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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Since May 2017 my husband has been signed unfit for work by his doctor with all kinds of problems relating to anxiety and depression, he is in the middle of a 8 week course of counselling which seems to have a positive effect and we felt he was on the road to recovery. He has always been keen to return to work as quickly as possible and his doctor and counsellor agreed that if he wanted to return to work then they would agree to a phased return which his employer agreed to once an independent medical assessment had taken place and back to work meetings had been held with occupational health that all changed on the evening of the 21st July when he received an email to his personal address from the UK HR Manager, the opening line in the email was "Sorry to have to reach out to you regarding this but I need to you take urgent remedial action regarding your expenses". the expenses were all business related and I highlighted the fact that at they were outstanding to his HR in May which they ignored. As much as I tried to tell him the reports can wait and he was still signed as unfit for work he was immediately anxious and wanted to get them done as the email stated that the whole region`s rebate would be withheld and that would effect peoples bonuses due in August, that’s around 15 thousand people and I felt it was unfair to even mention that let alone ask him to push through 6 months’ worth of reports whilst no one is really sure on his condition until medical assessments have been done. Now my husband often told me the IT systems were unreliable and caused frustrations but until I tried to help him do his expenses and mileage reports I had no idea how exhausting it was, he had 6 months to catch up on and it took over a day from him to access all the systems etc as the passwords had all expired, he got caught up in it all and was trying to call Pittsburgh on a Sunday evening to reset his passwords etc, by this stage he was so caught up in it all it was pointless me telling him to stop so I decided the best thing for me to do would be to assist him where I could, I was worried sick as I could see his whole attitude changed but was unable to talk sense to him and have him stop , we eventually got onto the programmes needed (he works from home) and it then took a day and a half to complete the reports and submit them. over the course of 4 days he completed the reports but he slipped back so far he wouldn’t eat couldn’t sleep when he visited his counsellor that week I don’t think she could believe it and was disappointed as was I, he has been with the company for 3 years and enjoys the role but I wonder now if they should have considered this more and personally I have lost confidence in them supporting him back into the work place correctly. Is there any advice out there as there is no doubt that this has been a set back and I do not trust this company to make any adjustments or control his work load when/if he returns , if I could talk him into handing his notice in and moving on I would but he worries about money and finding another role and is also worried that they won’t want him back after the past few months. Has anyone been in a similar situation or heard of this. Thanks.Ann.
  2. I have been on work related ESA for about a year or so, my adviser has been pusihing me to volunteer at a charity shop and I have. But it isn't my anxiety that's effecting me. I have trapped wind(very painful and makes me sick) so had a blood test and was diagnosed with a failing thyriod, no medication given yet. When I first went onto ESA before the interview to determine where I go, I wrote down trapped wind. But was not allowed to put that down on my sick note. With my thyriod problem it has casued me to suffer from on/off depression, I have anxiety which makes me sick. I am due for another blood test for diabetes as my blood sugar was high last week. I didn't know that my thyriod was the reason why I am always tired and sometimes depressed. Can I add these to my ESA claim? My adviser thinks anxiety is curable and I should get over it. Not in that way, but she thinks I'm ready to work. I have never worked and I never pass an interview.
  3. I have a sick note saying from the drs that I have anxiety and depression and am I'm in quite a bad way tbh. I feel quite unwell but my manager is being awful about it and says she will sack me. Now I've been looking online if I have any rights and read this... I’ve had to take time off work due to mental illness, can I be fired? Or not paid? No. It’s illegal for your employer to not pay you, or fire you, if you’ve had to take time off. Make sure you read your company’s sickness policy, as what you’re entitled to differs from company to company. ----- Source: http://www.thesite.org/work-and-study/workers-rights-and-pay/mental-health-at-work-1359.html So can I take her to court if i get sacked?! Where do i stand?
  4. My dad told me about this site and he said you give good advice without judging. My dad doesn't work because of a bad back but his benefits been stopped because thats not a good reason anymore. He was told to claim anxiety as a good way to keep the benefits coming I am on jsa but when i told my advisor I wanted to go on anxiety she said no what am i doing wrong? Why does my dad get it when theres nothing wrong with him but when i try im told no? why cant i get the free money same as him? i read this site and everyone is agree with me how **** the job centre pricks are. who wants that. best to get on esa for anxiety. yeah. so why cant i. any help please. my dad laughing at me that im not clever enough even to play the bad back anxiety card
  5. My job and life situation at the mo is slowly killing me and I just need some time out but can't afford a break. A friend of mine is on Esa for anxiety&depression and all he does is go to the doc every 6months and gets a sick note which he sends to the dole and boom! Each week he gets paid on full. He was laughing in the pub that it's easy money and he's not even ill but just can't be bothered to find a job. Fair enough, I don't judge him. But I really need a break from things and went to my GP but despite me freaking out in his surgery when I finally off loaded she didn't believe I was a&d enough to get a sick note! Meanwhile my friend is laughing and gets another round in. What can I do? Do I have to run naked through the streets or kill someone to convince GP I'm genuinely needing Esa? Everyone else just seems to get sick notez for bad back and a&d like it's handed out like candy. I can't switch Gp as where I live theres only one. I'm desperate. Thanks
  6. I am hoping someone can give me some advise please I have recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety attacks by my doctor, I rang my employer and informed them straight away, the thing is my director is constantly calling me every day and asking me work related issues which is not helping me at all, also after about 6 days on the sick he rang and said they needed my company vehicle, then just 2 days rang and asked for the company laptop back, all this is making me feel worse, I am not feeling like going back there ever again, are they allowed to do all of this, not once has he rang asked about my well being, can anybody help me with this ??
  7. Hi, first post and I wouldn't normally sound so rude, but today's situation has really got my blood boling. I'm normally the most polite woman you could ever meet. But my JCP advisor has had it in for me ever since I was assigned her a few months ago. Sometimes people just take an instant dislike to one another, nothing can be done. However, she has all the power. She always keeps within the rules and so do I. But recently she's been coming across to me as really insulting, denigrating and suspicious when I talk about my anxiety issues. She dismisses them like I just need to stop indulging myself and pull myself together. I'm on JSA at the moment, and reading some of the posts here it sounds like I might have an easier life if I just went to my GP and got a sick note for anxiety to get ESA (?) and get her off my back. What I want to know is if I explain to her next time I sign why exactly it is I think she's a nasty *****, as long as I've done all my jobsearches, fulfilled all my jobseeker directions, can she STILL sanction me for being insulting and rude? I don't want to spite my nose, but I don't think I can bite my tongue much longer with her. Any advice really appreciated as what used to be normal life stress is fast becoming something I think I deserve ESA for.
  8. Hey, I've been addicted to this forum for a long while now and what I've realised is most people talking about ESA problems are always talking exclusively about 'Anxiety/Depression' issues - not physical illnesses. It's all relative of course, but I suffered from massive anxiety and depression back in 09, I never took the easy option of looking for ESA WRAG group because I felt there was a stigma attached. (I'm now in a big financial hole because I didn't and have been stuck on JSA jumping through crazy hoops). But the point I'd like to make is that now five years later - even though my life is terrible and I have no money, I'm not looking for easy get-out-clauses. The worst thing you could have told me back in 09 was to give in and get 'on the sick' signed off. Sometimes with things like depression and anxiety we need it for a few months, but it's usually a temporary condition due to circumstances and chemical imbalances in the brain. The worst thing you can say to someone with anxiety is that - 'it's alright, you're now useless to society, so we'll indulge you and here's a letter that says you never have to make an effort again'. Sometimes we can't engage with society because we feel awful. Fair enough, we've paid in to a system that allows us to take some time out and get free money. But eventually we need to get back stuck in. The worst thing is to get a diagnosis that explains why we can't help ourselves and then look for people who'll pander to our new found victimhood status? Hope no one takes me wrong with this opinion. But thank god no one wrote me off when I was anxious and depressed as a permanent no hope of change - unlike someone with a physical condition that no amount of money or therapy would ever fix.
  9. So I was placed in the WRAG with apparently quite a lenghty prognosis which by my research (if correct) means that I cannot be forced into anything other than WFIs with the Jobcentre (and what they ask me to do) At my 1st WFI the 1st thing on the agenda was apparently getting me into part-time paid or voluntary work. How will this work I (and the person accompanying me) asked with one of my conditons being social anxiety? I was a total mess at my ESA assessment. At this point it seemed my only option was to appeal to get moved into the Support group which filled me with dread of the thought of all the extra stress that would bring. On exploring further I could stay in the WRAG if I looked for part time voluntary or paid work that I could do from home but from my research upto now this kind of opportunity just doesn't seem to exist. I doubted paid work from home work would be available but was surprised/dissapointed to find no voluntary work either. I'm starting to suspect even voluntary work from home work doesn't exist and so my only option will be to go to appeal and see if I can be moved into the Support group which is quite a depressing and stressful thought. I just wondered if anyone else has been in this situation and if so what they did? I would like to do a little work from home be it paid or voluntary as I think it would do me good and even better if voluntary I would feel I was giving a little back but the opportunity just doesn't seem to be there. It's just starting to feel that unless you are ready and able to work in an office etc and be around people then work of any kind is just not an option which is really sad.
  10. Obviously i'm quite stressed at the moment and would really appreciate some advice if anyone has experience with ESA Tribunals, specifically for social anxiety an depression. I'm going to ask my GP if she can fill out an edited version of the Black Triangle Template (regulations 29 and 35, exceptional circumstances). I'm also going to ask my CBT therapist for a summary of the probelms which my social anxiety causes and an explanation of how my symptoms formed. I just put in an e-mail request for my medical records via FOA and i will also write a submission to accompany my evidence (explanation of my condition and an asertion that the ESA 50 is highly flawed when assessing mental health, hence the exceptional circumstances claim, plus concerns with the ATOS medical assessment which was very brief, questions were misleading, assessor attempted to feed me answers which would harm my case, written report twists my words to the point of falsity, thus i may actually be entitled to 15 points in any case). On this front is there anything else i can do and are the steps i'm taking worthwhile (it really isn't ? With regards to the actual assessment does anybody have an insight or any helpful links concerning the type of questions i might face with regards to an appeal based on social anxiey and depression? My symptoms became much more acute when my self esteem took a massive hit due to developing Crohn's disease and now the two tend to fuel eachother to some extent. My dad will be taking me to the assessment and wants to sit in for support but the thought of this is making me ill. Situations in which my control is diminished cause extensive worry; plus i feel that his presence would affect my ability to concentrate and also lead me to downplay my symptoms. I am however worried that appearing by myself will hurt my case as the ESA guidelines don't take into account people like myself who often do things independently to avoid having to talk to any other person (both during and before/after any event). Would it be allowed for him to be present for a portion of the tribunal (beginning i'm guessing would be best)? If not what would e my best course of action? Finally is there anything else i should know or any other advice that might be useful? Thankyou for any help.
  11. I'm hoping some of you may be able to give me advice. I have my ESA tribunal coming up in a few weeks and I am dreading it. I feel I will fail to express the real problems I have which have rendered me incapable of working for most of my life (I am now 44) convincingly because: A) I have autism spectrum disorder, so make mistakes with communicating (even my CAB rep said I'd talk gibberish in the tribunal, which upset me greatly); B) I have only just been diagnosed with being 'somewhere' on the autism spectrum, so I've not had time to fully understand the implications of how this has impacted my life in relation to work and, well, everything. It was also only very recently that I realised my mother had been emotionally abusing me for my whole life. I have since cut her out and feel much better for it. Both these things have left me vulnerable to bullying and being ''malevolently'' lead to say things that are against my best interests. When I claimed ESA, the reasons I gave for not being able to work were anxiety and depression. I feel though that my ASD diagnosis should be relevant to helping me communicate my problems. I am not lazy. For example, when I went to uni, aged 30, I spent 60+ hours a week on my studies and loved it. I got firsts for most things and loved being able to hold my head up high and say, 'I am a student.' For once I was fitting into society. But for most of the rest of my life I have lived in poverty because I couldn't cope with working. I have fled from one job; been sacked from at least one other; but mainly just scraped by avoiding work and, as I said, living in poverty as a result, because I didn't feel any one would respect the reasons I had for avoiding work. These reasons are, as far as I can define them: 1) Not being able to cope with being told what to do 2) Not being able to cope with being 'trapped' into being there at specific times. I couldn't even cope with being 'trapped' in the bathroom for our baby daughter's bath time, though I love her very much. Very, very fortunately my partner, her father, is absolutely brilliant with her and bath time is now their special time. 3) Not being able to cope with not being allowed unscheduled breaks 4) Not being able to cope with mornings. I function very badly for several hours after I wake up 5) Not being able to cope with interacting with colleagues and customers/anxiety over what they are thinking. Anxiety that I've acted/spoken weirdly 6) Being bullied 7) Not being able to engage with the tasks I am given 8) Not being able to cope with phone calls 9) Being horribly distracted by all kinds of things: noises/bright lights/uncomfortable clothing, etc I expect this list could be extended, but, as I said, I am only just starting to be able to define my reasons and take my problems seriously. I have a fear that responses I get from this will say things like: pull yourself together. They don't owe you a living. Such and such you said isn't a REAL problem. Blah blah blah. My hope is that I will get supportive, informative and empathic answers that will help me be better prepared for the tribunal. I'm also incidentally applying for PIP, which is going to be another terrifying autopsy of my abilities!
  12. Hi all I am an only child with elderly parents. My mum has depression, i have quite bad anxiety & my dad has just had a heart attack & is in hospital awaiting Angiogram & after either a stent or surgery. A very worrying time that is affecting my mum's depression & my anxiety. We all kind of care for each other at normal times & i help out a lot, but am not an official carer. This morning i've received ESA50, perfect timing hey! So now i've got the added stress of filling that form in. I have filled it, or similar in before & not had to have a medical assessment as i guess by sending in a letter from my gp & proof of medications, they saw that as sufficient. I just have a few questions. 1. Have others sent in Dr's letters & not had to go for assessments, what is the best way. 2. Does Honey Bee's sticky about ESA50 contain a template to follow. Because my illness is classed at Mental, i'm unsure what to write. 3. I am currently staying with my mum until we know more about my dad's situation, but i have a flat & when things are more on a level i spend half my time there & half with family. I'm unsure as to which one i should use as my address. My flat is part of my rehabilitation but all my correspondence goes to my family home. The benefits people know about this as my ESA adviser told them. I have also attended the interviews at mandatory JC+ Anxiety is awkward because there is no given day that i can say that i will be ok, so the part about days i cannot attend i don't know!! Any help appreciated Gaz
  13. Hello my mum found this site a few months ago and I had started prepping my tribunal hearing from this the link that honeybee and leemack was commenting on a lot the ESA tribunal hearing for anxiety that was won thread - I got my letter for a hearing 2 days ago and have worked real hard with my mum to get this finished and I will be taking it to CAB this week, but can I get you please to read it over for me, before the CAB as they may post it that day, just I believe you will be more help. I will be attending the hearing with my boyf who came to the Atos medical also with me. I have included attachments of Doctors Letter (already in paperwork from DWP and ATOS) and Atos 's Paperwork on me that I think you may want to see, I am not sure. These are all with names and dates erased. I was only relying on this information, the paperwork, docs letter, and my statement below. (Does this statement below have to be sent to tribunal 7 days before?? or took on the day??) I think the attached 5 docs to this first thread is more important and what I am asking for help on - all the other 3-27 posts are my atos score sheets and comments etc the norm I can only upload 5 docs will upload rest in replys.... Any help and corrections will be greatly appreciated. AND if anyone can help with questions I will be expected to answer in the tribunal, would be also massively appreciated xx PS I HAVE EDITED AND ADDED THE STATEMENT IN PDF FORM IN THESE ATTACHMENTS AS IT MAY BE EASIER TO READ - either read the rest this thread or go to end and see pdf in better layout Appealsubmission of XXXXX Dateof appeal – XXXXX Nationalinsurance number – XXXXX I,XXXXX am appealing against the decisions made on XXXXX and XXXXX todecline the award of Employment and Support Allowance on the groundsthat I have not attained 15 points from the combined Physical andMental Health descriptors following my Work Capability Assessmentfollowing my Work Capability Assessment (for ESA) on XXXXX. I submitthat the Atos medical assessment was in places inaccurate and did notadequately assess my mental health condition. I suffer with anxiety,depression and poor health. My mental health problems began XXXXX andwere caused by the effects of an abusive and violent relationship anda miscarriage. I have been unable to work since then. I did attemptto work around XXXXX (can not remember exact dates) but could notcope at all. Mymedication at the time of the medical assessment was, Trazodone(150MG) Bytime I appealed my medication had changed to Citalopram (20MG) due tothat my anger was out of control and it had been recommended from afamily member that Citalopram helped a lot with anger, as I wasunable to find any help and support for anger. Ihad seen a councillor first for 8 weeks (HER NAME iTalk) but was thenforwarded on to seeing a psychiatrist, HIS NAME, iTalk and was withhim for a year (as well as the continued support of my doctor fromthe start to present day.) The appointments with HIS NAME had notlong stopped around my medical and I felt then I still had problemsthat were not dealt with. After much talk, I had been lookinginto other places but did not qualify and I am in discussions with myDoctor to go back to iTalk again. Ifeel depressed all of the time to the extent that it severely impactsmy daily life. I feel anxious most of the time, my anxiety andparanoia is severely increased if I have to leave the house or haveany social interaction. Thewhole ordeal has left me mentally and emotionally 'damaged' and whichhas also resulted in taking it toll physically too. I feel there is ahurdle I can not overcome and I am trying so hard because I do notlike who I have became. Thereport of the Atos medical assessment I attended contained manyinaccuracies: -The report states that I ticked on the ESA50 that I had problems withstanding and sitting, however I reported no problems to thehealthcare professional. I was not asked these questions about myproblems or given an opportunity to explain and how was I supposed toknow I was meant to bring it up first? -The report states that in one paragraph I can only go to the shop ifI am with my boyfriend every couple weeks, the next paragraphcontradicts this and states I go to the shop alone. I told the HCPthat my dad either goes shopping for me or on the very rare occasionthat my boyfriend has dragged me to the convenience shop directlyopposite his house but it causes lots of distress and arguements,otherwise my boyfriend always go to the shop for me. Sometimes heencourages me and tries to prepare me to go out but this just resultsin full blown arguments because of my insecurities. -The report states that I can use public transport. I can only use oneroute and that is only if my boyfriend is meeting me of the bus,which is also stated in the report in another section. Alot of thetime my boyfriend has to come to me and collect me and take me backhome. I do not get public transport anywhere else unless I am withsomeone. -The report states I had no difficulty completing the ESA50 form anddeals with letters and bills without difficulty. When in fact Istated that my mum and CAB (HER NAME AND LOCATION) helps me with thewording and understanding and dictates from what I want to say andputs it into a clearer sentence that would be understanding forsomeone else. The ESA50 form took me a few days to complete doinglittle parts at a time and letters generally cause frustration forboth me and my mum but my mum helps me as much as she can, and I donot have bills. Ihave also had a lot of help in writing this submission since March2013 from a forum, CAB and help from my mum and partner. -The report states that I can cook basic meals. The HCP asked me if Iwas able to prepare basic meals. I responded Yes. I had this laterexplained to me at the CAB that what I thought was a basic meal, wasnot what you mean as a basic meal. My basic meals are a packet ofcrisps, chocolate, ready made stuff in the fridge like a yoghurt or acornish pasty, piece of ham, block cheese, biscuits etc. Something Ican just grab and eat instantly. The times I had previously attemptedto cook, my poor concentration means that I have burnt food and myparents utensils or not even cooked food. If it hadn't been for afamily member to notice this then it would have been more dangerous.My mum does all the cooking in the evening for me and my dad, and shealso does most of our lunches. I get frustrated when people shadowme, prompt me and constantly watch me when in the kitchen, It causesarguments and I get extremely snappy when people moan that I haveleft appliances on or that they just take over and cook the meals forme. It really makes me upset and I feel a failure that I just nowgrab quick things listed above that I can eat instantly so thatmainly my mum doesn't have to go out of her way for me. -The report states that I do housework as long as I write a list ofwhat needs doing. But I have to do it in manageable sections forexample if I am washing up, I will do a few items, sit down because Ican not stand for long and hurt, do a few more and sit down and keeprepeating this till its done. -The report states that I have no problems using a computer. I do goon a laptop but I can only do this for a short time (30 minutes tops)as it causes me to have headaches or migraines and then I have to liedown. -The report states that I have no difficulties arranging and attendingappointments, where in fact I stated I have lots of difficulties,again my mum helps me and I have to write notes, and reminders, I getmyself in a right state and also have to call doctors or taxis torecheck the time I booked, as I also lose my notes. -The report states I visit my GP and Councillor every week. I stated Isaw a psychiatrist, HIS NAME weekly but my parents paid the taxi farefor me to get there and back. I also stated that my doctors is only a5 minute journey from my house and its practically on my doorstep,this is why it is easy to attend, and the HCP commented sarcastically'well that's very convenient isn't it?!' -The report states I chat on facebook. I never said this, I stated Ibrowse facebook, that my friends tell me that they are here for me ifI need a chat in person but I never reply. I can not face it. -The report states that I sometimes go out to the cinema with myboyfriend. I stated I have been once and that it was a badexperience, I have not been since. Thereport generally states I coped well and behaved normally at theappointment but this was because I had someone there with me. I amanxious, nervous and afraid to attend these appointments on my own,and afraid of meeting new people. I need the support of someonefamiliar. Isubmit that I fulfil the following descriptors: 1.Moving around (d) Cannot either (i) mobilise more than 200 metres onlevel ground without stopping in order to avoid significantdiscomfort or exhaustion or (ii) repeatedly mobilise 200 metreswithin a reasonable timescale because of a significant discomfort orexhaustion. (6 points) WhenI am accompanied with someone, I find it very difficult to keep upwith them, I walk really slow and I struggle to walk far. Whenwalking, what used to take me and a normal person 10 minutes, willnow take me about 45 minutes because I walk so slow with all theissues listed below. I can not walk further that 10 minutes before Ihave to stop, making them stop too. I struggle for breath, get hotand sweaty, experience pains and keep needing 20-30 minutes minimumstopping time before walking another shorter distance. This putspressure on my knees and hips making me very uncomfortable, reallytired, distressed and gasping for breath, I have to stop. I cannotstand for long either, I have to hold onto someone arm, lean againsta wall and keep swapping weight on my legs to the other leg and amgreatly embarrassed by this. If there is not a seat near by and Ihave to stand, my pain gets worse faster. When I get of the bus atthe NAMED TOWN library, I can only cross the NAME Park towards NAMEDroads before feeling my limit. It is a daily struggle and like I onlyhave a maximum of 10 minutes a day to be pain and stress free, nomatter how long my breaks are throughout that day, once those 10minutes are up, the pain and exhaustion lasts all day or instantlyreturns on any activity. As well as walking slow because of the painor trying to to prevent it it, I also walk so slow in the hope ofgetting a couple of more minutes out of it. 11.Learning tasks © Cannot learn anything beyond a moderately complextask, such as the steps involved in operating a washing machine toclean clothes. (6 points) My mum, who I live with, I think isgetting really fed up of repeatedly telling me the correct buttons topress on the washing machine, its only three buttons. She hasrecently resulted in marking the washing machine with a black markerof the 3 buttons I need to press. I had tried multiple times to do itbefore on my own, and my mum said they were dripping wet when theycome out. The buttons I pressed, I was very adamant and believedstrictly these were the correct ones, but she had told me maybe itwas my memory from our old washing machine. It has caused argumentsbetween us and I was really confused and really upset me that I cankeep forgetting and making more work for my mum. My mum now does mywashing. 12.Awareness of hazards © Reduced awareness of the risks of everydayhazards has led or would lead to frequent instances of or to thenear-avoidance of: (i) injury to self or others; or (ii) significantdamage to property or possessions, but not to such an extent thatoverall day to day life cannot managed when such incidents occur. (6points) WhenI start to cook I forget about it causing pans to boil dry and foodto burn in the oven because I forget I am cooking. Ona bad day I would put an item on in the oven and cooked for 30minutes, then returned because my mum can smell burning, and I hadthe hob on that had a pan resting on it and the plastic utensils inthe pan was burnt, and that ruined my parents belongings, that reallyreally upset me. Ihave fallen a sleep and forgotten that I am cooking. Mum noticed andturned off the oven. Iput the oven on and returned after cooking time to eat, to open theoven and no food is in there. Thevery last time I used my parents oven was when I put the hob oninstead of the oven and the oven had a glass lid which had been leftdown. After time, when returning to the kitchen the glass lid hadbent upwards and I screamed and lifted the glass in panic and shockand mum opened the back door and on walking away the glass explodedjust missing us. I am so deeply ashamed!!! My parents bought a newcooker and they can not afford these things. Since then my dad hastold my mum to watch me like a hawk in the kitchen. Mymum now follows me every time I enter the kitchen or if she knows Iam cooking, and always returns after I have left, to make sure I haveturned appliances off as I have also left the oven on from lunch timeall the way through to the early evening with nothing in it. I feelreally belittled and like a child to be watched over. Ihad made tea for my parents and forgot to put the tea bags in. Whilistboiling the kettle I'd forget and go off to do other things and mydad says MY NAME where's my tea and when I say oh I have forgotten hereplies oh yeah really and I get really annoyed that he thinks I'vedone it on purpose. He later laughs it off and tells me to not besilly that I am getting upset but it does really upset me. Ihave gone to run a bath, then forgot and gone to sleep, My mum cameup for the toilet and stopped it because it was full and running outthe over flow She panicked and that caused me mayhem. Theseare a few examples, that make me feel such a failure. Which adds tomy anxiety because my mum is unwell too and I get really upset that Ihave burdened her or my dad. 13.Starting a task and finishing it to the end © Frequently cannot,due to impaired mental function, reliably initiate or complete atleast 2 personal actions. (6 points) Ineed to write lists to remember a sequence of tasks. If I do not makelists, I forget what I have to do causing stress when I haveforgotten to do something on time. If I agree to something I have towrite this down or I will forget. I have to contact people doublechecking times, for example, taxi service asking what time I bookedfor and Doctors asking what appointment times i've made. Asmentioned above, with awareness of hazards, if I start a task, I caneasily lose concentration causing difficulty. I even write stuff downand lose that too and then I panic. I try each day to write a listof things to do the next day, this can vary from reminding myself todo basic tasks to appointments and anything I need to take toappointments including reminding myself to write another list on mylist, any medications I need to reorder etc. Pleaserefer to my doctors letter stating that I use coping strategies todeal with every day to day life. 14.Coping with change © Cannot cope with minor unplanned change (suchas the timing of an appointment on the day it is due to occur), tothe extent that overall day to day life is made significantly moredifficult. (6 points) Anexample of this is I have been waiting for a bus to an appointmentand the bus has not turned up, I panic out of all proportion. I haveto call my mum and she has to calm me down and help me find analternative and then she has then phoned taxi service to pick me upand take me to venue, also phoning venue to say I may be late. NAMEOF PERSON AT ITALK had changed two appointments once on the day I wasdue to see him and this completely threw me and I got very depressedand in an angry mood for a few hours. Ifpeople have arranged times and dates with me and let me down, I blowthat out of proportion and have full blown arguments with people. Ifpeople are any later than 3 minutes late in contacting me after anarranged time, my anger level soar, I think it is highlydisrespectful and I will scream and shout and am unreasonable to anyapologies. My mum says I always go 'overboard', that I need to let itgo and there is no need for it. 15.Getting about (b) Is unable to get to a specified place with whichthe claimant is familiar without being accompanied by another person.(9 points) Irarely go out at all, I travel about two times a month. I live at myparents so I am either there or if my boyfriend has picked me up I amat his. These are the only two places I am. InTOWN I have a massive Phobia of the town because this is where my expartner is most likely to be seen. On leaving him, his job was in thetown centre. And so now I rarely go to town and only if I am with aclose person who understands. I cannot go to town with someone I knowwho would not understand or who I have not told about EX'S NAMEbecause in the past I have freaked out and I won't trouble someonewho doesn't know this. Ihave to travel to HOME TOWN where I have grown up in all my life in ataxi or with someone, because I won't walk through there on my own. Pleaserefer to my doctors letter explaining about leaving the house. 16.Coping with social situations © Engagement in social contact withsomeone unfamiliar unfamiliar to the claimant is not possible for themajority of the time due to difficulty relating to others orsignificant distress experienced by the individual. (6 points) Inever go out to see my friends, on the rare occasion they have cameto see me and then that results in me feeling bad because they'vemade the effort. The right thing to do next would be to see them. ButI don't want to go out so I just leave it but then I lose my friendsbecause they don't want to come see me all the time or they complainthat they are the ones always making the effort. And when they don'tcome to see me I really don't care because I don't have to deal withthere problems and what they think of me anymore. Mydepression and anxiety stops me from going out and enjoying anythingI once loved/liked. Ionly leave when I really have to for appointments and medicationcollections if my dad or partner was unable to collect. Idon’t go out and socialise as I don’t like it as it causes me toworry to all extreme in the fear that I will see my ex or his family,who have all threatened me and my family. Whoever I am with, if I sawmy ex or his family and it all kicked off then not only am I at risk,I am putting someone else at risk and that thought and worry is justtoo much for me to deal with Onetime my partner and his friends took me out and promised me “whatwere the chances of seeing any of them”. Well we went out and hiscousins were at the venue, my partner and his friends tried to relaxme and calm me down and even threatened to beat them up if theystarted on me but in the end we had to go somewhere else, I wasdistraught that I could have been the cause of a problem. WhenI am at my boyfriends flat and a few of his mates come round I haveto resort to the bedroom, because it is too overwhelming. I worryabout something I may say that will make them hate me and think I amstupid so I make my excuses and leave, I then give my partner anearful all day on what they thought of me because when I do seepeople, I always have that phobia afterwards off whether or not theylike me, if they hate me, what they think of me, if they'd want tosee me again, did I say or do anything that made me look stupid, ori'd pick out things and say would this cause them to like me more,hate me more etc... 17. (b)Frequently has uncontrollable episodes of aggressive or disinhibitedbehaviour that would be unreasonable in any workplace (15 points) Inmy own company I am fine but when being with other people, theyreally get me wound up, I always get angry and the most simplecomments just make me see red and something that I know I once Icould have let go, I wont. Since my ex, I will not let anything go, Iwill not be walked all over again and become open to abusivebehaviour or be hurt. WhereI was someone who had ALOT of patience, I now have none whatsoever,something flicks in my head and I seriously want to go pick weaponsup and do damage to people and hurt them in a way they have hurt orupset me, actions speak louder than words and if I am angry I willaction that, as my words of reasoning are not comforting any more. Thisis why I don’t like seeing people as it will only take once forthere opinion to change about me. Idon’t do it intentionally and I see how I was before to now and IHATE it, but I can’t control it. Ona few occasions I have thrown things at my partner and even threw hisremote control at the wall and demolished it because he just made meflip and to me he was being really unreasonable but it was me. Hedidn't do anything wrong. Iwas also really rude to a receptionist once who was trying to help meand I gave her a mouthful over the phone because as she was stressed,she made a comment about how I should have called earlier toguarantee an appointment and I flipped and then after the call, Icried my eyes out, I felt terrible. Irespectfully request that the tribunal award 60points in the limited capability for work test, and allow my appeal. Signed XXXXX I hope this is letter is ok? and I hope this all correct and I have it on forum ok???? PS I HAVE EDITED AND ADDED THE STATEMENT IN PDF FORM IN THESE ATTACHMENTS AS IT MAY BE EASIER TO READ
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