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  1. Full amount received, court informed that amount has been paid in full. Thanks for all your support, and hopefully people reading this post in the same position will also make a stand to these companies bad customer service.
  2. Thanks, will not be withdrawing claim until money received, will let you know.
  3. Received the following email from P2G. Good Afternoon Paul, I am contacting you regarding the above Court proceedings. Firstly, please allow me to apologise for the problems caused when using our services. I would like to settle this for the full amount on the Court Papers which is £598.00. In order to settle the said amount can you please provide me with your sort code and account number, I will then set up a manual payment with our accounts department. Once the payment has been received can you then file a notice with the Court that this matter has been settled
  4. Thanks for the advice, i have claimed for the insurance as well submitted 5 days ago.
  5. Hopefully thats all correct, "include detailed particulars" was not sure about..
  6. 14 days now passed, and no response from letter before action, i am now going to submit a claim on MCOL, have included my claim wording, should i also tick the box for include detailed particulars to defendant, or is the below enough ? The claimant paid the defendant £38.00 pounds on 1st October 2018 to carry out the collection and delivery of a Sash Window valued at £500.00 to my UK address. The cost of the delivery was £24.00. The claimant also paid £14.00 to the defendants as an insurance cover to protect themselves against the possible breach of their contract by the defendant. T
  7. Thanks for the link , i will now send letter before action and register on MCOL, will keep you posted.
  8. Got the response we all expected Unfortunately your enquiry has been rejected. Reason We’re very sorry to let you know that we were unable to approve your claim in this particular instance. During the booking process, we asked you to check your item against the list of items we’re unable to compensate for on our website. Unfortunately, the item you d
  9. Maybe getting somewhere now , will await the excuse not to pay up, keep you posted. Dear xxxx xxxxx We’re writing to you in response to your recent enquiry regarding the following order: P2Gxxxxxxxx. We have conducted a full investigation with the courier to locate your parcel, unfortunately, in this instance, the search has proved unsuccessful. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and as a result, we have now progressed your enquiry to a claim. Regarding compensation Our records show that you took out protection on your parcel for the
  10. Its a joke they can get away with this sort of thing, when you book the collection online you have to put the contents into one of the boxes which appears to indicate if its covered, i just run a test on it and a windows appeared to be covered for loss, knife being prohibited.
  11. Claim letter emailed to parcel2Go claims department, will now await there response, interestingly i got a email from hermes as follows: Response By E-mail (Navita Gwalani) (25/10/2018 06.10 AM) Dear Sir, Regarding parcel number: 89103xxxxxxxxxxx and sorry for the delay in response. Thank you for contacting myHermes. I'm sorry to see your parcels tracking hasn't updated since 18/10/2018 . The last tracking point was at the Hub but as millions of parcels go through the Hub a week, we can't arrange a specific sweep for your item. Weekly sweeps are carried
  12. On the 1st October i purchased a window from a ebay seller, due to the large distance he was from myself (350 miles) i arrange a courier to have the item collect, which the seller was happy with. The courier i decided to use was Parcel2Go (hermes light and large service), due to the high value of the item £500 i decide to pay a extra £14 to cover the £500.The collection was arranged for the 8th Oct but the collection never took place, i contact Parcel2Go which is a joke as they only appeat to allow a chat system, i was told they would rebook it for the 10th. This collection also failed a
  13. I asked dealer how he calculated the 25p per mile figure, suggesting 15p more of a reasonable figure. Response... "Thanks for email, between us we seem to be worrying about a few pence, If you return it cleaned, perhaps we can have Final settlement and a closure to this at £950.00 or £900 if not cleaned. How soon can I have the car? Any chance today? (Wednesday) as I am tied up the rest of the week." Car returned on Friday, cleaned, £950 refunded into bank within 30mins, can't complain on a £50 loss.
  14. Got a phone call from the dealer after receiving letter, he saying willing to take car back for a full refund, but wants to deduct 25p a mile for miles used plus have it fully valeted before its return. This works out at 103281 - 102835 = 446 Less 45 Miles = 401 401 X 0.25p = £100.25 Is 25p reasonable, as seems excessive if its for price depreciation of the car.
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