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  1. I can't block it it is weird as my phone which gives me the option of blocking doesn't with this and there is no number attached to it so I can't report it :???:
  2. Its for Ferratum and I don't know I can't remember of the top of my head all I have is the postcode for where the letter went...its for about 250.00 quid.
  3. I have one and a letter was sent with proof of posting about three weeks ago and I've heard nothing since but it wasn't with debt collect, who I can't even find when I goggle.
  4. Today I had a text message which read...DEBTCOLLECT We have failed to contact you regarding your outstanding balance. 3rd party recovery and collections are attending at (my address) for enforcement. I have no clue who this is from and I have had no letters or emails concerning any debt....I have also tried to google debt collect but cannot find any info, there is also none in the message..no number..nothing. Any ideas please ?
  5. Of course I admit the debt it's mine and for my address where I live now. The debt is for unpaid water bills which weren't paid due to financial changes relationship changes which resulted in different work hours etc. I filled out the blue form and offered repayments and I still stand by that I'm just needing to know how I can stop having to pay the full amount as I don't have it.
  6. Had a blue form sent a month or so ago which was issued by the court, filled it out offering repayments today had a letter saying I didnt send it back and I now have to pay in full the 3000 pound... which of course I can't. No I didnt send it recorded which was stupid but I did send it what can I do please? I didnt send the form back to the court I sent it to the claimant was this wrong ? I sent the blue forms to Shulmans Ltd
  7. My partner had a letter the same time but for a different amount his letter was separate to mine and I don't get why it took them two years to bring this over payment to my attention. But thank you for your advice
  8. LCS the people chasing me for this debt
  9. The SAR never turned up they sent me a letter saying its from 2014 and I have today had my FINAL NOTICE....now what please? Its not from splitting up and getting back together with a partner as we have only been together four years and he only moved in two years ago....I don't have the documents to go through to find out how and why this happened.
  10. I have also had a tax credit rewards letter this week it states the following Overpayments *amount* has already been collected back from you *amount* will be collected from the rest of your payments from this award (my award now is 4.55 a week) *amount* is an adjustment to put your record right *amount* will be collected from future awards by reducing your payments under section 29(4) of the tax credits act. So where does it say you also owe 1120 which we will be collecting via LCS...nowhere so should I just send LCS a copy of this letter ??
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