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  1. Yeah looking back that would have been the best thing to have done.
  2. When i was on the work programme my advisor would constantly give me jobs beyond the 90 minute traveling time. She would forget that i didn't have a car (I do have a driving license though) and say things like "This job is only 45 minutes away" It wasnt until i would look at how to get there by public transport that i found out it was over 90 minutes. I would tell her this and then she would just say "can't you apply anyway or get a car from somewhere"
  3. In 90 minutes i can be on the outskirts of Birmingham or in Bristol. A bit far for me to commute everyday. I would assume that walking to a bus stop/train station would be in included in the 90 minutes traveling time? The train station nearest to me is a 35 min walk.
  4. I had a situation a few years back when a Work Programme course clashed with my signing on time. We were all told at the start of the course on the Monday that we were excused from signing on that week. It turned out we were not and were still expected to attend the Job Centre to sign on. Thankfully i had the foresight to go down to the Job Centre during a lunch break on the first day of the course and speak to my Job Centre advisor who told me what the work programme had said was rubbish and that we still had to sign on. I went back and told everybody on the course that we still had to sign on. Had i not gone and double checked with the jobcentre then the 10 people on the course would have received a benefit doubt.
  5. In that case you won't be sanctioned. As for the (CWP) i don't know too much about it. I was going to be mandated to do (MWA) but my advisor has held off making me do it and advised me to find my own voluntary posistion I thought the (CWP) was for 6 months and for 30 hours a week. Someone on here who knows more about it than myself will know.
  6. If the job centre mandated you to attend the British Heart Foundation and you decided to stop attending then yes you may well end up with a sanction. If you found the work experience placement yourself then as far as i'm aware you can't be sanctioned.
  7. Why do you have to send your jobsearch log off somewhere? I just show mine when i see my advisor. If somebody in a customer facing role spoke like that to me then they would be getting a piece of my mind.
  8. My advisor has advised me to look for some voluntary work otherwise i'm going to have to do MWA. Just emailed my local Oxfam to see if they need volunteers as that has to be better than been sent somewhere you don't want for 4 weeks.
  9. I was on JSA and then i signed off. A month later when i had to sign back on i had to go on UC.
  10. No i'm not back on the work programme. I will have to do MWA though although my advisor is given me time to find myself some voluntary work so that i don't need to do MWA.
  11. Finally got round to posting the question on Whatdotheyknow. Will let you know what the reply is.
  12. I did have a look last week but couldn't find much about it. Some people on UC have to attend the jobcentre every day so surely they must get their travel money back. If i had to do that it would cost me £17.50 a week.
  13. Afraid they don't cause i asked my work coach that very question. You do not have a specific sign on day either.
  14. Antone just to let you and everybody else know that you do not get any travel reimbursed for any appointments you have when on Universal Credit even if you attend weekly.
  15. I am not sure about travel costs. I have only just signed on to Universal Credit. I am going to ask my work coach when i am at the jobcentre Monday. When i was claiming JSA i would get travel money back for any appointment that was not my signing on appointment.
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