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Found 25 results

  1. Thank you for your time and advice. We're looking for some general advice on this issue regarding my partner who is off work with depression caused by her workplace. The employer has told us they will visit this Thursday to "discuss her absence". Here's a bit of the back story: Mt partner is a Cleaner. She is off work due to depression, this was caused by her undergoing treatment for recurring miscarriages and her Manager moving her from a job she was happy in to another part of the company where it is very quiet, no interaction and a totally different world than where she had bee
  2. When my ex husband died a few years ago I inherited our small home (flat). I was living in rented accommodation and did not want to live in the flat so in the 2013/14 tax year I rented it out and it has been occupied since. Recently, a former colleague and friend who was doing my Self-Assessment tax returns has had a complete breakdown and will not be fit and well for the long term. I since discovered that no Self Assessment tax returns were submitted, the whereabouts of my paperwork is unknown and I'm not registered for Self-Assessment. I accept that this is partl
  3. Hello, Since May 2017 my husband has been signed unfit for work by his doctor with all kinds of problems relating to anxiety and depression, he is in the middle of a 8 week course of counselling which seems to have a positive effect and we felt he was on the road to recovery. He has always been keen to return to work as quickly as possible and his doctor and counsellor agreed that if he wanted to return to work then they would agree to a phased return which his employer agreed to once an independent medical assessment had taken place and back to work meetings had been held with o
  4. Hello, I was diagnosed by my Doctor as having a Disability under the Disability Discrimination Act having suffered for about 18 months with work related stress and anxiety due to my job 'inside'. Early January 2016 I was photographed doing 79mph in a 50mph zone by a mobile camera. My fault, but it seems I was caught out by traffic slowing down and speeding up as the limit changes several times - as I was overtaking the traffic increased their speed up and I felt it would be dangerous to stop. My question is not about the 'offence' but IF I am called to attend magistrates court if m
  5. Vodafone have put a default on my credit report and are causing me undue stress and anxiety due to a phone I had stolen in Barcelona. The thieves stole my phone and within a few hours racked up a bill over £2,000 by ringing premium numbers and putting them on hold to ring the same numbers - over 900 calls were made. It is clear that my phone was used as some sort of organised crime activity and there have been many cases in the press of Vodafone lumping other people with bills like this, only to waive the bill when brought to the attention of the press. I am
  6. I have a sick note saying from the drs that I have anxiety and depression and am I'm in quite a bad way tbh. I feel quite unwell but my manager is being awful about it and says she will sack me. Now I've been looking online if I have any rights and read this... I’ve had to take time off work due to mental illness, can I be fired? Or not paid? No. It’s illegal for your employer to not pay you, or fire you, if you’ve had to take time off. Make sure you read your company’s sickness policy, as what you’re entitled to differs from company to company. ----- Source: http:
  7. Hi everyone i hope i have posted in the correct area !! HELP my story is that i have recently defaulted on 2 credit cards ,i am only 1 payment behind . i was unlucky enough to have two operations last year and borrowed money from 1 card to pay the other i have had to undergo further surgery april gone and i have been living on stat sick pay/ tax credits and housing benefit . I have approached two debt charities and as advised done a budget which has surprised me , my outgoings are £350 more than i have coming in !!!!! I am being treated for depression and hav
  8. Hi all, I've been a long time reader of this forum and first time poster. I have a mountain of debts, mainly payday loan companies and I'm looking for some advice. I currently owe: Wonga - £282.16 Quickquid - £402 (referred to ARC DCA April 2015) Pounds to Pocket - £701.09 247 Moneybox - £162.60 Sunny - £640 (3 serparate loans) Payday Express - £132.80 118118 Money - £1361.85 (£291 arrears) Different Money - £294 Vodafone - £559 BT - £130 (passed to DCA, not sold May 2015) This is all of my current debts and I am considering a DMP with StepChange. I am
  9. Hi Ive been looking on here for some time and I wondered if anyone could help me. In 2011 I had a ccj registered against me for unpaid nursery fees. I had post natal depression at the time and didnt receive the court papers due to probably not opening them. I received the judgement and explained to cci that I had left the nursery and did not owe the money, but may owed around a month. I paid some for a while and cancelled the payments as they kept taking it out on the wrong day. Anyway, I have been well for around 6 months now and have still not sorted the ccj out. I ca
  10. Hi there, first post so I hope it makes sense... Can anyone give me a brief understanding of section 15 of the Equality Act 2010 please (in layman's terms) as I'm trying to help my sister with a work problem and I think it might be relevant. She is a member of a union but they haven't been much help! It's relating to an actionable attendance policy at her work. She is disabled under the definition of the act and is employed by a large public sector organisation. She is rarely off work except with disability-related sickness (this has happened 6 times in the 24 years she has work
  11. I am hoping someone can give me some advise please I have recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety attacks by my doctor, I rang my employer and informed them straight away, the thing is my director is constantly calling me every day and asking me work related issues which is not helping me at all, also after about 6 days on the sick he rang and said they needed my company vehicle, then just 2 days rang and asked for the company laptop back, all this is making me feel worse, I am not feeling like going back there ever again, are they allowed to do all of this, not once has he ran
  12. Hey, I've been addicted to this forum for a long while now and what I've realised is most people talking about ESA problems are always talking exclusively about 'Anxiety/Depression' issues - not physical illnesses. It's all relative of course, but I suffered from massive anxiety and depression back in 09, I never took the easy option of looking for ESA WRAG group because I felt there was a stigma attached. (I'm now in a big financial hole because I didn't and have been stuck on JSA jumping through crazy hoops). But the point I'd like to make is that now five years later - even tho
  13. So I was placed in the WRAG with apparently quite a lenghty prognosis which by my research (if correct) means that I cannot be forced into anything other than WFIs with the Jobcentre (and what they ask me to do) At my 1st WFI the 1st thing on the agenda was apparently getting me into part-time paid or voluntary work. How will this work I (and the person accompanying me) asked with one of my conditons being social anxiety? I was a total mess at my ESA assessment. At this point it seemed my only option was to appeal to get moved into the Support group which filled me with dread of the thoug
  14. I am working in a stressed office/business environment the manager is constantly criticising staff members for all problems that arise in the company which are mainly due to his own lack of managerial talent. While the criticism is not directly aimed at me face to face it is done behind my back. I have to listen to constant criticism of my colleagues who are all competent and hard working people. I am becoming seriously depressed and stressed due to this plus the added pressure of staff shortages. Would this count as a case of constructive dismissal or should I sue them for failing to protec
  15. Hey guys I am 21 year old male. I am a good guy. I help grannies cross the street. I step in if someone is doing something wrong. I do the right thing. But I am a gambling addict. My father before me was a gambling addict and he got me down the same path. It has been a long and painful path. I cant think of a day of my life i have enjoyed the past 2 years. This is where I stand currently: I have £50 to survive to the end of next month ( live with parents ) I have about 6 payday loan companies expecting to take about £300 from my account in a few days. Nothing wi
  16. Hello, I'm new here, just found this as I am looking for help. It's a bit of a long story. Anyway, here goes. I have worked for a large retail company for the past three years. I am employed full time on a 38 hour contract which is 5 days over 7. I have two problems really. The first is the lack of support for my illness, clinical depression, which I've suffered from for about 10 years or so. I made my employer aware of this because I like to keep things open and honest. I suffer very very badly when I have my 'down times' to the point where every tiny thing I have to do seems like a mas
  17. Hello my mum found this site a few months ago and I had started prepping my tribunal hearing from this the link that honeybee and leemack was commenting on a lot the ESA tribunal hearing for anxiety that was won thread - I got my letter for a hearing 2 days ago and have worked real hard with my mum to get this finished and I will be taking it to CAB this week, but can I get you please to read it over for me, before the CAB as they may post it that day, just I believe you will be more help. I will be attending the hearing with my boyf who came to the Atos medical also with me. I have inclu
  18. I haven't seem my GP yet; but need to know what help if I go, I should be getting. I last went (where I am based now) to see my GP about my depression in 2008 and had to wait 5 months just to be seen by a CPN. The CPN was useless, told me that my stomach issues (which I've had since I was a baby) are "all in my head" and she was obsessed with what I was planning to do education-wise in September. She put me on a course for help with confidence and that never came through. I never heard from her again and was left feeling worse from the appointment. I am scared that this will happen a
  19. Back in November I accepted a conditional job offer. The conditions being to complete a number of pre-employment checks and to provide satisfactory references. I supplied all the required information and completed all the necessary checks including a CRB disclosure and a medical. The results of these were satisfactory with no recorded issues raised on the CRB and, despite a history of depression, I was deemed fit to work by Occupational Health. My prespective line manager had been keen for me to start a.s.a.p and on a number of occasions said they were looking forward to me joining
  20. Hi all - I have a question really. Whats the general consensus when declaring past depression on a mandatory medical questionnaire after getting a job? I have acquired a little part time job at my university calling up alumni and fundraising whilst being at uni as I needed some extra cash. Its a minor job sitting down on the phone and calling people up, nothing more. Our contracts were being prepped by HR in December, but they said we could all do some shifts, I racked up only 18 hours and I have two shifts booked for next week. Recently we have been handed our contract packs a
  21. Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am really struggling at the moment and could really do with some advice on what to do next. I was on ESA for for a couple of years due to bad depression and anxiety. As I was in the support group on contribution based ESA my money was stopped in April, I couldn't afford to live on nothing so became a carer for my nana and receive carers allowance for this (my uncle, who was her carer died in April). I have been really struggling recently with my depression and am finding it so difficult to continue to be a carer for my nana. The
  22. Hi, I have recently been dismissed by my employers. I have appealed but have had not date given to me (this was over a month ago). I have recently put in a claim for a tribunal to hear my case as I have no faith in my company following procedures (they didn't follow procedures during the disciplinary hearing). I have recently been to my GP as my wife has told me I am showing signs of depression. My doctor has prescribed me medication to cope with anxiety and the lack of sleep I am getting at the moment. My question is, has anybody else been in this scenario? If so, how did they
  23. Hi, I have a long history of depression and was quite low after having pneumonia last winter when I found out that my husband had debts.I was very upset as although we don't have much money (our only income is pension credit) I thought we were managing quite well.All sorts of things have happened since,not pleasant things and the whole thing has had a very bad effect on my life,I am very tired and being depressed makes me woolly headed which I hate.If it was not for CAG I may well have thrown in the towel,the forums do help with that awful feeling of wooliness and not knowing what to do for
  24. Hi guys I had a capability hearing back in November to discuss my absence, I've had a few long term absences in the past 18 months - which were initially put down to "work related stress" - I have been off again recently (only returning today) but this time my doctor has made the decision that it can't just be work related stress and put me on antidepressants which are helping. Now with the fact that the previous absences have all been work related stress (initially started after a prolonged period of conflict with a superior) and now it has been determined I have depression - what a
  25. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but if not please could you guide me in the right direction as I don't know where to turn. My partner works away all week on the road at appointments (he works for a software company) and over the last 6 weeks has become more and more stressed and depressed due to the increased workload and lack of support from his employer. He's expected to make appointments, attend them, follow them up, deal with support calls and account management and often travels over 1000 miles per week. They are a small business and not very
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