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Found 15 results

  1. I have been a lurker for some time now, but now need some advice. I have received details of a possession hearing from Blemain Finance for a second mortgage and desperately need some help with it. The form to complete from the local county court does not stipulate any reply timings and we have trying to get as much imformation together as possible before completing it. However, the hearing is early next week and we have spent the weekend getting all the information I can together. My husband and I are self employed and because of one client going into receivership, another retiring and a third changing supplier. I have not been able to make a payment to them since the end of May. I have several broken agreements with them because of losing these clients. I have paid them around £38,000 since starting the £46,000 loan in 2008 and only started having problems in 2012 when I ended the year just under one month in arrears, By the end of 2013 we were around three and a half months in arrears but had entered into an agreement with them where we were paying the monthly repayment plus £71, however, I could only keep this up for six months and we are now around £4,100 in arrears, I may be able to reduce this by £700 before the hearing but this depends on when we are paid. We are currently rebuilding the business and have good prospects in the pipeline, but with this hanging over our heads it’s very difficult. Are there any reasonable grounds on which I can request the order to be set aside, or are the county judges obliged to grant anything over two months in arrears? I am worried that we have a bad month and can’t make the payment on time and lose the property, Although in arrears with our main mortgage we are tackling that and only have one year left on that, albeit it will take two years to clear. There is about £550 difference between what they say I owe and what I have calculated and I guess this is various admin fees etc. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks, Sara
  2. Is there anyone else who usually would have had their ESA paid in on Friday (8th) not had it paid in? These things worry me and they are closed today, so can't call until tomorrow. Thank you. I also rang my bank and they said there is no payment pending either. Miss Anxious
  3. I I have an alleged credit card debt with lloyds totalling nearly £10,000.. Dating back to Jan 2003 I got into trouble with the repayments and agreed a lesser amount that I started paying without missing a payment. During this time it was taken over by BLS collections. Which surprised me! I did the 3 letters and the 4th and now it is back with lloyds. Taken over in House by SCM? I received no default notice.. this is admitted by lloyds but as proof have enclosed a copy of the Banks computer record. This shows one was made on the computer in Feb 2011 They claim in the POC they can not reproduce another and I find this hard to believe. So How does this affect my case? I have received No termination letter although they state the account was closed July 2011 . Non In their POC I have received no notice of assignment.. Non in their POC I have made a counter claim .. however in their defence of the counter claim they refer to the enclosed agreement dated 1997 Not at all the same agreement date as the claim which was 2003... It was not even enclosed. The only exhibits are (1) agreement dated 2003 (2) T&C's (3) computer record showing default notice I would be grateful for all and any help.. regards jack
  4. Wherever you are i hope you enjoy your party tonight. Paid for hopefully by your boss. Meant to put this on this morning,oh well better late than never. Many will already be out there.So i am off,it may go quiet in here as the night progresses. Would really like to know tomorrow when you recover how it went. Bet there will be many interesting tales to tell. Tonight is when drink sales hit their peak on the biggest office party night of the year - how do you survive it? Will it be a mad Friday. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/christmas/12057746/How-to-survive-Booze-Black-Friday.html Why 'Mad Friday' leads to 'Dry January' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35129990 Booze calculator: What's your drinking nationality? In the month of December alcohol consumption increases as many people celebrate the festive season. In particular, the last Friday before Christmas - popularly known as "mad Friday" in the UK - can be the moment when many drink to excess. But how does your drinking measure up to the average in countries around the world? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-30500372 Says i measure up to Kuwait-he-he What country does your drinking measure up to? For those in Wales. Live Black Friday updates from across Wales on parking, travel, shopping, Christmas parties... and jumpers! http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/live-black-friday-updates-across-10620336 From the North East. Live updates and pictures as people hit the bars of Newcastle for pre-Christmas festive fun on Black Eye Friday, the biggest night out of the year http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/black-eye-friday-newcastle-live-10618815 Live: Mad Friday in Manchester http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/live-mad-friday-manchester-pictures-10622117 Mad Friday in Liverpool live: updates from the big Christmas night out http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/mad-friday-liverpool-live-updates-10615149
  5. Just checked Ebuyer site - what a waste of time, no different than any other day. I can't see any reduction anywhere other than the normal they have. Anyone found a bargain ?
  6. Get your wallets at the ready and your running shoes on; it's time to grab a bargain as Black Friday is almost here. Despite being an American tradition, falling on the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States (which is the fourth Thursday of November), the annual shopping bonanza has gone global with hundreds of retailers around the world slashing their prices to tempt shoppers with big bargain deals. Source-Link When is Black Friday PLUS everything else you need to know about it http://www.getreading.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/black-friday-plus-everything-you-10178785 Have you any tales to tell about this day.Any experiences.
  7. Hi, I have copied my Cahoot Fixed Loan Agreement, but think they may have ticked all the boxes - any advice would be appreciated as to if it is enforceable thanks
  8. Thoughts needed please. I was tasked with item to buy for Xmas on the list was a Xbox one. I sourced a deal on amazon with a healthy 20% discount but as its a black friday deal you have 15 mins to purchase. My issue started when I noticed my discounted "star buy" rate was now the regular selling price some 24 hrs later. Is it against consumer law to offer discount based on false headline price? Headline price was only charged on black friday day of reduction. Headline did not match individual selling price or RRP. I asked for a breakdown of how headline price was calculated but amazon stead fast refused to provide information.
  9. Hi all. I bought a TV from John Lewis online in the Black Friday sales. The TV is faulty and JL say they cannot exchange as the TV is now £150 more expensive. They can only refund my money. Is this right?
  10. Just been on the phone to PCWorld as the Ipod Touch we ordered on the 28th November has not arrived and I was told that they are awaiting stock and it's unlikely to be back in stock before christmas I have just seen that it is in stock at my local store and online and I am wondering if they are trying to worm there way out of selling it to me at the offered £100 price tag... What should I do? I felt pressured into opting for a refund as it's a Christmas present
  11. hi everyone im new to this site so apologies now if i make a mistake i will try and keep it short. basically we took our mortgage out 15 years ago all has been fine until last oct just before then my husbands work of 21 years suddenly closed he found a new job but half the salary and we had to buy an old banger for him to commute ( used to have company car ) i also stopped work due to severe artheritis we fell behind with payments and also are in trouble with payday loans. i have written to accord many times with offer of payment but they never reply we had a letter asking for(yet!) another income an expenditure an offer of payment before june15 an they would only go for sus repo i did this sent recorded delivery but we couldnt attend court and they were granted repossession had a letter today we are being evicted tues please help? sorry for rambling !!have five years left to run if that helps
  12. I found out today by finding it in the local press that I've been taken to court over not notifying the dvla for change of ownership... This was on 12/5/14 ..but this was in my old married name (changed by deed poll in nov/11) and to my old address which I moved from in nov/12... I've sold all vehicles in my name by part exchange to reputable main dealers.... I don't know what's going on but am extremely upset that the local press and the court have demeaned my good character...anyone got any ideas?
  13. My wife has applied for pension credit. The idea being that what she gets will replace what I get in unemployment benefit, thus enabling me to sign off and tell Ingeus where to go! She is also to apply for Support for Mortgage Interest to replace what I normally claim for, which is due to end this December. She received a phone call from a woman from the Pension Service and said what we would be entitled to, and asked if we still wanted to go ahead, which we did. She also said we would receive a visit from an officer and she is coming this Friday. Is there anything we should be worried about with this visit?
  14. Hi - wonder ifanybody can give me some advice. I had a congestioncharge penalty that i was disputing, and CCLondon took it off hold without meknowing. A slightly separate point. I received a letteron Friday 18th January, from Equita, telling me I owed them £200.44 and warranthad ben issued etc.. and i needed to pay. I was unable to call on Friday so wasplanning on calling Monday. Monday at 6.15 am,I, and my wife and 4 kids were woken by a bailiff demanding £573. As I was halfasleep I paid this, and questioned the breakdown, he said he'd drop one round. The breakdown hegave me was - £200.44 – initial debt £11.20 – first letter £57 – first visit £195 – enforcement attendance with intent to remove £60 – visit £1.50 additional charge I know - something is missing too, I dont know what. Now, given that theletter was dated the 15th January, and received on the 18th January, how is itpossible to rack up the additional bill over the weekend? And is that £195 alegitimate charge for 'enforcement'? I'm about to write a letter to Equita, so all advice gratefully received. Jude
  15. Please keep your fingers crossed for me on Friday.......good friend Les had adopted yet another dog. She's a diamond with rescues, always room for one more. Merlin the husky/GS shepherd arrived at 11 months in November last, having been confined to a cage in a small flat. Female owner admitted she was afraid of his strength and couldn't walk him. She was owner No 4. He stays where he is now, Les never gives up on them. He's hurt Les' arm and she has a brace so old big head with the dogs here offered to take her out to the forest and "deal" with him once and for all. Well, I've met my match here. If I tell a dog what to do i expect it to be done. end of. Along comes another dog, and because I already realised Merlin has a high level of excitement which could turn into aggression if not checked, I decide we'll teach him to sit politely to one side when dogs come by for now. On the lead of course, which I hate, but this is a large dog and we are looking at the Law here with him if we are not careful. Bloody creature. Oh he sat alright, but then he leapt in the air, ran at the group of people and dog coming towards us and I was attached to the end of the lead. For two or three seconds i was horizontal off the ground behind him just like a bloody cartoon strip. I landed with a plop and in a heap at the feet of a very surprised looking man and three women tryng not to wet themselves laughing. The laughter broke the tension thank God. Oh my shoulders and arms! I get on the phone to my dog whisperer friend, and we've arranged to spend next Friday with Les and Merlin. DW uses other dogs to rehab the bad boys, and her special selection for Merlin? A great dane, Bertie, who weighs 220lbs, can look the DW in the eye, and she is tall! Oh she says, it'll be fine, I rehabbed him last week, he won't knock his owner over again! He won't do it again and it do them good to meet each other. OMG. And Les now has an RSI so guess who has to do this bit for her? I know the DW will sort Merlin out, but just in case, please, everyone, fingers crossed for me at 1pm next Friday when they are going to do their street walking exercise together through one of the busiest parts of town! Must remember to take a shovel.
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