgaged and the lender would not lift the charge to allow the new mortgage to be secured. I had to pay the loan back to enable the mortgage to go ahead and so faced a £3k+ redemption charge. I tried to argue the point at the time but faced a brick wall. Can aanyone advise me if this charge is something I can attack! Many Thanks in advance Bayman
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