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  1. Point being ? He rang the agencies he was paying he stopped due to covid no work etc then offered to continue payments they said no...
  2. The letters were left in my porch and no I didnt know about the parking fines my son has letters come here I dont open them. Only reason i opened these ones was because they had final notice stamped all over them!
  3. No they came here to my address he lived here when he bought the car. Hes not listed as being here never has been he left home and came back briefly. They were left in my porch.
  4. Son cannot pay in full as he isnt working due to being furloughed, hes a chef. He offered a payment plan one that he could afford and they said no ... hes 23 I cant force him to tell them where he lives this is about me and getting these people off my doorstep.
  5. They are both local authority but 2 different ones. One was from my local council the other Brighton I believe.
  6. Long story short son owes parking fines I have a DCA chasing him at my address, an address he hasn't lived at in over a year. He has rang them offered monthly payments which to me is good as he is on furlough and only works 27 hours a week but they refused. One debt is 200 the other 300. I have rang them up told them he don't live here and I do not know his address which I genuinely dont. He isnt on the electoral role and never has been. All i get is cocky remarks and lies one guy said well he spoke to me last week and confirmed he lives there which is a lie! How do I get them off my back and yes Ive told my son to sort it out! Im dreading the confrontation when they do catch me in and I open the door. Any help or advice would be great thanks. Oh one DCA is Marstons the other I cannot remember.
  7. Hello any help would be great thank you. My son sold a car to someone without getting his details which was rather stupid (dont need to be told thanks) and that man dumped the car in Medway. My son received a fine which he was paying but it was being paid to Folkestone and Hythe (different authority) now Medway which is where the car was dumped are saying they are also collecting the full amount. So two different local authority's want him to pay the same fine...423 quid. Is this legal please?
  8. I can't block it it is weird as my phone which gives me the option of blocking doesn't with this and there is no number attached to it so I can't report it :???:
  9. Its for Ferratum and I don't know I can't remember of the top of my head all I have is the postcode for where the letter went...its for about 250.00 quid.
  10. I have one and a letter was sent with proof of posting about three weeks ago and I've heard nothing since but it wasn't with debt collect, who I can't even find when I goggle.
  11. Today I had a text message which read...DEBTCOLLECT We have failed to contact you regarding your outstanding balance. 3rd party recovery and collections are attending at (my address) for enforcement. I have no clue who this is from and I have had no letters or emails concerning any debt....I have also tried to google debt collect but cannot find any info, there is also none in the message..no number..nothing. Any ideas please ?
  12. Of course I admit the debt it's mine and for my address where I live now. The debt is for unpaid water bills which weren't paid due to financial changes relationship changes which resulted in different work hours etc. I filled out the blue form and offered repayments and I still stand by that I'm just needing to know how I can stop having to pay the full amount as I don't have it.
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