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  1. Hi DX. Indeed you are correct, it just escalated into what it is now, and unknown to me somewhere within the small print I agreed to their t&c. I will contact coop immediately. Thank you
  2. Hi Bazooka Tbh there was a few companies that I had filled in details for, then over the proceeding days my phone and mails never stopped, I even had to report one company for offering me 3k but wanted I phone voucher code for £200. then the [problem] co got really nasty, even calling me with my own number ? Anyway since then various companies have tried taking amounts of monies ranging from £6.99. to £33.00. I just want to close the account and open another one but they say its not allowed?
  3. I am confused as to why the coop won't close my acc yet keep charging me...... I was looking for a loan online few weeks ago, i seemed to complete various applications, then all of a sudden, companies started requesting monies from my acc, I notified the bank and they said they would put into dispute and look into various matters. It happened again and i asked why. They say that I need to resolve issues with companies, yet they all have different names to where I applied to, brokers etc. Can I demand the closure of account? If they don't allow me anot
  4. Hi So the FCA confirmed that they are not registered etc, So I sent them a mail telling them so, hear is their reply. Thanks for your email. Internet is a free forum and any body can write anything about anyone and it was not our customer who put any review as it was just our competitor who want to spoil our reputation. We also put on our site about illegal use of our company name due to fraudster [causing problems] the people by taking the money using our name. We are registered under companies Act 1998 and regulated by FCA so how come we can [problem] the people,
  5. OMG THE PLOT THICKENS A Lady has just called me contradicting herself in many ways regards previous correspondence. She now says she does not need bank acc details but needs I TUNE vouchers to the value of £125.00. I have to activate them then call her with code details etc ????? Then she will deposit the money into my acc, Although she does not need the details. I can't believe that she/they are still attempting this.
  6. Hi I have just received this mail from them????? adamant aren't they. Thanks for your email. We did tried to call you but your phone is on answering machine. Please call us back on 02031290289 and speak to Michael and he will assist you further. Look forward to hear from you soon.
  7. Hi Bazza5 So basically they will take my deposit and anything else I may have? Where the hell do they hide/send the money, how do they withdraw the monies they [problem]? (Intrigued) Surely this is just a huge [problem] having read the link on hear. I am going to call the Governing bodie and report this
  8. Hi HB and Bazza5 So they are not reg with the FCA? Why then would they trade ? Clone? so they just take info from another , make it look appealing then, 'trade' ? What can they get out of this ? apart from the deposit they want to take from my bank.( which they say they give me back with allotted loan) If they are not legitt, then why trade, where do they put the money they take from customers? They have been on the phone offering me more money 4 x as much ? but I have to make the deposit. To be honest I am thinking of contacting my bank and cancelling my account/calling
  9. UPDATE. THEY HAVE JUST SENT ME THIS..???? Dear Customer, We are delighted to confirm that your loan application for a Unsecured Loan has been approved of 1000 pounds over 24 month with the APR of 10% with the monthly repayment of 47.81 pounds per month and you will be entitled to get this loan today. But we are trying to get hold of you many time but we are not able to get in touch with you as we have to put the money in your bank account so now we can able to sort the loan for you via email. Also we are a lender not a loan broker. Please email us your sort code a
  10. Hi. I don't have a link for them as they called me, probs as I had given some info to a loan company. I have no idea why they want me to bank money then give me it back ? Thank you
  11. Hi Has anyone heard of these ? Loans Expert' based in London. Apparently, they can give a loan, unsecured if you bank an amount then they forward your loan inc the amount you previously deposited ?
  12. Hi DX Mortimer Clarke Solicitors. No I got nothing in return and just forgot about it as it was all quite sort of 'sleeping dogs' scenario So this is the CPR 31/14. Do I just adjust to my case particulars, [template removed please read the top of the CPR 31:14 letter link - dx]
  13. Name of the Claimant ? CABOT Date of issue – . Jan 31st What is the claim for – 1. The Claim is for the balance of installments due and unpaid under an agreement dated 6/09/2007 under which Blue Motor Finance Ltd re Bluestone agreed to provide credit in relation to the purchase of goods payable by Installments (The Agreement) The agreement was assigned to the claimant PARTICULARS, 1 Amount due and unpaid £xxxxx. The Claimant, therefore claims the amount due and unpaid £xxxxx What is the value of the claim? £4700 Is the claim for a current account (
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