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  1. Hi dx, No, I havn't moved since taking out the loan and my credit status on the loan says I only owe the original amount of £300 and that the loan is in good standing. By this I mean, I have 14 days from the start of the loan to withdrawal in which I then have 30 days to pay back the original loan amount plus interest, I withdrew from the loan however I didn't pay the loan back.
  2. Hi all, I took a payday loan out with Satsuma over a year ago, I used my right of withdrawal to end the loan, however I have some unexpected bills come up therefore I couldn't pay the loan off, the loan term finished around July 2020, they have not once tried to chase me for the loan. Any idea how long it will take them to sell the loan on or even if they are going to pursue the loan??
  3. I have had several payday loans in the past some of which I shouldn't have been given. Can you tell me how to start a claim and what the process is?
  4. I had 2 unpaid old loans with the speedcredit "group" of loan companies which of course went under a few years ago, I didn't hear anything until a few months ago from a company called "United Kash" who said they owned both the loans but have now passed one of the loans onto another company called "Capital Resolve." I have heard very little from Capital Resolve but United Kash have been sending letters / emails & texts (probably phone calls too but I don''t answer unknown numbers.) I have been ignoring all of these forms of harassment, now last week they sent me a text ONLY saying they were going to send a "debt recovery officer" to my house within 10 days unless I get in contact with them which I also chose to ignore, however they have now sent me another text saying that the "debt recovery officer" is going to visit my house this week which has got me a little worried?? The thing is that I still live with my parents and they do know about the previous debts etc but I don't want anyone randomly turning up to the house, so I need advice on what to do. the debt were both £400 which of course with the way the previous owners worked they soon ballooned up into the 1000's, they have sent several payment demands stating that they want £800(not sure where they got that figure from) but they are happy to accept £600. I believe the debts are around half way to statue barred too. So, I need advice on what to do.
  5. I have other loans from other companies, for example, Speedcredit who have now sold their loans, however are these loans liable to be wiped or not? Sorry if this is the wrong area but since Wonga loans are being wiped
  6. thanks, but if my disposable income is over £50 but im making monthly payments to my creditors so that my disposable income is £0 would this be OK? also if im making payments to my creditors and my DRO is still intact will the debts still be cleared after 1 year or will I have to re-pay the whole debt?
  7. What happens if my circumstances improve, will my DRO get revoked or will I have to make payments to my creditors? can someone tell me what will happen?
  8. They were PDL and some are recent and some are several months long. I lied by saying that i have a job when i don't
  9. Hi, I am currently applying for a DRO and I have a few questions. 1. What are the chances of getting accepted? 2. It says that they will take control of my finances, does that mean that they will take control of my bank etc or will i have to show them how i spend my money etc? 3. I lied in my applications to get credit, does this change anything? Thank you
  10. my mum wants to pay them all of what i owe them tho even the unforceable fees, what should i do about that?
  11. ok they left a note saying that if it isnt paid in 2 day they will seize goods, any suggestions ? (my mum is freaking out)
  12. ok as i stated earlier, on the 30th of sept they said that they set me up a repay plan which i didnt ask for and then they required me to gave £96 in my account on the 1st and i had money going in on the 1st so they took out £96, is this legal? i didnt agree to anything
  13. ok well im going home today and ill be able to find out more information then, have u dealt with speedcredit before?
  14. but if i ignore them, they'll keep adding this intrest on, even know i wont HAVE 2 pay it they would just keep hounding me till i do
  15. if u was in my shoes what would u do cuz im just so unsure
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