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  1. It does say no pets but I just figured as most folk here have them it was just a standard clause. The elderly lady has been here about 2 years I think. P.s thank you for replying
  2. Hi, I have rented my property for the last 18 months. Although there is a no pet rule I didn't think it would be a problem because a lot of residents in the flats have them (including 2 directors of the management company.) Said company have just posted a notice on the board outside saying any person renting have to get rid of any pets by 31st December 2012 of face eviction. Anyone who owns their flat can keep their pets. My landlord is fine with the one cat that I own. As I have mentioned 2 members of the board have dogs. My neighbour (who also rents) has just been served a notice to quit because she has a dog. She is in her 70s and registered disabled. Can they do this? I don't understand how they can distinguish between renters and owners in this respect? Can anyone help please? Cakey
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