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  1. Thank you I will get this printed off and sent to Nemo
  2. Same thing happend to me a few years ago, my doctor did some blood test then wrote to me explains I should cut down on my alcohol intake, when my appointment came through for my medical I just thought it was a standard medical, however I had been on a stag do just before the medical date, so when I did the medical I failed, and had to wait another six months, thankfully I was ok the next time but I ended being of the road for 18 months which had a major impact on my job as I needed to drive, unfortunately when you sign the paperwork From the DVLA you are giving them permission to see all your
  3. Ok I will send a SAR so how do I claim back all these charges ?
  4. Thanks ell-enn I will donate as soon as I can what is the norm that people donate?
  5. I have a full list of the late payment charges from nemo as I needed them for as much info before I went to court in total they are over £1700 how do I make a claim to get them back ? Any help would be much appreciated please
  6. I will defiantly be making a donation once again thank you for all your support and we couldn't of done without you ell-enn your a gem, one in in a million thank you
  7. Ok I have had a bit more time to reflect on what a awful day we had yesterday and the days running up to the hearing, well I arrived at the courts really early so that I could have a chat with on duty solicitor, and also the representative for nemo, my hearing time was for 14.30 however I didn't realise that all the other people in the waiting room was the same time, it was getting on for 14.20 so I was petrified that I wasn't going to get to speak with the other parties, in rolled the rep for nemo, and she asked if we could have to chat try and come to a agreement before we went i
  8. I will give a full detailed report about the hearing and I can't thank you enough ell-enn
  9. SUCESS GOT THE EVICTION ORDER SUSPENDED many many thanks ell-Enn the judge tore the representative apart
  10. If decision goes the wrong way am I allowed to ask for longer stay or can I ask for time to stay in the house and sell
  11. Thanks for your support ell-nn And I will send you the good/bad news
  12. Tomorrow is another day unfortunately it's Friday 13 th
  13. And by the way I must thank you for the defence letter I ran it past someone I know and they said it's the best n244 they had Seen so thank you
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