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Found 7 results

  1. Morning all, I have an interesting but perhaps a rather open and shut case with TNT Direct aka Parcel2Go. Purchased courier service to transport a PC from my home to a close friend in the USA. Paid £68.46 on 15/11/2018 for collection on 19/11/2018. Delivery within 1 - 3 days but confirmed for 22/11/2018. Customs paperwork and FCC 740 form was completed and provided. There is very little information out there on how to complete the FCC 740 form but after finding the example version on the FedEx website I completed it and attached with the parcel. 19/11/2018 TNT arrived to collect Parcel and it was handed over. 22/11/2018 comes and no updates on the tracking information. I contacted TNT Direct / P2G via webchat and was told they were missing the FCC 740 form and the parcel was being held in their depot. I explained to them that I had already included the FCC 740 with the customs paperwork as per the instructions. Nevertheless they requested duplicates and I provided those the same day in good faith. 23/11/2018 TNT bring the parcel back to my home address. I was in but as I was not expecting any callers I did not answer the door. So the parcel was taken back to the depot. I contacted TNT and explained what had happened, they advised me it would be resolved and the parcel delivered. 27/11/2018 still no updates on tracking so contacted by webchat again. Was told they did send over the duplicate forms and contacted the depot but this was not followed through correctly. 29/11/2018 Parcel Delivered - But tracking information not showing this and P2G / TNT completely unaware of this also! 03/12/2018 still no tracking updates so another web chat. This time they opened an investigation. But this time I was told "Good afternoon, Order number This is in transit now" 06/12/2018 again no tracking updates so contacted them again and was told an investigation would be opened again and they would contact me within 1 - 2 working days. 11/12/2018 still no updates so I contact them again and begin to lose patience and this is where things started to get a little interesting. I was told: "Consignment showing as Delivered by FedEx 29/11/2018" I had already mentioned and was advised on delivery that a refund would be "looked into" because of the lengthy delay for delivery. But nevertheless the agent I spoke with used just about every excuse under the sun to blame me for the late delivery and said a refund was not possible. When I didn't take no for an answer he then tried to change the date the parcel was sent to the 27/11/2018 so delivery was made within the 1 - 3 days. I wasn't having that either. I then used the example of public transport and that a service is not guaranteed to arrive at the time advertised in the timetable. But if there is a delay the operator will compensate (obviously I know there are exclusions to this, but the principle remains the same) the passenger for late arrival. The agent then tried to say that a service guarantee was not purchased, but this was never offered on the website in the first instance. But go and look at the TNT Direct website for this nice little extract on parcels to the USA: https://direct.tnt.co.uk/services/parcel-delivery-to-usa So a guaranteed service is not a guaranteed service it seems... But the absolute icing on the cake are the terms and conditions on the TNT Direct website: https://direct.tnt.co.uk/legal/terms-and-conditions But the agent seemed to think that the terms and conditions I agreed to are these, on a completely different website: https://www.parcel2go.com/content/about-terms.aspx When I advised the agent they had contradicted themselves they tried to blame the delay for delivery was because of the address used and not because of the paperwork. I had the PC sent to my friends work address, which is a small bank branch in the USA which has a mailroom on site. They use PO Boxes for each staff member, But the mailroom is small enough that staff would know who a parcel should go, even if the PO Box was not put on the label. But nevertheless this is a moot point as they still accepted the order and carried out the contract in a rather amateurish manner. But it just goes to show how they tried to use every excuse available to avoid being responsible. I'm going to take this on as I am satisfied I did not receive the service I paid for, which was delivery within 1 - 3 working days. If they offered a 50% refund at the time of conversation, I would probably have accepted that as they still provided part of the service paid for. Now I most likely will not and am going to look into doing a chargeback for the service. I'm reasonably comfortable with handling this without too much input. But I wanted to document this in case anyone else has the same problem with TNT Direct / P2G. Is it worth writing a formal complaint to the executive office for this or should I just do a chargeback and see what happens? Oh and the tracking website still has the parcel in Liege Euro Hub... So I have no actual proof of delivery, just their agents say so...
  2. My Step-son has been insured with Hastings since passing his driving test at 18 and buying his first car. In 2014 a claim was made against him saying he had run into the back of another car. As my step-son did not have an independent witness he was unable to prove it was not his car and the claim was settled with my step-son losing his 2 years no claims. This was despite Hastings giving my step-son the incorrect date for the alleged accident for 8 months and my step-sons car's towing hook being on the drivers side when the dent to the third party car being on the passenger side rear!!!! The latest problem is that he was hit in the rear by another vehicle (Nissan Qashqai) Step-son's car being a 2009 Mini, while waiting to parallel park in a space on a side road. Step-son was stationary at the time as he was checking if it was clear to reverse into the space. He had reverse gear engaged ready to reverse in the space as soon as he could see it was clear. The road he was using was an entrance to a supermarket and is at least 50ft wide. Step-son said he felt a bump so he put the handbrake on then the Nissan driver was banging on his window shouting at him saying Step-son has hit his car. Nissan driver was foreign and was very aggressive saying Step-son's reversing lights were not working. Police were called who attended and managed to get the other drivers details. They even checked that Step-sons reversing lights were working perfectly. Accident was reported to Hastings the following day. Solicitors were instructed by Hastings to pursue the other driver. Hastings then wrote to my Step-son in February informing him they were settling the claim as the other driver said Step-son had reversed into him. Hastings say that as my Step-son was the manoeuvring party then he is liable as Step-son cannot prove he was stationary. The solicitors are fuming as Hastings have done this without consulting them. I am still in contact with the solicitors as my Daughter (who was 15 at the time of the accident) was a passenger in my Step-son's car. Can anyone give us advice on what we can do next?
  3. Hi, thanks in advance for looking at my post. Basically, in 2006 I took out a buy now pay later deal through land of leather with creation. land of leather told me i would be contacted when i needed to start making payments but never did. after taking out this deal i went through a rough patch after having a prem baby and becoming a single parent in the space of a few months with no job and was extremely depressed and i forgot about the sofa payments. the next i heard i had court papers, i contacted creation to ask if i could start making the payments asap and they told me i had to pay the full amount plus the interest i would have been charged or they would register the ccj. i couldnt afford to do it and the ccj was registed and a charge was put on my house. anyway, the house is being sold, its meant to exchange next week. my solicitor has contacted creation for a balance and it is 5139.19!! the sofa originally cost 1495 and i took a 2 year warranty 240. on my credit file under creation it states 3639 and they have logged every month since 2006 sustained arrears. i contacted creation to ask why the balance is so high, they told me it was now with drydens. i called drydens, they told me the 5139.19 is the balance creation had sent to them and they had never added any fees and didnt have a breakdown. i recontacted creation and i was given the balance of 3638.55 and they told me any other fees must be drydens adding them. i am so confused and neither company is offering to help me or give me the information i need. i am about to lose my buyer. please help me
  4. Hi any advice desperately needed: Bought a automatic car recently, it came with 1 month/1000 mile warranty for nearly £3000. Immediately after collection became apparent there were a number of problems: airbag light on Squealing noise when accelerator more than half down Slight oil leak Transfer shift does not work (to put in 4wd, 2wd, 4wd low etc) Stalling when engine hot when pulling up at junctions (like it was staying in gear and trying to drive off) I contacted the garage and we arranged for it to go to his garage on a Tuesday, he then cancelled it saying his guy couldn't look at it until a few days later so rearranged to take it in on Thursday. In the meantime we were driving along on Wednesday and the car made the most horrific noise i've ever heard and the engine died, when trying to restart just made a horrendous banging noise. Recovery guys recovered it and delivered to the garage on the back of a lorry NOT towed. Had a call from the garage today saying his garage are saying the torque converter has failed in such a way that it's from either being driven at high speed in 4wd - 4wd wasn't working anyway and i'm sure the car is capable of doing 50mph in 4wd anyway? The other thing he said was it was damage caused by towing which it categorically has NOT been. I don't see how a little back room countryside garage has the ability to analyse an autobox that has got 154,000 miles on it and say the damage has been caused exclusively in the last 200 miles that i've owned the car which is what they're claiming. Fortunately the car we were selling we still have so have a car to use but the dealer that sold the car wants me to go over to look at the torque converter, I don't see the point as I don't know what one looks like let alone what the damage would look like. I've driven automatics many times before so I know the do's and don'ts, I checked all the oil levels every day so I know they were right. I suppose this is going to need some kind of independant investigation but I really don't have much in the way of money to pay for one. I've explained all the symptoms to the garage this afternoon and he's going to go talk to the mechanics he uses who have made this claim to see what they say to that. If anyone has any advice at all I'd be really really grateful, i'm really ill with 2 neurological conditions and i'm so distressed about all of this now it's making me physically sick.
  5. Hi All, I'm currently with Bank of Scotland, well for the next 56 days anyway. I'll start at the beginning: I received 3 payments amounting to over 5k split between my current account AND ISA account. I was not expecting these payments (initially thought possibly sent by family - unfortunately this was not the case) and so contacted Bank of Scotland to notify them of this. I was told to either move the money into another account as to ensure that I wouldn't spend the money or leave it where it was (which I did) and wait for a letter notifying me the money would be taken out and paid back to the original sender. The next day or so I went to the bank to withdraw money, card was swallowed by cash machine I then went into branch to discuss this - was asked to bring in more ID, did this and was then told my account had been frozen. Turns out the payments were not made in error but rather fraudulently - They were FPI payments so I assume they were paid from the other party's online account. I was told I would receive further information the next day on the issue. The next day I am told my accounts will be closed as they believe I am behind the fraud. At this stage I did try to discuss why they thought this and how could I prove otherwise etc but was met with only the phrase (along the lines): "The account will be closed and no more offered" I did also ask if I would have any type of markers against my name now which would affect me and was told no initially and then when I probed further was given a "maybe" Doing some research on my own I see that in these situations bank will apply for a CIFAS which is very serious as it can affect employment and access to other accounts from different banks. I am of course extremely worried by this whole mess as I fear it could now affect my current job which is in Insurance - who of course will be unlikely to keep someone on with a fraud marker; as well as any future employment I may seek. To the best of my knowledge none of my account information has been stolen or compromised - It seems to me from my conversations with several Bank of Scotland staff If I was to have lied and said my card was lost etc I probably wouldn't be in this situation of being blamed. I accept it may be possible my online account was hacked or card details copied/cloned but as I said to the best of my knowledge this is not the case. Any advice on this whole situation would be greatly appreciated, as well as any information you may have on CIFAS and how long it lasts - If it is applied for I will of course appeal this and if anyone else has any experience of this Id like to hear from you also. Thank you all for reading this rather long post. -Sofail P.s before anyone asks, NO I am not a fraudster. I am innocent and another victim of this fraud in this whole situation.
  6. I have a private landlord and is letting through a property agent who charged us 175 per head and £50 for contract renewal every 6months. From last 6 months I have been continuously telling them about mould in the kitchen wall were it meets the roof. A contractor they sent said the outward wall was not rendered and there was a gap were the roof met the wall, also the roof tile was broken. Till date they have not done anything. The house is also poorly insulated. No amount of heating can warm It up! The mould has spread to the other corners and the wallpaper there is peeling off. Once when it rained, I even saw rain water dripping inside through the wall. The agents kept telling us that the property has to be ventilated. The previous tenant told me that there was some leak on another wall in the bedroom and when I checked, there was mould in on of the bottom corners, the wallpaper had ripped and was taped with a tape. We still decided to continue living here since we couldn't afford a new place deposit. We paid them £50 and mentioned repairs. Today they came for an inspection when I was not around and sent us a report telling there was a large amount of condensation on the windows and the property was not ventilated, hence the mould. When I checked, I could only see condensation on bedroom window. But, how do I open it when my baby was down with cold? The mould is nowhere else in the property. They have also exaggerated the inspection report stating the house was untidy throughout when I had hoovered the place in the morning and tidied it. It is impossible to maintain it perfect as I have 2 very young children. I am really upset now as they are asking us to evict unless we improve the condition by next month end when they come to inspect, when they must be the ones doing it. We pay £625 monthly for this 2bedroom house without fail every month. And after all this, this is what we get?? Are they just picking on us so that they don't have to carry out repairs? I have lived in 4 houses in the past 6yrs and never even saw a mould. The previous tenant said he had to file a suite to get back his deposit. If the ventilation was poor, won't there be moulds in the other areas too? Please help! Is there anything we could do?
  7. Hi guys, i hope someone can help me, i was involved in an RTA and need some advice on how to proceed with my claim. I was travelling down the motorway in the middle lane, i had just passes a truck in the nearside lane when the traffic stated to slow in all 3 lanes. I maintained a safe distance between me and the car in front and slowed accordingly, as i did this the truck i had just passed came up the inside of me as he slowed down also, we travelled a few hundred yards with his cab level to my car, the then pulled across into the side of me, hitting my front nearside door, span me around across middle, nearside and hard shoulder ending in me hitting the Armco on the hard shoulder. He was a Polish trucker driving a Polish truck, so was sat on the left. No witnesses stopped, even though there must have been at least 20! The truck driver said nothing to me, not one word. Police arrived, took his details and gave them to me, breathalysed me (negative) and basically said that's all, call your insurance. So insurer called, claim made against him, im now being told they are not accepting liability. With no witnesses, no CCTV (i have contacted Highways agency) where do i stand? I have never made a claim in my life, i have a totally clean licence and now all of a sudden it looks like i will loose my NCB and have my premiums hiked, not to mention a hefty excess to pay. Please can someone offer some advice, i really don't know what to do.
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