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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I was diagnosed by my Doctor as having a Disability under the Disability Discrimination Act having suffered for about 18 months with work related stress and anxiety due to my job 'inside'. Early January 2016 I was photographed doing 79mph in a 50mph zone by a mobile camera. My fault, but it seems I was caught out by traffic slowing down and speeding up as the limit changes several times - as I was overtaking the traffic increased their speed up and I felt it would be dangerous to stop. My question is not about the 'offence' but IF I am called to attend magistrates court if m
  2. Equality Act, and lack of capacity, used to annul bankruptcy order. I will add more in a moment... Not sure where to post this argument here on this thread or the other one in the bailiff section so have decided here and to link to this thread for further discussions... I think this is an important to add here due to the thread and other things so your thoughts please... See below for the link... http://blogs.lexisnexis.co.uk/randi/...cial-receiver/ The link to a case referred to in the above can be found here http://www.mentalhealthlaw.co.uk/Haw...
  3. Hello Forum Members, I do hope you can offer me some advice on an upcoming welfare meeting. I understand the welfare meeting can result in continued support or agreement to dismissal In May last year, I collapsed at work following a heart attack (I'm only 28) and I'm unfit to work at the moment and in reciept of ESA (Support Element) as I'm undergoing extensive treatment/investigation. I'm due to have surgery and a pacemaker fitted in July and have been told I would be good to return to work by November time. However, I realise the company have been paying me sick pay,
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this area of the forum but have received invaluable help from the debt section. I think I need some professional advice. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced employment lawyer? I have been off sick for around 6 months. Work's policy is to provide 2 years sick pay. However they have now started discussing my 'capabilities' and have mooted the idea that my contract could be terminated. I'm fairly confident that my condition (CFS) is covered by DDA, and I could pursue them for discrimination, wrongful dismissal and unfair dismissal. However I want t
  5. Cousin started a new job a few months ago, they were very aware of health problems which definitely amount to a disability under DDA. She's unfortunately had a relapse and is currently signed off sick and likely to be off for quite a while, and terrified that they'll sack her. Does she have any protection under DDA?
  6. Hi im in a bit of a predicament at work & I wondered if anyone could advise me on the best course of action Ive been employed for 23years with the same employer straight from school virtually , ive always had single sided hearing for as long as I can remember caused by measles as a small child, the only hearing aid I could use was a band worn on your head to transmit the sound from my right hand side to my left ear , which I chose not to wear because of the attention it would cause & me to be very conscious of the way it would look I adapted by walking with my
  7. I've recently been redeployed under the DDA in the Fire Service with my same uniformed T&C's as before. I have been redeployed to a post that pays a higher salary, but have been told that I will not be entitled. In the Fire Service you have uniformed posts and non-uniformed posts, both having different T&C's. I have transferred into a department that have uniformed AND non-uniformed posts and because HR state that they are now regrading the posts to become non-uniform jobs for future vacancies, I cannot be transferred to the higher salary that existing members of the team are entitled
  8. Hello all. I'm involved in an on-going trubunal with my employer. I need give a written response on a couple of issues to be discussed at a forthcoming Case Management Discussion (CMD). The thing I'm having trouble with is: criterion or practice or physical feature which places me at a 'significant disadvantage'. I understand what it is asking but I wanted to see some examples of it being applied. I've searched and searched but can only find the legislation and guidance rather that it's practical application. It is easy to answer this question in regard to some issues but I am
  9. Hi all, Just wanting a bit of advice MBNA have been getting a company in Mumbai to phone my girlfriend, My girlfriend is disabled and can't hear them on the phone, I have explained this to them but say they can not take my word for it or discuss it with me. I have complained to them for harrasment of myself but they told me that because they are not in the UK they do not fall under UK law, which I know is a load of rubbish. I am going to send the template letter asking not to phone, and slightly adjust it to include DDA regulations as my girlfriend feels that she is at a substantial di
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