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  1. Situation as I know so far: Tenant moved into property in 2014 and contract stated the deposit was protected by 'Barclays Secure Client Account' - nothing more. rental was done through a lettings agency and rent was paid to them. About 18 months later the tenant came home to a man waiting in his car outside the house who identified himself as their landlord - had ID and paperwork. Agency had vanished and he hadn't been paid rent for around four months. He accepted the tenant had paid. It all checked out and the tenant then paid rent direct to landlord. He never has got round
  2. Hi guys im new here , i signed up because im being threatened to be taken to a small claims court. A long story short 1 or 2 years ago i met a guy on gumtree (that had bought a computer off me) and he had asked whether i could supply him with a large amount of computer components, me being not being mature and silly i accepted this and we talked over email for a bit to confirm details. After that he had transferred over £70k into my bank and what we agreed is that i give him a certain amount of computer components each week which i did for several months until the guy suppl
  3. In November 2005 I was called into my bank for a “financial review”. At that time, I did not realise it was going to be a hard sell of bank products. I was sold a £20k loan. When the time arrived to sign the paperwork, the local printer couldn’t produce it – I guess an IT issue. They managed to get part or maybe all the first page printed (on screen it had many pages), which I was asked to sign or initial – I don’t remember what, in the footer area of the page. The £20k was deposited into my account the same/next day. I was advised a full agreement would be
  4. Good afternoon, I was hoping someone would be able to help me with regards to a possible irresponsible lending claim? So I got in a bit of a pickle around November 2013, and started getting PDL's with wonga; fell into the "payday loan trap", and finally managed to get out of it about a year ago- I have not had a payday loan since Apr/May 2017 I do believe. My credit file is shot though. I was just wondering the best way to go about this? Am I ok to email the companies asking for details of all the loans i have had with them? As between November 13- February 14 it looks like I ha
  5. Hi everyone, Ive had nothing but top advice when Ive previously used the forum - so here we go. I defaulted on my nationwide loan in approx 2010 - due to redundancy. Balance roughly 8k. Nationwide took proceedings against me and got CCJ for about 9k - enforced via a C/O that remains on my property. No payments being made as its interest free. I have had 2 loans in my life with them - 2nd was for 15k that paid of the last bit of my fist loan for about 8-10k I cant remember exactly. I have just had confirmation that there was PPI in these loans and nationwide are du
  6. Hi can anyone help me trace down a toy The backs story is that my autistic daughter had a favourite toy of a little blue stretchy dragon. Which got broken a few months ago. We had to remove it as it started leaking tiny beads She's spent hours crying about it and ive spent months trying to get another The toy in question is this one http://www.amazon.in/Simba-Nature-World-Stretchable-Dragon/dp/B003ON4CQI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418974300&sr=8-1&keywords=nature+world+dragon It's the light blue one. It's made by two companies simba and toy major I've
  7. I'll try to be brief and not ramble. My daughter and her family came to stay with me early last year after selling their family home and were waiting for their new family home. For one reason and another myself and my daughter's long term partner didn't get on, it ended up much to my embarrassment that he ended up staying elsewhere, his friends, his car, hotels etc. This caused issues between myself and my daughter He was sent a few items of mail from Asset Collections I called them and explained that he didn't actually live here, he had for a brief time and had moved o
  8. Hi everyone, It seems I'm not the only one being hounded by CRS on a daily basis. I was bought a gym membership in my own name (without my knowledge initially) last year as a Christmas present. It was my local gym at the time. I went to the gym for around 10 months before the gym were given notice that I was moving away from the area. They had a couple of months notice. My parents didn't send this recorded delivery as they never thought this would happen. A couple of months passed and I got a letter from the gym saying that I hadn't given notice - I had already moved at
  9. I have a bit of debt. It's not massive but it's at a level where it stops me from enjoying life. I had a few problems changing jobs last year where I didn't get paid for three months and wasn't entitled to benefits. So I had to either borrow or not pay bills, eat etc... I've worked out I can pay and extra £50 or so a month to clear it a bit quicker but I'm not sure in what order to pay it off. They highest interest debts are my smallest and don't really cause a problem. It's the following. Loan around about £5500 still owing. I pay about £240 a month. Low ra
  10. Long one… I have worked for the same company for 16 years about 10 years ago I needed to borrow about £10k. I also borrowed other bits over the 3 years after but nothing since then. I had a good relationship with my employer and I was paying it back at about £100-150 a month. No interest on the loan. Think the total amount was £15k. There was never an agreement and I signed nothing nor did I ever enquire about the amount still owed, money was just deducted from my wages. In the middle of last year my employer died and the company was sold to another guy who ha
  11. Hi everyone at CAG I received a claim form from Dryden’s Fairfax solicitors acting for a collection agency called arrow ltd the letter dated 10th October about a credit card I had with Sainsbury’s bank I took out in 1998, I took the claim form to the CAB on 4th November to help me, the CAB contacted the court and was told no judgement had been made yet by Dryden’s, CAB rang Dryden’s and spoke to them and told them I wanted to send the admission form and set up a monthly payment, but I said all correspondence must be done only by letter, the person who
  12. after reading around this forum a while, I realise I may've messed up. But still seek a little advice... A bit of history: Parked a family members car incorrectly in a car park, whilst I ran to buy something. Literally 2 minutes, maybe 1.5, but when I got back there was a guy taking a pic of the car. By incorrect parking, it's a small car and a small car park and I found a spot which wasn't a defined car space (no painted lines), but was just a little space on the side. Not blocking anyone or anything. No yellow box or double lines or anything either The
  13. Hello 1st post and I hope I'm posting in correct forum. if not could Mods please move post. The wife of a friend of mine has walked out a couple of weeks ago. Shes has walked away and left everything in limbo. Friend phoned the bank and arranged an appointment where they froze the joint account , opened a new account in his name only so he can have his wages paid in, pay bills / dd/so and mortgage etc Wife had a gym membership, He phoned the gym to tell them she had left, bank acc closed and they told him he was liable , so he set up new direct debit from new account and was
  14. Hi all, I'm Johnny. I'm new here I was just about to send off an parking fine appeal, but just wanted to see if I'm in the right or not, because it's a bit sketchy. The facts: -I wanted to go into Ibis car park because I was told it was cheap -Entered Holiday Inn car park accidentally because of confusing road layout -Left Holiday Inn -Entered Ibis, spent around 5-10 mins parking because it was tight and realised that it was actually very expensive -Went back to Holiday Inn, saw that prices were cheaper so I parked -The sign gave a few options of how to pay. One
  15. my father has just being declared unfit to make sound judgements of his care needs and financial affairs. as his son I'm trying to sort through mountains of junk have come across a credit agreement for nearly £6000 for a bed, he still has 3 years to pay on this. I know because its still on finance i can't sell it. he has no assets and once he goes in to a care home he will have no funds to pay for it. any ideas of how to sort this out please. he currently owes about £3000 on it.
  16. Wherever you are i hope you enjoy your party tonight. Paid for hopefully by your boss. Meant to put this on this morning,oh well better late than never. Many will already be out there.So i am off,it may go quiet in here as the night progresses. Would really like to know tomorrow when you recover how it went. Bet there will be many interesting tales to tell. Tonight is when drink sales hit their peak on the biggest office party night of the year - how do you survive it? Will it be a mad Friday. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/christmas/12057746/How-to-survive-Booze-Black-Fr
  17. Hi, So I've thankfully managed to pay off most of my Payday Loans. Had a bit of an issue this month with a flood at home so all of my income went to sorting that out and I'm now awaiting insurance money (Should be latest next week). I cancelled CPA from remaining lenders also. The last lenders I owe to are 24/7 & Peachy. 24/7 were kind enough to freeze interest etc. Until next Friday at which time I will pay off the remainder. PEACHY on the other hand flatly refused to freeze anything, Offered a rollover and said that the loan of 500 which with 150 interest and cha
  18. Bit of an odd one, curious if anyone can help I had a holiday day for one week of work, i didnt work the other shifts as it was unpaid. They put 6 hours basic, then somehow i got -32.00 in tax which made the total to 75. The original payment for 6 basic hours which was wrong anyway only equated to 42.00 So my question was instead of holiday would it be put like that?
  19. I have a bit of a strange problem with Wright Hassall and was hoping to get some advice. in Oct 2014 WH started chasing an old debt (aprox 5 years old) I ignored their letters, on 24/11/14 I had a blue claim form in the post from the court. I wrote to WH and told them I thought the debt was over 6 years old and that they were statue barred from chasing it. They didnt reply within the 2 weeks that i gave them for a reply I decided to defend the claim from the court. On 30/11/14 the court wrote and acknowledged receipt of the defence. On 27/1/15 I ha
  20. Hi Long story but the short version is. I owned a Cockatoo (Parrot) Had to rehome him as my dog had terminal cancer and needed constant care. Finally decided on a small sanctuary that had a small enclosure of animals. Sanctuary was owned by a couple that owned/run a pub/restaurant in a quiet part of the world. Have a contract drawn up by them that states if Cockatoo ever needs to be rehomed we would have first refusal and would be contacted to discuss. Have just found out today that the couple sold the pub in April and all animals rehomed to another sanctuary
  21. Hi all, I was freelancing last year, opened up my ltd company very early January 2014, and the first accounts will be due in September, along with the tax money. However, for personal reasons I'd like to hold onto that money a month longer. Can the payment be legally delayed for any reasons? Thanks, JB
  22. A little bit of a complex one this but I am really hoping that someone can advise! We are managers at a pub. We work for another company who hold the tenancy, deal with all of the utilities etc and organise the TV. Basically, we are responsible for the day to day running with no responsibilty or say so on finances, contracts etc We get paid for this (self employed basis), along with our accommodation as part of the deal. We organise TV, broadband and 'phone for the private acommodation only. As we are only managers, we have to abide by our gaffers decisions and rules or be ou
  23. Hi I have been receiving letters from Lowell for a debt which is in a name which isn't mine. This was the fault of the catalogue company who completely read my name incorrectly and when I asked them to change it they wouldnt. Lowell have somehow got my address and have been sending letters saying that I need to pay the debt. They have now sent a letter saying they have done a credit check and that they have found out various things including that I am working! I am a bit confused as to how they have done a credit check on a name that doesn't exist at this address a
  24. ,,my huband applied for pip in october after being made to graduate from dla higher rate mobility and no care he had his assessment at home in jan and i constantly phoned up to be told its with a manger etc so i made a complaint and lo and behold today i got a phonecall to say he had been awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced care i cried as its taken 15 years to be acknowledged that i care ft for my husband , so all i can say is keep going stay strong and believe .. the good guys nearly always win x
  25. hi I called Lowell today who are claiming 3 different amounts (2 from my wife and 1 from me) for O2 and T-Mobile. I do not dispute that the amounts are outstanding (although I have no memory or paperwork about the original debt.) However while trying to arrange a repayment schedule and amount with them for all three of these the woman (Saria) mentioned an old Capital One debt of £403 from 2007. Is this even relevant? I have absolutely no record of this original debt! In fact are any of the amounts valid? Do I have to deal with Lowell? Can I go back to t
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