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  1. Hello. A friend of mine has asked me to look in to the insurance policies that she has just realised were sold to her when she took her mortgage out back in 1998. From looking at the paperwork I can see that there were various forms of insurance but what strikes me straight away is the phrase 'Premiums are recovered from your monthly mortgage repayments. Separate payment is not, therefore required. Please amend your payment when advised'. Does this mean that the insurance was added to the mortgage, and by doing that, my friend was charged interest on both? Apologies for the naive question.
  2. Bowel screening to start at 50 READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bowel-screening-to-start-at-50
  3. I have had several payday loans in the past some of which I shouldn't have been given. Can you tell me how to start a claim and what the process is?
  4. I wonder if someone could advise please. I called on 5.1.16. for a DLA application for my child. I completed the application by downloading the form. My child who requires day and night care. He was awarded personal middle rate care and low rate mobility. The first payment was the date they received the application - not the date when I phoned i.e. 5.1.16. and I did enclose the page they sent which stated I called on 5.1.16. and it had to be back by mid February. I have called DLA and said that they have not taken into account the night time care my child needs. He is up twice a night for around 15-20 mins and sometimes has to sleep in my bed. DLA said that they 'thought' he only got up 4 times a week during the night for the toilet. I said it was clearly stated that every night he has nightmares and I have to get out of my bed to attend to him. They said they hadn't read that - it is clearly stated. I also said that even though I downloaded the application, the award started from the date they received it. They said the it was because I used the download form - even though I attached the paper page version of the date I applied. So it went to a mandatory. They wrote back and said that there was not enough medical evidence about the night time care enclosed with the application (I sent my GP's letter) - they have not contacted my GP. Now I've had my mandatory, if I'm not happy I have to go to appeal. This is unfair as if they had doubt about night time care, then they could have written to my GP. Is there anything else I can do about this instead of going to appeal as clearly they have not read the application properly and now I've 'spent' my mandatory. Also can someone advise me about when the DLA should have started. Many thanks. BTW I wanted the paper version for the Notes as I haven't got the money to keep paying to top up my ink on my printer.
  5. Hi all. I am in the process of moving my mum from the awful Talktalk to a company more reliable and trustworthy. However, it has come to my attention that Talktalk have been taking not one but THREE payments a month from her account. What's more, it looks like this may have been going on since 2013! Things are not making much sense to me I need to dig a little what I know so far is this... There are two amounts being taken for Talktalk and one for Talktalk mobile. She does not have a Talktalk mobile and certainly only one phone/internet line. I recall seeing a paper bill earlier this year which was for over £60, yet when I logged into her online account it's showed every bill at the same amount, £40.45. Almost every month she receives messages warning that she has almost used all of her allowance and has even been cut off a few times, yet online it says her allowance is £250 a month and NONE of it has been used. I checked at least five or six bills and they all said the same. On her bank statement the two main direct debits were started at the same time, have the same ID but a different account number. I also know there is no way she makes enough calls to use up even a fraction of that allowance. It seems like they are sending paper bills for one account whilst the other is handled online and something is very wrong. I won't be able to do anything until Monday when I will take her to the bank to see what transaction information they hold. I will also be looking to find as many bills and bank statements as I can to see how far back this goes. I estimate that Talktalk may possibly have robbed my mother of at least a couple of thousand pounds and I want to do all I can to get that back for her. The down side is, of course, I'm amateur at best when it comes to law which is why I'm posting here. If anyone can tell me what to do or where to go once I have this information it would be most helpful. My mum is a widowed, disabled pensioner who has mental health problems that affect her memory and concentration and in my opinion they have completely taken advantage of her, even upgrading her to the more expensive fibre - she has no need for this, she doesn't even know what it is!! I have had experience of their customer "service" myself in the past so if there's a way I can avoid going down that route I'll take it. I'll check back here over the weekend as I am busy tomorrow, for now I just need to gather advice to use after Monday. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi again guys, been having great success so far with these debts (will try to find a link my other post which is about over a year old to give you some context) So the quick back story Lowell owned the debt, bpo was acting on their behalf sent a CCA request bpo passed it back to lowell after not responding, lowell have then ask their legal team (phahaha) lowell solicitors to start court proceeding, rang them for abit of fun informed them that no cca has been sent, they have now supplied me with the request but it is unreadable (will update this post with a picture when I can) Because it is unreadable is it enforceable? It's crazy blurry you have to guess what words say I am also going to start a complaint as they have passed the debt on that was in dispute (no acknowledgement of the debt what so ever) In fact blurry is a bad way to describe it, you can read the larger letters but the smaller print (90% of the page) looks like it been written in a ink cartridge fountain pen on a piece of kitchen roll Edit: I would rather not just ignore it as it is very close to becoming statue barred (a few months) and would rather stall them with some paper work then having to do all of the paper work for a court defence I found this template on another site but I only trust this site for accurate advice what do you guys reckon? Dear Sir, Thank you for the reply to my letter dated XX/XX.XXXX. Having taken the time to look over the documents supplied in response to my statutory request made under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, I have the following concerns The document entitled “credit card agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974” which appears to bear my signature fails to comply with the requirements of the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983 (SI 1983/1557). In particular section 2 of the Regulations As you will be no doubt aware, the Copy Document Regulations requires that documents are easily legible and clearly the terms of the agreement are not easily legible, infact far from it. Many of the terms are blurred and cannot be interpreted and I am further unable to make out the prescribed terms as required by schedule 6 column 2 of the Consumer Credit (Agreements) Regulations 1983 (SI 1983/1553). After taking advice on this matter, I am of the belief that this agreement that you have presented before me, as it stands would be unenforceable even by court order. Therefore, I require that you provide me a clearly legible copy of the agreement, where all the terms are clearly legible Should you not be able to supply a clearly legible copy, I would suggest that you give consideration to cancelling this account and reducing the balance to zero. Of course the alternative would be to seek a declaration of my rights under Section 142(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. am advised that with the documents that you have supplied there would be an extremely good prospect of success with such a declaration, however, I am mindful of additional costs that such action could incur both on my part and on yours so I trust you will give consideration to this request Yours Sincerely
  7. Hi there, I am being asked by the passport office to provide start and end dates of my first two jobs (I don't have the P45s or payslips from these years, I do have P60s). I contacted the HMRC (SARS team) and was sent a letter with all my jobs listed but no dates to them. After another conversation with them they sent me a second letter with only few leave dates. Now, I used facebook messenger to chat with one of the HMRC people today and asked about this. I was told that HMRC may not hold any records regarding the start and end date of employments if the employer didn't provide them with such. I am trying to figure out how can I get this information (may I add that both employers are not in business anymore) and if HMRC can provide anything else that could show the required dates. I paid NI and Tax from the start and the letter shows that but it doesn't show from when I started or when I finished paying them. Could anyone shed some advise? Thanks in advance, Mad.
  8. It would appear that Ebay is to start charging 20% VAT on fees when it changes it corporate structure later this year. Sellers with a turnover under £85,000 will not be affected. https://tamebay.com/2017/05/ebay-uk-spring-2017-seller-release-ebay-to-charge-vat-on-fees.html
  9. I have been invaded. This keeps interrupting my business in the Bear Garden. There is this Essex or somewhere in the south east smug little man who is telling me how to make millions in the next few months. A smug little varmit that needs sorting out if you ask me.He and his chums. All sorts of adverts pop up,some asking some rather interesting questions when you are viewing anything. Blocking your computer and seems to sneak in. Any tech minded ones who know or had dealings with these infiltrators before. And of course the easiest way to get rid of them for people with limited technical knowledge such as myself. Free if possible. I cannot see them on my programs.So struggling to wipe them out. Thanks. Tawnyowl.
  10. Early last year my husband received a county court summons for £11,500 for a credit card debt sold on to a DCA. He replied and defended the action on the basis of the limited information on the summons and that he was awaiting a reply to the CCA letter sent to them on the day the summons was received. He never received a copy of the CCA, just a letter from them saying the debt was no longer enforceable and they could not proceed any further through the courts, but would he please call them to discuss a repayment plan. They also promised to forward the copy of the CCA. That was over a year ago and we are still haven’t received the CCA, but what he did not advise them was the debt would not really be statute barred until last October , three months after their letter. Move forward to now, and I have received a letter from the same DCA and they are chasing a debt for £8.250 for a card of mine. This will become statute barred in the middle of August when it will be 6 years since the last payment. I received a letter from them dated 6 April but not received until 12 April, saying if I did not contact them within 14 days they would commence legal action. My understanding of statute barred debts is they expire six years after the last payment or admission of the debt and the creditor has until this time to obtain judgement. Is this correct and can the DCA request to the courts an extension this period for the time it takes to transfer to a local court and to a hearing? The default for this will expire soon and I am l keen to keep as clean a record as possible after eight years of financial misery. I appreciate I am morally wrong but this DCA will have purchased the debt for peanuts,
  11. Hi all, Having been in work for over 30 years, I have had to apply for ESA. I phoned the application number on Monday and answered all the questions (1hr 35 mins) The girl on the phone was a 'trainee' and started to ask me for my partners information. I pointed out she did not need these and she put me on hold. Finally she admitted she did not require my partners details. This is just my story and I hope it could help someone in the future. I was released from work on the 28th October 2016 due to Capability. (L4/L5 Discetomy and decompression operation on 8th May 2015) left with residual nerve damage and L4/L5/S1 Neropathic back pain due to a crumbling spine. First 7 days are self certified and unclaimable due to ESA rules. I have requested a Dr's note from 7th November 2016 and will need to send it off to the address advised by the 'Advisor' (loosest possible description) Will keep this thread updated all the way forward. Jogs
  12. Hi. I recently used Expedia to book a holiday in Europe. Unfortunately the hotel downgraded us after our original room had a huge blood stain on the carpet of our original room, the TV hardly worked and they charged us a charge on my debit card after we had left which I am having to work very hard to get back. Expedia don't really want to know but I am persevering. My question is, if it comes to it, should I want to start a MCOL claim against them, being as their HQ is in the US, could I do this or would a chargeback on my credit card be a better option? Than you all.
  13. I have a number of accounts with provident that I stopped paying about 12 months ago. I was an agent for them for a very short time and took a number of loans out myself (stupid I know). I stopped working for them 2 years ago when I was forced to take out a loan due to me loosing the money I collected when I had to take it into the office to show the collections on a weekly basis. I was so upset by this I stopped working for them in my part time position as an agent. I have had numerous calls which I have ignored but have just got a default letter from vanquish fresh start and really don't know what to do next. They say that I owe over £8000 because of the interest that they put on the loan for the money loss. Can anyone please offer me some advice.
  14. So yesterday I was taking a look at my Noddle credit report and when I checked the section for previous searches I noticed that in early July there were about 21 searches all done on the same date. I was rather puzzled by this and at first I thought something serious was going on, but when I checked the names and Purpose of the searches it began to click. The purpose was mostly "General Insurance" but some were marked as "Identification Check" and "Quotation Search", and the names were things like, "Lexisnexis Risk Solutions Uk Limited Insurance Quote - Www.Lexisnexis.Com/Ukconsumer" "Covea Insurance Plc (Cr Bsb) Provident Insurance (Cr Bsb Api)" "Quote Me Happy.Com" And other Insurancy sounding names. And then it hit me, that was when I was searching comparison websites because my car insurance was coming up for renewal! Now I know I searched a few comparison sites, but 21 searches? Digging a little deeper I found that some of them also seemed to be for my previous address that I haven't lived at for nearly 3 years. It seems that old companies are keeping my details on file and even years later they're running searches, even if they don't seem to be contacting me about it. Even weirder, the date of birth shown on some of the searches is my brothers rather than my own. I have run insurance searches for him with his details, but that was also his name and address (Just in the same browser session) so something seems to be going wrong there with the same browser session not changing all details. This all just seems a little strange to me. Should a comparison site be running credit searches like this just for me getting some quotes? Should insurance companies be carrying out credit searches even years later like this? Could 21 searches on the same day, even if they're of these types, have a potential short term impact on my credit score?
  15. I'm on the wrong end of a county court case that has been total chaos. I never got the original application. I had moved (this was about possession, originally, but was settled and I moved out) the landlord had the papers sent to my old house, and didn't use my forwarding address. Eventually I found out about it and managed to get a copy of the application from the court a couple of days before the hearing. I got a "response" in but because it was late the judge didn't have it and it got adjourned and I got told to pay costs. I went to the PSU, asked court staff, went to CAB, asked about legal aid. Noone seems to be able to help. We had another hearing just recently, 3 days before the hearing the court told me they had no record of my original response. I sent another copy by fax and another by email to the court. They never acknowledged it. I called them back and all the court said was "anything you have sent will be provided to the judge". When I said I was worried as they could not specifically identify my response (while they could identify other things I had sent) they got stroppy with me. At hearing, I checked and the judge said he had got something from the date or the original response, which I took to mean he had received it. during the hearing he didn't seem aware of anything I had said in it and I when I tried to refer specifically to one thing I had to give him a copy of it. He found against me, taking my deposit away, in giving his judgment he said a number of things which lead me to believe he had not, in fact, seen any of my evidence. He said some things that are contradicted by the evidence I provided. The only evidence he referenced, at all, was that provided in the original application (by the other side). I don't know if the judge ever got my defence, or if he did, if it was complete, or whether he read it. I just learned (on CAG) about a thing called an Allocation questionnaire? I never got one of those. I I don't know what "track" this was allocated to. I didn't get a notice of hearing for the most recent hearing. I never got a copy of the orders made at the first hearing. It goes on... I'm a litigant in person. I have nothing left and am single parenting a disabled child on benefits while trying to find work (and fighting the council to get my child into school). I'm looking after my mum with Alzheimer's. I desperately need help. I tried to get the other side to mediate but they ignored me. At the end of the day, I can let the main matter go (that would be morally wrong, but I can live without it). The problem is the costs. I can't pay any costs, that will bankrupt me. I need to appeal. I have lost a week trying to get help from the CAB but I don't know where to start. I want to try to get pro bono help but I need to be referred to that? Anyone who has any advice on this, or knows where we can get real help...
  16. i have been contacted by these people saying i owe sky 600 for calls and sky for the period nov 2009 to jan 2010 but left my partner in 2012 and in that time before i left no contact or letters and betwwen 2012 and until last week when i had a phone call saying i have to pay can any one help please also i found out last week ex had recived letters but bined them with out telling me what can i do
  17. Hello all! I have used CAG before but a significant time ago, ive been avoiding problems for most of my young adult life and have foolishly decided to never take charge or responsibility and my own actions. I am now 28 and a father of 2 i have turned my life around in the general aspect I work and provide and want to fix all the damage i have done. The problem is i have debt with a alot of companies, I have access to my credit report through Experian And through Noddle. The credit file is showing allot of defaults. Some debt has dropped off and some debt is due to drop off soon. My question is i don't know where to start with dealing with it all, do i contact the stuff that's due to drop off? or do i leave it disappear. My total Debt Value is around £2000 that is left owed to 3/4 debters Another query i have is that Noddle holds debt info that experian doesn't ? who do i follow here? Any help provided will be seriously appreciated thank you Debts - EE (Orange) £10 - Default date - 08/12/2014 EE £650 - Default date - 05/05/2015 NAtwest £502 - Defaultdate - 31/08/2010 VirginMedia £150 - Default date - 07/04/2012 The total balance of your defaulted accounts is £1,308. "Credit Score" of 435
  18. HI im new, sorry if this has been covered but im having trouble with laptop its not showing me posts ,ive had a letter from vanquis fresh start saying sky have sold them an early termination debt i have with them, ive been told theres been calls to my old phone number (i dont have that phone no more) im sceptical to if they are genuine, i have some current mental health issues and talking on the phone is tough for me ,i dont want to ring them and give my details if they arent genuine thank for any advice
  19. It has often been said on here that a claimant cannot claim the above interest if the action is brought under the remit of the CCA. Well section 69 certainly does not say that. Now I know people will say yes but look here The County Courts (Interest on Judgment Debts) Order 1991 This appears however to relate to section 74 of the 1984 act not 69 am I missing something here???
  20. I have been issued a CCJ for £240 - this was because I contested what I owed a creditor (partial admission), and although I won - I still had a CCJ issued for the remaining £240. Unfortunately I don't know when the court hearing took place or when the decision was made to enter judgement. This was due to a house move and poor admin on my part (the claim was so old, I forgot about it basically). I didn't know anything about a judgement until I randomly logged into my MCOL portal on 26/02/16 to have a look and I saw that Judgement had been issued against me on 10/02/16. I immediately phoned the creditor and made the £240 payment on the same day. My problem is that I have read in so many places that the 28 day judgement removal period applies from the day of the HEARING - not the date of "issue". Please see screenshot... did I make the payment in time for automatic removal of the CCJ? or did have I misunderstood the usage of terminoligy here?
  21. I am facing eviction and I am dealing with this but a letter from the management company has given me cause for concern. In an eviction letter there is a line 'Before we start court proceedings which incur costs which you will be liable.' I am used to dealing with Debt collectors and they usually insert the word 'MAY'. I believe this company have broken guidelines. I notice they also arrange finance so it would be fair to say they must be governed by consumer credit. In short I believe they have used threatening and misleading language and wondered if people agree with me. Thanks people. Also if this is the case who do I report this to to stop other people suffering the same threatening behavior.
  22. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help please? I took out a start up loan which I fell behind on when the business failed for various reasons. I wrote to the start up loan provider who failed to confirm accept of my offer of payment and instead instructed a DCA to collect on their behalf. I again wrote with all my income/expenditure and a monthly offer and made my first payment in July 2015 but to the account of the start up loan provider. The DCA then wrote to me chasing payment. I wrote back and advised I had made a payment and hadn't received confirmation from them that they had accepted my payment proposa l or confirmed the bank details to which I could make a payment to. They wrote back and advised they would investigate but never came back to me. I wrote to them several times again asking them to confirm acceptance of my payment proposal and to confirm bank details to which payment was to be made. A final letter was sent on 12th October 2015 giving them 7 business days to respond otherwise I would consider the account to be settled and closed. I heard nothing!!! Then at the beginning of January I received a letter from another DCA acting on behalf of the start up loan company. I wrote to them and advised of my previous dealings with the previous DCA but then the new DCA started to call me on a new mobile number which the previous DCA or start up loan did not have. I wrote again to the new DCA asking them to stop calling my mobile number and asking them to confirm where they got my new mobile number from and to respond to my previous correspondence. I received a letter today which in no way refers to my previous letter telling me that if I do not make a payment they will speak to the original creditor to discuss further courses of action. What would be my next course of action. I have tried to set up payment plans with these people but its like banging my head against a brick wall!!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks xx
  23. I was meant to start my MWA at 11am on Tuesday but due to a family member being taken ill i had to sign off at 9am the same day as i wasnt/wont be job searching for the next few weeks.I'm just wondering if i will be sanctioned for not turning up to start my MWA the same day as i signed off? The women on the phone when i closed my claim down said i wouldnt and that the MWA provider would be told that i signed off.
  24. I am trying to help my tenants who are a loverly family with a child who sadly has a terrible illness which means his disability will deteriorate over time. They are trying to get a grant to make adaptions to the house they are renting from me. They will need a downstairs wet room, hoists, ramps etc. I have been helping them with the paperwork, but being private tenants seems to complicate matters. I hope that they will not be forced to move to local authority housing before making adaption but this has been suggested. I would be more than happy to sell the house to them, although they have a very checkered credit history they have family that would help with the deposit. They have ccj and some outstanding credit card debts that would more than likely put the colibosher on any mortgage application. I myself am in bed for the rest of the year while i recover from an operation. I am more than happy to spend a few hours doing a good deed and after doing some reading on google, I think that this is a place full of kindred spirits. My first thought was to help write letters to banks and appeal to their better nature but I fear that this may be too little too late. Sorry if I have put this conversation in the wrong place, if this is the case could I ask the management to move it or point me in the right direction.
  25. Apologies but this must have been asked many times before but basically I have no idea where to start. How do I start checking if I can claim PPI back? There are so many different companies offering to check for you, even some advertising on CAG. It's a bit scary to say the least giving your details away to someone you do not know. Any help or advice would be most welcome. I posted in the Lloyds section mainly because I have been with them for the last forty odd years and thought it would be the best place to start.
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