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  1. Today I had a text message which read...DEBTCOLLECT We have failed to contact you regarding your outstanding balance. 3rd party recovery and collections are attending at (my address) for enforcement. I have no clue who this is from and I have had no letters or emails concerning any debt....I have also tried to google debt collect but cannot find any info, there is also none in the message..no number..nothing. Any ideas please ?
  2. Ordered a shower enclosure from Aquabliss. Turned out it was the wrong size by a small margin. Had to order a replacement immediately as we had a builder in doing the work. I emailed Aquabliss to arrange the collection of the shower enclosure (3 packages) which are still in their original packaging. They have refused to do so stating that it is the customer's responsibility. They say that they can exchange it, but they cannot collect it. They say that I have to arrange collection and delivery of the items back to them. These items came on a pallet and I have already got a quote of £56.00 for one of the packages which considering I spent over £400 on this shower enclosure and another £340 on its replacement, I am now out by over £400. I offered to pay reasonable postage costs if they arranged it and they could deduct it from the refund. They have point blank refused. I have now put in an official complaint. From what I can see, I rejected the item within 14 days as it was the wrong one. I have been reasonable in offering costs for collection etc. I feel like I am butting my head against a brick wall.
  3. Hi everyone I use a courier company, i will call "TPC", who in turn use DPD. I have to say on the whole the past few years has been event free but a few months ago we sent a 3D printer to someone to use and it was smashed up really badly. The recipient took photos and has emailed us stating the damage was beyond dropping in his view and we have loads of photos of the box damaged etc. I reported the issue immediately and TPC were originally very sympathetic etc. I have to say I was shocked at the damage, you would have had to try really hard to do what they did. As the client needed to get printing urgently, I resent a new identical printer out, only this time this one had a glass build plate, so about 30x20, super tough, heat resistant glass plate that the plastic is printed onto. This was in fact a bespoke upgrade I did to this one but the plastic plate was also sent. This printer was also sent insured fully. This 2nd delivery went horribly wrong yet again, with a tonne of damage done. We sent both printers in the original boxes, designed for transporting them. They are thick boxes, with the original polystyrene inserts. Loads of space etc. we also used an outer box with more packaging to be safe. The packaging has never been challenged, in fact DPD stated that it was fine. long story short. I know DPD have accepted both claims (although irrelevant as the contract was with the 3rd party we use, TPC). I am still waiting for any decision, I have emailed multiple times and so we logged a small claims track. Unfortunately the printers are no longer made, so I have asked for the replacement cost of the latest available model for both printers. The defence is that they will not pay as there was glass in the box (even though only the 2nd item had glass in it) There is no consideration about the first delivery that had no glass in it at all. I have sent the court questionnaire off, have stated I am willing to mediate and I am waiting. No solicitors seem to be involved at this point, certainly no legal sounding stuff has come back from the defendant at this point. Just want some help and advice really. I have basically lost a part of my little business due to these printers being damaged beyond repair. Questions: 1. I have no doubt that I will get the compensation for the 1st Printer as there was no glass and it was clearly in breach of the Sale of goods and services act 1982, (reasonable care and skill clause). however What about where there is a piece of glass in an item? I have never actually claimed for this extra add on, I feel that if they had delivered properly in the first place I would not have had to send the 2nd printer out and also the glass did not cause the damage, it was just "also" damaged, but again I am not claiming for this. 2. I would normally claim for the cost of the item if damaged. However in the case of the model being superseded and no longer being available. Is it OK to claim a little more for the latest available model? I have averaged the price from 5 retailers and would genuinely be buying these to simply replace my lost printers. In my defence it is a real pain in terms of retraining and new software to learn a new machine. Any help would be appreciated on the best course of action and of course I will post everything up here so others can learn from my mistakes and hopefully successes!! I am about to go through mediation, but can't find much on the process here. Has anyone gone through this process as a claimant and is there any advice anyone can give. I have been told by the CAB that it's a chance to "negotiate" but Ii'm not sure if negotiation is what I want to do, i'd really like the defendant to try and see the light. Also can the defendant deny wanting to use mediation? Any help appreciated.
  4. Hi all, I am about t take over the management of a house that has multiple tenants in it. The previous manager of the premises also lived in the house. He has disapeared with all of the tenants rents, paid none of it to the landlord and we are now getting demands from 'collect services' on behalf of reading council for unpaid parking fines. The fine is for £408 and they are talking about the using 'the taking of goods (fees) regulation 2014 to take goods from the house, none of which is owned by the previous property manager. SO a couple of questions 1. Can they demand access? 2. Can they take goods if they cant prove they are the property of the previous property manager. ? 3. Are there any rules, regulations I can quote back to them to control their hostile approach.? Thank you in advance for any advice
  5. I have an old council tax debt, Rossendales are sending bailiffs to my friends address (I used this address several months ago to get my bank card delivered to as I was of NFA at the time). My friend (whom I don't see that often) handed me a load of letters and told me that bailiffs are regularly knocking at her door demanding full payment, she is worried they'll come in and take all her stuff (which surely can't be legal?). The letters they've sent me are rather confusing, they claim I owe two debts to a local council, one for approx 120 and another for approx 240, the first few letters added £75 to both debts (to the same council, same old address), added £235 to both debts making the total payable over £700. I have nowhere near that amount lying around to pay them and get them off my friends back. More recently they sent another letter regarding the 120 debt and nothing else, they seem to have removed the £235 fee and the total is less than £200 nothing regarding the other 240 (or whatever I apparently still owe to the same council). What's the best way to get them to stop knocking at my friends house? Also, as they've been handed the wrong address by MY BANK , they've been unable to contact me so how can they legally claim fees if they're knowing harassing someone who has nothing to do with the debt in question? I did call them a few weeks ago when they demanded £700 they said I would have to call the "bailiff" directly and he'll want payment in full so I never bothered 1) I don't have it, and 2) I'm not paying a £235 fee (twice + £75*2) even if I did have it), they could have phoned me but instead they'd rather send bailiffs/letters to an address I've told them I don't even live at. I am not sure what my best course of action is, I would rather pay the council directly I've heard they will refuse payment and tell me to deal with Rossendales, I would deal with them but I am not paying a £235 fee out of principle (and certainly not twice). For some confusing reason however, the most recently letter does not include the £235 I have no idea what's going on. I was going to email them and ask but they'd likely take days to respond so I'd rather ask here first. I would also like to know how they even got this address? The only thing I used my friend's address for was to get a card delivered from my bank, so my own bank just gave an address away to a 3rd party company? How is that even legal? Do all banks do this?
  6. Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct forum, I have a somewhat difficult situation I am contending with. in summary; I had a lease vehicle; prior to the end of the lease arrangement I arranged the inspection (Thurs 15th March 2018) and collection (Sat 17th March) with British Car Auctions (BCA) in accordance with what I had to do (inspection within 7 days of collection and end of contract). BCA failed to turn up (i took the day off off work!)! I called BCA who advised that they had made a mistake and schedule my inspection and collection for the incorrect dates. They advised management would contact me and they would rearrange. I received no contact. I repeatedly called to rearrange as I was aware I was now out of my contract date (phoned Audi to advise of situation). Was unable to get a response. Monday 19th March BCA turn up at my front door at 7:45am unannounced to collect the car. I advise that it has not been inspected and the collection date was 17th. Two collection agents then sat in my living room for approximately 2 hours trying to get through to their head office to check if they could collect the vehicle. Eventually advised that they could not, and went on their way advising BCA would contact me to rearrange. Fast forward several weeks of trying to arrange the collection and inspection and fit with BCA's availability and I mange to arrange inspection and collection (difficult as I work away for long periods of time and they have limited availability). Car was inspected Tuesday 17th April (another half day annual leave) and collected Friday 20th (half day annual leave). I have now received an invoice from Audi for the additional rental. I have spoken to Audi via telephone who agreed that this is BCA's error and they should cover the invoice, however Audi are still invoicing me as it is my contract! Audi have tied to contact a manager at BCA and also ha zero success. I am going down the formal complaint route and any tips on acts, cases, precedents or what I should include / not include in the letter would be gratefully appreciated. My first thought was to list it chronologically as above. I can go through phone records if required and list every call made and received (all via my mobile). I would like the invoice covering by BCA, and if possible compensation for the annual leave taken whilst waiting for their failed inspection and collection. Also, to add to this. I queried if I should even be responsible for this complaint as I did not employ BCA, Audi did.(my original complaint was to Audi) They advised that they are satisfied that the complaint against Audi has been resolved and I need to pay the bill and try to recover the costs from BCA. Please help!!
  7. Hello Thank you in advance for any advice on my situation. Between 2009 and 2013 I was registered as self employed, in the earlier couple of years i was going through a stressful personal break up was having problems with work because of depression, also spending my money to go to court of access to my daughter. At the time I was couch surfing and frankly forgot all about tax returns. The HMRC fined me in total £4,524 over this period which I can't afford to pay. I find these charges extortionate, is this even legal for a start? All i did was not send in a piece of paper and now i am in this huge amount of debt? The last thing on my mind at that time of my life was filing a tax return especially when i had literally done no work or earned anything at the time - I certainly couldnt afford an accountant. Since then i started a limited company in 2012 which is still operating now and all tax returns are up to date for myself and my company, done via an accountant. All the old self employment returns have also been done and the self employment terminated as i am employed on PAYE by my own company. The HMRC have passed the debt to CCS collect. I wrote to the HMRC to try and appeal these extortionate charges based on what I have said above, but rather than responding to my appeal they just ignored it and wrote back to me with the figure I requested in the same letter. CCS already seem unreasonable in their initial letters, stating they want an "acceptable payment offer" - in my opinion acceptable is what I can afford, if this is £1 every week then that's what they should get. Am i correct in thinking that I should respond to CCS in writing rather than on the phone so i have written records of everything? And is it also right that they have to accept what I offer them on a monthly basis? I am thinking of £50 per month, which having a family of five to support is more than reasonable. I am writing back to HMRC today to request they actually respond to my letter properly rather than being totally ignorant. Finally, how on earth can a company, the HMRC, just make up these charges? They are just a company after all aren't they, and it's a ridiculous amount just because they didn't receive a piece of paper! Thanks
  8. The following news article featured on SCOOP today: http://www.publicsectorexecutive.com/Public-Sector-News/london-council-to-launch-ethical-debt-collection-for-residents?dorewrite=false/Page-1749 https://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  9. Hi all, I have had a Notice of Enforcement from Bristow and Sutor claiming that I owe them something in the region of £65 + £75 compliance fee for a Council Tax Debt that I apparently have from an old property that I rented. I always paid by DD and only cancelled the DD after seeing that no payments had gone out for a while, therefore I believed that I was discharged of any responsibilities. Fast-forward a year and I receive a Notice of Enforcement dated 23/8/17 claiming the above figures and that this has been through the courts. How would you suggest that I proceed? If there is a genuine debt, I have no problem with paying it, however, as I had no court papers and no knowledge of this debt then I would really find it difficult to justify any fees. Many thanks.
  10. I got a letter from CCS Collect stating that I owed £86 to Vodafone. I have not borrowed money from Vodafone. I am on a pay as you go phone, not a contract. I called their company and they said the debt was from a contract, so it cannot be mine. I am an 18 year old girl living with my parents. I have never borrowed money from anywhere. Where do I go from here?
  11. I received a letter today from Collect Services regarding a penalty charge notice on the 16 May 2016. The vehicle was registered at a previous address where the person there an ex used my car and received a previous penalty charge notice for the car. I did not receive this as I spilt up with him and he did not give me any letters, it was not until later that bailiffs turned up at his property that he told me. Therefore I was scared to give DVLA my current address as I did not want bailiffs at my house. I now received a new PCN which i think was due to sitting in residental parking , It is a letter from Ealing council in London stating that a PCN was sent to the previous house in concern of legislation, this is usually the address to which the vehicle was registered with the DVLA at the time of contravention occurred unless an alternative address had been provided. As the sum due has not been paid a warrant has been issued to remove goods if not paid in full. IT STATED. I have a learning disability, and anxiety. I will write a letter to state I am self employed as I trying to legally start. Any help Can I have this sent aside, put back to court for the original charge and what about my ex driving for the first contravention, I cannot prove this??
  12. Hi ive read plenty about these cowboys on this forum but couldn't find specifically what i was looking for so apologies if im covering already worn ground i just received a letter from harlands saying i need to call the immediately or i will owe them £25. I was a member at xercise4less for about 2 years and then decided to cancel my 1 month rolling contract online, no problems it said i had successfully cancelled, i then checked my bank account 4 month later and realised they still had being charging me membership fees i cancelled the direct debit. thats when i just received this letter from them, should i ring them like the letter says or just ignore them? they surely dont have any right to be charging me anything anymore. Thanks for any help, Adam
  13. Tesco Direct has dropped its minimum payment charge for click and collect. Until now, shoppers were charged £2 for orders under £30. The supermarket said in February it had to introduce the charge to cover rising costs and was in line with rival supermarkets, which charge similar fees for their click and collect services. But now it says that it wants to give shoppers more choice and convenience, particularly in the run-up to Christmas http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/money/mortgages-bills/tesco-direct-drops-minimum-payment-charge-for-click-and-collect-11364098202576
  14. I have a debt to EE which is in default and I've had for some time now. A month ago I wrote to EE with an offer of a full & final settlement which they say they couldn't accept but as an act of goodwill regarding my situation they would write off the outstanding balance. Just over a month later I receive a letter from Fredrickson International saying that their client has instructed them to collect the outstanding balance. I also notice that the balance they have on the letter is actually £45 higher than what was originally owed (no interest or charges were being added by EE - I can only assume that this is a charge that has been added on by Fredricksons. I have the letter from EE saying that the balance has been written off but would still remain on my Credit Report as a default. Do EE have the right to pass a debt on after sending a letter saying that the balance has been written off? Or are Fredrickson International trying their luck? I thought one less debt to maintain would allow me to focus on my priority creditors as I have a lot of debt and my business is dying off so very little income at the moment. Any advice regarding this situation would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi, I've been paying this company for a good 5 years for debts I had with M&S. Just checked my bank account and my recent payment has been put back in and standing order cancelled. Upon further investigation have found out that this company has closed. Who do I contact to make payments to M&S or do I just wait for them to contact me. Thanks for reading.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm really not sure where to put this on the forum but thought here might be best. My sister-in-law is currently having massive financial problems at the minute - she was unexpectedly laid off from work, had to give up her home and move back in with her mum. She has a car on finance which she is now trying to hand back because there is no way she can afford to keep it. Long story short, she hasn't made a payment to the finance company - Black Horse - for around 10 months now. She has written to them about 6 times and telephoned them around 2 dozen times. When she calls they tell her someone will phone her back but they never do and she has never had a single response to any of her 6 letters. All 6 letters were sent recorded delivery and they were all received. She is practically begging them to come and collect the vehicle and yet she can't get any response from them whatsoever. The problem she has now, and it is becoming urgent, is that her mum is moving house in the next couple of weeks and so the car needs moving. It is SORN'd and not insured at present and her mum is moving to a flat with no off road parking. She has told Black Horse that she is moving soon and that the vehicle needs to be gone but they are completely ignoring her letters. The only letters she is receiving is one a month informing her that she has been charged a £12 default fee for not paying that month's payment. She hasn't even received any letters demanding payment for the past ten months. If it wasn't for the monthly default charge letters, it would be as if Black Horse didn't even care that they aren't currently being paid. It's a very strange situation. Can anybody recommend a next step? Could she write to them one last time informing them that if they don't reply this time that she will be moving house, leaving the car behind and informing the DVLA that she is no longer the registered keeper? Or is that just wishful thinking?
  17. i received a letter a couple of week ago from rossendales for a council tax debt of £491 i rang them and offered to pay £25 a week which would be a struggle they refused it and said i had to pay £69 every week or they would take further action. I tried to explain i couldnt afford it but they were having none of it. I have paid £50 off the debt £20 last week and £30 the week before but the bailiffs had came when i was out today and now want £676.61 and will be returning on friday t says they will be removing goods even in my abscence. Can they do this. I dont know what to do i have tried to explain to them and i rang my council who said they couldnt do anything now that it has been passed to them. I thought it had to go to court before bailiffs could come. I am trying to pay it but there is no physical way i can pay £69 per week .Please help
  18. Hi all, i have recently started receiving letters through the post from a company called CCS Collect claiming that I owe money to them on behalf of The Department of Work and Pension for £97.50. Thing is, I have no idea what this is for. The letters gives no explanation, they only abruptly demand that i pay it or face legal action. Quick search shows that the department of Work and Pension is government related. I pay all my taxes, National Insurance etc through PAYE and have no other dealings with the HMRC. The only thing i can think of is that i was on Job Seekers Allowance when i first came out of university 8 years ago and when i found work the gov. continued paying me it for a short while. i phoned them about it (telling them to stop!) and they advised me that the over payment would just be deducted from next time i stop work and start claiming again - which i never have. But i can't even remember if the over payment equates to the same amount. Questions: 1. should i contact CCS Collect at all? the most recent letter has given a settlement due date and has said i will otherwise be taken to court (and face additional legal fees). however if i contact them am i acknowledging receipt? 2. Is there anyway i can find out what this debt is without contacting them? 3. Is a debt 8 years old (if it is related to the Job Seekers Allowance) even enforceable? 4. Does anyone know if i have any legal grounds on which i can avoid paying? I'm an honest, law abiding citizen so i am very begrudged to hand over money to these cowboys. Any thoughts and comments appreciated.
  19. Good evening all. Haven't been on here for years but every time I do I always get great help so thank you in advance. I need some general advice. Wife got PCN for £65 which we forgot to pay. Eventually got a letter from Collect stating we had to call them by 5:00pm on 19th Oct. 2015 to pay or make arrangement to pay the debt now totalling £277. Wife called on time and explained our situation and offered to pay £28 per month to clear debt (we're on benefits so thats all we could afford). They accepted the payment and told us to put in writing our payment offer by email which she did. We received no reply to our email! Then on 5th November a bailiff attended our property with an enforcement notice with a total of £484!?? My wife rang the bailiff who said we had agreed a monthly payment of £50???? My wife told him that was not true. He then said that he would have to refer back to the office. My wife then sent an email that day complaining. They again never responded in person (but we receive automated responses). On the 19th November I called to make the 2nd instalment. The man would not accept my payment and told me that there was a payment plan in place for £28 PER WEEK???? I then went to the bank and paid them directly. We then had another visit on the 18th December demanding £456 (£28 less than previous)!! My wife called them again and they said that they sent an email to her on 24th November (which my wife did not receive; however that was the same time Talk Talk was hacked) stating that they would not accept £28 but we had to pay £114 due on the 1st December. They also asked for a full breakdown of our expenses including copies of bank statements; proof of benefits etc. Their email also stated that "you should continue to make regular payments of as much as you are able" (which is what we are doing in the first place????????). I then paid the next £28 instalment on the 19th December and also on the 19th January. Please tell me how we proceed. My wife is not comfortable providing personal bank details etc especially as they have been dishonest with their stated payment arrangements we have never agreed to! We accept the original £277 charge and will pay that with no problem! Thanks again in advance.
  20. Whilst in the process of dealing with a PCN that had reached the enforcement stage, that had become a mess due to Maidstone Council authorising Marston and Phoenix. I quickly paid off another that i knew i needed to be paid directly using Maidstone councils online portal. Unbeknown to me this had been passed on to the EA's (Phoenix in this case), i paid on the 27th of Aug, i have a letter that was dated the 24th of Aug that i hadn't opened or was aware of due to several reasons. This was the first letter in the process telling me i owed £187, £112 of which was to the council and the rest to Phoenix. I foolishly disregarded this as i had paid and i assumed it would be updated an Phoenix were no longer necessary. I then received a 2nd letter stating that i should pay now or face the enforcement stage, i also ignored this for the same reason as the last letter. Eventually someone called Miss Taylor turned up with a letter which she handed to my Mother, it said that i now owed £422 and she would return to collect goods from my mothers house, i instantly called her and disputed this and told her i had paid and gave the date. She denied this and called her office, she then called me back and said the amount was now £310. After this i tried to get some advice from a different forum, both by asking and reading similar threads. The advice i was given was that as i had paid during the compliance stage i was liable for the £75 but no other fees, and that the initial warrant couldn't be used to take any goods as the original amount had been settled. I understand it looks as if I've tried to get away with dealing with the Bailiffs but i happily would've paid the extra £75 to avoid this. My question is, is this advice correct? Or am i liable for the amount of £310. I have searched and read the forum for similar threads to mine but just wanted to make sure i got advice that was up to date and explicitly relevant to my situation so apologies if I'm going over old ground. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  21. Tesco is to charge customers for click and collect orders through its Direct arm costing less than £30 The supermarket giant, will introduce the £2 fee on Tesco Direct orders on 2 February. It already has a £4 charge for grocery shops below £40 which are ordered online and collected in store. In July, John Lewis introduced a similar charge for orders collected in its stores and in branches of Waitrose. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/jan/06/tesco-direct-charge-click-and-collect-orders
  22. It's all new to me and today went up a level I need advice I was taking my missus from airport while driving my phone were ringing few times + texts. Stopped just before airport gate on blind roundabout exit (road to nowhere). Wasn't long 5min tops and then I went in. No signs about not parking anywhere... Paid for parking on exit (chucked ticket away when i got home) Got pcn from vcs. 60£ if paid within 2 weeks. Looked for advice on internet. Ignored it as advised Another letter 100£. Ignored Now its that "professional debt collectors" company asking for 130£. What can/should I do??????? Please HELP!!!!!!!!!
  23. Hi Everyone, I had a debt management plan about 10 years ago, which is long since pretty much paid off / written off etc aside from two things which I would like to ask advice on. Firstly, I pay Collect Direct £45.00 a month on a standing order. I no longer have any idea what it is for but believe it may have been for an Egg credit card I have received no correspondence whatsoever from Collect Direct for about 8 years and I have no idea how to contact them or find out how much I may still owe. Nor do I really want to open that can of worms really as life has moved on. I would ideally like to stop paying them because I feel I could continue paying £45.00 forever and I don't know how much I really may owe. Is it advisable to stop paying them or just continue? If I stop paying them, what might the implications be? Secondly, I also have a CCJ from Tesco finance. This was a CCJ given in 2005 and no longer shows on my credit file. I pay £57.00 a month and at that rate it will take me longer than my entire working life to pay back what the debt was. Again my question is, what would the implications be of failing to pay a CCJ or should I just carry on. I could never afford to pay off the full amount. Is there anything else that I could do to try and get rid of this noose? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  24. Hi i had a letter in the past from CCS Collect saying that i owe £250 from the dwp back from in 2009 when i had a budgeting loan from the jobcente r and that if i dont pay or arrange to pay by installments then they will take legal action against me,CCJ etc and have to pay court costs etc. They also said if no contact is made then they are getting the papers to file a case against me. I am not working and my partner is working part time and we only paid them once as we got scared they will take our stuff or take us to court. Should i contact them and pay them? will they take me to court? i dont want to be [problem]med IF they are a bunch of con artists as i am just starting out in life with my first property will high bills to pay. Please help as i dont know what i am doing or dealing with here.
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