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  1. ,,my huband applied for pip in october after being made to graduate from dla higher rate mobility and no care he had his assessment at home in jan and i constantly phoned up to be told its with a manger etc so i made a complaint and lo and behold today i got a phonecall to say he had been awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced care i cried as its taken 15 years to be acknowledged that i care ft for my husband , so all i can say is keep going stay strong and believe .. the good guys nearly always win x
  2. yes although it wasnt guaranteed she would have a job at end we have also applied for care component of my husbands dla and are waiting to here
  3. 19 yr old daughter had a baby and was on income support we didnt have to pay anything now she found a job ft and did a load of training etc started beginning of October she then finishrd income support and claimed wtc this week we are going into council to say shes started work etc shes now only doing 20 hours a week will they charge us for the previous month at the same rate or more as she was doing training and was on a trial
  4. hi all had the brown envelope through today to start migration from dla to pip as my hubbys award runs out feb 2105 so did the first phone call and are getting form sent through to complete, so by doing this do you think it will be sorted by the time the award runs out on dla or are we being to hopeful as hubby is on hr mobility and no care at moment although his illnesses have got more complex and so has his needs . we are on esa wrag group as well
  5. hi guys i am coming upto that dreaded time of esa renewal in may2014 and was wondering how it goes as we went to tribunal our first time having gone from 0 points to 15 at tribunal so was wondering how it went now also my husbands symptons have got worse and we think he should be in support group and not wrag xx
  6. so do you think that i will be charged and fined etc and have to pay back overpayment and then i will say to daughter move out completely also when will they reinstate hb and pay back to my landlord
  7. no she isnt registered for council tax he lives with his parents and they dont ask for money for bills etc am i buggered or is there hope i genuinely didnt know i had to claim she was working as hubby was on dla and esa
  8. right just checked and we dont get care so will they then try to charge us for overpayment for the 3 years at a rate of 40 a week ish fgs this is making me really ill and cannot cope . my daughter stays 1 night a week is this classed as living here
  9. i informed when he came out and returned home and he is on higher rate dla and they have a list etc of what we recieve does having dla protect from non dependant deductions then ?
  10. right where do i start i have 6 children 4 under 18 and 2 over 1 on jsa and 1 in ft work on oct 20 th ish i was informed my hb had been stopped when i rang up they said it was because of a mistake that i hadnt informed them of my daughter being in ft work so i took in all info requested and signed change of circumstance form and the woman said they would investigate now my daughter who works only stays here 1 night a week since she started work . and my hubby is registered disabled and is on dla and ib esa will this make any difference and also i did inform them 2 years ago as hubby went in pr
  11. i havent moved or anything do i ring court frst and what do i say to baliffs if they come today x
  12. i had a letter pushed through my door when i got home late yesterday saying about a final notice for 373 and he would be returning later this week i think its for the remainder oof a court fine for tv license which i thought had been paid 2 years ago i have had no thing from court before and no final steps notice etc or any letters from marstons can i get a stat dec from court how do i go about getting one of these am worried sick i have a mentally sick husband 2 children under 5 and a pregnant daughter as well helppppp
  13. she is 18 and we are also on dla higher rate mibility
  14. hubby is on esa ib and we receive ctc for our 4 children now we have one daughter who is coming home after her contract has finished will our housing benefit change we receive full housing benefit now and she will be on jsa will we have to pay any housing benefit x
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