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  1. Thank you I will get this printed off and sent to Nemo
  2. Same thing happend to me a few years ago, my doctor did some blood test then wrote to me explains I should cut down on my alcohol intake, when my appointment came through for my medical I just thought it was a standard medical, however I had been on a stag do just before the medical date, so when I did the medical I failed, and had to wait another six months, thankfully I was ok the next time but I ended being of the road for 18 months which had a major impact on my job as I needed to drive, unfortunately when you sign the paperwork From the DVLA you are giving them permission to see all your medical records and that's why you have to take a medical which will show if you have high enzines in your blood.
  3. Ok I will send a SAR so how do I claim back all these charges ?
  4. Thanks ell-enn I will donate as soon as I can what is the norm that people donate?
  5. I have a full list of the late payment charges from nemo as I needed them for as much info before I went to court in total they are over £1700 how do I make a claim to get them back ? Any help would be much appreciated please
  6. I will defiantly be making a donation once again thank you for all your support and we couldn't of done without you ell-enn your a gem, one in in a million thank you
  7. Ok I have had a bit more time to reflect on what a awful day we had yesterday and the days running up to the hearing, well I arrived at the courts really early so that I could have a chat with on duty solicitor, and also the representative for nemo, my hearing time was for 14.30 however I didn't realise that all the other people in the waiting room was the same time, it was getting on for 14.20 so I was petrified that I wasn't going to get to speak with the other parties, in rolled the rep for nemo, and she asked if we could have to chat try and come to a agreement before we went into the court room, to be honest she was being really nice about it all, but after I have reflected on it she was sort of doing this to get me cough up a better offer, I put my proposal forward to her to pay a extra £100 plus the normal monthly payment she was very unsure that nemo would agree so I offered her a lump some of £1000 to be paid by the 26th of this month plus the £100 and the normal monthly payment of £286 by the 1st of next month, she contacted nemo to see if they would accept, after about 5 minuets she got a call from nemo and they accepted the offer so I was so relived, next the duty solicitor came and appologised for they delay the rep explained that we had come to agreement so there was no need for a meeting the duty solicitor asked if I was happy and I agreed, we then were called into the court room sat in front of the judge the rep explained to the judge that we had all agreed a proposal, and his response was to ignore her and went through my n244 she said again we have agreed he told her to stop talking as it was his decision to agree the proposal he asked me how I got into the arrears and explained, he was really nice with me and then asked the rep how much the arrears were in total then how long was remaining he did his calculation and said to her I am ruling the norgan statement and dropped the payment to £60 plus the normal monthly payment, she said I had offered a lump some of £1000 he said to me can I afford that I said it would be ok he said no you're not I want to leave you with some left over you only need to pay £500 and then said to the rep you set people to fail so in 2 months time you're back on their case he wouldn't let her speak at all I was flabbergasted , SO I CANNOT THANK YOU MORE ELL-ENN I hope this helps anyone that finds themselves in this position and please advice before you go to court.
  8. I will give a full detailed report about the hearing and I can't thank you enough ell-enn
  9. SUCESS GOT THE EVICTION ORDER SUSPENDED many many thanks ell-Enn the judge tore the representative apart
  10. If decision goes the wrong way am I allowed to ask for longer stay or can I ask for time to stay in the house and sell
  11. Thanks for your support ell-nn And I will send you the good/bad news
  12. Tomorrow is another day unfortunately it's Friday 13 th
  13. And by the way I must thank you for the defence letter I ran it past someone I know and they said it's the best n244 they had Seen so thank you
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