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  1. Hi all, I had a 50%/50% mortgage with an ex partner in 2004 - 2006 when we broke up. The property was repossessed in 2007 (I moved out) and was sold at a loss. In 2009 I received a letter from Drydens Fairfax stating that I/WE owed £32,xxx by way of shortfall. I contacted a solicitor and ended up due to circumstances paying £40/month which I have paid religiously for the last 9 years. BY my reckoning I have paid approx £4,500 to them. A low amount for sure, but I have young dependants and being self-employed my finances aren't what you'd call
  2. Hi I'm looking for some help with the following claim from Capquest / Drydens. I receievd a letter from Capquest in Decemeber 2014, chasing an old Halifax Credit Card Debt, I responded with 1. CCA Request 2. CPR.31.14 Request which they acknowledged, but they did not supply the documents. They then start court proceddings, I submit a Defence to the court and the case was stayed after a few weeks. ==Defence Submitted 1. I have had financial dealings with Lloyds Banking Group in the past but unsure of any balances or ever been contacted by Lloyds Bank
  3. Name of the Claimant ? Capquest Investments Limited Date of issue – 3rd May 2017 Date to acknowledge - 21.05.2017 date to submit defence =04.06.2017 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – 1. The claim is for the sum of £886.32 in respect of monies owing by the defendant on a credit agreement held by the defendant with Shop Direct under account number xxxx upon which the defendant failed to maintain payments. 2. A default notice was served upon the defendant and has not been complied with. 3. The balance owed was assigned from Shop Di
  4. Hello everybody, I am acting for my partner who had PPI added to his Capital One credit card account one month after he took on the credit card. He did not sign or tick a box to accept PPI. He was quite clear to Capital One during the application process - he didn't want PPI. One month after he signed the agreement, Capital One telephoned him and asked him to have a direct debit. He said yes to the direct debit. He always worked very long hours so did not notice until last year that Capital One had added PPI to his account the same day as that phone call. As soon as he not
  5. Hi guys, new here and after some advice on a rather messy situation if possible..... Around 2011/2012, i was discharged from an IVA id been paying into as i lost my job at the time, was out of work for a lengthy period, and had no way of covering the amounts set. The IVA company handling my account told me the creditors would "probably" start contacting me again in pursuit of the monies outstanding. Some did, some didn't. After a period of around 6 months, i was offered settlement on a couple of these, which I accepted. As i wasn't being pursued by the other
  6. Hi all, Was just going to complete the defence myself as I didn't want to trouble you all with (what I believe is a pretty simple defence), but hopefully this can help others, who are in a similar situation. This morning (dated 6th June) received a claim form, details below: Name of the Claimant: Arrow Global (Drydens Solicitors) Date of issue – 6/6/17 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1. The claim is for the sum of CA £7.5K in respect of monies owing by the defendant on a credit agreement held ny the defendant with MBNA under account num
  7. Hi everyone at CAG I received a claim form from Dryden’s Fairfax solicitors acting for a collection agency called arrow ltd the letter dated 10th October about a credit card I had with Sainsbury’s bank I took out in 1998, I took the claim form to the CAB on 4th November to help me, the CAB contacted the court and was told no judgement had been made yet by Dryden’s, CAB rang Dryden’s and spoke to them and told them I wanted to send the admission form and set up a monthly payment, but I said all correspondence must be done only by letter, the person who
  8. Hi First post here. I have an old debt with Egg from around 2000 for roughly £2900. I was on a CAB plan paying £1 token payment for a while at the time but stopped paying , I never heard anything for years and now Capquest own the debt . I think I might remember paying them £10 a month 3-4 years ago for a while but due to financial hardship stopped paying. Though I cant be certain on this as I cant seem to find any details at the moment. They have recently sent me letters again and have refered it to Drydens Fairfax who have given me to the 30th Nov to offer a pa
  9. Hello you lovely lot, hoping for some advice on my options , quick summary , I had a vanquis account a few moons ago (not enough for SB Defence), eventually I think Cabot bought the debt and are now claiming it through Drydens. Claimant - Cabot Address for sending documents- Drydens LTD POC as written on form, Claim Number Defendant Details XXXXX XXXXXX ( My name) xxx xxxxx xx ( My address) 1.the claimants claim is for the sum of £1644.80 under and agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, between the Defendant and Vanquis Account Number x
  10. Good Evening Everyone I need some advice on an old cc debt that was sold to arrow global over 6 years ago. No payment or acknowledgement has ever been made to arrow. The last payment to the original creditor was made over 6 years ago. Drydensfairfax are seeking payment or they will take me to court. I have said this is statute barred, however they say arrow issued a default in 2013 so not SB. Bearing in mind I have never acknowledged or paid anything to arrow, are they correct in saying this is not statute barred? Thanks
  11. entered in error, please delete
  12. Hi, In around1999-2000 i had a card with BoS, which was defaulted on around the start 2001.(balance around £1650 ) I initially made £1 token payments through the CAB, this lasted only around 6 months,when i stopped paying. After being threatened with a statutory demand in 2008 i began paying Capquest £10 a month from 29th OCT 2008. (the balance stated then was £1900.00) I kept this up until 30 Sept 2009. In Dec 2013 they took me to court and got a CCJ for £10 a month which ive had to pay since. (balance had become £2760.00 ?) My question is ,is there an
  13. Hi, thanks in advance for looking at my post. Basically, in 2006 I took out a buy now pay later deal through land of leather with creation. land of leather told me i would be contacted when i needed to start making payments but never did. after taking out this deal i went through a rough patch after having a prem baby and becoming a single parent in the space of a few months with no job and was extremely depressed and i forgot about the sofa payments. the next i heard i had court papers, i contacted creation to ask if i could start making the payments asap and they told me i had to
  14. Good evening, I wondered if you could help me. I have received a county court claim form for a credit card debt. The credit card was capital one and the debt was passed to various solicitors over the years. The debt is now with Capquest and they have instructed Drydens Fairfax to manage the matter. This credit card was taken out over 6 years ago, however I believe the last payment made could be around the 5 or 6 year mark which if over 6 could make the debt statute barred. I have tried to find old paperwork to try and see when I last made payment but c
  15. My wife had a Natwest Credit Card Account from around 2001- 2005. It was closed with a balance of about £3000 then sold to Arrow Global. Last payment to original lender was around 2007/8. No acknowledgement or payment made to DCA at all. They wrote many letters in 2012 demanding for payment because we had made a claim for default charges. We asked them to prove but they went quiet but at the same time the claim for the default charges was partly successful but Natwest decided to make that payment to Arrow Global despite my wife's protest. I wrote and informed them that the dedt
  16. Hi all Been very quiet on here for quite a while, due to no DCA's trying to contact me about the usual. Today however, I have received a letter from a company called Drydens Fairfax. There is perhaps one debt I have that COULD still be enforceable - mortgage shortfall, sadly! All the others to the best of my knowledge, Statute barred. Any idea who the clients of this outfit could be?? The letter is the DCA's usual, "Are you XXX? Do you know where XXX is?? If you are not XXX, please accept our apologies........." and so on and so forth. Obviousl
  17. I have received this back from MBNA. I have looked through the other MBNA agreements and cannot seem to find one like it. can anyone give advice as to enforceability. My first impressions are that it looks ok and I don't want to challenge it if there is nothing wrong. thanks
  18. Hi, Thought it may be useful to compile a list of known phone numbers used by the above companies, for use in call blockers. These are the numbers I can find - does anyone have any more to share? Drydens Fairfax 08433770317 01138233387 01138233481 01274378884 01274378000 Lowell Portfolio 01133086000 01133086147 07814050967 08448150652 07837638835 01133086999 01133086104 08442843421 01133086108 01133086003 01132856550 07891672094 01133086119 08450260093 08448444716 07900742233 07900742242 01153 308600 08
  19. Today my wife received a package from Drydens with a copy of an application to remove a stay and proceed in court. It was stayed on the 28th Dec 2013 after they never came back to court following sending our defence. Brief outline wife got cancer credit card unhelpful when couldn't pay so didn't pay. Sygma bank wouldn't supply information asked for and issued default. drydens also wouldn't supply info but eventually supplied copy of agreement which we noticed although signed by my wife it was unsigned by the bank. I am defending the case under PO
  20. Hi, A bit of background history. I took out a Vanquis card about 4 years ago, 2 years ago I got into financial trouble and couldn't afford to repay all my debts, everybody except Vanquis agreed to let me pay a reduced sum for a few months to get back on track which I have done. However, while trying to repay everything Vanquis were getting a payment each month but not always the minimum payment and as a result the debt on the card spiralled with missed payment charges, then over limit charges and any other charge they decided to add. I will be honest and sa
  21. Hi All I had a credit card with MBNA which I defaulted on, as I couldn't afford the payments on it. I sent a CCA request many moons ago (Feb 2009 to be precise) and all I received back was a template CCA with no signature. I have now received a letter from Drydens Fairfax stating that I must pay the outstanding amount (£10K). It also states if I do not respond by 9th May 2014 then they may commence legal action. I have not paid any money since I sent my original CCA request back in Feb 09. I am also aware that in Feb 2015 this would be Statute Barred ? I
  22. OH just got letter from MBNA selling and assigning CC debt to ARROW GLOBAL telling her to pay debt or contact AIC. This relates to CC taken out around 2001 and defaulted 2010, previously done SAR to MBNA and found lots of charges on account. Now that MBNA do not own debt we feel time is right to reclaim charges. Looking over SAR can find lots of late payment charges of £20 and £25 around 2004 - 2006 and many £12 charges 2007 -2010. Whilst I understand that reclaiming bank charges is a no no would I be able to claim back all charges for previous 6 years from now or could I
  23. As some of you may know, I've had a lot of problems with Drydens (which show no signs of going away any time soon). It seems that Drydens really don't like to be asked to provide copies of advocate's reports or explain why they lied in paperwork intended for court - especially if you keep asking by email. So much so that I seem to be blocked from sending any more. Many of their email addresses can be found in the public domain anyway, and can be found on a simple google search. So, if you've been wronged by this company - and chances are that you have if you've been unfort
  24. Received Bulk centre claim form today re old tsb acct, general stuff though, ie, various dca been trying it on for a few year now ( since 2009) when I 1st joined. So in a nutshell whats the best way forward even tho I probs know what your gonna say. I never received the initial request for the section 78 back in 2009. Best way to respond please, this is for my partner who now is climbing the wall.. Mr
  25. Hello All. As as student, I had an Egg credit card. Due to losing a job, no longer being able to pay the minimum payments etc, I built up a debt which in dec 06 was sold to capquest. It's just over 12k. Now, when i originally got the letter from capquest 18 months ago, it demanded immediate payment. I got in touch, and said this isn;t possible. I was paying egg £200 monthly as a minimum payment. I offered them £100 - all i could afford, but they wouldn't have it. I said nothing else i can do. Over the months, they sent letters, called th
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