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  1. That's brilliant, thanks. I'll update on Monday after I've been to the bank
  2. sometimes the most obvious is the last thing you think of. Thank you! Do you know if there is a time limit for claiming back this way? Because of her health she hadn't noticed this was going on and I only found out today
  3. Hi all. I am in the process of moving my mum from the awful Talktalk to a company more reliable and trustworthy. However, it has come to my attention that Talktalk have been taking not one but THREE payments a month from her account. What's more, it looks like this may have been going on since 2013! Things are not making much sense to me I need to dig a little what I know so far is this... There are two amounts being taken for Talktalk and one for Talktalk mobile. She does not have a Talktalk mobile and certainly only one phone/internet line. I recall seeing a p
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