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Found 9 results

  1. Morning all, I have an interesting but perhaps a rather open and shut case with TNT Direct aka Parcel2Go. Purchased courier service to transport a PC from my home to a close friend in the USA. Paid £68.46 on 15/11/2018 for collection on 19/11/2018. Delivery within 1 - 3 days but confirmed for 22/11/2018. Customs paperwork and FCC 740 form was completed and provided. There is very little information out there on how to complete the FCC 740 form but after finding the example version on the FedEx website I completed it and attached with the parcel. 19/11/2018 TNT arrived to collect Parcel and it was handed over. 22/11/2018 comes and no updates on the tracking information. I contacted TNT Direct / P2G via webchat and was told they were missing the FCC 740 form and the parcel was being held in their depot. I explained to them that I had already included the FCC 740 with the customs paperwork as per the instructions. Nevertheless they requested duplicates and I provided those the same day in good faith. 23/11/2018 TNT bring the parcel back to my home address. I was in but as I was not expecting any callers I did not answer the door. So the parcel was taken back to the depot. I contacted TNT and explained what had happened, they advised me it would be resolved and the parcel delivered. 27/11/2018 still no updates on tracking so contacted by webchat again. Was told they did send over the duplicate forms and contacted the depot but this was not followed through correctly. 29/11/2018 Parcel Delivered - But tracking information not showing this and P2G / TNT completely unaware of this also! 03/12/2018 still no tracking updates so another web chat. This time they opened an investigation. But this time I was told "Good afternoon, Order number This is in transit now" 06/12/2018 again no tracking updates so contacted them again and was told an investigation would be opened again and they would contact me within 1 - 2 working days. 11/12/2018 still no updates so I contact them again and begin to lose patience and this is where things started to get a little interesting. I was told: "Consignment showing as Delivered by FedEx 29/11/2018" I had already mentioned and was advised on delivery that a refund would be "looked into" because of the lengthy delay for delivery. But nevertheless the agent I spoke with used just about every excuse under the sun to blame me for the late delivery and said a refund was not possible. When I didn't take no for an answer he then tried to change the date the parcel was sent to the 27/11/2018 so delivery was made within the 1 - 3 days. I wasn't having that either. I then used the example of public transport and that a service is not guaranteed to arrive at the time advertised in the timetable. But if there is a delay the operator will compensate (obviously I know there are exclusions to this, but the principle remains the same) the passenger for late arrival. The agent then tried to say that a service guarantee was not purchased, but this was never offered on the website in the first instance. But go and look at the TNT Direct website for this nice little extract on parcels to the USA: https://direct.tnt.co.uk/services/parcel-delivery-to-usa So a guaranteed service is not a guaranteed service it seems... But the absolute icing on the cake are the terms and conditions on the TNT Direct website: https://direct.tnt.co.uk/legal/terms-and-conditions But the agent seemed to think that the terms and conditions I agreed to are these, on a completely different website: https://www.parcel2go.com/content/about-terms.aspx When I advised the agent they had contradicted themselves they tried to blame the delay for delivery was because of the address used and not because of the paperwork. I had the PC sent to my friends work address, which is a small bank branch in the USA which has a mailroom on site. They use PO Boxes for each staff member, But the mailroom is small enough that staff would know who a parcel should go, even if the PO Box was not put on the label. But nevertheless this is a moot point as they still accepted the order and carried out the contract in a rather amateurish manner. But it just goes to show how they tried to use every excuse available to avoid being responsible. I'm going to take this on as I am satisfied I did not receive the service I paid for, which was delivery within 1 - 3 working days. If they offered a 50% refund at the time of conversation, I would probably have accepted that as they still provided part of the service paid for. Now I most likely will not and am going to look into doing a chargeback for the service. I'm reasonably comfortable with handling this without too much input. But I wanted to document this in case anyone else has the same problem with TNT Direct / P2G. Is it worth writing a formal complaint to the executive office for this or should I just do a chargeback and see what happens? Oh and the tracking website still has the parcel in Liege Euro Hub... So I have no actual proof of delivery, just their agents say so...
  2. Hi Caggers, We use TNT for delivering our goods on a daily basis in my company and normally they are ok, yes we've had some DiT issues but on the whole they've played ball so no major headaches . . . until now! We sent out 5 parcels containing 14 products in total to our customer in a European country, 9 of which were damaged in transit. Our customer signed for them in the usual 'good condition' and more importantly then didn't contact me for almost 2 weeks before telling me they were DiT's. I put a claim in with TNT based on the 21 day rule but they have now replied quoting; "The Warsaw Convention which is applicable in law, states that a claim for damaged must be recorded within 14 days." I've already served them with a LBA 2 days ago, but i've not come across this Warsaw Convention stuff . . . can anyone please shed some light on this, thanks . . . Stuart
  3. Hello, I'm having a horrible experience with TNT and i had to share, we will never used them again. My sister sent 8 suitcases from italy to uk, payed 400 euro. On the 24th december 7 suitcases arrived, which one has been completly broken, the whole frame is in pieces. One of the bags has been open,the padlock is gone and many items are missing from the bag. They changed the tracking number without letting us know. We called tnt, they don't know where the last bag is, they didn't offer any solution apart from wait and we will call you back,bu. At this point we would be happy if the bag is still behind but at list safe somewhere. This has been cause of a lot of worries and problems, as inside the bags where few expensive clothing. I did not expect a courrier company could make so many mistakes in one go, their only job is do deliveries and collect parcels and it seems they can't do it right.
  4. Anybody bought vouchers from High Street Vouchers.com recently? I ordered £40 worth of Leisure Vouchers on Saturday 29th September and opted for free First class Royal Mail delivery which was confirmed on the acceptance email I received plus despatch email. Thought 'First Class Royal Mail' meant ordering them on Saturday meant I'd get them by Tuesday October 2nd at the latest but they haven't arrived. When I phoned to inquire the company said that in fact it's not Royal Mail they're using but TNT which can take up to 5 working days. I was also told that their 'delivery information page' states free delivery is by TNT not Royal Mail. Is this misrepresentation?
  5. My son won an Ipad in Australia, the only problem being, he was no longer there. A friend sent it via TNT, who say it got go the UK but has got lost. In reality, seeing as it had a customs label saying "Ipad" on it, I assume it has been stolen. They've paid him the usual £50 and credited the import duty they had paid on his behalf, but surely they should repay the shipping fee as well? He contracted them to do a thing which they have not done, so I don't see why he should pay. Does anyone know whether he would stand a chance?
  6. Well in all the time I have been dealing with the internet and deliveries worldwide inc two vehicles from USA, this is the first time I am getting shafted. I purchased two new turbochargers from arriva buses (new old stock) via ebay for my project vehicle. Paid the seller and paid £20 for TNT express delivery. Item was picked up from Arriva on the 25th october, seller gave me tracking and was told deliver would be tomorrow. I sat here most of the following day awaiting delivery as TNT don't give a time slot. I decided to check the tracking and it came up saying " please call " I rang up their freephone number and got their automated tracking assistant. gave it the details and it said "delivery address unknown" I was then transferred to a human assistant. They reeled off arriva's details, my details and then said "we haven't got the parcel " I'll pass you onto our customer service team. Spoke to them and they didn't know where it was, so I had to ring arriva to contact TNT to confirm collection with their paperwork and photos/description of box. TNT then spent the next few days (supposedly) finding it. Well the weekend came and went and nothing. Getting rather pizzed off with the crapshoot. I was just about to head out on the 30th to the vets when got a bang on the door. TNT driver thrust a computer screen under my nose for signature then dashes back to his truck for parcel. He brings the parcel to my front wall and drops it on the wall, grabs computer and buggers off without speaking a word. Well the box on inspection looks like it had been crushed as some point. TNT found the package, opened it and resealed it as the whole box is covered in their own " TNT resealed by PDC " Brought the package indoor carefully as bottom of box was hanging off and opened it which didnt take much and found one turbo is dinged but serviceable. The second one is locked up solid. Informed TNT straight away as well as the seller. Told seller I would take the locked turbo to a specialist nearby for inspection. Inspection revealed the turbo had been dropped on compressor side and bent the back plate , locking the turbine wheel. informed seller and Seller said we will put a claim in to TNT for the damage. I sent them pictures of the box as it arrived and the circumstances of delivery. TNT have thrown the claim out saying " we wasn't informed of delivery damage on delivery, under our term's and conditions" I have checked their website about claims at TNT How long do I have to report a lost or damaged consignment You'll need to notify us within 7 days of shipment loss, damage or delay. On receipt of a claim form, you should return it within 21 days of date of issue, fully completed and with all supporting documentation. and it says I had upto 7 days to inform of damage which was done. I want to claim off TNT as the seller did everything they could regarding delivery yet TNT damaged it. Can I make a claim in court on the basis that TNT were negligent in their duties as they KNEW the package was damaged before trying to deliver it??? Also the delivery driver KNEW the package was damaged and did everything he could to get out of here ASAP. I don't see how I can be held to their terms and conditions as I wasn't made aware of them when I spoke to them and I wasn't informed that the package had been found, was going to be delivered OR that they had damaged/resealed it. If people would like to see the package, I can post up pics
  7. Since last year June I have been having continual problems with TNT Post who are unfortunately delivering some of our domestic mail. They are choosing to dump them in a communal hallway and not in individual letter boxes. I have complained to various managerial employees who always apologise and say it will never happen again, which it does. Also complained to POSTRS who were useless. All TNT Post had to do is their legal team sent a letter stating they have all these wonderful structures in place apologising and that it will not happen again. In short the same incident happened yesterday. Really at my wits end as mail could be stolen. Has anyone else had issues with this companies delivery methods and what did they do to solve the problem? Thank you.
  8. I'll make the story short..... Basically I bought a tv off someone I know for £350 and they paid for delivery via Parcel2Go using TNT next day delivery with insurance. It arrived the next day and the courier carried it into my house and asked me for my name and asked me to sign it and went. I noticed TNT reseal tape all over the box and I opened it and noticed it was damp and the tv has got damage on the frame and back of the tv came apart and there were few dead pixel where it must have fell out of the box due to the box being soaked(tapes easily come off) Parcel2Go refused to pay up for the tv and only offering 50pounds after a week of calls/emails/facebook/live chat. I am deciding to take it to small claim and I am stuck with filling in the N1 form the particulars of claims. What am I meant to put on that bit? Thanks Bob
  9. Hi all, I sold a printer on Ebay. Just a normal large format computer printer. I used Parcel2Go parcel agent to arrange collection of the printer with TNT 24 hour overnight express service. Printer was collected from me on Wednesday 24 August by the TNT driver. Driver gave to me a signed receipt of collection on their standard TNT headed paper. The box should have been delivered to the buyer on Thursday 25 August. Three days later, Saturday, buyer contacts me to tell me that the printer has not been delivered. I go to Parcel2Go parcel tracking page, there is no tracking information for the box. I go to TNT web site tracking information, there is no tracking information for the box. Monday 29 August I contact Parcel2Go website live help about the missing box. Answer = TNT have advised us ... No goods. “What does ... No goods ...... mean” ? They don’t have tracking information on it. Parcel2Go tell me they will look into the problem and call me back the same day = They never did. Or the next day. Or the next. So I send email every day to Parcel2Go asking what is happening about their search for the missing box. I don’t receive an answer. I call on the phone to TNT customer service. They know about the missing box and it’s intended destination and the recipient’s name. Parcel2Go must have contacted them at TNT. But the woman at TNT would not discuss with me about the missing box any further. She directs me to go right back to Parcel2Go, telling me that it is their responsibility for the loss of the box. Parcel2Go direct me to fill in an online claim form and send it to them by email. I send claim form with all information about the missing box. Anyone who, like myself, has had previous experience with Parcel2Go claims, willl know that claims from them never resolve into any form of payment. One becomes stuck in an endless cycle of being asked to send all information about the box, over, and over again. Generally given the run-around until the claim period runs out, then one is informed that they should have sent the information about the box earlier. I will only receive their maximum limit of £ 50 if I am lucky with the claim. The TNT collection driver had obviously not scanned the bar-code on the delivery address label on the top of the box when he collected it, so all the information about the box never entered their system. So it is undoubtedly TNT’s fault that the box is lost. Now the box is drifting around in a TNT warehouse somewhere and no one can be bothered to find it. How can a box this size become lost ? It is not a small box at 650 x 470 x 450 mm deep. 15Kg. the box is not something that could be overlooked. The delivery address is plainly marked in large print on the top of the box, completely sealed under clear 50mm wide industrial sellotape. Why someone just cannot pick up the box and put it onto a relevant delivery van is beyond my understanding. I have now had to refund the buyer, he has been very patient. No one will admit responsibility for the lost box. I am getting tired of being pushed from one company to the other. But WHO is actually legally responsible for the loss of the box ? Parcel2Go or TNT ? Who do I take to court for the full £ 70 that I have lost ? Dave.
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