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  1. Hi all My stepson aged 30 recently left the family home after living with us for over two years and moved in with his girlfriend. Although his mail came to our home, he was never on the electoral roll as residing here. Having cleared his room following his departure, we found a large quantity of unopened mail from creditors and a CCJ from a few months ago demanding he maintains his agreed £100 per month payments. Yesterday, a bailiff turned up at our home demanding £1,750 that my stepson has run up as a debt, but with whom I don't know. I told him that he moved out in November to an address I didn't know. The bailiff was adamant that the £1,750 had to paid there and then and said that if I couldn't pay it, then he would require access to our home to remove goods to that value. I told him that there was nothing of my stepson's in the house which the bailiff said was of no concern to him, and unless we could provide receipts for our property, then he considered it fair game to remove. Not wishing to see our house stripped of its contents, I paid the £1,750 and the bailiff went on his way. Had he gained entry, should I not have paid, would he have had the right to remove our belongings if we couldn't provide receipts? I'm sure this won't be the last visit, it seems my stepson owes a great deal of money to various companies and I'd like to know where my wife and I stand in readiness for the next anticipated call from the bailiffs. Thank you
  2. Please can anybody advise. Exactly 12 months ago my son was involved in a car accident. He was driving with his girlfriend when two girls in a car behind him threw something at his car (he didn't realise at the time just heard an almighty bang). He braked and the girls went into the back of him. Apparently it was a can of coke they threw. Very little damaged to his car but apparently their car was a write off. The police came and both drivers were drink/drug tested unfortunately my son failed drug test (cannabis) although he had not smoked that day. Rightly he was arrested and subsequently taken to court where he was heavily fined and lost his licence. Can I make it clear this was the best thing to happen I am anti drugs and since that day my son is also anti drugs, he has not touched cannabis since that day. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the accident. A few weeks after the crash my son received a letter from the police stating that the other party was responsible for the crash and unless she agreed to go on a driving awareness course she would be prosecuted. no action regarding the crash would be taken against my son. He did speak to the police who explained that even though he had tested positive it did not give her the right to drive dangerously. My sons insurance will not accept liability (rightly so because of drugs) but now exactly 12 months after accident Admiral (other persons insurance) has sent a letter to my son saying because his insurance wont pay they are starting proceedings against him. Please can anybody advise what we should do.
  3. Hi guys I wonder if you could offer advice please Jbw enforcement agent appeared at my home this morning looking for my 21 year old son. I did not open the door no will i. Son is not here at the moment but i do have a bed wardrobe ect in my dinning room for him to use if he was to be here - no belonging other then some clothes and odd toiletries and no car in his name. Notice just says enforcement for warrant £616 And a ref number . phoned son who told me to open his mail and discovered letters about non payment of dart charge from march this year. 2x £115 one of the numbers matches the number on the enforcement notice the other does not Whats the best way to proceed from here please ? Are they likely to try and take goods from my home ? Should son contact the bailiff with a offer ?
  4. Hi all I have today received a letter and discovered that my 20 year old son has debts totaling nearly £2000 which Marston say are for unpaid fines for not paying for several train fares after getting caught with no ticket. The letter says their client is "HMCTS Manchester". I called Marston and they say they will attend my home tonight and unless I can prove with receipts items are not mine they will take them as my son's and I will have 28 days to prove they are mine to get them back. My son lives at home and has nothing and all items such as TV etc are mine and not his. How can they taken them?! It doesn't seem right. Is my car at risk as well? Should I move it and hide it? It's in my name only and has nothing to do with my son. I know that the HCEO can't break into my house but can open via an open or unlocked door so I won't be answering when they call but I am still scared. Please can you help?! Thanks in advance.
  5. Both of my sons are registered disabled. My eldest is almost 18 and autistic. They have both been home-educated since the age of 11 and we have received DLA, Tax Credits and Child Benefit for both of them up until now. However, I received a letter yesterday that my eldest will no longer be eligible for Tax Credits as he is not working towards a recognised qualification. I have checked the government website and nowhere does it say that he needs to do so, simply that he needs to be in full-time education, which he is. I immediately called the Tax Credits office and asked to speak to the person who wrote the letter, as the letter states 'I have decided...' and 'I have done such-and-such'. Strangely, I couldn't get to speak to the actual person, but the lady I did speak to informed me that since the decision has been made, they can't overturn it. I've been in receipt of Tax Credits for my son for almost 2 years since he was 16, so can't understand why they've suddenly decided to stop them. That's a loss of over £100 per week starting immediately. and I have no idea how we're going to manage without it. The letter also stated that I provided them with false information, which is a lie, as I have been very honest about their home-education and have given them the same information over and over again from the time he was 16. They also say I will need to pay back all Tax Credits I have received since last April! What can I do about this? We are at our wits end and have no idea where we stand legally. Any advice would be most welcome.
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3652449/Irate-father-pays-60-fine-taking-son-eight-school-Majorca-holiday-one-two-pence-pieces.html I thought this was amusing. The following is a video of the moment. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/watch-priceless-moment-irate-dad-8246247
  7. Hi, I apologise if this is in the wrong place but I didn't know where to post it and I desperately need help as I am going out of my wits with worry and stress. This will be a long post Me and my partner split up when my son was one. I see his quite a lot so I am lucky in that aspect of it but I don't think its due to my ex being nice more so not being able to cope. Anyway she met a new guy and all was going well. I met him a few times and all went well. My time with my son was not impacted. About a year after they got together I had a letter from Social Services saying her new partner was being investigated for emotional abuse and his children from a previous was not allowed to see them. This in turn also extended to my son and another child my ex and him had (Confusing I know) Anyway this went on and on and I think if I remember there was a protection order in place so he was not able to see my son or his new child. The social left this order in place but did not proceed any further with the case. I later found out that my ex had married this guy and had another child with him while this order was in place and kept it a secret. She had told my son not to tell me and said if he did the social would take him away from his family. For 2 years my son held this lie. Anyway it finally came out and I only found out via the Social. When I confronted her she denied it. I asked her sister who she no longer talks to and she confirmed it and sent me photos (They was talking at the time of the wedding) I sent the photos to my ex to prove I knew about it and she confessed. The social basically closed the case again as they think there is no need to keep it open. I was happy with this as I trust the social. On Saturday just gone (18/06/16) my son told me that his mum thought about moving to Scotland. I questioned more as it took me by shock. My son didn't know more so I left it at that and instantly spoke to my ex who denied it and said I don't know where my son got it from . This morning on the way to school I asked again and he told me his mum said he could Skype me if they move to Scotland as they will not be seeing me that much. I would like to explain that I have a 13 year old daughter who is living in Wales with another ex that I no longer see. I fought in court for 6 years to see her. I got orders, my ex was served papers at her work as she ignored them at her home. Eventually I got contact that was supervised. Then it stopped. I found out she had moved to Wales. At the time I was not in work and I could not afford the travel and with a heavy heart I concluded I would loose access with my daughter. I am thinking my ex is thinking if she moves to Scotland I will back away from seeing my son to. But I am working now and in more of a position to fight it. My son was born in 2007 and I am on the birth certificate. I also believe I get automatic PR as I am on the birth certificate and he was born after 2003. Does this give me any right to blocking the move? Would the involvement of the social have any impact on this? Would the involvement of her new partner who had an order have any impact on this? My son had a poor start in life and struggled with school to. Since he has been at school in Birmingham he has thrived and is doing so well and I am so proud of him. But I am worried him moving to Scotland would have a massive impact on this. I don't want him to start again. He is a timid and shy boy and he has a few friends. I think moving to a new country and school away from his friends will make it even worse. Is there any advice anyone can give me? I am begging here as I am at my wits end and I can't stop worrying. I can't get lagal aid but I can't afford solicitor fees so I don't know what to do. Please help a worried dad.
  8. Hi, my son is 21 & has been working since leaving college since last year. He is hearing impaired & wears hearing aids. Access to work sent someone out to his work at the begining to recommend & pay quite a large sum of money for equipment he needed to be able to use the phones there. The equipment has spent the last year occasionally breaking down, during that time the company sent him home on paid leave until it eventually comes back from the manufacturer with a note of not being faulty, but it would work again then for a few weeks. His employer paid for the company that made the equipment to come out & check things out recently & they can't figure out why the equipment just randomly stops working. So we are now at the end of the road. His employer doesn't have any other work he can do, that doesn't involve using the phones. It's unreal that a 21 yr old with A levels coming out his ears (pardon the pun) can't even keep the sort of job he has been in. Quite upsetting for him as none of it is his fault. But his employer has actually been very good really. He is once again on paid leave with the latest equipment failure, until an audiology appointment next week, although they aren't too familiar with the equipment anyway, so it won't make any difference. He has been using the time to frantically try & find a different job knowing that time is running out! His employer has now emailed & asked him to go in tomorrow for a meeting. There is no solution for the equipment, so it's likely they will be letting him go. What I am wanting to know is if he gets sacked, can he claim something like JSA? Or is there anything else anyone can think of. As soon as he started working he took on a phone contract, so does have payment commitments. I am self employed & literally just about get by, we'll struggle but until he manages to find something else, I wouldn't be able to afford his 40 a month contract phone.
  9. Hi My 19 year old son was sacked for poor performance 16 months into his 3 year apprenticeship. He was given 15 minutes warning of his disciplinary hearing and no evidence in advance. No notes were taken and his companion in the hearing was told to make no comment. No notes were taken and when i asked for a copy of the notes they should have recorded they cobbled together a 9 sentence document (spread over 3 A4 pages) as a supposed record of a 20 minute meeting. It takes 1 minute to read. My son was stunned as he had received no verbal warnings and thought things were ok. 2 days later when his wages were due the company paid half his wages. When i called up they said the money was just not there and everyone had received half their wage. He received the balance a week later. In the following week 5 other members of staff were made redundant. It became quite clear that he was removed because they thought he'd be easy to get out because hes just an apprentice. Obviously the company is having financial problems and reducing the wage bill. We wrote and asked for evidence of his poor performance as the phrase itself is ambiguous and the MD wrote back saying they had no more evidence and disagreed the dismissal reason was ambiguous. 4 days later the same MD chaired my sons appeal and will decide if his dismissal is fair. We have appealed because they did not follow ACAS procedure in the initial hearing and he had no warnings before instant dismissal. Awaiting decision. Any help please, we are desperate. Can he go to a tribunal with only 16 months service if not are any other avenues open to us
  10. I would value your advice on how to respond to an offer from Xercise4less that hopefully would result in the closure of a dispute over my son's alleged membership arrears. In brief, my son and his friend joined Xercise4less last May on a monthly rate of £9.99 four months later when they went away to university they both cancelled. A month or so later my son noticed the monthly fee was still being deducted he cancelled the direct debit. Shortly after that he received a letter from Harlands claiming he was in arrears and that he owed monthly fees plus administration charges of £25. Others followed a month ago CRS sent him a letter (followed by a text) asking for fees of £66.50 as part of alleged arrears now totalling £166.45. He tried to contact Xercise4less by phone (no one ever answered) and by email (the company replied by referring him back to his local gym as central office hadn't received any evidence of the cancellation of his membership). More emails to the gym manager followed until he was told that in fact he was not a member of that particular gym - but of another one 6-8 miles away!! He had used the local gym for 4 months but no one had ever challenged him on the fact that apparently he wasn't even a member there... By this time the whole situation was annoying me as much as my son. I am regularly in pain and sleep is often difficult I vowed to resolve this matter once and for all. I emailed Xercise4less two days ago and this afternoon they replied. They asked for evidence of his cancellation from the gym (it was a verbal cancellation with nothing in writing). They asked for proof that he had moved to university (I have an email from his university with an accommodation tenancy agreement). Then came the money part of the offer, the bit I need your advice on... They said if evidence of relocation is provided a request would be submitted for his membership to be recalled from CRS. However this would need “a final £9.99 payment and a £20.00 administration fee” for the account to be fully closed down. My question is: should I pay any or all of those fees?
  11. Hello, I'm interested to know how RLP have acquired my son's details? He has received a letter today stating he has to pay £149.50 and that they are acting on behalf of TK Maxx He has mental health issues and part of that is VERY impulsive behaviour, he told me he tried to steal some earphones (even though he had money to pay for them;) he was taken in to a room, no police involvement but banned from the store for 12 months. He wasn't told about any fines or further action. I have read other threads about RLP on here and have decided to ignore the letter and those that will follow. I'm just puzzled as to how they think it's "okay" to send people these letters and how on earth they have his details. Thank you in advance.
  12. My Step-son has been insured with Hastings since passing his driving test at 18 and buying his first car. In 2014 a claim was made against him saying he had run into the back of another car. As my step-son did not have an independent witness he was unable to prove it was not his car and the claim was settled with my step-son losing his 2 years no claims. This was despite Hastings giving my step-son the incorrect date for the alleged accident for 8 months and my step-sons car's towing hook being on the drivers side when the dent to the third party car being on the passenger side rear!!!! The latest problem is that he was hit in the rear by another vehicle (Nissan Qashqai) Step-son's car being a 2009 Mini, while waiting to parallel park in a space on a side road. Step-son was stationary at the time as he was checking if it was clear to reverse into the space. He had reverse gear engaged ready to reverse in the space as soon as he could see it was clear. The road he was using was an entrance to a supermarket and is at least 50ft wide. Step-son said he felt a bump so he put the handbrake on then the Nissan driver was banging on his window shouting at him saying Step-son has hit his car. Nissan driver was foreign and was very aggressive saying Step-son's reversing lights were not working. Police were called who attended and managed to get the other drivers details. They even checked that Step-sons reversing lights were working perfectly. Accident was reported to Hastings the following day. Solicitors were instructed by Hastings to pursue the other driver. Hastings then wrote to my Step-son in February informing him they were settling the claim as the other driver said Step-son had reversed into him. Hastings say that as my Step-son was the manoeuvring party then he is liable as Step-son cannot prove he was stationary. The solicitors are fuming as Hastings have done this without consulting them. I am still in contact with the solicitors as my Daughter (who was 15 at the time of the accident) was a passenger in my Step-son's car. Can anyone give us advice on what we can do next?
  13. Hello and good evening Can anyone clarify that if I claim JSA will anything be deducted due to the fact that I live with my son age 18 a full time uni student he receives the full student loan. I know students are not counted for HB but will anything be taken off my JSA. Many thx in advance
  14. Hi all. My friend's parents would like to start proceedings to take out some kind of restraining order on their son to stop him ever visiting their premises or sending them letters. He has not threatened them although he does have a history of violent outbursts and seven months ago was issues a restraining order by the local court to stay away from their other son. Please can I ask if there is any advice anyone can offer them before they go to a solicitor tomorrow? Thank you in advance. B
  15. My friend's mother and brother received two tickets on the same day for parking in his private car park. They were delivering items to help him move in. They parked on a single yellow line within the private car park, not in allocated spaces. The car park belongs to the residents including my friend. Rather than respond directly, the tickets have been dealt with by my fried who has written to them to say that they had his permission and were only making a delivery. They seem to treat this as appeals made by his mother and brother and keep writing back, each time with a more discounted amount to pay. It has gone from £160 per ticket down to £15 each. Should my friend pay this? Failure to pay up, they say, will result in the demand going back to £160 and possible court claim. Thoughts
  16. Hello - some advice needed please. My son has filed for Bankruptcy and I owe him some money lent last year. I live on benefits. I own a house with a mortgage. What is the OR likely to ask of me? Thank you Damo
  17. I hope someone can help. My daughters husband had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago today.. All went well on the day. He was fit as a fiddle. Two days ago he was complaining of stomach pain sickness and Diarrhea. also he hands and feet were numb and he was a strange purple colour. This was on the Wednesday at 11 am and my daughter phoned the gp who said it was a gastric flu...She said she wasn't happy and could he make a house call whereupon she was tod they don't do house calls. In the space of time it took to get her 3 year old from nursery and get back some 20 minutes her husband was dead ..She tried cpr and the paramedics tried but he was gone. There will be a post mortem but the coroner thought it was probably a massive bacterial infection from the vasectomy which turned into septis and it killed him in less than 4 hours.. The day before he had been fit and healthy at work.. we will know for sure on Monday My daughter has lost her best friend and is beyond grief they had 7 children and they have lost their dad. were are in complete shock don't know what to do next....will my daughter be able to sue and get some help for her and the children...They have lost the main breadwinner more importantly will we get answers thanks in advance for any advise give
  18. Hi Caggers My son has got himself into another mess.... He had a joint tenancy (AST 6 month contract). He was unemployed for a while, we gave him money for his rent which he decided not to use for that purpose. The net result was that he ended up at the end of the tenancy with about 4 months of rent arrears; his flatmate also did not pay for at least the final month. The letting agent has now issued a court claim for the rent arrears and a load of other charges (and is of course withholding the deposit - which we paid). Some problems I have spotted: 1. Can the letting agent sue for the rent arrears - surely only the landlord can do this? 2. No LBA was received prior to the papers from MCOL. 3. The figure in the claim has no breakdown, but appears to include the rent arrears from the joint tenant. 4. My son agreed a payment plan with the agent, and made the first payment on this plan. The claim form states that no plan was put into place (we have an email trail showing it did). The claim was only received today, so we have a few days to respond. Any advice on a suitable response (note my son owes some money - but not the total stated on the claim; he is in a position to pay off the arrears in installments). Many thanks Bacon
  19. Hi folks my son was taken to court by Welcome finance last year and they were granted a ccj against him for £4 k odds he hasnt paid a penny off the debt because he realy couldnt afford too , im only finding out about it now as he has recieved a letter from the court , informing him that he has ten days to pay the full amount , or Welcome may seek an enforcement order against him. He hasnt a clue when the loan was taken out , though its possible it was pre 2007 , What i need to know in a hurry is how can he stop Welcome getting an enforcement against him . My thoughts are to request a copy of the agreement from them to asertain if they indeed have one and if it is enforceable and also see if there are any charges on the account , assuming there are charges will Welcome be able to proceed to court whilst he is disputing the amount owed ? If he does apply for the credit agreement and charges , should he write to the court stating that the amount is in dispute , and that all or any proceedings be halted until the matter is sorted. This is kind of urgent guys , so a swift response would be WELCOME lol
  20. hi, my 9 year old has learning difficulties, the school do an IEP but 3 years ago a request was made for a educational physic report, still not been done, as the head sees nothing wrong. But yet he is still on level 1 for work, only just starting to work on year 3 work. He cant be in a crowd or he will get lost as he tends to run off and with having 3 other children and another child with global development delay and hyper mobility, it a constant on the go. My son tends to get over worked on the slightest thing making him cry an awful lot, I'm waiting for him to be referred to a paediatrician. Speech say he has mautriy issues and needs to be reassured constantly over things and any instructions to be given simple, and any work given to repeated or helped with on a one to one basis. My dilemma is a few, 1. it his birthday soon and we want to keep him of the day before to take the children to a attraction where it is going to be at its quietest so it easy for us to get around, (but the school say they need exceptional circumstances) 2, how do i get the school to understand his needs, I'm sick of going to the head and explaining how things have been at home, and then the head teacher say well he is good in school and i see no problems, I have to do a triple p course just to get the nurse to refer him to a paediatrician. I've got a CAF team in place for my youngest and when i went to put my eldest on the head teacher rolled him eyes
  21. just wondering if anyone can advise me, my son is 20 years old and has been diagnosed since an early age with autism and has recently been diagnosed with moderate learning disabilities, he was at a school for special needs up until he left school at 16. he is currently receiving DLA but he has no real idea of money and always wants to spend it as soon as he gets it. The problem is because he wants to be more independant we allowed him to sign up for a phone contract and have sky installed in his room both come out on a monthly basis on the understanding that the money would always be in the bank. recently he was getting parcels delivered to the door, we found out that he had set up 2 catalogue accounts online and had been getting things from there, also buying many items from other online stores. also we have just found out that he has also been purchasing tickets to concerts all over the country without discussing it with us, he has purchased over a dozen tickets for events in just the last few months. it seems like he has been spending just for the sake of it. here is where the problem is, because he has been spending all his money he has been taking out payday loans in order to subsidize this habit, we had no idea of this, only finding out about this today. each time he was borrowing more and more in order to pay of the previous one and has he has no idea when it comes to money it seems to have spiralled. he is due to get his DLA friday and has just decided to tell us that he is unable to pay his phone and sky because there is over 800 pound due to come out of his account from payday loans... 3 different ones in total! and he is not making the payments to the catalogues because the funds aren't there. i now need to contact all the catalogue companies and payday loan companies on his behalf. i have already gone into his bank with him to cancel the payday loans from coming out but i still need to contact the companies. could anyone point me in the direction of a letter or advise me what to write that will highlight this situation he has gotten himself into. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  22. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/new-controversial-princess-diana-play-4882989
  23. Hi, My brother recently split with his partner ( over three months ago ).He now lives apart from her with my young nephew.He was the sole carer for the first 6 weeks ( approx ). They then went to Court over custody and an intrim order gave residency to my brother with my nephew stopping with his mother for two nights a week. The court has now decided upon indefinite 50/50 residency. Throughout my brother has not received any financial support other than a couple of small crisis payments and the odd food parcel. He has been told that he cannot get IS because he needs to be in receipt of the Child Benefit, which we assume his ex is getting. He has been to his MP but has still not received any financial support. Can this be right ? Also, as custody is now split with each having my nephew for 5 days at a time, how are future benefits going to be paid ie for 5 days my brother cannot work but then for 5 days he could / can the Child Benifit be split at source etc BTW my nephew is 27 months old. thoughts please .
  24. hi hope someone can help asap I have been visited by Equita baiiff today for unpaid council tax. I have told him that in two weeks I will try and a make a payment but cant promise the figure we agreed due to low income. I have to give him his due he was very nice about the situation. the problem has arisen that he has told me that they can take the car parked out front. this is where the situation gets tricky so bear with me... the car is registered with dvla in my name, but that is for tax and insurance purposes only. it is in fact my 17 year old high functioning autistic sons car that we bought for him to enable us to transport him around, as he finds crowded public transport stressful. it is his car always has been always will be. it was bought privately and he has no receipt. we paid for the car out of my bank account after my husbands aunt died and left us some money. I have been told by various sources that we can get a statutory declaration stating that it is my sons car and therefore the bailiffs cannot take it. is this correct and how do I go about getting one?? many thanks
  25. neighbour has a 21yrs old son he got caught last year driving alone on provi licence. [one off silly mistake whilst parents were away] got 6 points for no ins/£200 fine. all done paid ended he has now passed his test they want to allow him to drive their second [wifes] car she has her own full comp insurance on it. she is the owner/keeper can he be put on her insurance as named driver? can he get his own full comp insurance to drive the same car? if he does do they have to tell the wifes insurance provider? can you have two separate policies on the same car? sorry not my game
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