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  1. Hello Creation ….what a nightmare I sent them my new offer at the same time as all the others, they said on 16th Oct they were putting account on hold for two weeks so that took it to 30th October to allow time for letter to arrive, review it and reply. Today not even a week on they leave me a message advising account now off hold! I rang them and could make no sense they say yes account on hold but not on hold????? Do I ignore them and wait for them to reply to letter as quite frankly I don’t trust them and at least if it’s all in writing I know where I am? Or should
  2. Hi, I'm on a DMP with StepChange since 2014 and of the 8 accounts 7 have added a default within the 6 months period, apart from Creation. They have sold this to Lowells and I have written to them to ask for a backdated default to be added. they have refused and said they will update the credit reference agencies with details of any payments made. I'm worried that as all the others will drop off in early 2020 this will continue to be an ongoing nightmare. I'm not sure what to next :/
  3. I complained to Creation and just confirmed that I've had a payout of just over 3k from them in relation to PPI. Had to escalate to the ombudsman, but just received the cheque today, happy days!
  4. Please can someone shed some light on this for me. Long story short, I have a credit account that was opened in 2010, it defaulted in 2011, CCJ in 2012 and interim charge order in 2012, This account has only been reported on my credit file from 2014. no info is showing for 2012 or 2013 therefore no default shows up and the account is reported as 6mth late payment. Is this correct? if I pay the debt in full does the whole debt fall off my file as it was over 6years old in 2017 or stay for another 6 years after payment. The company say that the default was
  5. I am really encouraged after reading many posts on various debts. I had a Store card with Creation and I did have an arrangement to pay but they told me it was not enough and through Drydens got a CCJ. They told me that if I were to pay the full outstanding balance that they requested no court case. Somehow I managed to find the money nearly 2k and paid them. Yet somehow I got a CCJ. I did not go to the court or had a defence. That was in 2011 and it will be SB'd in May this year. I read it somewhere if I paid the full amount I should not h
  6. As attached are my docs from Creation creation33.pdf
  7. Hi. I am in the middle of a dispute with Creation Financial Services. I was speaking to their helpline and they said they had accessed a telephone call I had made two years earlier and that I had not changed my address with them. Can they really access these phone calls from two years earlier in a matter of two or three minutes I was on the phone waiting for a supervisor to access the call. I didn't and don't believe they accessed it that quick and think they lied to me. Can you tell me if they can access calls from two years ago that fast? Thanks.
  8. Hi I was going through my file of statements for a Store Card taken out in 03 and realise that there is a long list of Late Payment Fees added over the years. Creation has always been the company receiving my payments on behalf of the store. And has always been the company inundating me with calls when I miss a payment !! I do use the store card every now and again. I do pay monthly, sometimes clearing the balance in total, sometimes paying the minimum. sometimes a higher amount. There is currently £500 owing. I have added up all the Late Payment Fees. (Actually Creati
  9. HI Does anyone have a copy of Creation T&Cs from circa 2003 that they can scan & post up here? I cant find mine and want to file a N1 Claim against them. And also current t&cs too, Would be most grateful. Many thanks
  10. Hi, thanks in advance for looking at my post. Basically, in 2006 I took out a buy now pay later deal through land of leather with creation. land of leather told me i would be contacted when i needed to start making payments but never did. after taking out this deal i went through a rough patch after having a prem baby and becoming a single parent in the space of a few months with no job and was extremely depressed and i forgot about the sofa payments. the next i heard i had court papers, i contacted creation to ask if i could start making the payments asap and they told me i had to
  11. Hi I'm hoping you can help, I purchased a sofa on 12 months finance in March 2008 when I was living with my ex, I only made a few payments then we split, I moved out & never made another payment. I have never had any letters from them regarding the debt due to me moving out. Last week I checked my credit report for the first time as I wanted to make sure everything was correct before applying for a mortgage & I noticed they had registered a default in August 2010 registered to the address I lived at with my ex so that will be why I never received a default
  12. Hi this is a bit complicated by here goes I took out a loan in 2006 with Creation finance one of those buy now pay later deals. Due to financial difficulties I was unable to continue with the repayments from August 2008, and I had assumed that the account had gone into default. In the middle of 2009 I contacted Creation finance and offered them a partial settlement and after some wrangling they agreed that they would accept what amounted to two thirds of the debt and not chase me for any more. I cant remember if they accepted my terms as full and final or partial settlement, but it was p
  13. These guys were calling me 17 times a day on mobile or landline and really aggressive. Debt owed was £1900 they added huge % and penalties so now £3100. Opened Sept 1996. I foolishly sent cheque for £1 with CCA which I am 99% sure they copied my signature to a Credit agreement,where theyactually spelt my name wrong so I know I didn't sign it. They sent my account to Drydensfairfax who wrote several letters threatening court action etc but have gone very quiet since Feb this year-waiting for next move. I replied to Drydens saying they had not returned a CCA and was therefore unenforce
  14. Hi, I'm in the process of sorting out my debts, i've just paid one off fully as I had a CCJ attached to it so i'm down to 2. I'm going to try sort these 2 out 1 at a time, starting off first with this one. A while back I bought a TV from Richer Sounds, after splitting up with the ex I fell behind on payments until I eventually stopped doing so. Now I'm looking to get a mortgage in a few years time it's time I started cleaning up my debts/credit report. Here's the entry in Credit Manager: Creation Consumer Finance Ltd Account number:
  15. Hi - firstly brilliant website with most amazing advice, has helped me out over the years but this is a new one which hopefully you can help me with. If I am being harassed by phonecalls (over 4/day even when I speak to someone and say I have already spoken to someone an hour previously) do I have to go through their "security" before they can stop the phone calls. I got a fridge on finance and about 6 months ago there was problem with my bank account and all my direct debit went funny so have been paying my monthly payment which is £27.04 and I have been paying £30
  16. Through their error they took money out of my credit card account and sent it to someone else's credit card. They have admitted it was their error after three months. They refuse to give me the money back! They haven't received it from the credit card company they erroneously sent it to so they won't pay me back. Do I have rights?
  17. Hello guys someone please help I took out a finance agreement in November 2014 I took my Ford Fiesta into a new ford company and I was 3 months into my contract with ford credit for my fiesta and wanted to come out of it and get into a focus they managed to get a settlement sorted and I got my focus however I have had a load of problems with the car since including two window regulators needing replacing and also something wrong with the suspension the works were carried out in the end after they tried to fob me off with temp repairs however the suspen
  18. Evening everybody - Happy new year I do not understand default dates very much but am under the belief an account will be defaulted around 3-6 months after last payment? I have just received a response from equifax about a dispute I raised because I believed the default date was wrong. The default on my equifax record from Creation finance is dated 11/2010 - the last payment to them (as confirmed) by their response is Jan 09. They have said that the information recorded is correct and that the 'charge off date' was 11/10. Is the charge off date the same as the de
  19. In short.... On or about October 2012 I purchased furniture on 0% finance to be paid for in 24 equal installments of £28 over a 2 year period. The first payment went out in Nov 2012 and there was no missed payments or indeed any issues until Feb/Mar 2014. In January 2014 I purchased through Currys, a Fridge Freezer and a Tumble Dryer (again on credit) to be paid back in 10 equal installments of £50.10. Due to some error my initial payment for the Fridge etc did not go out and I received a letter stating that I had missed a payment. I duly phoned the company paid the outstanding amount a
  20. Well, I believe there maybe a few people in similar situations but I don't wish to intrude on other peoples threads. Where to start, well I hate them! I had a 3 years interest free loan agreement through Creation via Ultralase. I started travelling 6 months into the agreement but always made sure that I had sufficient funds in my account to meet the monthly payments. No problems for the first 2 years then it all came tumbling down..... 1 month (march 2013) I did not have sufficient funds to pay, I was unaware of this but kind of knew I was low in my account any way, so later in March
  21. We decided to pay off the finance agreement with creation for goods bought at Currys. They gave us the settlement figure and then told us that they would be charging us £3 for using a Debit card. The settlement amount was almost £300! Should they be charging us the £3 considering that a Debit card was using and they charge 26% interest?
  22. Creation Financial Services - now with Akinika (before that was IQOR) Etam store card Not showing on Equifax file Balance £1468.04 I pay £3.94 I have original letter dated 19.12.07 when IQOR added an admin fee of £100 Letter dated 10.01.08 from IQOR states client have asked IQOR to “collect on their behalf” Akinika letter dated 23.12.13 is with reference to debt, "owed to Cabot Creation Financial Services" CCA requested 06.01.14. from Akinika, no reply r’cd to date. should I withhold payment until evidence r'cd
  23. Hi We owe £3000 to Creation Finance and had agreed to pay £50pm some 2 years ago, we have paid on time each month and were happy to continue for now... But We have received a letter form Lowell bluntly stating that that they have purchased the debt and we have to pay them. I cancelled the Direct Debit to Creation so that they didnt receive the money and awaited for Lowell to contact us with a 'welcome pack'(!!!) We have now received a letter form Clarity stating Failed payment notice! Can we continue to pay the £50 pm to Lowell as we did to creation or are we at the mercy of Lowel
  24. My first post here, so please bear with me... I have been out of work now for just over a year, when I had taken out my debts, I was in a well-paid job and could comfortably afford the repayments. My circumstances changed when I had to give up work and I was no longer able to afford my minimum payments - debts totalled 17k over 4 CCs and 1 loan. Contacted StepChange who helped me put together my I&E forms to send out and all but one accepted my token offer of £1 payment - Sygma (or Creation Finance). They have been a nightmare from day one - I've been harassed on the phone
  25. I'm new to this site so please bare with me, hopefully I have posted in the right place. On Saturday 26 October I went to PC World/Curry's to purchase an Ipad and 3D TV on their buy now pay later scheme. I was told that as I was purchasing an apple product I could have the 12 months option. As I have used the scheme before with PC World and Creations I thought all would go through without a hitch. I was stunned when I was told that the application had been declined and was given a letter by the salesperson. I promptly telephoned Creation to be told by the person on the phone that
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