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  1. Thanks BazzaS I'm trying the links. It looks like I'm too far away from them all but I'm trying to see if I can do it over the phone. They ignored my attempts at mediation for 2 weeks, until I sent them a case ref I'd found saying that was unreasonable conduct. Upon which they said I hadn't made a valid offer of mediation. I suggested they choose a mediation service they prefer and they just responded again that I hadn't made a valid offer. By this time we were getting close to the hearing. I kept offering they choose the mediators but they just ignored me aft
  2. I'm on the wrong end of a county court case that has been total chaos. I never got the original application. I had moved (this was about possession, originally, but was settled and I moved out) the landlord had the papers sent to my old house, and didn't use my forwarding address. Eventually I found out about it and managed to get a copy of the application from the court a couple of days before the hearing. I got a "response" in but because it was late the judge didn't have it and it got adjourned and I got told to pay costs. I went to the PSU, asked court staff, went
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