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  1. I don't know what one of those are, I'm using word excel pdf..
  2. thank you cogger.... i have been trying to find the letter template to send to my credit card for unfair charges, is there any chance youcould put a link to it please..
  3. Hi I'am working out the fees that sainsburys credit card charges, what charges would i be requesting for ; I have 53x£1.50 + 8x£3.00 cash handling charges 40x£12.00 + 18.00x£25.00 late payment/over credit limit fees and a few other amounts that vary......
  4. thank you so much, i did a PPI claim and got back £3757.91p back this week,but after getting the my file and all my statements and write down every thing....
  5. hi again i issued a SARS to sainsburys credit card and got it back, i went through all the statements and have paid just over £9000 in interest and late payments and over credit limit on £4200, of the late payments 18 of them are £25 charge then they were dropped to £12, would i be able to claim them back against the outstanding debt, which means the figure they took me to court and got a ccj for is not the true figure, I have a photocopy they sent me showing the the applacation form i filled out in 1999. On the credit agreement they sent it shows they charge £12 for late/over credit one late payment fee put me over the credit limit so got charged another £25. And above all guys you have educated me and your site has given me lots of help through some very dark times in my head...
  6. Hi there bank fodder it was 1998 i took the card out, I don't have a written agreement with sainsburys or ever having one with them, my debt £4,308.75 was sent to Arrow Global Limited from Wescot Credit Services who i was paying monthly installments to, Arrow Global Limited wanted me to set up a payment plan with them, I did explain by phone i have no money at all as i had put a claim in for ESA and PIPS and i had no income, Arrow Global Limited sent my file to Drydensfairfax sent me 2 letters asking me to contact to sort out a payment plan , I got a county court letter from Drydens with a income defend form etc, I took the forms to the CAB and they contacted them and explained my problem they wanted to speak to me on the phone and i pointed out i would rather do it by letter, we heard the gentleman say he will carry on with the CCJ and the line went dead. With their costs on top it comes to £4,495.75 no enforcement has been made yet.
  7. Hi there i have had a credit card with sainsburys since 1999, kept up a good payment record for many years till 2008 when i fell into debt through ill health and my dad passing away and leaving no will and i ended up trying to sell his boat and keep a mortage going, I agreed with Sainsburys to reduce my payments and then Sainsburys passed my debt to a few credit agencys and i kept payments up till Drydens Fairfax solicitors took over the debt and issued a CCJ. who do i issue a SARS too to find out about my credit card and payments i had made to and any information ie;credit agreements, payments etc. many thanks leon
  8. Update so far folks i spoke to the trading standards they are contacting the leisure group and telling them to put up prices in the reception areas as the websites give 3 prices, Got a ref number from trading standards because it supposed to be against the law not to show prices. Going to be presenting FOI to the centre because they should keep copys of there pool rules etc for the public to have access to as the company that runs the centres don't have any rules on there websites.
  9. Thank you for the response, My aim is to find out where it states about no masks in the rules, There are so many conflicting theories about googles ie. they restrict field of view ( I checked most googles and masks they both have 170 deg of vision) and it can be used to watch children under water was another one I heard, but no real reason at all. I found pictures of muslim ladies wearing full hijab and full face cloth and as I said to the manger what would you do if a coach load showed up to swim his response was I have not had that yet, I responed with there is always a first time but that would be difficult also to do CPR with the cloth on the face. I rang these centres Sunday and asked each one if they show there prices at the recepetion to the public to see, not one of them do I was told. If you ask for them they will be provided to you, I also asked if they show the time tables in any of the centres reception No was the reply to the five centres I asked. If you look at the web sites prices on four of them you get directed to join now but no pricing. My bullet point here, we all live on a island and like many of us we could not swim I was self taught and taught my sisters I have also been going to sea for 30 years on boats and yachts, I have also saved someone from drowning in mid winter out of a river and she was expecting, I have used mostly common sense but if I did not know I would research and take a course. I agree with you Rene i think hes doing a Kryton off red dwarf with the Section 3.4.4 Genaral pool rules http://www.better.org.uk/venues/windrush-leisure-centre http://www.better.org.uk/venues/carterton-leisure-centre http://www.better.org.uk/leisure/chipping-norton-leisure-centre http://www.better.org.uk/venues/didcot-wave-leisure-pool/prices http://www.better.org.uk/leisure/faringdon-leisure-centre
  10. Thank you Bazza for the reply, the company runs the centre for the council a charity type same as housing association,.
  11. Hi again everyone, Im getting older and moaning more about things, I visited my local swimming pool with my nephews last week, I took my snorkel and mask my nephew took his mask, we were using them in the pool till we were told masks are not allowed in the pool I pointed out that there was no signs warning this only no diving in the shallow end It was told to me the life guards need to see our faces in case we got in trouble and the mask covers our nose was not allowed, I said nose clips are allowed but was told it made it difficult for the life guards (I presume to carry out cpr) so the manger was called out to talk to me about the mask he repeated the same I asked for contact details for me to talk to someone about it, He said he would provide them when i leave and i left the masks on the side of the pool. We carried on swimming 15 mins later the whistle blew and we were told swimming was over least to say i was miffed that we only got 35mins too and no time tables are up in the reception area and paid £11.00 to swim. I stopped at the reception on the way out and asked the receptionist to call for the manger he came and gave me the contact details I sent a email that evening pointing out no prices are advertised or timetables and about the face masks got a reply next day, He put in his email that ; Normal operating procedure, Section 3.4.4 Genaral pool rules, bullet point six "No face masks/snorkels/beach balls unless in a designated and supervised session" And also he put in the email that it could take time to carry out CPR, there are timetables on their website or on request from the receptionist or in the wetroom and nothing at all about prices, the next day I visited the centre and spoke to the manger who emailed me and asked him for a copy of the General pool rules, the manger went too obtain a copy and came back 15 mins later told me he spoke to head office and couldn't give me a copy because of the data protection act, While I was waiting for him I noticed they are selling swimming masks for children plus ear plugs (I would have thought some one wearing earplugs in a swimming pool wouldn't be able to ear a wistle very well). The bits I need help with. 1) Does data protection act come into this as it is a public swimming pool and i wanted to see the rules as there are no signs giving warnings or restrictions. 2) Do they have to put time tables and prices at the reception for the public to see, As on better org web sites there are different prices and the time tables can be confusing. 3) The masks are on sale to the public and I was using the mask in the public pool and as we know now Vinnie Jones tells us only to kiss the miss's and pump the chest instead.
  12. hi dx that's what i thought, why i put the post up just show what i did, i only mainly wanted to have a witness as well making the call and relay a message to use letter only . dx the help you and rest of your friends do, Is unbelievable and i cannot ever thank you enough, (to me you are the jedis have a good crimbo and new year.
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