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Found 8 results

  1. just wondering if anyone can advise me, my son is 20 years old and has been diagnosed since an early age with autism and has recently been diagnosed with moderate learning disabilities, he was at a school for special needs up until he left school at 16. he is currently receiving DLA but he has no real idea of money and always wants to spend it as soon as he gets it. The problem is because he wants to be more independant we allowed him to sign up for a phone contract and have sky installed in his room both come out on a monthly basis on the understanding that the money would always be i
  2. Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... Back again for some encouragement advice. As you will know from previous posts I am not Au Fait with benefit solutions This time it for me no friends involved My little munchkin will be 3 next month. She has been attending a child development center for nearly 1 year and attending under 3 nursery ( only given to kids who really need it in this area) for a few month. We have been granted funding and has a "play-friend" at nursery to "encourage" her. We have been doing a round of mini appointments and assessments recently as she is b
  3. Hi one of my sons has autism and is on the highest level of dla for care due to him being a danger to himself and others. He went on to ESA in August as his training came to and end. He has now been sent a date for a medical assessment which is next week. We only received the appointment last week (4.12.13) Having done some reading around I am becoming more and more worried as my son struggles with the language and can often misunderstand the questions. I will of course be there to help him ( I am his appointee) but I cnaanot help but feel he will be tricked into giving answer
  4. I'm hoping some of you may be able to give me advice. I have my ESA tribunal coming up in a few weeks and I am dreading it. I feel I will fail to express the real problems I have which have rendered me incapable of working for most of my life (I am now 44) convincingly because: A) I have autism spectrum disorder, so make mistakes with communicating (even my CAB rep said I'd talk gibberish in the tribunal, which upset me greatly); B) I have only just been diagnosed with being 'somewhere' on the autism spectrum, so I've not had time to fully understand the implications of how thi
  5. I'm afraid its a bit of a long story, quite technical too. Basically when I was younger (school-age) there was a lot of speculation that I had autism, was treated as special-needs etc. grew out of most of it though. I was not diagnosed with Autism/Asperger's due to a technicality. In my previous job I was badly bullied and applied for something else with a different company (last summer), I was initially knocked back in early August. I didn't mention any of the early speculation about Autism since I hadn't been diagnosed. Late August my previous employer set me up with an Auti
  6. Diagnosed with Autism in May last year and was told there's probably a local support group. Got contact for that and do sometimes attend. It was made clear to me from the first time I contacted the lady who leads this group, that it's not a substitute for counselling, etc. I discovered in July that I'd been discharged from CMHT and was basically left to deal with everything by myself. I was told to get an assessment from social services. Done that, but the lady I'm with (not my social worker) is obsessed with getting me back into work, (despite ATOS / DWP placing me in the support group o
  7. Hello everyone, Firstly I would like to state my post is a request for opinions on matters relating to the likely interpretation of the Equality Act law in terms of my situation, and consequently the potential for an Employment Tribunal to be successful or not. I was particularly hoping someone with experience of employment law issues in disability discrimination, in particular Autistic Spectrum Disorders, would be able to offer some advice. The law is open to a large amount of interpretation, and Autistic conditions are largely misunderstood and misinterpreted by the general popu
  8. I'm autistic and I've been unemployed for 5 years which means I'm experiencing regression so it's unlikely I'd be able to work, I find it incredibly difficult just attending the job centre once a fortnight and now they've got new rules such as Universal Jobsmatch it'd be even harder for me, also I had a terrible experience with Ingeus which has left me scared of being sent back there as it would likely make my autism significantly worse. The job centre have told me I don't meet criteria for JSA as I can't use a phone to contact employers, thus it seems like my only way of surviving is constant
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