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  1. Thanks Jasta, sound advice.
  2. Yeah, hopefully it will. But it'll be too late for me. I'm living it now. My advisor seemed to take a perverse pleasure in my impotent anger. I'm sure she's not representative of all the hardworking folk on the frontline at JCP. But having now met over twenty in my years of signing, I fear she IS. How do they all sleep at night? What type of person enjoys wielding such small power over another? I'm sick to death of the whole bunch. No sympathy when they pick on some hardnut with MH issues and get their backs broken with one of those blue plastic chairs. I've really had enough now.
  3. So I've just come from grabbing my ankles at the JCP and I'm fuming. The usual ten minute smile, show job search, write John Hancock and outta there was a 35 minute interrogation. As I've been unemployed for over 3 years and have finished the horror-show that was Ingeus, my advisor told me I MUST now go on a course or sign everyday. I told her this was a punishment and in no way helped me actually GET a job. She just shook her head and said so which is it to be? Your choice... a two-day course on 'Confidence Building' next week or every day sign or sanction? In addition to this I now have to sign every Friday going forward irrespective of which route I chose, yet still only get my JSA paid fortnightly. I said if I chose to sign everyday would they be paying my travel. No. No chance. Forget it. I chose the course. It will be an ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME. I don't need to be taught how to wipe my ass, or dress for an interview, or conduct myself not like a moron, thanks. I am fuming. I am being made to feel like a ****** just for being paid JSA. This is disgusting. How ironic they are sending me on a confidence building course when with their every action they are smashing my existing self-esteem, self-respect and confidence into a thousand pieces. EDIT: ALSO - She also basically admitted to me that these new measures are designed to **** off long term claimants into finally 'getting off their arses' and getting a job because the alternative regime will become too intolerable. Nice, huh? Wish I'd recorded the interview.
  4. That's brill, thanks mate. (I just hope that if they mandate us to come in every day then that DOESN'T then become a 'normal signing day' and as such they won't have to pay travel)
  5. I imagine they will be the one's who have to sign on everyday then. That'll be nice, won't it? - A thousand angry crims forced to hang around the JCP everyday
  6. Can anyone point me to the DWP guidance that states they must pay for my travel costs to and from the JCP, please? I plan to print it off and show it to my advisor tomorrow when she says no it's my responsibility. Thanks
  7. Yes please, that would be really helpful. I'm signing on Friday and crapping myself about it tbh.
  8. OK, thanks for advice. I'll report back how it goes on Friday. Wish me luck, I've been feeling stressed and p'd off about it for the last few days now. All this sh*t for £70pw JSA. Awful.
  9. I hear ya. But my advisor is very 'jobsworth' and passive-aggressive. I just know that if I start to get smart with her, or if she orders me to do a volunteering role (as a fit and healthy 40 year old man with no excuses) and I turn it down, she'll sanction me for failing to make myself available or refusing to carry out a mandated activity, or some-such BS. All I'll get for hassling her is two hours extra time-wasting and a big fat sanction at the end of it for my trouble. Does anyone know if I can refuse a mandated 'volunteering' role on grounds of simply not wanting to?
  10. I'm due to sign on Friday, and my advisor has already told me that she will expect me to sign everyday or take a 'volunteering' role for 30 hours a week cleaning out council wheelie bins with my tongue, etc. I'm not a proud man, but I have a Masters Degree and over ten years working experience at Manager level. I honestly don't see how this enforced community service, under threat of sanction, will in any way help me get back into the job's market? I looked on the gov.uk website out of interest about sentencing for criminals and under 'Community Service Orders' I found this - ' You may get a community sentence if you’re convicted of a crime by a court but are not sent to prison. You may have to do unpaid work in your local community, like removing graffiti. This is called Community Payback. Community sentences can be given for crimes such as: damaging property benefit fraud assault ' So am I correct in thinking that being made to carry out up to 30 hours a week unpaid work just for claiming JSA is now akin to being convicted of assault? What's the difference? I'm genuinely scared what will happen on Friday. And looking online, I can't get a definitive answer on what my new rights are either.
  11. Shendor


    This troubles me - are you saying that because there aren't enough volunteer places or work placements available we will simply have to sign on each day instead? It's all good if we don't need to take the devil's dollar. But some of us need to get the pittance the Government gives us, so we have to play by their rules.
  12. Shendor


    I totally agree with you about the 'rut' thing. Our stories sound very similar. I used to be a teacher - hated it so much it drove me to a 'nervous breakdown'. I figured you only get one shot at life, so sold the flat I'd bought and used the money to retrain as a screenwriter - a life-long dream. That was back in 06. The money ran out a few years later, writing work got me pennies before drying up completely. I basically gave up and have been 'parked' on JSA and HB ever since. For me personally, even though I have got over my anxiety and depression issues that naturally followed my taking a shot at my dream and missing spectacularly, I've yet to get over my ego - that I have about ten letters after my name, have travelled around the world, been a 'reasonably' successful screenwriter, etc, but now the only jobs open to me are minimum wage and I'm not even getting those (as I'd rather put a bullet in my head than ever, EVER go back to teaching as it sent me mentally ill. At least until now I was left free to write and only sign on once a fortnight. Now I fear all that is about to change.
  13. Shendor


    Hey not too intrusive at all, I read this thread for good debate and advice, so can hardly complain when someone replies to one of my comments! I was born in London, lived here all my life, recently lived in Hackney for twelve years, then when it got too expensive a few years ago I moved out to Harringay, then when that got too expensive to Tower Hamlets a few months ago. They're gradually edging me out either way it seems! ha! I'm a single guy in his 40's with no girlfriend, wife or kids. No job either. All I have are my friends and family who all live within 5 miles of me. I think to be anywhere you have to have 'business' (ie a reason) to be there. So whilst I have no problem moving to S****horpe or Luton to live in a cheaper flat with no chance of work or chance of making new friends because I have no money to go out, at least here in London I have a CHANCE of finding work and a strong support network of people who care about me. Edit: haha I love how the town of S c u n t h o r p e has been redacted by CAG. Such a rude town
  14. Shendor


    To put the above into context I live in Tower Hamlets in a ratty studio flat - small, damp, nasty. £900pcm. If I worked you can add to that full rent, travel, work clothes, full council tax liability, Income Tax, NI contributions, student loans becoming payable, debt management plan cancelled too as I would have more than £50 a month disposable income, etc. I'd need to bringing home about £3kpcm before tax to even make it possible. JCP making me go for jobs on zero hour contract that even full time would pay £800pcm BEFORE TAX. It's a 'ffing' joke. Well a joke to them. I'm not laughing anymore.
  15. Shendor


    At least when all the JCP staff get 'anxious and stressed' and quit, they'll have the knowledge how to hop straight on ESA
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