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Found 9 results

  1. I used parcels2go to send a loaded guitar body, it went with hermes, the order was placed on the 6th Jan it never arrived at its destination which was no later than the 14th Jan, i paid extra for insurance and it was insured for £70, when i enquired its whereabouts some one at parcels2go said they would look into it and get back to me within two days which they didn’t, so i contacted them again, they then opened an enquiry to find out where my parcel was which they then said they would contact me by the 30th, again they didn’t do that either so i contacted them again and was told they are still waiting for contact from hermes, i get the distinct feeling i am being given the run around here, i already refunded the customer when i realised his parcel had gone missing at the hermes London depot, is there anything i can do about this or do i sit around and just wait, i think i have waited long enough myself.
  2. On the 1st October i purchased a window from a ebay seller, due to the large distance he was from myself (350 miles) i arrange a courier to have the item collect, which the seller was happy with. The courier i decided to use was Parcel2Go (hermes light and large service), due to the high value of the item £500 i decide to pay a extra £14 to cover the £500.The collection was arranged for the 8th Oct but the collection never took place, i contact Parcel2Go which is a joke as they only appeat to allow a chat system, i was told they would rebook it for the 10th. This collection also failed and was told driver did not have van big enough , the nest collection was successfull and tracking got to around the 17th then stopped on the web site. I was now getting most concerned i decided to ring hermes direct, i got a better customer service and was told the item has been damaged and will be sent back to the sender, which of course is the ebay seller. I have contacted him and he has not seen any sign of it as of today. I have now had enough of waiting, do i have the right to put in a claim ? i noticed that parcel2go mention claims need to be put in 28 days from order. Any advice much appreciated.
  3. Morning all, I have an interesting but perhaps a rather open and shut case with TNT Direct aka Parcel2Go. Purchased courier service to transport a PC from my home to a close friend in the USA. Paid £68.46 on 15/11/2018 for collection on 19/11/2018. Delivery within 1 - 3 days but confirmed for 22/11/2018. Customs paperwork and FCC 740 form was completed and provided. There is very little information out there on how to complete the FCC 740 form but after finding the example version on the FedEx website I completed it and attached with the parcel. 19/11/2018 TNT arrived to collect Parcel and it was handed over. 22/11/2018 comes and no updates on the tracking information. I contacted TNT Direct / P2G via webchat and was told they were missing the FCC 740 form and the parcel was being held in their depot. I explained to them that I had already included the FCC 740 with the customs paperwork as per the instructions. Nevertheless they requested duplicates and I provided those the same day in good faith. 23/11/2018 TNT bring the parcel back to my home address. I was in but as I was not expecting any callers I did not answer the door. So the parcel was taken back to the depot. I contacted TNT and explained what had happened, they advised me it would be resolved and the parcel delivered. 27/11/2018 still no updates on tracking so contacted by webchat again. Was told they did send over the duplicate forms and contacted the depot but this was not followed through correctly. 29/11/2018 Parcel Delivered - But tracking information not showing this and P2G / TNT completely unaware of this also! 03/12/2018 still no tracking updates so another web chat. This time they opened an investigation. But this time I was told "Good afternoon, Order number This is in transit now" 06/12/2018 again no tracking updates so contacted them again and was told an investigation would be opened again and they would contact me within 1 - 2 working days. 11/12/2018 still no updates so I contact them again and begin to lose patience and this is where things started to get a little interesting. I was told: "Consignment showing as Delivered by FedEx 29/11/2018" I had already mentioned and was advised on delivery that a refund would be "looked into" because of the lengthy delay for delivery. But nevertheless the agent I spoke with used just about every excuse under the sun to blame me for the late delivery and said a refund was not possible. When I didn't take no for an answer he then tried to change the date the parcel was sent to the 27/11/2018 so delivery was made within the 1 - 3 days. I wasn't having that either. I then used the example of public transport and that a service is not guaranteed to arrive at the time advertised in the timetable. But if there is a delay the operator will compensate (obviously I know there are exclusions to this, but the principle remains the same) the passenger for late arrival. The agent then tried to say that a service guarantee was not purchased, but this was never offered on the website in the first instance. But go and look at the TNT Direct website for this nice little extract on parcels to the USA: https://direct.tnt.co.uk/services/parcel-delivery-to-usa So a guaranteed service is not a guaranteed service it seems... But the absolute icing on the cake are the terms and conditions on the TNT Direct website: https://direct.tnt.co.uk/legal/terms-and-conditions But the agent seemed to think that the terms and conditions I agreed to are these, on a completely different website: https://www.parcel2go.com/content/about-terms.aspx When I advised the agent they had contradicted themselves they tried to blame the delay for delivery was because of the address used and not because of the paperwork. I had the PC sent to my friends work address, which is a small bank branch in the USA which has a mailroom on site. They use PO Boxes for each staff member, But the mailroom is small enough that staff would know who a parcel should go, even if the PO Box was not put on the label. But nevertheless this is a moot point as they still accepted the order and carried out the contract in a rather amateurish manner. But it just goes to show how they tried to use every excuse available to avoid being responsible. I'm going to take this on as I am satisfied I did not receive the service I paid for, which was delivery within 1 - 3 working days. If they offered a 50% refund at the time of conversation, I would probably have accepted that as they still provided part of the service paid for. Now I most likely will not and am going to look into doing a chargeback for the service. I'm reasonably comfortable with handling this without too much input. But I wanted to document this in case anyone else has the same problem with TNT Direct / P2G. Is it worth writing a formal complaint to the executive office for this or should I just do a chargeback and see what happens? Oh and the tracking website still has the parcel in Liege Euro Hub... So I have no actual proof of delivery, just their agents say so...
  4. In December, I painted a picture of somebody at the University of Toronto and decided to send it to them as a gift for Christmas. I am not employed so I didn't have a lot of money to spare for shipping it but when I looked on Parcel2Go, there seemed to be a reasonably priced service which used MyHermes and Landmark Global. At that point, I had never heard of Landmark Global but I had never had a problem with either Parcel2Go or MyHermes which had not been anything other that a delayed delivery so I opted for that service. All seemed to be going well until it was delayed due to a claim by Landmark Global that I had under declared its weight by a factor of 2.2:1 and I was required to pay extra .I thought was odd for two reasons. Firstly, I had been extremely careful to measure it and weigh it and double-checked everything because I wanted to avoid just such a problem. Secondly, 2.2:1 is the conversion ratio from pounds to kg and I wondered if the weight I had declared in kg had been read in pounds. I challenged this and in the meantime read all kinds of similar stories about Landmark Global on Trust Pilot (I wish I had read them before I booked the delivery!) many of which seemed to have almost identical weight discrepancies. Eventually, Parcel2Go said that the matter had been resolved and no excess was due. The next problem arose when the tracking information said that import duty was due. This came as a surprise as this was genuinely a gift and as I had only paid for the materials, i.e. canvas and paint, I would not have been able to put a value on it. I contacted all the various companies for clarification and they all pointed at each other like some farcical whodunnit. Then, after all the delays and in the week before Christmas, a delivery was attempted but I assume that the office at the university was closed and a collection note was left and the painting was kept for the two weeks over Christmas uncollected as there was nobody to collect it. Eventually, before the Christmas and New Year break was over, Canada Post initiated the return of the painting to me. I watched on the tracking as the parcel bounced around Ontario, actually doubling back on itself at one point, until on 8th January, it stopped and from then there is no trace of it. I contacted Parcel2Go who said that returns from abroad could take up to eight weeks after which time they would consider refunding me. I reluctantly accepted that maybe they aren't priority and come by sea or something so checked the tracking several times a day until eight weeks were up and the tracking still says the same thing; last seen in Burlington Ontario, 8th January. Up until this point, there had been a lengthy thread of e-mails between Parcel2Go and me and they generally got back to me within 24 hours - 48 hours maximum. I e-mailed them on 4th March and got no reply. I e-mailed again on 11th March and got no reply. I have repeatedly attempted to contact all the companies involved via Twitter (like using silver bullets with most companies) but have had absolutely no response from anybody. The status remains as it did on 8th January. I tried to post tracking links but I am not permitted to do so. At this point, I don't care very much about the refund, I would just like to see my painting again. If nobody from any of these companies replies, I don't know what else I can do.
  5. A simple order placed with Parcel2go this past Saturday evening (18/8/12) with Yodel48 meaning the item was scheduled for collection on Monday, and delivery by Wednesday. They didnt turn up. A bit frustrating, but I knew the drill by now, having a missed collection was common. 3 out of about 10 previous orders, the first collection attempt failed. As usual I speak to their customer support Live Chat. They agree to upgrade the service to a 24-hour City Link service, ensuring Wednesday delivery. Since the same thing happened with my previous order with Parcel2Go, I expected this as standard, and wanted to know what they would do about the fact that I had 2 missed in a row. All they did was try to convince me that I was better off with the "upgrade" since this was now a "guaranteed" service. I hadn't gained anything, they couldnt prioritise an early collection, I was offered 10% off my next order, which equates to £1.00. This was eventually changed to 50% which I said I would reserve judgement on using depending on the service I recieved. Tuesday, the second day waiting in for this to be collected. The GUARANTEED collection by City Link never happens. Yodel48 turned up (a day late) but I can't hand it over as that collection was cancelled and parcel now has City Link delivery label on. Another wasted day waiting in and another evening spent talking to Parcel2Go Live Help. All I get is an apology, and a re-arranged collection for the next day. This is not goodenough, even if they collect Wednesday and deliver Thursday, that is still later than orignally scheduled, and doesnt make up for inconvenience. I am not interested in waiting in again, and demand a refund. They eventually agree to refund me. I also have to prompt them that their next step should be to give me a 100% discount code so they can prove to me that they can actually get this job done. Eventually they agree. I re-book the collection using the code, so it's FREE. It's nice to get something free, I leave on good terms thanking them, and feeling satisfied with their resolution. Wednesday comes, 5:30 deadline rolls around. NOT COLLECTED!! I ring City Link direct, I get told driver is still out and we are on his list, he is working late. I am told that previous day collection failed because driver claimed no access to road (blatant lie, 2 ways into street from 2 major high streets). Nobody turns up. I speak with City Link on Thursday, the driver is now claiming to have attempted collection at 3pm on Weds. Another lie, there were 2 people in, our bell is loud and works, no card was left. I understand that the delivery driver is at fault. But Parcel2Go are responsible. Simply re-arranging collection at this point is not enough. They offer me nothing else. Whilst waitng in for a FORTH day on Thursday I become angry out of frustration, they cancel my order, ban me from their Live Chat and walk away. Customer expecting this on Wednesday, I still have it on Thursday!!! Pathetic Service. I am disgusted that this company, faced with a justifiably angry customer, chose to wash their hands of it. I am a reasonable person, I do not lose my cool easily, and try to reason with people rather than have an argument. But when a company just takes the stance of "we can't do that sir", "all we can do is re-book you collectioin sir" that is not offering a resolution, it is not understanding the situation, and it is so frustrating to deal with. When the collection was scheduled for Monday, and it is now THURSDAY, and their GUARANTEED service has failed twice they should be doing more than offering me yet another day waiting in. If they had good customer service they would be either 1) priortising the collection for early morning 2) covering my petrol/time expenses and tell me to drop off at thie depot (One hour away), or 3) Give another discount for a future order. Any of these solutions would have been acceptable, and would have stopped me losing my cool and giving them the easy way out. All they offered was just "all we can do is re-book your collection, and we can't specify a collection time". They couldnt wait to take the easy route out and cancel the order. They should have understood that I had more than good reason to be angry, had been pushed to boiling point by their horrendous service, and been determined to at least complete this order. They take the easy route, and walk away because their service failed. I feel like my entire week has been ruined by this, and now they won't even take responsibilty and sort it out. I now have to re-book the collection with a different company for Friday, and it wont be delivered until next week. Meaning I have an unhappy ebay customer, I have also lost the "free order" because that is the order that they cancelled. So, I have received no compensation, no good will gesture, absolutely nothing, just a refund and cheerio. Absolutely disgusting company.
  6. If you use Parcel2go you will only get obstacles put in your way when making a claim for damged goods, you will not get compensation. What poor service they offer their customers in this respect. They ask for a picture of the interior of the packaging doh! I guess it would be blackness iside a postage bag. I guess somone else gets my money from now on.
  7. Hi all, Just after information / experiences with Parcel2go legal team. I have recently, submitted a case via the County court and tribunal system against Parcel2go for a number of reasons. Loosing my parcel, ewell as supplying the courier with the wrong adress and eswell as even calling me by my wrong name. This equals to a very unprofessional and messy company which leaves me in no doubt they are punching well below the required standard and i am seeking full payment for the clients item that was lost and totally disregarded with lack of respect and sympathy and batted off and away like it was nothing. Since then i have submitted a case with the letter being issued to Parcel2go, 14 + 5 Days issuing grace has passed and still yet no reply or correspundance from Parcel2go despite being told parcel2go ae dealing with the courts and have no permission to talk about the case with me. I have been able to escalate the case as a default, since no reply has been sent back from the defendant parcel2go. The court will now issue a full payment request on my behalf. Now as many of us know the atroscious service from parcel2go, what im worried about now is what if parcel2go do not even reply back to this court order for payment. Where do i stand now. I want to take this as high as i can go and i am not backing down. I have been been banned of Livechat help (See screenshots) just for asking questions. Sorry this is long winded but i hope someone can reply back with similar experience and knowledge dealing with the legal system and Parcel2go and can advise me what to do next, and what happens now if parcel2go do not reply back to the court issue default for the money. i am just astounded that even live chat are as rude and useless as there company. Its almost like i am a bit of dirt off their shoe for seeking answers. Kind regards Sam
  8. I've used parcel2go many times and without problems. the latest and last time I've used them though they just don't seem interested when problems arise and choose to ignore you as the best option. Basically I ordered a courier through them to be sent to Ireland on the 09/10/2013. Upon sending funds and being returned to parcel2go's website to download and print the documentation which I then apply to the parcel I ran into a problem. the link just said there was an error and the parcel2go team would email me the relevant documents. the courier was booked for the following day, no email arrived. Next day the driver came to pick up the parcel and I figured he may be able to apply the paperwork, told him I didn't get to print that stuff off for it and he said he couldn't take the parcel without the paperwork. He said he would call back the next day to pick it up, no biggy I guess. Its only a day. That night I checked the order again and the paperwork was now downloading correctly, printed that off and stuck it to parcel. Checked the status and it was showing as pick up on the 11/10/2013. No driver came the next day, that night I checked the status again and it was showing collection on the 14/10/2013. Same thing then and I'm guessing you get the picture, nobody came and that night it changed to collection on the 15th, then the 16th and 17th etc I sent them an email on the 15th asking for clarification that it was in the system correctly and a driver would pick the parcel up. It said I would receive a response in 24hrs, I didn't. Infact I'm still yet to receive a response. On the 17th I got bored of trying to fix this with a company that isn't interested in doing so and filed a dispute with paypal for services not rendered to try and get my money back. I've yet to do so. So I booked a 48hr courier 10 days ago that is still set to leave my house and is currently sat at my front door. All I want is a refund so I can go elsewhere. Annoying.
  9. I booked with Parcel2Go on the 10th July to send a parcel to my buyer who had bought from me on Ebay. The Tracking Number is as follows P2G14310437. It was picked up on the 11th by Yodel, so far so good....then after reaching Newton Abbot a few hours later and put on a van for delivery to Leighton Buzzard, tracking stated it was in transit and then it vanished. It was supposed to reach the lady the next day. When it did not arrive the buyer and her husband were furious and blamed me. Fortunately I had taken out insurance but when I tried to contact Parcel2Go's Head Office on numerous occasions they do not answer their phone, it just rings and rings.Neither do they answer emails, but they do send out emails every day asking me to enter their competitions etc. As I do not seem to be able to contact Parcel2Go except by using their very expensive high cost rip off Premium cost phone number which I have been advised is useless and that you will be kept online as long as possible, I shall instead now take my complaints to...Trading Standards, Watchdog, Small Claims Court and the police as obviously someone has sticky fingers and considering Parcel2Go claims to be the best courier service in the UK I think the Trade Description is in question. So Parcel2Go, I demand that you issue me with the £60 compensation that you owe me. I will be copying and pasting this onto Facebook, Twitter and Google so there is no point in deleting it. I look forward to hearing from someone at Parcel2Go and for the £60 to be refunded to me within the next couple of days, otherwise I will have no choice but to put my case to Watchdog etc.
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