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  1. Hello to all, been a while since I've been about it. Hope all are well. I'm hoping someone can give me some insight to the following: I've been in ESA [sG] since day one, had one reassessment in 2016 which put me back in SG, the second ESA50 arrived in Oct 18, which was duly filled in and sent back by deadline date in Nov 18. I've heard nothing from anyone until yesterday. Yesterday, I received a text message from 'DWP' as follows: 'We've received your Statement of Fitness for Work (Fit Note) and details of your Work Capability Assessment. Your ESA payment will continue. Please don't send us any more statements (Fit Notes). You do not need to contact us.' Two points: 1. I've never sent Fit Notes since my initial claim back in 2012. 2. I've not had the mentioned Work Capability Assessment. Has anyone had the same situation happen to them? I don't really want to contact them. Someone mentioned it may have been done via a paper assessment, but I've never had one so don't know what that entails and should I have been informed by CHDA? I've looked around online but not really come across anything that helps me. Hopefully someone here can give me a clue about this situation. Thanks in advance for reading and any help/ information you can provide. Regards CookieRocks
  2. Today I had a text message which read...DEBTCOLLECT We have failed to contact you regarding your outstanding balance. 3rd party recovery and collections are attending at (my address) for enforcement. I have no clue who this is from and I have had no letters or emails concerning any debt....I have also tried to google debt collect but cannot find any info, there is also none in the message..no number..nothing. Any ideas please ?
  3. I received a disciplinary invite letter, the letter was not dated and no venue stated just the time and date. i phoned the manager to change date as I needed advice and was told they would contact me with another date. i was off work at the time due to close family bereavement. i then received a text message telling me my contract has been terminated, and a letter had been sent, which I have not received. i have worked for the company for over 4 years. The question I am asking is what do you think my best course of action should be. Can I send a grievance letter or would the manager ignore it as I no longer employed. i have received nothing in writing and no right of appeal.
  4. Hi I have had an ongoing battle with Lantern (motormile) trying to chase for an alleged Lending Stream Debt. I have provided them with a statement from Lending Stream showing a £0 balance outstanding which they have ignored and i am now receiving threat emails from Wilkin Chapman's "Lantern Team" saying they can't discuss by email due to data protection. I have sent them the same statement i have sent to Lantern and i'm certainly not calling them. Is there a templated response to an email? This is what they sent me "Good morning Thank you for your e-mail, we can confirm that for Data Protection reasons we are unable to discuss details of the account by e-mail without verification that you are the account holder. Please contact us on 01472 253965 or please respond confirming your full name, the first line of your address, postcode and your date of birth for confirmation. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and look forward to hearing from you within seven days. Yours faithfully"
  5. I cancelled my gym membership in February 2018 over the phone to a gym colleague and was told I would be able to use the gym up until March 2018 for the 1 months notice payment. However come June, I noticed they were still taking the payments out of my account, I contacted my bank and they were able to refund me the 3 months additional payments that they took out. I went into the gym and they said that you're not able to cancel over the phone even though I can clearly remember making the phone call and being told that it would be cancelled. The manager of the gym said that I'm still a member of the gym but offered me the ability of not having to pay the 1 months notice but would not be able to refund me the 3 months that they took out without me knowing (which I am fine with as the bank refunded me). So that was that, and I thought it was all sorted and then last week I got a text message from an unknown number saying: 'You have been sent an email from CRS regarding your account. Please check your inbox/junk folder or call the helpline on 01444 449165' I checked my emails and couldn't find it, maybe because I used an old email that I can't remember anymore, but I wasn't too sure what the text message was about anyway so I just left it. Then this morning I got another text saying: 'Please call CRS on 01444 449165 between 8:30am and 6pm. We sent a letter a week ago and need to discuss this with you. Thank you.' As a note I have moved house since, so I haven't seen this letter. I've read some other posts on here, but they're slightly different to this situation and I just want this resolved asap. Thanks!
  6. Are the Text message appointment reminders for job seekers allowance appointment reminders, automatically sent? Thanks
  7. I received this text today: Please call CRS on.... Between 9 and 5 pm we sent. Letter a week ago and need to discuss this with you. Thank you. At first I thought it was a spam text until I put the text into Google and found out it is exercise for less/harlands. I cancelled my gym membership in April. I asked a staff member in the gym how to cancel and was told to 'just cancel the direct debit' so that is what I did. I have not received any letters from Harlands this is the first I have heard from any sort of debt collection agency. I was also told when I joined the gym that there was no cancellation penalty. What shall I do? I'm worried that this is going to go further and effect my credit rating. I was going to contact the gym I signed up in but saw that other people getting advice on here were told not to. Any advice would be appreciated!
  8. Hello Caggers, Hope I am posting in the right area - I would appreciate some advice please on text messages I am receiving from NatWest regarding 'getting their mobile App'. We are at a slatemate as I perceive them to be marketing texts, which I am opted out of, but NatWest are insistent that these are service texts and is a communication which can be relevant to the maintenance of my account. I would like some advice as to whether I should be persuing this further and if so, how. I'll give you the back story, apologies if this is lengthy: In November 2016, after finally having had enough of the numerous text messages I was receiving from NatWest, I made a formal complaint and asked for the messages to stop. In December 2016, NatWest sent their response saying that they did not uphold my complaint as I had been opted out of marketing information on all platforms since 2011 and that these messages were service texts which I agreed to receive as per their terms and conditions. Whilst I was prepared to concede that messages informing me of how much I could put into my ISA account would be "relevant to the operation and maintenance of my account", I did not feel that text messages asking me to sign up to a Rewards account for a monthly fee, engaging in Twitter discussions and messages encouraging me to download their App (complete with web link) were relevant and sought assistance from the Financial Ombudsman. In February 2017, the Financial Ombudsman upheld my complaint, stating that some of the messages would be deemed marketing texts, albeit they did not specify which messages they were or how many. NatWest agreed and I was offered a small amount of compensation. Though I was not entirely happy that they could not guarantee I would not receive any more text messages, I accepted the findings and offered that my mobile number should be removed from their databases should I not be happy going forwards. This resolution was agreed by all parties. Since then, I have had monthly text messages from NatWest relating to new/improved features on their mobile App, all ending in "Get yours today at natwest.com/gettheapp". I am quite 'old school' and don't need the App in order to do my banking and felt that these would still come under marketing texts. Last month, I sent a letter to NatWest's complaint department, asking them to invoke the agreement to remove my mobile number from their databases, explaining why. Today, I have received a final response from NatWest. They have agreed to remove my mobile number from their databases, but do not uphold my overall complaint as "the texts to which you refer to are service texts in that they are advising you of a service we provide that you could benefit from." This statement, to me, is contradictory as the whole point of marketing information is to advise people of a service that they could benefit from. Service information should be updates or changes to services they already use. The clause in the terms and conditions that NatWest refer to is as follows: 1.9 Communications about your account 1.9.1 We will contact you with information relevant to the operation and maintenance of your account by a variety of means including via online banking, mobile banking, email, text message, post and/or telephone. If at any point in the future you change your contact details you should tell us promptly about those changes. I see nothing in the above about what would be deemed as "relevant to the operation and maintenance to my account." By NatWest's own admission when the case went to the FOS that some of the text messages I was being sent would be deemed marketing, it would appear that there is a fine line between what is deemed marketing and what is deemed a service text. I would love to take this up further, even if it was just to get some clarification as to whether this was an acceptable type of service text, but would like some thoughts as to whether I would have a case and how to go about it. It seems such a shame that I have to put myself at risk of fraud as NatWest will no longer be able to reach me promptly, but this appears to be the only way I can stop the text messages. Look forward to hearing from some of you in due course, GS.
  9. Hi, i have just received a text stating ; Dear Ms XXXXX please visit http://www.ccscollect.co.uk or call on 0845 blah blah to discuss your reference xxxxx. For a call back please reply to this sms. So thinking this was a [problem] i looked up the name on the internet and found it is a debt collection agency, but, in theory i should have no debt as i have just entered a trust deed a couple of months ago now and most of the companies i owe money to would have been informed by now or about to be. I also received another text within a minute allegedly from Hmrev saying they owe me xxxx for the last tax year and i know that one is definitely a [problem] as i have been on DLA since 2013 and just changed to PIP in jan so i assumed the two were connected in the [problem] hence the internet seach on ccscollect and then finding the various threads on here about them. Advice on what to do will be greatly appreciated please and thank you Paula
  10. Hi. First of all, thanks in advance for any advice. Today, out of the blue, I received this text: "Message for ...... we need to speak with you today regarding a personal matter. Please contact Capquest on.... quoting ....." I did a quick google and found out they are a debt collection agency. I have no outstanding debt that I know about. About 20 years ago I had a few small debts I didn't pay, but over the years I have paid off all the ones I found on Experian etc. About 5 years ago I started rebuilding my credit score. And 2 years ago I bought a house. My credit score is currently good, I have no CCJs or outstanding debts on record as far as I can tell. I now have no trouble getting credit cards or loans etc. I can only imagine this is either a mistake, or they have bought some old statute barred debt and are trying their luck. If it was just me I would ignore it. However, I am now living with a partner, expecting a kid, and have a mortgage so I want to play it safe. Can you please give me any advise on how to proceed with this? Thanks again! J.
  11. If you're annoyed by nuisance calls, you can opt out of them by text message. The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) has been running for a number of years, but according to communications regulator Ofcom only 48% of the people it surveyed knew that mobile numbers can be registered on the TPS (compared with 88% who knew about home phone numbers being eligible). The "text-to-register" service lets you add your number to the "do not call" database of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), which is good news (provided it works). If you want in, all you have to do is text "TPS" with your number to 78070. And that's it. You should get a SMS reply from the TPS, which confirms that your number has been added into their database. http://www.bitterwallet.com/mobile/today-you-can-opt-out-of-cold-calls-by-text-92175
  12. Hi all, I have recently been receiving a few texts from Vanquis with the following text body:- Unsurprisingly I have no idea how my number was obtained by this company or whoever sends texts on their behalf. My problem with this is that I was charged by the 60070 number for opting out of these annoying and unwanted texts. There was no prior indication that I would be charged and I think that is pretty misleading and outrageous - I was given a generic system warning by my android phone and that's it. I'm not exactly sure how I would like to proceed with following up why I was charged but I think I should - Where do I 'stand' with this situation? Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi all, I rec'vd a text this morning stating - "Please contact PRA GROUP quoting ref #xxxxxxxx or visit pragroup.uk.com to make a payment. SMS msg opt out text STOP to 60070............... now whilst I do have some defaulted debts I can possibly tell which one this relates to, if I email them quoting the ref no. they gave asking what this is about will i re-open the debt and extend the timeline?
  14. Hi All, I'm after some advice and opinion A while ago I fell into debt with various Payday lenders which was totally my fault no excuses. I have now sorted them all out with the last one being MYJAR formerly Text Loan with the last payment being paid this month. A few months ago I received an email from MYJAR saying I owed the debt and if I didn't pay or make an arrangement within 14 days they would register a default. I called them up and made arrangements to pay over 4 months (Last payment this month) which they accepted and I was told no default would be registered as I had come to an arrangement within the 14 days. First payment was made and two weeks went by and when I checked my credit file on Noddle there was a default registered by MYJAR three days after the arrangement was made and first payment paid. After contacting them they emailed me to advise the default had been put on by mistake and this would be removed but would show as "Late Payment" due to the original debt occurring. I could live with the "Late Payment" after all I did fall into debt. The default was removed and I continued to make payments on time as agreed. It has now come to my last payment and I have just checked my Noddle credit file and the default is back along with the mark for late payment. I have just emailed them again but I'm concerned in case they try to keep it on and I'm not sure what action to take. I'm thinking was this just a tactic to get me to pay Can they legally do this? Thanks for any advice offered
  15. A US firm is to extend its free mobile data, voice and text offering to the UK from July this year. FreedomPop will offer Sim cards that offer 200MB of data, 200 texts and 200 minutes of voice calls per month using the cellular network at no cost. The company already offers a similar free mobile data plan in the US to more than half a million users. The firm, which is backed by Skype founder Niklas Zennstom, says it will make money by selling extra services. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32704051 US mobile phone provider FreedomPop is launching its Sim-only service in the UK - which offers free calls, texts and data. The service is launching as a virtual network operator using Three’s mobile network to provide users with 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data for free. FreedomPop has not said whether there will be an upfront cost for the Sim. Users can buy more allowance or additional services such as a second phone number tied to one mobile phone and will have to pay to go over the free calls, texts or data allowance. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/may/13/freedompop-bringing-free-mobile-calls-texts-data-service-to-uk
  16. I got 2 texts from the DWP about half 9 tonight saying the following. We have received your change of circumstances to your JSA claim.You do not need to contact us. We have actioned your change of circumstances to your JSA.You do not need to contact us. The thing is i have not made any changes to my JSA claim in months.I am still signing on every 2 weeks and attending the Work Programme.I did fill out and hand a JSA28 form in to the jobcentre but that was 2 weeks ago.
  17. Hello, My teenage daughter has a £6.90 Three subscription with "unlimited free text messages". But this month I was shocked to receive a bill of nearly £40, including a charge of ~£30 for "text delivery confirmations". It turns out that, according to Three, texting is free - as long as the phone is set not to receive delivery confirmation. But if delivery confirmations are set to "allowed", Three will charge the customer 1.2p per confirmation. My daughter, then, sent more than 2,000 text messages last month. In my view, text delivery confirmation is an inherent element of the GSM text messaging service, and if texting is advertised as free/included, then networks have no basis to charge for "text delivery confirmation". In the GSM standard, text message transmission (incl. delivery confirmation) incurs virtually no cost to GSM networks (except for costs related to billing the customers for texting). Is there a way to challenge this, in my view unfair, charge? I don't really feel like paying £30 for "delivery confirmations".
  18. Received a text message from the above 27/11/14 09:05 We have been trying to contact you please call us. Web address and a ref number. No further calls or texts yet Have not received anything from that company in the post or anyone else chasing money recently Am in a debt management plan coming up to 2 years. Had nothing from my creditors to say they were reassigning. I assume i should just ignore until something comes through the post.
  19. Finally got sick of the "best day to pay" messages sent the "stop" message which is given in the text message. This was done last weekend today, low and behold, another message comes through! I will be making a formal complaint to the Information Commissioners Office regarding the fact they have breached the request to stop messages. I've attached the screenshots of the stop request and message received in breach of the request. Will be interesting to see what Brighthouse say about this as it's a complaint they won't be able to handle, only respond to as the ICO will be involved. Brighthouse reps ... attempt to defend this breach!
  20. Hi Fredricksons are chasing for a water bill whichis currently being paid off and a very rapid rate of nots direct to Welsh Water - the surname on the bill is incorrect. I am ignoring them and paying direct each week. They are sending daily texts asking me to get in contact with no name mentioned (ie mine) no details beyond a request for contact. I am also getting regular phone calls however there is no real person on the end of the phone after a long pause there is an automated message. Today another call I actually decide to answer it - complete silence, a voicemail is logged while the line is tied up with this silent call and then I can't end the call I have to switch the phone off nothing else would stop the connection - now OK its their bill but this can't be someting they should be doing.
  21. My spouse had a text message from Capita stating that they had appointments available in our area this week and asking to phone them to book an appointment. Not sure why they did not phone? The number is a "0808" number. Is this genuine and is the number a free phone number? If it is genuine, it reads as if they want to do a home visit. Can they insist on a home visit as don't really like strangers in the home at any time? The visit will be in connection with the Lower Care DLA being received and renewing it. My spouse is retired and has been for a couple of months.
  22. ...Are they legit or has someone got access to private information and is using it? I did have a text when I applied for JSA but I have been on ESA a few weeks now and never got anything until a few minutes ago which is strange unless the system had a fault and the message was delayed. It basically said: "Your ESA has been awarded. We will confirm this by letter. We need fit notes/medical certificates in order to pay you"
  23. Who can I report this text message to? Received this (word for word with the mistakes in the message at the end) We failed to contact you on residential numbers provided. We have no alternative but to call you on work numbers provided to,call 02080451382 to discuss No way do I want them to contact my work number and I think this message is designed to be intimidating :mad2:
  24. One of the site team has received an email from their Neighbourhood Watch scheme regarding the following:- https://www.gov.uk/government/news/motorists-warned-about-driving-licence-reminders-received-by-text-or-email So please do be aware of this.
  25. If you dial 141 before the normal number, your number is withheld from the person called. But if you try this with a text message, it does not work. Does anyone know why? How do I withhold my number on text messages?
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