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  1. This option defaulted the account immediately. I never received the letter they said they sent about stating this so it went untoticed until around a few months ago when I did a credit check. Subbing, they have done this with me. How can they default you, when you don't owe them anything?
  2. Update! Since my claim, I have been paid £146.20 every two weeks. Soon after my initial claim I was sent the WCA forms which I returned and awaited my assessment. I was called on Monday 2nd Jan and instructed my appointment was at Croydon on 3rd January. I asked her to repeat her name for the recording, as I had to have at least 7 days notice in writing. She refused to repeat her name and told me they would write to me. A few days later, I received my assessment in Balham, SW London, about a 90 mins drive. I phoned the appointment number and before I could complain, they told me it had
  3. You pay them £1257.35, that is the amount of the order, nothing more, nothing less!
  4. IMHO, I think you are being disruptive. I know every journey I have ever driven. Are you telling me, two grown men can't decide who was driving on that day? Playing silly buggers won't help you.
  5. Do NOT ignore everything if you have instructed PE, who was driving! Have you given them that information?
  6. How much roughly is the estate? If it's a fair amount, PAY the £400 and use a solicitor, trust me on that. Jogs
  7. Take it all the way. They just want to to accept half. If it's not about the money let the FOS decide.
  8. Have a look here http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/es-parking-lose-spinningfields-case.html
  9. AS Boo has advised, it's probably dropped of due to being on there for 6 years.
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