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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I need a bit of advice regarding trying to get £626.24 from Expedia for car hire which never turned up at the airport. I paid by credit card Halifax hoping this would ensure if anything went wrong - I should have know. After repeated emails and phone calls to Halifax/Lloyds they told me they couldn't claim our money back as the car was waiting for us at the airport (which it wasn't) - they just took Expedia's word for it - what can I do. Below is an email I sent to Halifax outling all the details/times/dates screen shots etc On the 24th May I paid Expedia £626.24 online using my Halifax credit card for 11 days car hire in Corfu from 14th July 2016 to 25 July 2016 with collection at 10pm at Corfu airport *see screenshot. On the 25th May I called Expedia to add a baby car seat to my reservation. I was informed by Expedia to call the Corfu office to arrange this, they gave me their number 0030 2109735000. The car hire company in Corfu added a car seat at an extra cost of £33.00 which I agreed to pay at the airport upon collection. The Corfu office then advised me I would also be charged £18 for a late pick up after 9pm. I told them this was not included in the original price when I booked online and there was nothing on the website to say this was an extra charge. The Corfu office advised me to contact Expedia. Expedia told me to pay the additional cost and email them the receipt and they would reimburse me (see email screenshot). This concerned me so I did some research and looked at Expedia's reviews on Trip advisor with regards to car hire in Corfu which only increased my concerns. I was so concerned that I called the Corfu office a week before we went on holiday to check that they had a 7-seater car with car seat and that they were aware we would be arriving at 9:45 local time. I was assured by the people in the Corfu office that they were aware of my requirements and everything would be fine. They also took mine & my wife's mobile contact numbers. Our flight from Manchester (Flight# LS951) on the 14th July 2016 was delayed before take-off by aprox 30mins. We arrived at Corfu airport at about 10pm local time. We left the departure lounge about 10:20pm local time passing all the car hire companies and holiday reps holding placards with company logos and the names of people they were expecting. I checked each one asking if they were waiting for Mr Ewing regardless of whether they had my name on the card or not. No-one was waiting for me. I left my wife and four children, the youngest only 18mths old, whilst I made inquiries with every single car hire, coach transfer and taxi desk inside and outside the airport to find the car hire company without any success. I called the car hire company at 10:50 local time and got voicemail *see phone screenshot. I called back one minute later (10:51) and this time a guy answered who took my name & number, said he would look into it & call me back. At about 11pm it was clear that everybody who'd arrived on that flight had left and there was just me and my family in a very small, empty airport with one departure exit. Me, my wife & 4 very tired & hungry children stood around the empty airport and waited for another half an hour for a phone call that never happened. At about 23:20, with no sign of any car we decided our only option was to get a taxi to our accommodation at a cost of 101 Euros. At 21.38 GMT (23.38 local time) *see phone screen shot, I received a call from the car hire company wanting to know where I was? I explained that as we had been waiting at the airport with no sign of any hire car for over an hour we'd got a taxi to our resort. The guy took our phone number and said he would call someone and to wait for a return call. The 1st phone call was to see what he could do. The second phone call was to tell us he would ask if he could get the car delivered to us next day at our resort. The 3rd phone call was to tell us to call the office tomorrow morning to see what they could do as nobody was available. The following day they called me at 8:35GMT/10:35 local time *see screen shot, for 14 minutes. The lady I spoke to preceded to argue with me insisting that the car had been available at the airport as arranged. She asked me if I thought they were lying which struck me as odd? The lady said that the car could not be delivered to Sidari and if not collected by 5pm the following day, at the airport, the car would be hired to someone else. As we desperately needed this car I said that I would try to organise transport back to the airport to collect the car myself. I also said that I would contact them beforehand if there was a problem getting there by 5pm as my wife has a disability and is unable to look after all 4 children alone. After trying many different avenues to get to the airport (the local bus service & travel back would have taken about 4/5hrs) I just couldn't do it without realistically taking my wife and four children back to the airport in a taxi at a cost of another 101 Euros. When I called the office they promptly reminded me that they couldn't deliver the car and the order would be cancelled. I asked about a refund of the £626.24 I had paid weeks in advance which they said was nothing to do with them and I would have to speak to Expedia. I called Expedia on Monday the 18th July *see screen shot, to log my complaint. They said they would look into the matter and call me within 24hrs to confirm the refund had been authorised. They didn't call back. At this time I had had enough of the whole disastrous situation that had so far cost me £626.24 plus 101 Euros, numerous international calls from my mobile at my expense as well as taking up the first 3 days of my holiday – we never did hire a car which made everything more difficult as we'd chosen a secluded location because we knew we'd have a car. The day after I arrived home, 26th July, I called Expedia *see screenshot, who told me the matter was still being looked into and that I would receive confirmation of a refund by email. I am still waiting to hear back from them. I want a full refund of £626.24 and if necessary will forfeit the extra costs incurred as mentioned above. Please find enclosed screen shots of all phone calls made, copies of emails and other relative correspondence received from the car hire company.
  2. Hi. I recently used Expedia to book a holiday in Europe. Unfortunately the hotel downgraded us after our original room had a huge blood stain on the carpet of our original room, the TV hardly worked and they charged us a charge on my debit card after we had left which I am having to work very hard to get back. Expedia don't really want to know but I am persevering. My question is, if it comes to it, should I want to start a MCOL claim against them, being as their HQ is in the US, could I do this or would a chargeback on my credit card be a better option? Than you all.
  3. Hi Guys Looking for some advice, I booked flights on expedia. During the booking process I checked and it said the fight was refundable (no mention of fee's). I then received an email with the flight details that states in bold tickets are refundable. So I needed to cancel but expedia they say its not refundable and it stated that during the booking process. Quoting this:- General Rules This is a restricted fare ticket. Tickets are nontransferable. This fare is non-changeable and non-refundable. This fare is not guaranteed until purchase. Carriers reserve the right to change the flight schedule at any time prior to departure. I clicked the link tonight for my flight details to be emailed and again its say they are refundable. Who is in the right, me or expedia? (maybe I'am reading something wrong). Thanks
  4. Bought a ticket from Expedia 2 months back and got it for a great price. I spoke with customer service at Expedia and also sent emails to them to confirm that the tickets were ok to travel on. They confirmed in writing that all was ok and that the ticket was valid for travel. Then last week again I spoke with Expedia and said that I was heading for the Far east (my ticket is Far east to UK one way) and that if they have any issues please let me know now. They said all was good and that fare that I paid was valid for that ticket. I paid around $1000 for a one way flight back which normally sells for around $3,000. This is nothing that cheap as Airlines normally have sales. BA had one last week for $1,200 return to Seoul in Business. Now I am in the Far east and my flight is on Saturday and they call me two days back to say that the airline will not allow me to fly as the ticket was wrongly priced. This is no fault of mine. I booked 2 months back and they took the payment and also confirmed my numerous emails to say price was right. I have been speaking with a agent in Expedia UK for last two days who has been very understanding and she took approval from her superiors to rebook me on another flight back home for free and give a refund as a gesture of good will for the trouble I have been through. Have had to make around 2-3 hrs of phone calls from a local sim card back to the UK. Anyway last night I get a call from Expedia USA to say that they are calling from head office and they will not do anything for me other then provide a full refund. That they do not agree with what the rep or her manager have advised me. I have recordings of the conversation between me and expedia rep and she agrees that its completely Expedia's fault and that they will get me back home. Also that she has taken approval from management for the same. What can I do? What are my legal rights?
  5. The OFT today issued a Statement of Objections alleging that Booking.com B.V. (Booking.com), Expedia Inc (Expedia) and InterContinental Hotels Group plc (IHG) have infringed competition law in relation to the online supply of room only hotel accommodation by online travel agents. http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/65-12
  6. Hi, I’m new to the forum and have a question regarding Experian and my details. Last week I called HMRC about getting tax credits and they said that they need to run some security checks with experian. I was a bit shocked by this and was reluctant to give them my previous address as a security question. I think I may have bad debts from that address as a result of a couple of months of unpaid bills when I left. It was 2 years ago after a really traumatic period of my life - I had to get out of a pretty awful situation. I’m trying to work towards getting into a position though now where I can get any money owed - resolved and sort out my credit rating. I can’t do this yet as I have little money and I’m trying to get a business venture off the ground. I’m just wondering what entails with these so called security checks? - Will HMRC have passed on details to Experian, my current address\DOB and any links they have to my old address (HMRC do have all my previous address on file as far as I know). I am on the electoral register at my new place and have not been contacted by any DCA’s although I don’t think there has been any association (yet) with my old address. Like I say - I have every intention of getting this mess sorted out once I am back on my feet. Thanks in advance for any help with this matter. Ed
  7. My wife made a group booking with Expedia for travel arrangements for a group of people, herself included. She did this by phone and during the booking the operator at the Expedia end made a couple spelling mistakes in names. He was advised of this, not once but several times during the conversation, spelling the names phonetically so that he would understand. At completion of the telephone booking he then sent an email directly to us confirming the booking while he was still on the phone. The names were still spelled incorrectly and when told of this he said it would be OK as he would rectify this. This didn't happen and on asking Expedia to amend the spellings they tried to charge me £40 a name. I told them of the correct spellings being given and they took around 3 weeks to listen to the taped conversation where they told me that the operator had spelled out the names and had an affirmative response to them. I replied that after this time the correct spellings were given before such time as the booking was confirmed. In fact I know the names were correctly spelled as both myself and my wife were present taking time to properly go through everything as they pulled the same trick on us last year. Anyway, the representative mailed back telling me that she had listened to the recording again and agreed that "a name" had been correctly spelled out by us and they would take the first hit for a £40 amendment charge but we would have to pick up another £40 for the second name change. Now I know that both names were corrected at the same time, one after the other. I have asked them to provide a copy of the recording but they are using the DPA to charge me £10 for this. As far as I can see, using the DPA, now that they have personal records relating to this transaction they are responsible for amending the details to show the correct spelling once it has been made clear to them. As a third party agent I guess they are responsible to altering the details sent by them to the airlines or other agencies without charge. I think it's a legal obligation. Would I be correct in this? Further, since I don't want to unnecessarily spend the tenner getting the copy of the recording do I really have to provide evidence of the mistake they made in order to progress this any further. What legal action could I mount against them for failure to correct the details and I also need to know if they are required to send me the recording, even if I fail to pay for it. It's a bloody mess that a company such as this should employ people whose first language is obviously not English. They could avoid such mistakes happening in the first place.
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