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  1. can bes take over a residential property electric supply as they only do commercial electricity I need to no as been miss sold a contract please help the last few days have been hell bes utilities phoned me saying they were acting on behalf of my hopefully soon to be landlord no lease signed I have ended up in a contract some how I have been bullied and feel forced into this contract really not sure wat to do as I don't have a lease yet or permission to change the electricity supplier still they say I cant get out of it they say they are going to take over the electric suppy on the 25th and there is nothing I can do they also said the supplier at the moment cant reject the take over apparently I have no choice but to go with them all I want to do is get out of this contract. also the address on the contract is a residential house helllllppppppp
  2. Hi I recently had a successful PPI claim with MBNA. I have received a 50% payout but as it was a joint loan, 50% is owed to my late wife. Initially, MBNA refused to pay me her share until I provided a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. After explaining I have neither, they eventually said they will accept documents from a Court or a Solicitor confirming that no Will, Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate was ever made. My wife had next to nothing in assets when she died so, as I understand it from the gov.uk website, I didn’t need to apply for Probate as, in the circumstances, I inherited everything. I can’t understand why MBNA will not just accept our marriage certificate and my wife’s death certificate as sufficient evidence and pay out. That was all the evidence I needed to provide at the time of my wife’s death when dealing with her bank accounts. (They were different banks, not MBNA). The amount owed is only around £400 so the cost of applying for Probate or Letters of Administration would make it all pointless. I assume the cost of obtaining documents from a solicitor confirming no Will, Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate was ever made would also be prohibitive. I was wondering is there any way I could fight this and get MBNA to pay out with just the marriage and death certificates as evidence. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Maybe someone else has had a similar experience?
  3. I've been getting bills in order, cutting out the crap like putting phones on sim only canceling gym memberships which aren't used and the like. I've a few debts to deal with and will be getting a copy of my files from all three agencies shortly but one sent a letter recently and I'm fairly certain 6yrs have passed since I last paid anything or communicated with them. Debt is £2686.03 originally with Littlewoods but the letters have been coming from Lowell, one prior to this was an "amazing offer of 60% off" if I settled. I'm assuming they've also figured out 6yrs have passed? Never had a CCJ for this one to my knowledge. Would I just need to send the statute barred letter from the library or is there a particular path I need to follow ? Thanks, Rob
  4. Hi,All please can i get some advice regarding todays events, i was off sick with a trapped nerve in my lower back (I am a delivery driver) i was asked by my manager via text if i would return to work as a passanger to show the lad covering my run the route as my normal finish time is 14.00 and he finished at 19.30 the previous day, I agreed to this and also informed my manager that the Naproxin and anti inflamitaries do help a little so i will chip in as much as i can, Upon arrival at one of my deliveries which was a pub that doesnt open until 11.00am we got there at 10.40 and i was absolutely dying for a wee i checked the gate to see if anyone was already there so i could use their loo however it was all locked up i decided to go to the furthest secluded corner of the car park to have a wee, suddenly i heard a woman shouting at my work mate but couldnt work out what she was saying however her tone was very aggressive, i finished and went to see what the commosion was about, i saw a female hanging out of the upstairs window of the pub (in the whole year ive been delivering there i never knew that they lived above as someone always comes and opens up) she started to hurl abuse at me something about a tramp weeing in her car park i calmly apologised and explained that i was very desperate and couldnt hold until they opened up in 15 minutes she was having none of it again apologised and got back into the lorry and rang my boss to tell him. he told me he would sort it and not to worry. My colleague then returned explaining that they were refusing the order so we took it back. Upon arrival back to work i saw my manager who said that they'd complained and are wanting to speak with the directors therefore he doesnt know what will happen now and the pub has told them they dont want me delivering there anymore if they order tomorrow i wont be on it, (however id only returned from sick to show my colleague this round so would i be in my right to go back off sick) Also the pub had sent in some sort of footage showing my colleague smoking in the lorry and my manager said i apparently "jumped" out of the lorry which is not bad for someone with apparently a bad back, i actually felt insulted and said id already told you im on medication and it does help a little so i will chip in as much as i can. if i was faking it i wouldnt have gone in at all why would i ? would it be advisable to get a doctors note explaining the problem to my bladder that this trapped nerve has caused. My previous 2 deliveries were schools who dont let you use the toilet for obvious reasons and i was in rural area with very thin roads no lay bys nor services. Any advice would be greatly received, sorry about the spelling
  5. I can't log into my account today with my PC, although it still works most of the time with my phone. I keep getting a message about AOL being called Oath now and it says that before I continue it wants me to confirm I'm in the UK and to confirm their new privacy policy. When I try to accept their conditions or manage my options, it says 'Oops something went wrong, please try again later.' Every time I try, I go through the same loop. What am I doing wrong please? Thank you for any help. HB
  6. A google search led me here as I'm in the same boat as MadMat. I received a call yesterday, 21.11.17, from Cabot and the caller asked if I was free to speak to which I replied 'absolutely not'. This was true as I was just leaving for work at 07.45. Today I received a letter dated 17.11.17 saying they have recently confirmed I live at my address. I am in the process of moving house and can only think that the company that did the tenant referencing (I had to supply 10 years of addresses) passed my details on because I'm usually careful about sharing my details. I have had no credit cards or loans since 2006. I have held my hands up when contacted about my debts, had 3 CCJs, one now paid off, and 11 years on I'm rebuilding my life so this is ....! Would sending the statute barred letter not be acknowledging the debt and potentially open up another route to a CCJ? Also what is the link to the statute barred letter?
  7. About a month ago i received a Court Find in the post for around £350. I sent a letter asking what the fine was for. I got a letter back saying that on 26/03/2015 my car was found not to meet the insurance requirements. I have had the same insurance company since at least 2014 and it renews automatically every year since. I even phoned my insurance company and checked with them the exact date in question and they confirmed that my car was insured on that date. The letter said they are holding off on the fine until the 10th of June to give me time to contact them on the Phone number on the letter. i called them and they simply told me i have to contact the court direct that the Hearing took place. The next problem is i cant find any contact details on the internet for the Court which is the West Hertfordshire Magistrates Court. Any advice of what i can do to sort this issue would be great help i am now really stuck and really don't want to pay a fine for some thing i should have never been given in the first place. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm in a very complex situation and I am loosing my mind and health over this. I was wondering if anyone can assist me, greatly appreciated. Around this time last year I was asked to submit a medical form for WCA, which followed by a face-to-face assessment. My WCA for ESA scored zero points and I submitted my case to Tribunal for review. I believe I meet 4 descriptors for the Support Group. I am currently waiting for a hearing date. The medical WCA assessment outcome in 2016 recommended Work Related Activity for 12 months indicating that I could be ready for work (possibly downgraded to Job Seekers Allowance) after 12 months. As a result of Work Related Activity I ended up in A&E on 4 occasions with a severely excessive heart rate where I was kept in hospital and wired up to a drip. I complaint about this to CHDA who carried out my assessment, they responded stating that I could have gone to the A&E anyway and that it has nothing to do with their assessment, or something to that effect. I have bladder problems and I had to attend a Jobcentre that does not allow toilet use for customers. I have heart problems and I have to attend a service provider in a severely stuffy unaired environment (even the adviser complained about having to use an asthma breathing device there), and that made me very ill. I often feel that my endurance is being tested by physical and psychological torture and I can either make it less painful and quicker for myself by taking own life or prolong the pain but in the end get the same result as the DWP will drive me to an eventual death. While I am still waiting for the Tribunal outcome for ESA medical assessment 2016, I have now been asked to submit a form for medical assessment 2017. I returned the form not to lose my benefits. They sent me a letter for a face-to-face assessment. I believe during this assessment I will be downgraded to the Jobseekers as they will deem me totally fit (as per their recommendation that I will be fit in 12 months). CHDA picked on my doctor letters, ignored the evidence, and handled the formal complaint from me unfairly - that's how I feel. DWP ignored formal complaints from me, made intimidating calls to me, took 4 months to respond to my Mandatory Reconsideration - responded only after I got my MP involved, even then they lied to my MP writing to her that I was happy with the outcome and my MP closed the case. There is absolutely no way in hell this WCA will be a fair one or humane one. It's a conveyor belt to pass you from one torture room to the next, there is nothing more to it. My question to you is, do I have to attend another work capability assessment while I am still waiting for hearing date with the Tribunal? If so, what happens if I need to submit another claim to the tribunal? Will I be able to run two separate claims with the Tribunal on ESA benefits? Thank you in advance for helping me with this madness.
  9. My nephew is 17, has a learning disability and mental problem. My Mum claims carer's allowence for him, today she received a letter from the Job Centre asking for more information on my nephew. She thought she was claiming Income support for herself as she doesn't sign on. She's worried that she's commited benefit fraud without knowing. My nephew is on PIP for what is wrong with him. The information they are asking is if he's in full education, he's not because the college refused to take him. He went last Septemeber but was turned away. She thought the income support was for her. Can anyone help?
  10. Hi It seems that Cabot Finnace has brought both mine and my wifes credit card debts from Lloyds, they have not provided a CCA in the 12 +2 days. What do I do next?
  11. Hi, on the 13th August I was referred to Ingeus by my JSA Advisor and told to expect a call off them. On the 15th August I had a severe epileptic seizure caused by stress and was given a sicknote for 12 weeks by my doctor. He thinks, due to me being severely depressed and prone to more seizures, that I should be on ESA. I closed my claim for JSA on the 17th and opened my claim for ESA on the same day. Later that day I had a letter from Ingeus telling me to attend on the 27th. There were no mentions of sanctions or anything like that, but it caused me to become very agitated. I called the number on the letter (their general enquiry number I think) and the man, without asking for any details, told me I still had to attend. Is this correct? My JSA claim is now closed and my ESA claim is being processed. I've never met nor spoken to Ingeus before, so do I still need to go? I'm very ill at the moment and this might make me worse I fear. Obviously in 13 weeks if they put me in WRAG, that's a different situation but right now I am very ill. Any info on this would be very very appreciated!
  12. HI all new here. had a letter 10 days ago saying that a tesco card debt i apparantly owe money on is due to someone called HPH2 adn robinson way are to collect on it. I ignored it to be honest feeling it was a [problem] as i don't remember having a tesco card ever. a new letter came today with a list of payments I can make and to contact them so i did and spoke to a chap about this telling him i don't remember having one and could he tell me more. He said that the last time i paid it was a payment of £70 in July 2010! and I took it out in 2007! I have had problems with cards in the past and dont have any credit cards anymore, just a nice simple visa debit with nationwide. I told him i genuinely dont remember this card as its a supermarket one, i do remember hsbc (which im paying off) and a barclaycard and even a mint card(dont even know if they exist anymore). So he's put things on hold and is requesting information from tescos for a credit agreement. Can anyone advise me on what to do? Sorry if this seems a bit daft but im worried about a card i supposedly had thats not had a payment for coming up to 6 years suddenly popping up out of the blue!
  13. Hi all So I've been self employed for 3 and a bit years now, always paid my self employed taxes on time, but today when I try and access my bookmarked HMRC link, I get: Access Denied You have tried to access a page that you have no permission to view. Please click 'Next' to proceed URL being - https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/self-assessment So I click next and it redirects me to here - https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/personal-account And there's nothing on that page about self assessment, the only tax bit is: How you pay Income Tax Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Check your tax codes and an estimate of the tax you'll pay. Anyone else having any issues?
  14. The following is an extract from a press article today. Westminster Council already have a similar system in place. If only other local authorities could follow this example. http://www.camdennewjournal.com/council-tax-exemptions THOUSANDS of people in Camden are set to be made exempt from paying council tax to save the Town Hall cash on chasing for money they do not have. Labour council chiefs are looking at a plan which would see around 11,500 of the borough's poorest residents no longer receive the bill from the Town Hall. The proposal will go out to a public consultation but could come into use next year. The people who will be covered by the scheme already have a discount of around 90 per cent on their council tax bill due to their circumstances, but would move to a status of paying none at all. Most are living on very low wages or entirely on benefits, and include families and disabled claimants. Conservative opposition councillors said the idea was borrowed from neighbouring Westminster, where the Tories are in power. In Camden, the loss of income would amount to around £1.4m a year, but the council estimates this will be offset by savings on bailiffs and court costs from no longer pursuing people and as the result of more money coming in from the recent increase in council tax. “There is not much point chasing people for £100 or so bill, after the discount they already have, with court orders bailiffs if they are never going to be able to pay." He added: “The rise in council tax will allow some room for redistribution. “In all, people get a good deal from the council with years of frozen council tax or below inflation rises.” “They should have listened to us earlier, as in Westminster they are already doing this. The trouble with Camden though is that council tax is far too high.”
  15. I'm hoping someone can give me some advice here. I took out a Learner driver policy for my son last September after buying him a car for his 18th Birthday. He was the owner and I stupidly did not change my name to his on the V5 so was the registered keeper. When I took out the policy I was named as a named driver, the policy was in his name and I declared that he was the owner/registered keeper of the car as I had my own vehicle. Two weeks ago, he drove his car to his friends and I drove the car home. Unfortunately, I drove into the back of someone and the insurance said the car was written off. The insurance company have refused to pay out because they said that I didn't say that I was the registered keeper of the car.I can accept this as an oversight on my part but they have now voided my sons policy and he has to state that he has had insurance voided and therefore insurance premiums are ridiculous! Im absolutely devastated about this as it was a genuine error on my part. Has anyone any advice regarding getting reasonable insurance cover for him? Many Thanks.
  16. Hi I have been seeking advice for my situation because I have no choice but to serve a writ to try and recover a loan I made to a friend. I did contact my local CAB but they were really not helpful. I did not think there may be any listings on CAG for issues like mine, so I was so glad I searched through CAG. I found the thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?356814-The-Process-of-Litigation..-Court-Claims-Defences by Andyorch very helpful and am grateful for this. I have been quite ill over the past few years and thankfully now recovering and getting my life together. when I was healthy and well off, I helped a desperate friend repay his credit cards over the period 2005 to 2008. What a mistake. ! whilst i have been really ill and desperate over the last few years the guy was no where to be found. I do not have a signed agreement, but i do have substantial paperwork to prove the loan and a documented admittance from him that I made the payments on his behalf. I have more than enough paperwork to prove the loan and that none has been repaid. After many, many phone calls and getting no where I finally wrote to him a couple of months ago and asked for my money back. To my surprise I received a 'Without Prejudice' letter from his solicitors basically stating that a. some parts of the loan is too old and therefore no longer applicable b. if it goes to court they will defend c. they will ask the court for indemnity from me for their fees. I did not take the comments from his solicitors too seriously other than just a threat to put me off. How ever it was clear that i have to sue. Some parts of the loan is old as the initial payment dates back to 2005 - however, they are part of the same loan spanning over three years and that can be proven quite categorically. My first question is on the subject of pre-action protocol; I asked for my money back and his solicitors pretty much told me to get lost. So what more can I do? As its a Without prejudice letter, I cannot include this in my documents, but I can summarise their comments as I have done above. My second question is can they apply to the court for an indemnity from me? I guess my credit history is not great but I am not a registered bankrupt. However, I am on ESA and I understand that as a result, I am exempt from having to pay the court fees. I understand from the county court that I have to prove I am on ESA when I serve my writ and the court will waiver the fees. My third question is how do I go about trying to get legal aid. I cannot afford a solicitor. I asked this to CAB and I am sorry to say but they said they cannot help. The amount of loan is quite substantial as its over 5K. Will some one help please? Thank you Burmafriday.
  17. I stuck my head in the sand with council tax last year and ended up having my debt passed to Equita. It got to enforcement stage before I managed to get someone to agree to a payment plan with me. I agreed to 250pm at the time as I was in full time work. I lost my job in April and rang Equita before my payment was due to advise them that I wouldn't be able to pay the same amount but would be willing to carry on paying a much smaller amount until I get back into work. (I'm currently waiting on an award of benefits from the DWP and have been given a council tax reduction for this year based on nil income until awarded universal credit because of this). When I rang Equita I was told that final payment had been taken and my account had been closed and that it was all fine by them. I didn't think to get the name of who I spoke to On the 8th, I was rung by one of their enforcement agents who told me that my last payment hadn't actually been made and they were informed of this on the 4th. He told me he would be coming round on the 9th. I rang him back later on in the day, he said he'd call me back in around 45 minutes and never did. He also has;t turned up at my flat. Since then I haven't been able to get in contact with him. I've called and texted, I've rung Equita, they said they couldn't do anything and out me back through to their bailiff who didn't answer the phone. I'm totally lost, I can't afford anything near what I was paying them back. The most I can spare is around 20 quid a month and I don't even know how much benefit I'm actually going to be given at the end of this month. I've been trying to find someone to talk to about it in the company but I'm at a total dead end. I can't spend forever in my flat waiting for him to eventually decide to show up!
  18. Hi, The background story is me and my tutor agreed to meet at his home on Saturday from 9-12 for a three hour tutoring session. I have been to his house 5 times before using a mobile gps. Unfortunately yesterday I was on the motorway, went too far, my mobile wasn't working properly so I had to use my own navigation skills Moreover, I got lost and decided after I would go home because I was freaking out after getting lost and thought I would get more lost. My phone was not working properly so I could not contact him. I got home and my sister was there and used her phone to text my tutor an apology and gave him this reason. He now wants £105 for him for wasting his time. I did not have the tutoring session, could he possibly take me to a small claims court for not turning up at his tutoring session? He did not tell me his cancellation policy and I have not signed a contract or anything and I did not have the lesson.
  19. Hi all, been browsing this site regarding appeals for forgetting my railcard but haven't seen anything regarding a railcard on Oyster (apologies if this has been covered). Travelled from Shenfield to East Croydon on my Oyster today from where I was planning on buying a ticket to Brighton to complete my journey. I'd been in a massive rush to catch my train as I only found out at about 7am that I was meant to be at university at 10 rather than 11 which got me hurrying, I didn't have time to buy a paper ticket I thought I'd use my Oyster which had my railcard added to it. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised I'd left my railcard in my old wallet (birthday recently, received a new compact one and had moved a few 'essentials' to it but forgot that) and an inspector on the train to East Croydon fined me £20 for not carrying the railcard, which I paid on the spot. At the time I asked him if I could appeal it and if I'd have any chance of being successful, he said I might have a bit of luck. I'll be sending a copy of my railcard as proof that I do possess one (and in any case, don't you actually have to have one to put it on your Oyster, as opposed to a paper ticket which you can buy without it being physically present?) Does anyone have any experience as to whether I might have any chance of success here? I'd really rather not pay the fine, it was a genuine honest mistake which I have explained in my appeal letter. Thanks all!
  20. I have a sick note saying from the drs that I have anxiety and depression and am I'm in quite a bad way tbh. I feel quite unwell but my manager is being awful about it and says she will sack me. Now I've been looking online if I have any rights and read this... I’ve had to take time off work due to mental illness, can I be fired? Or not paid? No. It’s illegal for your employer to not pay you, or fire you, if you’ve had to take time off. Make sure you read your company’s sickness policy, as what you’re entitled to differs from company to company. ----- Source: http://www.thesite.org/work-and-study/workers-rights-and-pay/mental-health-at-work-1359.html So can I take her to court if i get sacked?! Where do i stand?
  21. So I part exchanged my car in the middle of last year; sent off the slip to the DVLA and thought nothing more of it. Then December last year I started getting letters from the DVLA etc saying my car wasn't insured. I sent off the proof of sale and they sent me a document telling me I was no longer the registered keeper. So it seems like they never received the original paperwork and I'm now still being pursued for not having insurance for a car I have proof of sale of! This seems ridiculous to me - do I really have to defend myself against this?!!
  22. Just a quick question here. My office closed on XMas eve, and we go back on the 4th like most people. However, due to the work I do, and a very demanding client, I am having to cancel plans and work from home in order to work on a system. I am alone in doing this, while the rest of the office enjoys a nice break. Am I entitled to these days back since I am working them? Or am I just being picky? Thanks
  23. Ten percent of all court fines relate to using a TV without a valid licence. It is a sad fact that the vast majority of people who receive a visit from a TV Licence Enquiry Agent ignore the summons and the accompanying Means Form. A large percentage of people subject to these fines rely upon state benefits. In almost all cases, the person receiving the summons should respond to plead guilty. In doing so, 'credit' will be credit (which will be a reduction in the standard fine). Secondly....it is vitally important to complete the Means Enquiry Form (as outlined below). The following is a copy of an excellent post by a Magistrate that featured on a 'blog' today: "Went in to Court today to fill a gap in the rota. I found myself in a non-CPS court dealing with TV licensing offences, and local authority Council Tax cases arising from non-payment of the tax. http://magistratesblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/this-isnt-what-i-signed-up-for-three.html
  24. Hello, I've been having issues with the balances on my Natwest account for a few months now and wondered whether anyone else is. I keep a tight track on my accounts and use the iPhone app to make sure I don't go overdrawn (by transferring money in and out between Natwest accounts), yet on quite a few occasions my balance has shown as overdrawn. When I query this with the bank they confirm I'm overdrawn and won't accept that I can't be as I ensure I cover every purchase before making it. I don't touch the account and 24 hours later the balance shows as back in credit. Very tiresome but not much I can do. This morning my account shows as balance of 0.00. I've transferred money in and the balance remains at 0.00 So, I live chat Natwest who tell me there's "so many transactions on the account" (there are 6) it takes time for it to update. They also tell me it's in credit but I just can't see it yet. When I attempt to use my card it tells me there's insufficient funds in the account. The account balance on both the iPhone app and Online banking still says 0.00 Now, Natwest tell me there's a negative balance - it's changed in the last 5 minutes - and I know the account will sort itself out in 24-48 hours and will be in credit without me doing anything about it! Sorry for the longwinded story but is anyone else having these problems? I can't understand how a bank can deny there's an issue when one day they're telling me I'm overdrawn and it's fine the next, without any intervention from me. It's also really really tiresome but I know I'm lucky as I have another current account I can use- what would happen to a person that didn't?1 So, is anyone else having problems with their balance like this? Natwest refuse to accept there are any issues. Thanks,
  25. Hi everyone this is my first post here so ill start at the beginning, when i was younger i had several loans from natwest and one rolled into a bigger loan several times over the years, after contact rbs they said i had 5 accounts with them and that so far they had one loan of £4.5 with an offer of £170 (like 4%) , then another account was 10k with £1900 offered (19%), then an £11k one still awaiting an offer , then an 18k one still awaiting offer. the last one was £1700 loan with no ppi so no offer. Heres where it gets interesting i was sold the ppi as you had to have it to get a loan with them and that in the event you were off work it would pay your loan until it finished or you went back to work , this however turned out to be false as i found out when i had a back injury was off work and the ppi ran out after a year leaving me with a loan to cover whilst not working which lead me to going bankrupt, being bankrupt then made it difficult to find work ( no banking industry ) and even when i ended up working for an insurer the highest level i could be employed at was the job i had at £21k pa, the next job up was £36k (which is what i should of been doing) so i lost out on 15k per year when i went back to work. Now i see that as some sort of damage (expectant measure, reliant measure, liquidated damages or professional negligence .) so in effect from me returning to work in 2009 (bankruptcy 2008) that until 2014 this was being held against me in terms of jobs and salary. Could i claim 5 years at £15k a year loss? Now that the bankruptcy is discharged will any payment from them go to me or insolvency people? My next step will be to SAR them before accepting any offers they have made or will make. is there any time frame for the SAR to be carried out by them? and how long do you have to accept an offer. thanks for your help
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