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  1. Hi, they have not actually said it but it is just the way they didn't give me any info, all they said was 2 claims had been made against me, 1 for damage caused by collision (3rd party) and 2 injury claims from the people in the front car (3rd party 2), got to have 2 hour intetview, 1 about me and my integrity and the car and 1 about the accident itself. I sent them the pics of the cars and text message but still needs to be investigated. Why i don't know because the pics clearly show my car is only damaged at the rear (front still perfcet condition), the front car only has rear damage, t
  2. Hi, Just over a week ago we were involved in a 3 vehicle collision. While stationary / crawling pace in a queue of traffic when we heard screech of tyres, i looked in the mirror and saw the 3rd parties car speeding up behind us. I was a good 12 foot or so from the car infront so when the 3rd party hit us i managed somehow to swerve and avoid the car infront however the 3rd party planted himself in her rear end. The police etc arrived and took a witnesses details then told them to leave. I advised my insurance of the accident and the other party details. However, both the other parties i
  3. We know he has to unstruct a surveyor of his own, what we were not sure about is what are his rights about the notice being wrong, I read somewhere that he can go back to them in writing and tell them until they serve a valid notice nothing can be done. After reading and re reading the planning approval it states that plans are approved as listed and shall be carried out in accordance with drawings etc. Now they wish to build in the same space etc but change the use from gym to bedroom. It is highly unlikely he or anyone else would want to do the same extension as it would devalue bo
  4. Thank you Sgt Bush your post is quite informative. In regard to the 2 month notice this is laid down in legislation?????? They did register an objection at the initial planning stage. As far as we are aware they do need approval for scaffolding over the garage. There were planning details posted, the plans were for a porch ext, garage converted to bedroom for carers? New Extension above garage to be a gym, single story rear ext.
  5. Hi, An elderly family member has received a party wall notice and we would like some advice before contacting a surveyor see if we just being rediculous. The bits we would like help with are as follows: 1: adressed to the owner not him personally even though his name is known and shown further in notice. Should it be addressed to him personally? 2: they give less than a months notice NOT minimum 2 months. As it is a Party structure notice we understand it should give a minimum of 2 months notice. 3: the notice says to build a bedroom above the garage.
  6. I know they can issue another when they find out it is faulty if they can be so bothered, however I won a claim a couple of years ago part of which was a flawed DN in that one the DJ decided the original DN along with the POC was enough to throw the claim out.
  7. No, a claimform hasn't been sent yet, but we are expecting one. Will scan a copy asap, the T&C nor agreement were in the original SAR
  8. Hi, Been on Forum for ages and managed to win all but one claim that has been brought against us with advice from here. However, this one is confusing me a little as not had to do it in a while. My wife had a Marshall Ward catalogue taken out in Aug 07 so after the April changes, everything was fine until 2012 when we got into a bit of trouble one thing led to another and she got defaulted, in 2013 Capquest aquired the debt, we CCA'd them, they sent a recon agreement and then all went quiet. Oct 2016 my wife starts to get letters again from Capqu
  9. Hi, After a little bit of advice really. We have had our broadband provided by the same company for the last 18 months and our contract has just come up for renewal, they have sent us a letter saying we HAVE to be in contract with them otherwise if we go onto the rolling monthly contract we are liable for a £65 fee in the case of any call outs. Before we sign any new contract I just wanted to get some feedback. 1, Can they charge us again for installation (not a small amount but £833+vat)? In the pack they have sent us they have got the set up fee as being payable again
  10. Hi, Well the In laws did go to the police yesterday and have been given 2 crime refs, and also were advised to phone the fraud office which they did this morning. The MIL called Roxburghe this morning and they say nothing has been passed to them, but on the payyoupcn site yesterday it said that they couldn't appeal and to conatct Rox as it had been referred to them. then by some miracle later today they are now both active on the payyourpcn site awaiting photo eveidence etc. @Meekyou: We thought it could just be human error, but according to the site mentioned above it was seen
  11. Hi, I have been asked by my father in law to look into a problem that has just appeared. He got home form work today to 2 parking notices dated April this year from a Hospital in Newcastle (a copy of one should be attached). Now, we know that he is not at all liable for these charges as they relate to a hospital car park in Newcastle (he lives in Milton Keynes), the date of the first charge is 16th April, on this date he came to visit us in Wales and filled up in Milton Keynes on the way so trying to find receipts with the time on and they stayed for just under a week, he has ba
  12. Have you heard anything yet? we managed to get the claim against us thrown out due to Capquest and DrydensFairfax failing to send any paperwork and also under CPR rules Drydens failed to sign the claim form wrongly which meant they could not use anything on their claim form.
  13. No not a signed copy as the agreement was from 09, however they failed to send any agreement even recon. The docs I think he referred to were specifically the cpr31.14 and cpr18 request - so, agreement, default info, statement of how the amount claimed is reached etc. Of top of head can't remember if there was anything else. Basically just before the claim was issued a cca'd capquest, they never responded in any way to the request. Then after claim issued sent cpr to drydens and asked them to change the signature on claim form. They responded by saying it will take about 6 weeks to g
  14. Update on this problem Moorcroft have backed off, but since last year have had a couple of letters from SRJ Debt Recoveries one of which was threatening legal action again. Knowing exactly how old this debt is (10 years now) I sent them a statute barred letter a couple of weeks ago, then today I get a letter saying they have contacted their client and the information they hold is correct and the debt still stands. I phoned them (I know, shouldn't do it) and after they said the call may be recorded I confirmed yet again that if there is a debt it is statute barred
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