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  1. I hold an MA in Psychology as it happens, but lets not get involved in a xick swinging competition, as I already said this isn't about me but about Dodgeball and helping him, gently, realise that he can never accept he might be in error. Such behaviour is pathological and usually indicates a mental health issue. I've read this forum for a while and it seems he never actually offers advice but only responds to create conflict or boost his own ego. However I realise I'm now guilty of the same so will bow out disgracefully and await my banning! Boo hoo!
  2. Admin: where did my post go? I thought this was a self help forum
  3. Seems to me there are bigger battles to fight for a person on benefits Why does it matter HOW you sign as long as you get your money? Can you explain to me why it matters, except to be petty?
  4. Hi I had a similar problem with the JCP. Anxiety is the fashionable illness of our generation - just go on ESA it'll get them off your back for a while and is impossible to prove or disprove. Perfect! Good luck
  5. It's a very difficult and uncomfortable issue. There seems to be a pecking order of deserving disability even amongst activists. I guess the difference between physical and mental health issues are people who are mentally ill can get better with help but someone with one leg is never going to grow it back however much therapy they get. One in four of us will experience mental ill health at some point in our lives, most get over it with support. The same isn't true for physical handicapped. I think what annoys a lot of people in general is the refusal of those with mental health issues
  6. Well in that case there's nothing else for it except to admit defeat and actually get a job You'll lose the free money but at least it'll get the DWP off your case once and for all!
  7. Many local hospitals need volunteers to run their book lending services and other visiting services. My local one is shut a lot of the time due to lack of volunteers. Maybe the same is true in your area? It's a valuable and worthwhile thing to do and would also get the Evil Empire (DWP) off your back
  8. Politely, I've already asked Obiter not to reply to my thread as in general his replies are argumentative and unhelpful - this last one being no exception. Mods?
  9. Thanks but did you actually read my post? The reason I posted was because my GP WOULDN'T sign me off
  10. Ok sorry Antone. Point taken. I'm sorry. It just aggravates me that this is supposed to be a help forum yet certain users are given free reign to hijack threads while responses are deleted? Fair?
  11. Sorry yes. I'm just in a real bad place at mo. I'm on a zero hourz contract and been working for this current company less than two years. Not sure SSP pay or HR will really be a factor. Thanks anyway.
  12. Yes you're right (and apologies for my previous short response). It's just so infuriating that my mate needs to stop being indulged by the state and basically needs to be told to "man up" and get over himself, but the first time I ever genuinely need help from the state I've paid into.for 40 years I'm told I'm not "mad" enough. Ironically if his benefits were stopped he would actually GET a job and it would be the best thing that ever happened to him long term for bis self worth esteem. All I need is a month off to get my **** together but no. Not allowed because I dont play.the game so.
  13. "Perhaps you need a holiday? " Thanks for response unclebulgaria. I thought Esa for a&d was the only way us poor people got a chance for a break tbese days
  14. My job and life situation at the mo is slowly killing me and I just need some time out but can't afford a break. A friend of mine is on Esa for anxiety&depression and all he does is go to the doc every 6months and gets a sick note which he sends to the dole and boom! Each week he gets paid on full. He was laughing in the pub that it's easy money and he's not even ill but just can't be bothered to find a job. Fair enough, I don't judge him. But I really need a break from things and went to my GP but despite me freaking out in his surgery when I finally off loaded she didn't believ
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