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  1. I totally agree with Skinnered, and I can bring my own example: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?483893-Holland-amp-Barret-Hermes-nightmare-where-do-I-stand See another site team saying that "probably done you a favour most supplements are a fad and a waste time and contain nowt but 90% padding anyway" I joined this site in 2012 and it used to give helpful advice. Now all I get is insentitive and unhelpful answers. What went wrong?
  2. I've paid with Paypal from my own existing balance. It's probably too early for a dispute. My worry is that they'll return the item back to H&B and I won't get any refund.
  3. 10 days ago I ordered some supplements from Holland and Barrett for home delivery. In hindsight I should have just gone to the shop. They promised next day delivery (pity I didn't take a screenshot!). I had an email of confirmation of the order two days later, never mind next day delivery. In the meantime the Christmas holidays have passed come the 27th of December I got an email from Hermes (or should I call them Herpes?) informing me that : 27/12/2017 14:08 Delivery attempt made, allow 24h on 28/12/2017 But I was there at that time and nobody came in. next day I get exactly the same notification. 28/12/2017 14:50 Delivery attempt made, allow 24h on 02/01/2018 Again somebody was there but no driver in reality showed up. I contacted Hermes via webchat. They say that they could not deliver the parcel due to "restricted access". What that means in practice I don't know, because there's no traffic restriction in my area. They said they could not give me any more assistance and I had to contact H&B. I sent H&B an email of complaint and they answered with just a reference number but it is clear that it will take time. What to do now? They will try to deliver for the third time but what if the driver makes it all up again? The package will be sent back to H&B. What will happen later? Where do I stand?
  4. After one applies for jobseekers allowance, they are invited to their first appointment to sign their application. If there are topics that need to be expanded, or for example special circumstances that cannot be answered with a simple yes/no, can one attach a written statement to be sent to the decision makers? Thanks
  5. I usually video record the opening of every boxes.
  6. Laura, you're fighting for a lost cause. Brexitards don't understand facts. They are sheeple who will think and do what the tabloids will tell them to think or do.
  7. God no! I wouldn't do that! Spilling the beans on the Internet is not very professional!
  8. Translated into English, a loony liberal is anybody who has ever read a book.
  9. I see the ukip is without a leader. Should the Donald lose badly as it looks likely, he's always welcome on our shores. A clown is always welcome, now that the Chuckle Brothers are getting a bit old.
  10. What was the reason of your overpayment? Was it to do with savings or undeclared income? There are bits and pieces of this thread that I don't understand.
  11. "A chat like men do" are these textual words? Sounds a bit dodgy. Why not chat like women do?
  12. My original question was answered. I acknowledge that. Then I asked a second, more specific question, related to the time one applies to benefits (as opposed to a compliance check).
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