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  1. Morning all, I have an interesting but perhaps a rather open and shut case with TNT Direct aka Parcel2Go. Purchased courier service to transport a PC from my home to a close friend in the USA. Paid £68.46 on 15/11/2018 for collection on 19/11/2018. Delivery within 1 - 3 days but confirmed for 22/11/2018. Customs paperwork and FCC 740 form was completed and provided. There is very little information out there on how to complete the FCC 740 form but after finding the example version on the FedEx website I completed it and attached with the parcel. 19/11/2018 TNT arrived to
  2. Hello! I've got into a slight dispute with Urban Outfitters, as I've asked for my delivery cost to be refunded as I returned the whole order and was therefore entitled to it I ordered a t-shirt on 19/11/18 it cost £3.99 for delivery I returned in a branch on the high st on 04/12/18 and was automatically sent a refund email for the t-shirt So I wrote to customer services asking for my delivery back as per the Consumer Contracts Regulations They refused to refund it and when I re-sent my email back they've now responded/ asked: Hi Shelly, Thanks for your reply
  3. I sold a tv on ebay, listing it as collection only. The buyer sent a courier (Yodel) to collect it but he told ebay it wasn't received. Ebay refunded his money, leaving me £250 out of pocket. The buyer has a feedback score of 1, isn't on the electoral register and hasn't answered letters or emails. Probably a [EDIT]. I issued a county court claim against him and Yodel Delivery Services Ltd. Yodel sent a defence, saying it's not them, but Parcel2Go.com Ltd, trading as Yodel Direct. I contacted P2G, who say I have no contract with them, as the buyer paid for the delivery. I se
  4. High Fellow Caggers, Please could you give me some advice. In August 18, I placed an order for a new chainsaw with Amazon and requiring it fairly immediately, I accepted their kind offer of a prime trial, believing that I would be entitled to next day delivery. In the event I received an email from Amazon stating that the chainsaw would be delivered on the day after the expected day of delivery. My partner and myself waited at our home all that day, no delivery was made. In view of non delivery and anxious to make the best of August Bank Holiday weather, I rang the importers of
  5. Morning As anyone here had dealings with a company called It'sagift.co.uk? I ordered 2 personalised grave vases, all was going well, got email confirmation etc, then got one saying they were being dispatched, nothing. I emailed asking where they were, got an email back saying sorry there had been problems but they would be with me next day ( have kept this email) I am still waiting, no reply from emails sent, they have no phone number either I am trying to remember how I paid, am looking through statements etc, they were ordered 26/9/18 I just need some adv
  6. Hi We are a small block of flats managed by our own residents. One of our leaseholders ordered some post boxes from an online retailer who it was thought was reputable and could be relied upon to supply us with two banks of post boxes. The post boxes arrived on a large pallet and the lady who ordered them did not open them at the time as everything appeared to be ok from the outside,,,, A few days later she took a brief look inside the wrapping only to discover that the pallet had taken a knock somehow and the weather shields which surrounded the post boxes had been damage
  7. Hi, Had to return a jacket from Scotland to Ireland via Hermes. Tracking the parcel got through a few steps and then went missing the day before it was due to be delivered back to retailer. Jacket cost 90 pounds, +10 delivery +Hermes charge of 12 pounds (total 112). Unfortunately I did not take out extra insurance, believing it to be unnecessary. MyHermes saying it's being reviewed, but will not accept my screenshot of receipt which clearly shows price of jacket and delivery charge. Now 3 months down the line and thinking I'll be lucky to get 20 quid back. If the par
  8. I bought an item from Etsy about a month ago and since I have been going back and forth with the seller because it never showed up. They showed me a proof of postage with my postcode that they had generated from the post office (no tracking) and this sufficed for them to win the non delivery case. The seller and Etsy are telling me it is my responsibility since they can show they shipped it. I am new to Etsy but this is a stark contrast to eBay who hold the seller responsible until they can show proof of delivery. I do not know what to do but file a chargeback which I am f
  9. So I sent a parcel in August 2017, and it was supposedly delivered to the reception. Turns out there isn't a reception in that building. I filled a claim and provided everything asked for in their T&C. They then emailed me in October asking to send a letter to the recipient and have them sign and write back in 14 days. I didn't get a response and when I told them the issue, they used it as an excuse to deny compensation. I want to take them to court now because I feel this was unfair. What's the procedure? I've written my letter of intent. What now?
  10. Sending some Christmas presents, I booked a Next Day delivery with Parcel2Go on Thu 21 Dec. I put the item in an InPost locker for collection, but it wasn't picked up by the courier until Wed 27 Dec. The presents finally arrived Thu 28 Dec, a full week after I posted. Xmas happened in the middle extending the delay somewhat, but still the courier was technically 2 working days late in even collecting the parcel which was advertised and sold to me as Next Day delivery. I've asked P2G twice for a refund, but they say they don't guarantee delivery so aren't obliged to. They wouldn't ref
  11. Hi all, I ordered things yesterday online, I selected next day delivery, but when I have just checked now, they aren't estimated to arrive until Friday? Something I ordered today is also due to arrive Friday and not tomorrow. All were prime eligible products. So I jumped onto their webchat, and spoke to someone. Turns out they have suyspended next day delivery until they can catch up from Xmas and get their drivers back. In fact here is a snip from the web chat. "Ojas: I can truly understand your concern however as you must have been aware that we had loads of deliveries
  12. I took new contract with O2 and new iPhoneX and chose home delivery option. The driver left my delivery with my housemate and he has signed for it. I came home and couldn't find it anywhere. Asked my flatmate and he said he left it in corridor inside the house but it has gone. Contacted O2 but they say they did everything correct and not that's my problem and I have to be fully paying for it. Is there any legal regulation that he is responsible for my parcel he has signed for? Or is it O2 for not giving it to me as they claimed I will have to sign for the del
  13. When the Tesco driver arrived, I went out to sign for the shopping and instructed him where to leave it (in an area by my side porch). He refused and informed me that he had to watch me take the shopping into my home. Under no circumstances would I find it acceptable to be "watched" as I carry my shopping into my home. I find that creepy to be honest. I explained that I was in the middle of an important call and that I wanted it leaving where I directed. He then drove off with our urgent shopping leaving us, disabled and housebound and the animals without food.
  14. Hi, I have made two attempts at buying a cagoule from the online retailer, BoohooMan.com with voucher codes and have been hit with problems both times. The first time, of which the cagoule was reduced from £20 to £13.99 including delivery, the item was supposedly to be delivered by Hermies, and was delayed twice before the retailer demanded for the item to be returned and I was given a refund. When I tried a second time, the cagoule was reduced from £20 to £15.99 including delivery, using a voucher code with Unidays. This time around the delivery was arranged wi
  15. 10 Days I went for test drive of the approved car and it was great so negotiated the price and finalized everything including price and monthly payment etc and confirmed next Saturday I will collect the car. 2 days back I went to get the delivery of the car, signed the papers and did the formalities and finally when the guy was demoing the car's feature I noticed that windscreen in chipped and it is not that small but it is not massive as well... strangely if it was there at time of test drive I would have highlighted it. now, when I asked the dealer to replace the windscreen t
  16. I placed an order with Parcel2go via MyHermes on 20th July. I dispatched the small item on economy service which I would assume 3-5 days max. My Ebay customer started ranting and set up an issue that he didnt receive the item after 5 working days. I tracked it and sent a copy to him and contacted company that assured my parcel would be delivered within 24hrs. after 10 days my customer refused to accept the parcel in annoyance 1st August. I assumed the parcel would be returned to me. I checked yesterday and it states that its been signed for.
  17. Hello Friends, I made a sale to a person I found on internet. I had SMS and chat communication where we agreed on price. We first agreed on payment through Paypal and I sent the invoice but the receiver said she did not receive the invoice. I was in hurry and as I had packed the item and booked a courier, I proposed that I send the item and receiver send the money direct to my bank account and she agreed to this on message. I made mistake of trusting the receiver and sending the parcel. I have had communication till last day wherein I gave her the courier tracking number. She Thanke
  18. I had repair or replace insurance on an American style fridge freezer with d&g and had to have it replaced they replaced it with one from hot point and gave me one with water and ice which was a bonus however I had to pay £79.00 for delivery and install and I asked if that was a complete install and was told yes! I phoned hotpoint to book a time and was told it was a special team that had to book it as it was an American style unit I spoke with them and confirmed again it was a full install again I was told yes. Imagine then to my dismay that when it was delivered the delivery
  19. Hi all, We are in a messy situation with Very which is stressing us out. An order was made at the beginning of the month and extra was paid for Saturday delivery. We stayed in Sat, no delivery and suddenly an email from the dreaded Yodel that an attempt was made. We have CCTV and can confirm no delivery was attempted. The only re-arrange delivery date they then offer is the following Saturday. We had a chat with Very online (live chat) to explain and they did the usual apologising before saying it will be delivered the next working day...guess what? nothing. Chat after chat
  20. We signed an order form for a 6 months old Ford Focus from a Ford franchise The car was at another branch 300 miles away so they gave us an estimated delivery date of the 7th July but the car has been delayed for unknown reasons (TO ME). Called them yesterday and they are still unsure when the car will be delivered. Its not a huge problem although i sold my own car today a i thought i would have had the new one by now so now carless. Having read their terms and conditions it says that they are not liable for any delays etc... and thats fair enough but wondering if i can
  21. The ASA has made a ruling on Amazons 'Free Delivery' http://tinyurl.com/hrfwzqc
  22. Hi there. I have wasted so much time and stress trying to get a good condition/new set of garden funiture from Argos. It's been 3 months since we ordered this Furniture set:http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/6523835.htm We didn't get a confirmation email after ordering this furniture. After calling Argos they said that there was an issue with the ordering system which meant email confirmations weren't going out that day but confirmed the order was successfully placed. We ordered this furniture in mid March. The product page stated delivery within 14 days. We were give
  23. Hi, Hoping I have come to the right place and that someone can help! I ordered an iPad from a merchant on Rakuten which should have been with me last Tuesday. When it didn't arrive I tried to contact the seller with no luck and so contacted Rakuten who said give it a bit more time. I eventually got a reply from the merchant who said it was due to them being busy and that my item was due to be delivered on Friday. This never happened. I am now giving them until tomorrow to contact me but even if they do I don't know if I can trust them. Rakuten has some kind of guarantee in plac
  24. My husband ordered a new car on the basis that it would be available on 30th November. Prior to delivery to us, it was to go to a specialist firm for adaptation to meet my needs as a wheelchair user. The retailer was aware from the outset that the car was needed fairly urgently. It is not a Motablility vehicle, we've paid a £500 deposit, there's no part exchange and we're paying the balance without any sort of finance. Only 3 days before delivery was due, we were informed that there would be a few days delay, but that the vehicle would definitely be available in plenty of time for a plann
  25. While I was out yesterday, the post was delivered and on arriving back I noticed that one of the letters was a recorded delivery requiring a signature and was not sealed. What should I do and what is likely to be the result..
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