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  1. slick132 It's been a few weeks since my last message as expected my son has received another letter from CRS. It says they have been notified by Harlands that he had put in an indemnity claim for £9.99 that they had collected with his agreement by DD. As this had to be paid back to the bank, he has "incurred a £25 administration charge". He has been asked to call them to discuss payment of the account balance (which has now risen to £201.44) and if he doesn't contact them within 10 days they will have "no alternative but to take further action to recover the balance". It's frustrating that these letters keep on coming with no end in sight so from your experience of these companies at what point does this process start to change in my son's favour?
  2. Looks like they have moved to the next stage of the process... Another letter has arrived, this one giving notice that "failure to reply within the next 10 days will result in your account balance being passed to Zinc Group Ltd, one of the UK's leading providers of debt recovery solutions".
  3. Sorry I didn't reply to you before, dx100uk . I don't wish to offend but you will see I answered all of the questions from slick132 about 20 minutes before you posted your message. Slick132 has been very helpful and I'm grateful for all information and advice posted on this site by all contributors
  4. Hi Slick. My son spoke with the bank this afternoon and they said they will refund him by tomorrow morning which is very good news. Thank you for your advice on the DD Guarantee. They will contact him within five days if there are any problems. Now, what about Xercise4less/Harlands? They will still be looking for evidence from my son and also for their £9.99 and £20 fee. They will not be pleased to hear they have actually lost £9.99 (assuming the bank will ask them for the extra month's money). What is the next step?
  5. Hi martin2006 and dx100uk. Thanks for your replies. I've read a lot of the threads about Harlands and understand totally how people can get caught out by them. They don't seem like an organisation I would like to work for. To be honest I don't know enough about the law to be sure of my rights regards verbal notice or the DD guarantee. However I'm hoping to be a lot clearer by the end of this conversation on CAG. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Hi Slick132. Thanks for your reply. Each of the DDs of £9.99 came off his account either on 30th, 31st or 1st of the month. The first payment came off on May 5th so I would have thought every monthly payment should have been made on the 5th and don't know exactly why the monthly payment date was brought forward. DD payments were made in May, June, July, August, September and October, the last one being an extra, extra month as he had cancelled early in the preceding month. The date of cancellation would have been midweek around the 2nd or 3rd of September. Unfortunately he is not 100% sure of the exact date but my wife and I took him to his Uni halls on Sunday 6th September, the day before he started Uni, and he had already cancelled his membership by the time he left for Uni. The last payment taken by Harlands was on 30th October. He noticed that an extra month's payment had been taken and cancelled the DD. This triggered the Harlands letters etc. The other question I have (apart from the validity of these fees) is about the cancellation. I believe a verbal cancellation is enough in law but would like to be assured of that. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I would value your advice on how to respond to an offer from Xercise4less that hopefully would result in the closure of a dispute over my son's alleged membership arrears. In brief, my son and his friend joined Xercise4less last May on a monthly rate of £9.99 four months later when they went away to university they both cancelled. A month or so later my son noticed the monthly fee was still being deducted he cancelled the direct debit. Shortly after that he received a letter from Harlands claiming he was in arrears and that he owed monthly fees plus administration charges of £25. Others followed a month ago CRS sent him a letter (followed by a text) asking for fees of £66.50 as part of alleged arrears now totalling £166.45. He tried to contact Xercise4less by phone (no one ever answered) and by email (the company replied by referring him back to his local gym as central office hadn't received any evidence of the cancellation of his membership). More emails to the gym manager followed until he was told that in fact he was not a member of that particular gym - but of another one 6-8 miles away!! He had used the local gym for 4 months but no one had ever challenged him on the fact that apparently he wasn't even a member there... By this time the whole situation was annoying me as much as my son. I am regularly in pain and sleep is often difficult I vowed to resolve this matter once and for all. I emailed Xercise4less two days ago and this afternoon they replied. They asked for evidence of his cancellation from the gym (it was a verbal cancellation with nothing in writing). They asked for proof that he had moved to university (I have an email from his university with an accommodation tenancy agreement). Then came the money part of the offer, the bit I need your advice on... They said if evidence of relocation is provided a request would be submitted for his membership to be recalled from CRS. However this would need “a final £9.99 payment and a £20.00 administration fee” for the account to be fully closed down. My question is: should I pay any or all of those fees?
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