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Found 19 results

  1. I am a small independent skincare maker. I purchased the service of MyHermes to collect and deliver 4 parcels of wholesale skincare goods to a stockist, and 3 were lost. * 2 parcels had their last scan at the Hermes depot Jun 1st '18, and haven't been seen since. * 1 parcel made it to the destination OK. * 1 parcel was said to have been delivered but was never received, and at some point I was told the delivery scan happened on the other side of town to where the parcel was supposed to go. MyHermes say they've conducted multiple sweeps of the warehouse and can't fin
  2. I sold an item on Etsy sent with myhermes and my customer didn’t receive it. The item was posted on December 11th but the buyer didn’t inform me they had not received until January 15th. I informed myhermes who said that they could not locate the parcel but would not pay compensation as I informed them after 28 days. The item is worth £20 so within the standard compensation rate. their terms state: You must notify us in writing of any claim for Loss or Damage or Late Delivery within 28 days of the date of the relevant Order. If you fail to do so, we will not be liable to you for i
  3. In Brief: I sold a coffee machine on eBay, and sent the parcel via myHermes. They have since lost the parcel and have refused to pay compensation on the coffee machine as it appears on their extensive list of ‘excluded’ items. Having read through a similar case /showthread.php?456708-Hermes-Extra-Charges-but-lost-Item I feel I have a good chance to take this to the small claims court to get compensation. I’ve not had to do this before so if I could get some advice on the letter before action before I send it, I would really appreciate it. In Detail: 06/08/2017 The coffee mac
  4. Hi, I sent a parcel via MyHermes containing an Electric Guitar, MyHermes knew this was a guitar as I informed them of the contents and value before posting, I dropped it off at the parcelshop and the last I ever heard of the parcel was it was scanned into my local depot, I involved the police who said they couldn't do anything due to lack of evidence, but have suggested it's highly likely to have been stolen, but due to the item been on the excluded items list, they said I won't be able to get any compensation for a £500 item, I've filed a court case and went through
  5. In December, I painted a picture of somebody at the University of Toronto and decided to send it to them as a gift for Christmas. I am not employed so I didn't have a lot of money to spare for shipping it but when I looked on Parcel2Go, there seemed to be a reasonably priced service which used MyHermes and Landmark Global. At that point, I had never heard of Landmark Global but I had never had a problem with either Parcel2Go or MyHermes which had not been anything other that a delayed delivery so I opted for that service. All seemed to be going well until it was delayed due to a clai
  6. So I sent a parcel in August 2017, and it was supposedly delivered to the reception. Turns out there isn't a reception in that building. I filled a claim and provided everything asked for in their T&C. They then emailed me in October asking to send a letter to the recipient and have them sign and write back in 14 days. I didn't get a response and when I told them the issue, they used it as an excuse to deny compensation. I want to take them to court now because I feel this was unfair. What's the procedure? I've written my letter of intent. What now?
  7. I'll try to keep this as brief and simple as possible for ease of reading. I sent an item to a seamstress to carry out some work for me. The item was sent through ParcelHero using the myHermes courier. It was scheduled to be delivered on Saturday 19th August. The item was packaged appropriately with the address clearly marked. On the morning of delivery I received an email notification to say that the item has been successfully delivered. After a week of not hearing anything from the recipient, I contacted her to check on its progress. Initially she told me that
  8. Hi, I'm new and not sure if this is where I post for advice? If not, please remove and place in correct area. Thanks I am a retailer and used myhermes to send a large parcel that couldn't be lost if you tried! I tracked it and was out for delivery but next day my customer said that it hadn't arrived so she contacted her local depot and was told it had been put on the wrong van and would be put on correct van and she'd receive in 24 hrs. 48 hrs went by and then she was told it was LOST! I contacted myhermes and told them what had happened and after a few very unhelpful replies said that
  9. I've contracted myHermes to deliver a pair of Mission 782 speakers from the UK Mainland to Portugal. I've been buying speakers and amplifiers in the US and UK for months now, and apart from a Onkyo receiver being totaled by SEUR, 22 packages where successfully delivered. This baselines standard quality of service + my definition of good enough packaging to sustain normal transportation stress + a normal BAD transportation claim being settled correctly by ebay (that onkyo dropped by SEUR represented immediate FULL refund). My myHermes experience starts with the transportation of the 2
  10. Hi, I used MyHermes to return a parcel to Amazon. After the tracking hadn't updated for a week, I tweeted them to find out what was going on and got a reply that Amazon makes them wait 4 hours to accept delivery so they couldn't deliver it. They were going to return it to me. A few days later a parcel turned up that my wife signed for. On inspection, it isn't the one I sent out, but was also originally addressed to Amazon. It had a sticker slapped on it with my address, so it seems pretty obvious that the MyHermes agent had mixed these two parcels up. After a very frustrating run
  11. Hi, I just need some advice on this one. I was selling some car parts on eBay back at the start of Feb and a buyer contacts me after leaving a best offer asking if i would deliver to Australia. I said i would only deliver to the uk. The buyer then says could i deliver to his cousin in London who will send it onto him in Aus (Yes, [problem] goes through my mind) But i checked feedback etc reply with yes, as long as it is a confirmed uk address with eBay and PayPal which it was. Both addresses were London, although the PayPal payment name was different to the eBay PayPal listed
  12. Last Tuesday was the much awaited release of some limited edition dolls. I am a collector, I have been my entire life, I have spent literally thousands. I got up at the crack of dawn and waited for them to be listed online. I managed to get the two I wanted but separately . I received my tracking code (Disney use Hermes), I noticed the code was an old one of mine from three months ago but had been updating the new order. The second order was doing the same. I asked Disney on Facebook what was going on with this and was told it was a "mistake". I asked well if this code is a mistake what is my
  13. I'm hoping if someone can assist me in regard's to myhermes. I'm currently selling item's on ebay, and sent a wall mountable fish tank (30% glass) to a customer. Myherme's then sent me a message saying they have damaged the item but will not return the item nor pay for the damages. They have said I have 10 days to drive 127 miles to there local depot to collect my item, (Baring in Mind I don't Drive) or they will dispose of it. Yet they will not prove they have disposed of it so basically they could sell it as there was other part's of the item like a fish tank heater and filter. Al
  14. I sent 4 pkgs to Isle of Man. All to the same address. Admittedly the postcode was wrong on 2 of the 4. Only 2 were received (one with an incorrect postcode and one with the correct postcode). 2 have been delivered and 2 are still missing. myHermes have stated that one is "LOST" and the other "in transit"... myHermes is a totally unreliable company because they use private individuals to deliver/collect pkgs. So, be warned - expect to lose 50% of your shipments should you use myHermes. Oh - this is 4 weeks into this.
  15. I sent a 6 place dinner service via Myhermes. Each item was treble wrapped in packing paper and then bubble wrap, the box was taped up with thick parcel tape and then the white and red 'fragile' tape. I sold it on ebay for £50 plus £15 shipping. The buyer contacted me today saying all bar 8 pieces all had been smashed to pieces and a large rip was on the side of the box (she sent me several pictures as proof) so 22 pieces are smashed. So I have refunded her the £65 and contacted Myhermes. Apparently their escalation team will contact me to tell me if I have a claim or not (??) but i only
  16. Ordered an item online, was 'delivered' by myHermes. Used the tracking info the company gave me, and on the day it was due to be delivered, I waited in for it. I've never had any problems whatsoever with myHermes, but upon reloading the tracking page, it said "Delivered - left in porch". Problem is, we don't even have a porch! I contacted both the company and Hermes to find out what happened and what I can do next. Hermes said they spoke to the local courier, who says the item was left on the doorstep through a side gate, and could not be seen from the road. However, we share our gate with ano
  17. In a nutshell:- Sent package worth £400 with myHermes. Insured it to max (£250) and paid extra for 'signature required' Customer contacts me to say package hasn't turned up, I contact myHermes who say it was left in a shed, customer replies that they do not have a shed. I lodge a claim through their customer service who offer £263 compensation, despite me proving it was worth much more. I could understand that in the case of breakage etc but seeing as I paid extra for them to require a signature and they just ignored that is there any way I could get full value back? Thanks
  18. Hi I ordered a staple gun from ebay, which never arrived, myhermes being the courier company. I informed the seller that i had never received the item, they said the item had been delivered and a signature obtained. The date of delivery was when both myself and my wife were at home all day and nobody came to my door. I asked the seller for proof of delivery, who emailed me the myhermes slip which had in the signature box not a signature as such but a series of loops. (whoever tried to sign would not know my signature because only my first and last name were on the del
  19. I am going to try and keep a long story short! Sent 4 parcels with MyHermes on the 9th November. On the 5th working day only one had been delivered (They say all parcels delivered within 3-5days) After lots of chasing, unhelpfulness and general disinterest, a further two were delivered on day 7. (resulting on me also receiving negative feedback on eBay). So this leaves me with one parcel missing. After lots more chasing, I have just relieved a call from their customer services to say that they have found the packaging, but the parcel has been "tempered" with and the contents i
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