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  1. Hello, Please can you help? Since July 2018 I have Marstons chasing a debt for Severn Trent which I was unaware of until they sent me a hand delivered letter, informing me they had a high court writ. I promptly filed a N224 form to Apply to stay the writ and Set Aside the judgment. However, I misread the instructions prior to the hearing and took my defence statement to the September hearing and presented it to the judge, the application was dismissed as I had not filed the defence statement prior to the hearing. The following day I applied again for a Apply to stay t
  2. Hi all. My wife left me nearly 2 years ago. She didn't give DVLA her new address, her car was clocked with no tax, and Marston's tell me they have a warrant for removal. I called Marston's. They won't take my word for it that she doesn't live here. Only that if she doesn't pay £615 immediately, they break my door down and take my stuff. I have a chronic mental health problem, and I'm not in a good way. I need to get the stress off if possible. What do I have to do? My budget doesn't run to an expensive solicitor. Thanks.
  3. Hi. Ive had a letter through my door today from Marstons regarding an unpaid tv licence. The only reason im aware it was going to go to court was by ringing the tv licencing people however they have turned up this morning and nobody answered the door. And left a final notice letter. They have then phoned me today then sent me a text saying if we dont pay by 7pm we will be moved to stage 2 removal. The only info i have is that its was from the cleavland courts. Any advice would be helpful as to what i can do. Just to add they wont let me arrange a payment plan with them
  4. Bristol Council are in the doghouse for sending bailiffs and increasing a £1 debt for a mistake to £311 when Marstons called. Technically marstons did no wrong, they applied the correct fees. https://thebristolcable.org/2018/04/i-owed-1-bailiffs-and-the-council-forced-me-to-pay-311/
  5. Just had a visit from Marston’s enforcement officers trying to collect an unpaid magistrate’s debt that my son accrued whilst drunk, first of all I paid all of this fine in instalments but was late for the final £30, 3 days later my son received a letter from Marston’s saying he now owed £105 and this was a letter of enforcement £30 for the unpaid fine (which had been settled) and £75 for the letter, just for the cheek of it i filled it for him in the bin and forgot about it (6 weeks ago). When they arrived I answered the door with my son and they said he now owed £310, I show
  6. Hello all Wondering what advice you would give for this particular scenario Have received a letter in the post this morning from a company by the name of Marston, It says I have not paid a fine of £660 It says a court order has been made that gives enforcement agents the power to visit me, my address has been identified and traced, as I have not responded to letters delivered to this or a previous address an enforcement officer will be asked to visit within 14 days unless you make payment or discuss your specific circumstances.. I know nothing of this fine or wh
  7. Hi I have a council tax bill outstanding that has been passed to Marstons. They wrote to me about it and the amount seemed wrong I disputed it with the council. Once that had been settled, I have tried continuously to get in touch with Marstons probably for about 4 weeks, and each time been on hold for at least 30 minutes. I finally got through on Friday and was told my account had been passed to a bailiff and I would have to speak to him. I rang the man who was rude, aggressive and abrupt. I offered to make two payments (the debt is £1000) as I couldn't afford
  8. Hi, I have just received a letter from Marstons about a bus lane fine which had been passed to Northampton and resulted in a judgement for the Bailifs to collect the fine or goods. The original fine was for a bus lane infringement in Leeds. I have received no notice from anyone at all about the fine until now. We moved over two years ago and the first thing we did was change our address details with the DVLA for both licence and car ownership papers. What is the best way forward? We have emailed the council and got a standard reply back. Thank you.
  9. Hi All, I have recently received a letter from the HMCTS historical debt team about a fine from 9 years ago. they informed me that I had a fine for having no TV licence. I knew nothing about it. About a month later I received a letter from Marstons Group Bailiffs asking the payment of the fine which was £250.00 and also a £75 compliance stage fee. A The letter which was dated 23rd October gave me until 5th November to arrange a payment plan or make a payment. I received the letter on 4th November (a saturday) and when I called to discuss they were closed. I
  10. Hi guys long time no see, hope the old gang is doing well. Have a huge problem here but please bare with me My son had huge issues with dvla for a car he sold to a garage. All paper work was sent off by him but the garage failed to do their part. He got a letter from dvla saying the car was not insured. he wrote off to them with all the details stating the car was no longer in his pocession and it had been sold to this garage. Dvla wouldnt except that so they appealed, again they refused to accept it and again he appealed. Then nothing. It had gone to cour
  11. Hi, I'm not upto speed in this area so need a little advice. I'll keep it brief and bullet pointed. My daughter and her partner rented a flat from Apr 16 to Sept 16. Moved out and each moved back to parents homes. Updated with council tax online to advise of moving and re registering on electoral register. (i know this happened as i did it for them!) Forwarding addresses given at that time, proved as the CTU quoted the new address during a call today! Today my daughter received a letter from Marstons demanding £212, no other communication from anyone until this, hence
  12. Hi all, I had a visit from a Marstons agent third week in April who left a note telling me I owed £459.11 on my council tax...I replied on my return home to tell them that I was in arrears by one month and their figure was wrong and that the balance would be payed at the end of April...which it was...today on 12th May I received a reply.... Thank you for your email, We have noted the account XXXXXXX with the information you have provided. Fine amount when issued to Marston: £149.11 Outstanding balance at present: £459.11 Debt and Fees: £459.11 Compliance Fee: £75 En
  13. Hi All, im looking for advice. On Monday 13th March a bailiff came to my door saying he had a warrant to enter and search my home with the intention of removing goods. I asked him why and was told that my son had an outstanding court fine for running a red light last summer some time and that it had not been paid so he was here to collect the debt in full or recover goods to the value of. He said he had a locksmith, removals van and the police on route but if I let him in peacefully and paid the outstanding amount he could cancel the police and locksmiths presence
  14. Good morning A bailiff attended my mother in laws address to retrieve payment of near £1200. The debt is owed by her step son for driving offences. We only know this much because we read about it in the newspaper. The step son used to live at the property over 2 years ago - and hasn't since. The family no longer speaks to the son, and the bailiff visit came as a bit of a shock. The bailiff was rude, arrogant and happy to shout out repeatedly that he was going to take goods if she didn't pay - making a scene presumably for effect - he even threatened to ring the police
  15. Good evening everyone, Been a while since I posted on here, anyway; My ex-wife has managed to get herself a speeding fine that was sent to a previous address. The Bailiff, from Marstons Holdings has been handwriting the usual drivel about coming with a locksmith on the phone until I got involved, She has been to the police about the threats, the bailiff has admitted that they do not hold an order to force entry and now seems to have backed off a bit. My question's are; a) The only bailiff I can find whose name remotely resembles the name on the paperwork is differ
  16. My ex gf of 5 years has just got a marston notice of enforcement letter in the post for me for a non payment of congestion charge going back to 2009, yes 2009!!! she is very worried that bailiff will knock on her door etc, i moved out 5 years ago and no longer have the vehicle in question, this is the 1st ive heard of this and dont want to give my ex any stress. so my questions are, is this still valid after all this time? is the notice from the bailiffs valid? what can i do to stop this action? any help please rich
  17. Hi all any advice gratefully received. I have an unpaid pcn being enforced by Marstons, one of their agents came to my home on Thursday 26th May. He is demanding £475 which I cannot pay, he clamped a car which he saw me driving, that belongs to my house mate. The car has been very informally lent to me because I am self employed and my van has broken down. I need this car for my work so it should be exempt from control. I phoned the bailiff on Friday morning to inform him of this, it is still clamped today, the bailiff said he might be able to
  18. Need some advice for family member please. A and B are a couple and were moved under protection from Y to Z overnight. They were in temporary accommodation until early 2016 so were unable to update keeper details until they knew where they would be living. 19/02/16 at 0750, Bailiff knock requesting £787, £477 fine? plus £75 compliance and £235 enforcement (Nothing received beforehand) He also threatened same day removal and threatened them with another £110 for that pleasure. I have a copy of every text sent from Bailiff and family member. Finally agreed £50 a week, t
  19. I recived a pretty unpleasant visit from Mr Sxxx on Saturday saying he was here to take control of my goods! Id been away for a few days and he'd already left me a letter saying he'd been so I was expecting him. Sure enough at 7am someones banging on the front door I figured it would be him. I opened the bedroom window and spoke to him from there. At one point he made out he could break in I called the police and got them to attend, he then insisted that wasnt the case. This all started on the 4th of April, I received a letter which was a notice of enforcement
  20. In 2014, I was due in court for an alleged crime which was fitted up and racist. my wife and I signed to apply for LAA, and it was based on the earnings she was receiving as I was a poor musician. before the case date or I even had a Barristor, I had Rossendales harassing me to pay them £586. 00 per month, which I retaliated withe vitriolic replies. The case date was not set up until Oct, and by that time I had ignored all notices from Rossendales, and was going through nasty Divorce. As soon as I was divorced they started harassing me again, but I am fighting th
  21. Hi, I have a question regarding Marstons Bailiffs, I am acting on behalf of my daughter here. Marstons have pushed a red letter saying final notice and that they will be bringing a locksmith and gave her 24 hours to raise £685 or they will enter and take belongings. I myself rang the bailiff and offered no payment plan at all and that he will come to collect the following day. The following day I rang the magistrates court at South Tyneside and found out that the fines were for 1. Non payment of metro fines. 2. Non payment of TV Licence. For the metro fines we are willing to pay tha
  22. I want to start out by saying this court fine refers back to an offence I was arrested and charged for in late 2012, Back then I was up my head in debt and i was gambling every penny I had. Step forward to 2016, I am now a gambler in recovery after attending rehab and back on the straight and narrow working as a Web Developer. Several years back when I was given my fine by oxford magistrates court I was also given 50 hours worth of unpaid work which I had no intention of doing, was breached and sent to 6 Months as Her Majesty's Pleasure, While inside I manage
  23. Hi There, After some advice please. My wife had an outstanding debt of £165 which was sent to Marstons. It is now at £240. She received a letter mid Dec stating she had 14 days to make payment or set up an arrangement. As she works in the theatre industry and it was Panto season it completely slipped her mind to pay it. I have contacted Marstons today asking if I can make payment on 15th Jan (initially I asked if the debt could be split over 2 months which they refused). They have advised me that they can not stop any enforcement action until the debt is paid (even though I have
  24. Hi, im sorry this is a rather long story but i really need some legal advice... my husband had a tenancy in his ltd co name with a pub company. when he passed away 2 years ago the pub co regional manager asked if i would continue with the pubs, he had another one at the time with them. Both pubs were struggling and i told them i wasnt sure. They assured me of financial and business support. Obviously they didnt want two closed pubs on their hands and i felt a responsibility to my husband to keep them. i struggled to manage both pubs without my husb
  25. Hi all. I've received a Notice of Enforcement from Marstons for a recent CCJ for my unpaid water bill. I was out of work for a while, recently back in full time work and trying to pull my head out of the sand. The notice states that if I don't pay or make a payment arrangement by 23rd June an officer will call. I tried calling the water company (United Utilities) first, and they referred me straight to Marstons. I called Marstons, made an offer to pay, first instalment on the 25th when I get paid and they have advised that an officer will still need to visit "to make sure that I c
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