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  1. Two questions: A) Has there been a precedent for instances of inconsistent, incorrect or the inappropriate application of variable speed limit policy on a Motorway providing a legal basis to challenge a speeding ticket? For example: 1) Motorway road works have road side speed limit signs stating 60 mph but overhead gantry displaying lower variable speed limit i.e. 30 mph without risk factor justification. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 2) Motorway road works end and maybe end of road works signs are displayed each side of the road but subsequent overhead gantries incorrectly displaying variable speed limit of 60 mph without risk factor justification. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 3) Motorway overhead gantries correctly displaying variable speed limit during time period of high traffic volume but erroneously left on during subsequent time period of low traffic volume without risk factor justification. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 4) Motorway single overhead gantry displaying variable speed limit of 50 mph immediately followed by overhead gantry displaying national speed limit without risk factor justification prior during or after. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 5) Motorway road works reducing four lanes to two lanes having no variable speed limit applied followed by road works with the same lack of risk factor justification but with overhead gantries displaying variable speed limit. The remotely controlled gantry signs are not consistently applied to the same ground conditions. B) How incorrect or contradictory does a variable speed limit need to be before drivers should rely on their better judgement of the surrounding context to determine their progress without fear of the current judicial process automatically presuming guilt with no requirement for errors by Highways England to be accepted in defence or mitigation?
  2. Hi, I have a question about last wills and testaments. I am a dual French/British citizen married to a British citizen and we have lived in the UK for almost 20 years. We own a house in the UK (as joint tenants). We want to write a will that will say to whom we want our respective share of the house to go to once we are both dead. We have no children and won't be having any. In my case, I want my share to go to my husband but I want to make sure that when he dies, if I'm already dead, my share goes to my siblings in France, who are French citizens, and not to my husband's family or new partner for example. Could someone please help me and let me know how I can make sure that his happens? Are there specific types of wills for UK people who want to leave their assets to someone in Europe? I have received very conflicting advice from some solicitors. Thank you very much in advance! Sonia G
  3. Animal welfare boosted by new law coming into force - England Only READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/animal-welfare-boosted-by-new-law-coming-into-force
  4. Bowel screening to start at 50 READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bowel-screening-to-start-at-50
  5. Fully digital divorce application launched to the public England and Wales READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/fully-digital-divorce-application-launched-to-the-public
  6. Government action to end letting fees - England Only READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-action-to-end-letting-fees
  7. Children’s Funeral Fund for England READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/childrens-funeral-fund-for-england
  8. Hi all, Well... this one has been going on for sometime, and there's definitely been some skullduggery going on. so I thought I'd ask for opinions on the matter. The issue concerns a £6K HSBC credit card debt and crosses borders! Around the time I went to university I opened a HSBC account along with a credit card (2003). This account was opened in England. Fast forward a few years to 2009 and I (like many) was a victim of the financial crisis and back home with Ma and Pa, now living in the Scottish Highlands. I managed to keep repayments up until early 2010 when it was no longer feasible and there was a £6k debt on the card. At this point I made a formal request for a true signed copy of my CCA. They couldn't provide it, or a reasonable explanation of where it had gone. At which point I placed the account in dispute and ceased payments. They ignored the fact it was in dispute and passed it onto DG Solicitors. I ignored all communications and they passed it onto MKDP around 2012/13. I contacted MKDP in July 2013 (letter attached) pointed out it was in dispute with HSBC and again requested my CCA (with a £1 postal order). They provided something of a reconstituted copy, but admitted they couldn't enforce the agreement. Carried on ignoring and it got passed onto Robinson Way. They admitted it was unenforceable and eventually asked for 10%, which I still ignored. Last year I moved back to England with the missus. I received a letter from Walker Love collections via the mail redirection. With most of my personal documents in storage in Scotland still I was thinking it was 5 years and statute barred (as per Scotland) so I put in a standard letter denying the debt. Walker Love have replied with a "Statement of account" showing I made a £1 payment in July 2013. This of course would have been the Postal Order I made at the time for the CCA. To be fair I guess that would count as acknowledging the debt anyway, but sneaky (skullduggery!!) all the same. I haven't made an actual payment since 2010. The account has now been placed on hold till 18th April 2018 to give me chance to respond. A few other points to note; My main current account is still registered to my parents address in Scotland and it is also where I'm registered to vote. I do have a joint account with the new missus and rent a house with her in England. Walker Love do not know I'm in England. The defaulted account has gone from my credit record and my score is quite good considering my past problems. I now work in the Merchant Navy and can be away for four months at a time. It could be the case that I am away when I need to take legal action etc etc. I'm still not a wealthy man and struggle to make ends meet. I'm not sure how the law relates to me, a debt is SB after 6 years in England, but 5 in Scotland. The account was opened in England, but I was resident in Scotland when the issues began. I could probably argue to being resident in either country at the moment. During moving and over the years I have misplaced some of the paperwork, but I do have some key bits. Scans attached. I am worried that Walker Love may try to escalate things with what I believe is the statute barred anniversary date of July 2018 approaching. Your opinions on what to do next please!!! scans.pdf
  9. Public Health England urges vigilance about spotting signs of scarlet fever READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/public-health-england-urges-vigilance-about-spotting-signs-of-scarlet-fever
  10. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and hoping for a little bit of help and advice, if possible. Briefly, I owe cira £20k on credit cards and loans. All were taken out within the last 2 - 3 years and, as yet, I have not missed a payment on any of them. The breakdown is as follows: Nationwide Loan 8k (taken out 2015), Nationwide Credit Card 5k (taken out 2014), Virgin Money Credit Card 4k (taken out 2016), Sainsbury's Bank Loan 3k (taken out 2015). Like I said, to date I have not missed a single payment on any of the cards/loans (I'm frightened to do so) but due to a big change in circumstances I most definitely will be missing payments soon. I suffered a heart attack a couple of years ago and have been struggling in my job ever since as it was a very physical. Unfortunately I had to give it up in June this year as it was affecting my breathing. At the time I lived in England but moved to Northern Ireland to be near family last month and for a new start and less stressful life. I am not currently in employment and as yet, I have not tried to claim any benefits (I struggle with that concept). Up until now I have been living on what little savings I have but these will be exhausted in the next few weeks. I've read through a lot of the threads on here but am getting very confused. I guess what I am asking is for some advice on what to do first. Should I let the debts default? Or should I contact the lenders now, before that happens? I'm in Northern Ireland so I know the rules regarding debt is slightly different. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Worried51
  11. One in three nursing homes in England 'fail safety' READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-40499567
  12. This is a bit scary !! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/apr/23/archaic-tax-may-be-answer-to-church-of-englands-repairs-bill-prayers
  13. Can you help ? My daughter has been informed by our old next door neighbour that the current occupants of our old address have passed to them a Final Notice which was delivered to the address yesterday by an enforcement agent from Marstons. It states that their client is Highways England. The notice states that "despite previous notices and attendances I shall attend to take control of goods and remove for sale by public auction"............ Balance due £425.50 My daughter left that address probably two years ago and I left about eighteen months ago. Neither of us have received any other mail / notifications / phone calls or any such contact relating to this unknown issue. I had mail forwarding for three months but received no related documents. As it mentions Highways England I presume it relates to a traffic offence maybe ? On checking my daughters vehicle documents I can see that she has over looked the updating of the address on her vehicle log book, which would explain why they have approached that address. Presumably there has been previous correspondence which has not been forwarded. The notice although addressed to my daughter and sealed, has been opened so that the owner of my old address as well as my old next door neighbour have viewed this document prior to it reaching us. Before we make contact with these people, what should I be aware of and what are our rights regarding the final notice ? Any help would be much appreciated. TIA
  14. Are people aware that NHS England is now allowing GP practices to de-register patients they have not seen for 5 years ? This might mean that those who have not been to their Doctor for years are delayed in getting an appointment, because they have to register first. And those that fall ill on holiday, might have problems with Travel Insurance. If you have not seen a Doctor for years or are not registered with a Doctor, i would suggest that you arrange Insurance by phone, so you can make Insurers aware that you are not registered with Doctors, so they have no records to check in the event of a claim. See this article. Grandmother faces a £5,000 medical bill despite taking out insurance http://dailym.ai/2exhnGs
  15. Scottish Power Scottish power causeway Wilderspool causeway Warrington WA4 6QD This is not the head office of ScottishPower – but it is the address of a major customer service centre with at least 100 customer service operatives and over 50 other support staff. If you have made your energy contract in England/Wales and you live in England/Wales then you can sue ScottishPower in England/Wales if you have an address for service within the jurisdiction. This address in Warrington will be fine. Don't worry about having to sue out of the jurisdiction in Glasgow or any other thing like that. A few more people suing these inept and irresponsible energy companies like ScottishPower and npower will do the whole of the consumer environment a lot of good. So come on people – bring it on.
  16. NHS England has launched a survey on mental health services for ex-members of the armed forces. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/developing-mental-health-services-for-veterans-in-england
  17. I am based in Scotland. I broke my Samsung Tablet in a fall and arranged online with an English company - Fone Angels - for its repair. I paid them £200 by PayPal and sent them the item. I was informed the repair would take 7-14 days. This was in December. It's now March 13th. Their customer serve phone line take you through to a recorded message and does not itself record incoming calls. When I try to email them, I receive vague and non-specific information about my item. I wish to raise an action in the small claims court for the return of the item and the funds I have sent them. My question is: do I raise an action in the small claims court of Edinburgh (where I am and where I made the contract) or in Rickmansworth (where this company is based?)
  18. Hello, I am sure there is already plenty advice about this but I can't find a case very similar to mine so appreciate if anyone can help me... Robinson way are chasing me for a very old HSBC debt of £1761.25. It is not on my credit report at all, and is around 10-15 years old so I sent them a prove it/statute barred letter. They replied saying they didn't need to prove it and it wasn't statute barred as I last paid £2.80 on 30/11/07, and that a CCJ was obtained on 08/12/10. They said they got this info from the original creditor. I do not remember this payment and there is no CCJ showing on my credit report. They did not provide any evidence of the above and said they will suspend my account for 14 days while I make payment arrangements (which I am certainly not going to do) I am concerned as they say this CCJ was gained less than 6 years ago, can they enforce it? Or can I delay them somehow? Up to now they have only sent letters offering massive discount and a 'reconnection' visit from a doorstep officer, which makes me think they don't have a leg to stand on as if they could get court/bailiffs surely they would have done that by now. What should I do now? Thank you and merry Christmas peeps! Any and all advice greatly appreciated.
  19. Is it true that translation is needed as with translation the stamp of certification by the french insurer is not included, which is required for authenticity. Does anyone know the method of transference procedure or had this experience?
  20. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I wish I had found you earlier. I need some help; I have tried to sue my collage/university: Name: Grimsby institute of F and HE Course: FD Applied Computing with Multimedia Tech Length of course: foundation plus 2 years Years of studies: 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14 Why: unfair timescale of notifying Student Finance England (SFE) Last day of attendance: 14th January 2014 SFE notification: 15th April 2014 Court of own motion order: Failing to identify a cause of action in law And failing to identity why the principle should have personal liability (my intention was to sue the college) Can some one help me please and what other info do you need?
  21. Hello, please, i have question, my friend have a car in czech, this car is permanent to export (but have plates, and certificate - see attachment), and now. I have interest for this car, is possible to get back registrate in uk? When yes, how is process? Thank you! Removed by Admin this is certificate of car.
  22. How do I sue a company in Scotland from England. Already sent them the letter before claim etc. Despite Scotland having no pre action conduct for the type of case in question, their lawyer has already complained I used the English one which is apparently unsuitable for his client - although everything in the letter already corresponds with Scottish requirements. it seems I'll have to sue them in Scotland, the defendant says they aren't liable and besides I'm in England (HAHAHA YOU CAN'T TOUCH US). Money owed is £750.00. I should add that the law in question is a non-devolved matter, identical both sides of the border.
  23. i have received a letter from interum justitia saying that i owe just short of 4000euros to citibank in germany...... now i did have a loan off citibank whist i was living in germany but i fully repaid this this via direct debit and finished paying this loan off around 14 years ago......... i have told the debt collection company this and they say they are getting some paperwork from citibank to pass on to me...... i have emailed my old bank in germany who say they only keep account info for 10 years so i cant prove that i have paid......any advice what i can do?
  24. Hi All, This seems to be a bit of a complex one to me but hoping you guys can clear up what steps to take next if any. Purchased a BMW from a private seller 2 months ago also in Scotland for market value at £5600 and paid cash. The ad was on auto trader and as such I did a mobile car check to make sure it was not stolen or writen off etc. The seller had owned the car for over 3 years after purchasing it from someone down south in England near Carlisle in I believe 2011 from documentation. It was owned by that person in Carlile for what appears to be just under 2 years. Today I received a letter from a Company called Billing Finance Ltd stating. "Dear Sir BMW Registration *My REG* ("The Vehicle") We are the owners of the Vehicle, which is subject to a hire purchase agreement. The Finance outstanding on the Vehicle has not been settled. It has come to our attention that you have recently been registered as the the keeper of the vehicle on June 2014. In order that we can fully review our position in respect of the Vehicle, I enclose a new keeper questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire and return it to us together with proof of your purchase of the vehicle within 7 days of the date of this letter, failing which the Vehicle will be recovered without further notice. In the meantime whilst we conduct further enquiries, we have the title to the Vehicle and all of our rights remain expressly reserved. You must not dispose of the vehicle and you must keep it safe and insured and within your possession. If you dispose of the Vehicle at this stage then you may be liable to us for conversion. " It then has several pages asking for basically all my personal details such as. My name and address, my employers name and address, Payslips, bank slips, All the purchase details of the vehicle, if I sold my other vehicle to pay for it who did I sell it to and how much and that persons name and address and proof of sale. If I used finance to pay for it who from and copies of agreements. Now what gets me is that I then done a HPi check costing 20 quid and it does indeed show Finance as Below. Outstanding finance Recorded against VRM and VIN Description BMW Date /2008 - Full date here Finance house BILLING FINANCE LTD Finance house telephone 01604 402204 Agreement reference ******** - Agreement number was here Agreement type Hire Purchase The lender owns the vehicle until the loan is fully repaid, including the final 'Option to Purchase' fee. So I phoned the previously seller he was very helpful and claimed he done a HPI check when he bought it and will send this on Wednesday as he's on Holiday (we shall see) but he has not heard a peep from them in 3 years and new nothing about it. I do want to believe him and he has poured thousands over the 3 years to keep the car running as its not a cheap car. So what do I do now. The letter was not sent recorded. Can they legally just come up into Scotland to someone who is the 3rd or 4th owner of the car since the finance and just take it? Will I be liable for the finance? OR do I try and take the person I bought it from to court? Really confused on what to do and not sure if I should contact the finance company they have a really bad reputation from a google search. HELP
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