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Found 14 results

  1. I sold a tv on ebay, listing it as collection only. The buyer sent a courier (Yodel) to collect it but he told ebay it wasn't received. Ebay refunded his money, leaving me £250 out of pocket. The buyer has a feedback score of 1, isn't on the electoral register and hasn't answered letters or emails. Probably a [EDIT]. I issued a county court claim against him and Yodel Delivery Services Ltd. Yodel sent a defence, saying it's not them, but Parcel2Go.com Ltd, trading as Yodel Direct. I contacted P2G, who say I have no contract with them, as the buyer paid for the delivery. I see the driver who collected my tv as he delivers to the estate regularly. He won't tell me who employs him and is actually very evasive. He could have stolen the tv, the way he acts. The Police aren't interested, saying it's a civil matter. Any advice people have is welcome, please.
  2. I ordered something of significant value and size from Aldi and it was due for delivery last Monday by Yodel. I have ordered many items from Aldi in the past all of which have been successfully delivered by Yodel. On Monday, I tracked the delivery until there were just two or three before mine and then kept an eye out for the Yodel van in anticipation. Then, when mine was the next delivery, the status said that the driver could not get access to my property. There are no obstacles to my house whatsoever. Contacting Yodel seems to be a choice between hit and miss on Twitter - they tend to ignore my messages - and an online chat which is frankly useless but I did provide a phone number and a map. I phoned Aldi who said that they would rearrange the delivery for the next day. The following day, I went through the same procedure but this time when mine was the next delivery, the status suddenly went to delivered! I stared at my screen incredulously for a moment before phoning Aldi and being told that it had been delivered to another address which is my landlord's house about 100m away but visible from my house. I couldn't understand why anybody would accept a delivery for me without noticing that I was in as my car was outside my house and directing the driver accordingly I went to collect the item only to be told that no delivery had been made to them. I phoned Aldi again and was told that the driver would be interviewed at the end of their shift. Two days later, I had a phone call to say that the driver delivered the item to somewhere which was identified as the place they said (my landlord's house) but the description did not match (the address where they said they delivered the item is the only place around here which is not painted the same colours as mine and they described the place as if it matched) they said that the person who supposedly signed for it matched my general description but did not ask for their name. None of the information is consistent to anybody who knows the area but it is difficult to convince somebody on the phone. Aldi have been kind enough to send the item again which should arrive tomorrow the whole situation concerns me that either the driver is lying or somebody has accepted the delivery fraudulently and there doesn't seem to be any way of determining who it is because as far as Yodel are concerned, it was delivered to me. tomorrow, I don't see any reason why the situation would not end with a similar result. I plan to make a video recording of my house when I see from the tracking that the delivery will be due just in case. It just made me wonder where I would stand legally.
  3. I placed an order with yodel to deliver two parcels for me and encountered one problem after another after another. Long story short they agreed to refund me for the delivery cost of one of my parcels but are refusing to send me the money as they claim they can only offer me an account credit. Surely this is complete nonsense and if they have the facility to take money from my account then they can just as easily return money to the same account.?
  4. Yodel rep, attempted delivery, so I texted the number on the card, but no reply, this happened again and still no reply. To cut a long story short I was in the next time he called, and I had the conversation regarding he did not reply to my text and he said that he was not obliged to as it was his personal phone which beggers the question, why was his number advertised on the card he put through my door then ? Any ideas ?..
  5. Hello there, I am looking for some advice on what I can do about Yodel a courier service having my parcel 'Disappear' To elaborate I ordered a few items from BodyBuild.com which is an American based company and they had said it should be delivered in 4-10 days something along those lines and gave me tracking details instantly very efficient service. After a few days I was tracking my parcel through DHL as they had the parcel to see it was moving it's way throughout the States and finally was brought into the Uk and delivered to a Southampton service centre. From there Yodel took over, here's where it all goes wrong. I take the morning off of work to receive my parcel, no drama I can do that easily, but to my astonishment the tracking had said that the parcel had been delivered at 10am. I had no knock, no card nor did my dogs even bark which is exactly what they do when the front door is knocked on. Nothing, I thought it's maybe the driver sending it through to say it's 'en route. I left it a few more hours, still nothing. My neighbours are a friendly bunch and the second they get a parcel of ours they always bring it over but neither of them had, and I still hadn't even received a card explaining where my parcel has gone, I contacted Yodel's 24/7 chat service asking them where it was and they claimed it was signed for and delivered which shocked me instantly as I still didn't have my parcel yet, somehow it's been signed for. Instantly I was advised to contact Bodybuild to dispute the delivery and again helpful as ever said that they would process a claim/ lost parcel investigation to find out where indeed my parcel has gone. This all happened on the 11th of October, I know it's only been a week but still the parcel was fairly expensive so it's annoying to say the least. after this week I had some advice from a friend who's a very knowledgeable businessman and knows literally everything about anything to do with business, and he said I should request to see the signature that's attached to the delivery as then I can confirm it's not mine and they would have it stored electronically I thought that this would be straight forward 24/7 chat ask them to see it yet, I'm not allowed. No matter how I asked for what reason they kept blocking me saying I would have to contact the supplier who wouldn't even have my signature. As they didn't directly send the package. and after a good 30 mins questioning how it went missing between Southampton and Basingstoke the woman on the other end presumably became as impatient and hostile as I was so she kept repeating the same things over and over being extra blunt to try and get me to stop hassling them. I was wondering what I can do as a consumer that has fell prey to such negligence, as it's pathetic really. Personally I believe the driver has signed for it themselves it's all too easy for them to get away with it but what can I do to help my case? how can I get what's mine and am i entitled to anything because of the sheer lack of customer service and poor business service? Thanks for any help Sam
  6. Hello, I am hoping i have the correct area. I purchased 2 pairs of Nike trainers from Sports Direct online just over 2 weeks ago. I received an email from them with the despatch number so I could track the delivery. Both pairs of trainers were despatched together under 1 reference. 24 hours later Yodel arrived with a package which contained 1 pair of trainers. My partner signed for the delivery and asked the delivery driver where the other pair were and he advised they might arrive tomorrow. We looked at the way the trainers were packaged and thought they weren't wrapped well but didn't think much more of it. 2 days later and the second pair of trainers had not arrived. I contacted Yodel who were less than helpful. I then contacted Sports Direct. They emailed me a disclaimer form which i filled out and emailed back along with a copy of the online conversation I had with Yodel. I was advised an investigation would begin and I would be contacted within 48 hours. 2 weeks later and 3 lengthy phone calls to them and I am getting no where. I was advised that the trainers were being despatched and that I would receive an email within 24 hours, then I was advised that it is awaiting approval from a manager as they are high value (£80). When I asked if I could talk to the manager I was advised they were not at the desk. I asked if they could call me back and was advised yes and I have again been waiting and nothing. I understand that they have to investigate as Im sure there are some people out there that may try and claim non receipt of goods but I am wondering what my rights are in this case if they keep dragging this out. They have £80 of my money for an item I dont have. I even pulled out the packaging from the bin and found that it looked as though the plastic had been cut in half and there was tape around it with 'Repacked' written on it. Please can anyone advise as each time I call them I am on hold to an 0870 number for at least 20 mins! Many Thanks
  7. I booked with Parcel2Go on the 10th July to send a parcel to my buyer who had bought from me on Ebay. The Tracking Number is as follows P2G14310437. It was picked up on the 11th by Yodel, so far so good....then after reaching Newton Abbot a few hours later and put on a van for delivery to Leighton Buzzard, tracking stated it was in transit and then it vanished. It was supposed to reach the lady the next day. When it did not arrive the buyer and her husband were furious and blamed me. Fortunately I had taken out insurance but when I tried to contact Parcel2Go's Head Office on numerous occasions they do not answer their phone, it just rings and rings.Neither do they answer emails, but they do send out emails every day asking me to enter their competitions etc. As I do not seem to be able to contact Parcel2Go except by using their very expensive high cost rip off Premium cost phone number which I have been advised is useless and that you will be kept online as long as possible, I shall instead now take my complaints to...Trading Standards, Watchdog, Small Claims Court and the police as obviously someone has sticky fingers and considering Parcel2Go claims to be the best courier service in the UK I think the Trade Description is in question. So Parcel2Go, I demand that you issue me with the £60 compensation that you owe me. I will be copying and pasting this onto Facebook, Twitter and Google so there is no point in deleting it. I look forward to hearing from someone at Parcel2Go and for the £60 to be refunded to me within the next couple of days, otherwise I will have no choice but to put my case to Watchdog etc.
  8. Thank you for my shiny new S4. Unfortunately I could have walked and picked it up from you quicker that Yodel could deliver it. I waited in all day on the 14th only for the website to update at 1845 that they could not find my address. I contacted customer care immediately (I say immediately in JEST, I was hold for 48 mins) I checked the address with them and they confirmed that although the xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx Walk were the wrong way around (THIS makes no difference) the item should have been delivered. Customer care informed me they would contact Gatwick and let me know what was happening the next morning. Next morning, no phone call, so I contacted Gatwick myself, after nearly 3 hrs I managed to get through to Lynn, who gave me the drivers mobile number. I tried to contact the driver on this number and the number was unrecognisable. YOU guessed it, another marathon session trying to contact Lynn again. She gave me Paul, the Managers number, on trying this number, it was never answered. (He was in a meeting) I decided to drive to Gatwick Deliver office to find out what was happening. I was met by a nice man called Danny, he took all the details, tried to contact driver and Manager as above. He informed me that I would receive a call that afternoon as soon as they knew what was happening. (NO CALL) Thursday morning, I rang the Manager Paul, he confirmed he had the details of the complaint and would grab the driver when he came into the office and would ring me back. Paul was good to his word, rang me back at 10am, confirmed he had my parcel in his hands and would get someone to bring it around. IN fact, he brought it himself an hour later and went out of his way to do so. That was a fantastic £7.99 I spent on delivery. I would therefore like a refund of my delivery, A credit to the account for my time and phone calls incurred. Could I also point out, Lynn, Danny and Paul at Yodel were fantastic. I await your quick response
  9. Good morning all, Hope this is in the correct place and someone can give me some advice, or confirm I am doing the correct thing. On 22nd October 2012 a Yodel driver attempted delivery of a parcel (not for us but for a previous tenant) to our address. We were not home. He forced the item through the letterbox. In doing so he must have caught the item on the letterbox guard on the inside of the door and ripped it off. When it ripped of it splintered the inside of the door. As we live in a small block of flats the door is fire resistant. Once I got home and discovered the damage I immediately called Yodel. They told me to send an email, which I did that night. I called our Housing association and informed them of the damage. The HA rang me back the next day to tell me they had spoken to the people who made and fitted the door, and they told me the door could not be repaired as it was a fire door and as such and repair would invalidate the 'warranty' on the fire resistance. I then emailed Yodel again to explain this. I was told the complaint had been sent over to the depot manager to investigate. During the course of the next 6 weeks I kept emailing them every 2 weeks to ask for an update, to be told each time that they were still waiting for an answer from the depot manager. On 3rd December I was asked to provide me telephone number so the depot manager could visit the property to see the damage. I provided this straight away. I was told on 4th December that it was passed on to the depot manager and he would contact me to arrange a suitable time to visit. I emailed them again on 20th December to say no contact had been made by the depot manager, to again have an email come back saying it would be done that week. On January 14th Yodel emailed me to say they were sorry for the damage caused to my property and that corrective action against the delivery driver had been taken. They asked me for 2 letter headed estimates for the repairs to be sent to them at a postal address. I had 2 local companies round to give me the estimates and sent them off recorded delivery on February 2nd. They were signed for on February 4th. I chased Yodel up again via email at the beginning of this week as, again, I have heard nothing from them. I recieved an email Tuesday saying they had not received my estimates. I provided the tacking number and suggested they look for them as they had received them and had signed for them. Wednesday 20th I had an email stating they could not find them and could I send them again, this time via email, which I again did. Phew, if you are still reading this, well done! Today I get an email from them stating that they are currently dealing with the claim and that the depot manager would contact me to arrange to visit my property to inspect the damage caused! The visit they were going to do 5 months ago nearly. To be honest I am getting fed up, they seem to have no intention of resolving the issue, and I seem to just be going round in circles. I have already asked them to provide me with their registered head office details in case I wish to take this to court, they refused. I have looked it up online and found that they are Home Deliver Network etc. Can I now just take this through MCOL? I feel I am just wasting my time speaking to them. They have admitted fault in writing, asked for quotes to compensate me in writing and now we seem to be back at square one. Thanks for taking time to read all that, I would appreciate anyone's advice.
  10. I ordered some items off sportsdirect with 24 hour delivery which I expected to receive the next day. At around 1pm the next day I received an email saying that they had been delivered to a neighbour (bear in mind that I was in all the time) at around 12.30 pm, equally no card was left. I contacted Yodel who claimed that it was delivered to house number **, and was signed by ******. I then went across to pick it up and they said that they had received a package but it wasn't for us. I then went back home and rang Yodel again who gave me the Sportsdirect customer advice number which I then rang. They said that they would look into the matter and it would take between 2 and 10 days. Yesterday as the 14th day since the call (which makes it 10 working days) I gave them another call to see what was happening. I was then informed that they had sent me an email (which I have not received) explaining what they had decided. This was that as the items had been signed for (even though it was a neighbour, then we are in receipt of the goods, so no refund and that there was nothing else that they can do. I have drafted a letter quoting the distance selling regulations asking for a cancellation of the order, and a full refund which will be sent by recorded delivery, so they will have to sign for it and can't say that it was not received. Is this the correct thing to do and what else can I do to sort out this matter.
  11. Hello, just thought I would post this here. Ordered an iphone of Friday the 8th of feb. Approved within minutes and dispatched that night. Great, it sat at the brighton yodel dep over the weekend, no big deal, I can wait. Wake up to see my order is not on the van by 8am, maybe afternoon delivery? Nope. A member of staff at the Brighton depo had flagged my order saying that I didnt want it be delivered, I found out after phoning yodel customer services, 'ok' I said, i do want it to be delivered, they said they couldn't get through and had emailed. Day ends, nothing. Still not on the van on tuesday, only after phoning yodel customer relations (not customer services) do I see the status update to 'missing, contact sender', ok, so they lost the phone and it's down to me to call mobiles.co.uk? true enough, mobiles.co.uk had no report it was missing and it took an hour on the phone to get them to find this out and sent me a replacement. Ok, so this moring I wake to see a tracking number and that status of it being out for delivery, hmm, good i thought, they're getting the hang of this now. 5pm, no phone, no update, I call mobiles.co.uk who refuse to take any action because it's on the van. They tell me to wait till 9pm, which i do. No phone, no tracking update, still 'out for delivery'. So my next step has been to email the MD of mobiles.co.uk and the head office of Yodel to inform them/her that I'm starting legal proceedings for loss of earning totaling £400, also informed them that I will be informing the local police to report the theft of the phone. Also, told them evidence of correspondence had been taken and all further calls will be recorded. The last time I used yodel they were slow, but at least goods were delivered. Total farce I would like to add that all of the staff at mobiles.co.uk were very helpful,despite being about as effective as a 60ft tinfoil hat in a lightning storm, the staff at yodel,however, were particularly dull grapefruit like creatures.
  12. I ordered a contract phone from Carphone warehouse on 03/11/2012... I was accepted and I only got an email to say they are dispatching very soon via Yodel and gave me a tracking number. When i tried to track the number, it asks for you to enter ur postcode aswell....but when doing that, it says that the Reference and Post Code do not match. Although the email says this: Thank you for ordering from The Carphone Warehouse. We've processed your order and we'll be dispatching it from our warehouse very soon. You'll be able to track your parcel on the morning of your delivery date using the link below: Yodel Job Number JD0002213310200801 But it doesnt give you a delivery date so how am i supposed to be able to track it lol
  13. Brief background... I'm awaiting a delivery, and have been all week. Yodel's first delivery driver had the inability to write, so the tracking number couldn't be figured out. I was actually in that day, and actually the second day also. On the second day the driver decided not to write the tracking number, probably thinking I had skills akin to those working in Bletchley Park to figure out the aforementioned tracking number. A quick attempt at calling their customer service number failed as the hold time was too long, over half an hour. So I tried Twitter. At first they were excellent but then they soon started ignoring tweets and DMs, or at the very least take an absolute age to get back to me. So yesterday they promised to inform me first thing that they would update me and allow me to drive to Lichfield to grab the parcel, of course that hasn't happened; so now I'm off to work and need to items this evening. Oh, I did try to call and actually got through (called first thing) only to met by a script-reading idiot who could only answer my questions with 'I'll send the depot an e-mail'. No wonder all the big players are leaving Yodel and moving elsewhere. /rant Oh, a bit more reading for anyone! http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/aug/24/amazon-complaints-yodel-delivery-service
  14. Just a quick question. We have bought a computer for our son from Amazon for £277.- and paid by debit card. (Not credit card) They despatched the item via Yodel but it never arrived. The Yodel tracking shows it as delivered with a signature comment as 'NULL'. No calling card was left and no item. We have CCTV covering the premises and again nothing on there to show an attempted delivery at the time the item was said to have been delivered. Amazon has offered a refund but I am not happy with that as the computers at that price are now all out of stock. I would have to pay around £100.- more to get an equivalent item. Would Amazon be liable for the differnce in cost to me due to their failure in delivering the original item ? Could I claim this to be my actual loss due to their breach of contract, i.e. non delivery ?
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