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  1. Was for sky television,as i say i might owe it,i dont know,dont remember how or why i cancelled,heard nothing in 3/4 years until this letter from fresh start
  2. Thanks for the advice
  3. What if its legit and i ignore? Ive tried googling,no mention of them,no website either only thing in letter is sky.com/ fresh start but when i tried today nothing came up
  4. Just had look on clearscore,no mention of vanquis or sky,just an old one thats been there a while
  5. I had sky a few years ago and apparently i owe £350 for early termination,thing is i dont remember anything about when i stopped etc part of my memory problems anyway i got letter saying they'd been trying to contact me and couldnt and sky sold my debt to them they keep repeatedly ringing my old number trying to get hold of me,it says they are friendly bla bla and we can come to a suitable arrangement to pay it off or it will effect my credit score which scares me because ive worked so hard to try and start rebuilding my credit score and i dont want to lose all that,i cant scan letter because
  6. HI im new, sorry if this has been covered but im having trouble with laptop its not showing me posts ,ive had a letter from vanquis fresh start saying sky have sold them an early termination debt i have with them, ive been told theres been calls to my old phone number (i dont have that phone no more) im sceptical to if they are genuine, i have some current mental health issues and talking on the phone is tough for me ,i dont want to ring them and give my details if they arent genuine thank for any advice
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