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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Since May 2017 my husband has been signed unfit for work by his doctor with all kinds of problems relating to anxiety and depression, he is in the middle of a 8 week course of counselling which seems to have a positive effect and we felt he was on the road to recovery. He has always been keen to return to work as quickly as possible and his doctor and counsellor agreed that if he wanted to return to work then they would agree to a phased return which his employer agreed to once an independent medical assessment had taken place and back to work meetings had been held with o
  2. I have been on work related ESA for about a year or so, my adviser has been pusihing me to volunteer at a charity shop and I have. But it isn't my anxiety that's effecting me. I have trapped wind(very painful and makes me sick) so had a blood test and was diagnosed with a failing thyriod, no medication given yet. When I first went onto ESA before the interview to determine where I go, I wrote down trapped wind. But was not allowed to put that down on my sick note. With my thyriod problem it has casued me to suffer from on/off depression, I have anxiety which makes me sick. I am d
  3. I have a sick note saying from the drs that I have anxiety and depression and am I'm in quite a bad way tbh. I feel quite unwell but my manager is being awful about it and says she will sack me. Now I've been looking online if I have any rights and read this... I’ve had to take time off work due to mental illness, can I be fired? Or not paid? No. It’s illegal for your employer to not pay you, or fire you, if you’ve had to take time off. Make sure you read your company’s sickness policy, as what you’re entitled to differs from company to company. ----- Source: http:
  4. My dad told me about this site and he said you give good advice without judging. My dad doesn't work because of a bad back but his benefits been stopped because thats not a good reason anymore. He was told to claim anxiety as a good way to keep the benefits coming I am on jsa but when i told my advisor I wanted to go on anxiety she said no what am i doing wrong? Why does my dad get it when theres nothing wrong with him but when i try im told no? why cant i get the free money same as him? i read this site and everyone is agree with me how **** the job centre pricks are. who wants th
  5. My job and life situation at the mo is slowly killing me and I just need some time out but can't afford a break. A friend of mine is on Esa for anxiety&depression and all he does is go to the doc every 6months and gets a sick note which he sends to the dole and boom! Each week he gets paid on full. He was laughing in the pub that it's easy money and he's not even ill but just can't be bothered to find a job. Fair enough, I don't judge him. But I really need a break from things and went to my GP but despite me freaking out in his surgery when I finally off loaded she didn't believ
  6. I am hoping someone can give me some advise please I have recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety attacks by my doctor, I rang my employer and informed them straight away, the thing is my director is constantly calling me every day and asking me work related issues which is not helping me at all, also after about 6 days on the sick he rang and said they needed my company vehicle, then just 2 days rang and asked for the company laptop back, all this is making me feel worse, I am not feeling like going back there ever again, are they allowed to do all of this, not once has he ran
  7. Hi, first post and I wouldn't normally sound so rude, but today's situation has really got my blood boling. I'm normally the most polite woman you could ever meet. But my JCP advisor has had it in for me ever since I was assigned her a few months ago. Sometimes people just take an instant dislike to one another, nothing can be done. However, she has all the power. She always keeps within the rules and so do I. But recently she's been coming across to me as really insulting, denigrating and suspicious when I talk about my anxiety issues. She dismisses them like I just need to stop
  8. Hey, I've been addicted to this forum for a long while now and what I've realised is most people talking about ESA problems are always talking exclusively about 'Anxiety/Depression' issues - not physical illnesses. It's all relative of course, but I suffered from massive anxiety and depression back in 09, I never took the easy option of looking for ESA WRAG group because I felt there was a stigma attached. (I'm now in a big financial hole because I didn't and have been stuck on JSA jumping through crazy hoops). But the point I'd like to make is that now five years later - even tho
  9. So I was placed in the WRAG with apparently quite a lenghty prognosis which by my research (if correct) means that I cannot be forced into anything other than WFIs with the Jobcentre (and what they ask me to do) At my 1st WFI the 1st thing on the agenda was apparently getting me into part-time paid or voluntary work. How will this work I (and the person accompanying me) asked with one of my conditons being social anxiety? I was a total mess at my ESA assessment. At this point it seemed my only option was to appeal to get moved into the Support group which filled me with dread of the thoug
  10. Obviously i'm quite stressed at the moment and would really appreciate some advice if anyone has experience with ESA Tribunals, specifically for social anxiety an depression. I'm going to ask my GP if she can fill out an edited version of the Black Triangle Template (regulations 29 and 35, exceptional circumstances). I'm also going to ask my CBT therapist for a summary of the probelms which my social anxiety causes and an explanation of how my symptoms formed. I just put in an e-mail request for my medical records via FOA and i will also write a submission to accompany my eviden
  11. I'm hoping some of you may be able to give me advice. I have my ESA tribunal coming up in a few weeks and I am dreading it. I feel I will fail to express the real problems I have which have rendered me incapable of working for most of my life (I am now 44) convincingly because: A) I have autism spectrum disorder, so make mistakes with communicating (even my CAB rep said I'd talk gibberish in the tribunal, which upset me greatly); B) I have only just been diagnosed with being 'somewhere' on the autism spectrum, so I've not had time to fully understand the implications of how thi
  12. Hi all I am an only child with elderly parents. My mum has depression, i have quite bad anxiety & my dad has just had a heart attack & is in hospital awaiting Angiogram & after either a stent or surgery. A very worrying time that is affecting my mum's depression & my anxiety. We all kind of care for each other at normal times & i help out a lot, but am not an official carer. This morning i've received ESA50, perfect timing hey! So now i've got the added stress of filling that form in. I have filled it, or similar in before & not had to have a medical as
  13. Hello my mum found this site a few months ago and I had started prepping my tribunal hearing from this the link that honeybee and leemack was commenting on a lot the ESA tribunal hearing for anxiety that was won thread - I got my letter for a hearing 2 days ago and have worked real hard with my mum to get this finished and I will be taking it to CAB this week, but can I get you please to read it over for me, before the CAB as they may post it that day, just I believe you will be more help. I will be attending the hearing with my boyf who came to the Atos medical also with me. I have inclu
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